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EP 503: What is Science? with Dr. Brad Dieter

The Pat Flynn Show

Dr. Brad Dieter returns to The Pat Flynn Show to discuss what science is and why something doesn't need to be "a science" in order to be interesting or important to human development.  ... The Pat Flynn Show If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to, and leave a review for, The Pat Flynn show on iTunes HERE or Stitcher HERE. Reading your reviews and hearing your feedback is what keeps me fired up to make The Pat Flynn Show happen. Thank you!


8 Feb 2021

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Brad Dieter - Let us talk about Carbohydrates.

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Brad is a Research Fellow at Sacred Heart Medical Research. His research is focused on discovering novel therapies of diabetic kidney disease. In his quest for a therapeutic agent he adopts a bench to bedside approach adeptly utilizing molecular biology and biostatistics. His long term career goals include leading a research team to make major inroads in health care and improve treatment options for chronic disease.

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13 Jan 2021

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Episode 135: Brad Dieter COO of Macros Inc.

Beyond Fit

It was a pleasure to host Brad Dieter on the podcast! The company he is a part of (Macros Inc.) focuses on helping people implement flexible dieting in order to look and feel their best, so naturally we got to talk about evidence based weight loss/management, sustainability of common diets, and more! Timestamps: 1:37 How Macros Inc. started and challenges clients face. 21:41 Correlation and causation when assessing diet success. 42:50 Motivation behind starting a Macros Inc. podcast. 47:01 The effects of setting healthy goals on your life and social circles. Follow Brad on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brad.dieter/ Check out his podcast: MI Live The Macros Inc website: https://macrosinc.net/


14 Sep 2020

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A Deep Dive: Examining Insulin Resistance, Carbohydrate Metabolism and Obesity with Dr Brad Dieter.

Metagenics Institute Podcast

In his words, Dr Brad Dieter’s goal is to use analytics, data science, and a deep understanding of scientific principles to help solve advanced problems. With a background in exercise physiology, molecular biology and biostatistics, Brad proves an excellent guest, as he and Nathan cover the natural history of diabetes and screening tests to assess insulin resistance, to diet debates and the development of obesity – Is it simply a matter of calories in versus calories out? You will have to listen to find out! *Key Highlights * How Brad got started in this field (1:40) A pathophysiology lesson to start (5:10) Looking at the biomarkers (14:15) What drives obesity? Examining the hypotheses (20:00) Looking closer at diets (25:30) Transferring the research into clinic (36:40) Weighing up the ketogenic diet (40:40) Examining personalised nutrition (46:05) Useful links and resources: e.g: https://macrosinc.net/

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9 Jul 2020

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#087 - Carnosine and LactiGo - Dr. Brad Dieter

humanOS Radio

On this episode of humanOS Radio, Dan speaks with Brad Dieter. Brad has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Idaho, and did further training in biomedical research examining how metabolism and inflammation regulate molecular mechanisms of disease. He is a scientist, a coach, an entrepreneur, a writer, and a speaker, so he wears a lot of different hats.Brad has been leading research behind transdermal delivery of carnosine. Carnosine is a buffer of acidosis in skeletal muscle, and exercise trials have shown that higher levels of carnosine in muscle can help delay the onset of fatigue during exercise associated with acidosis and enable athletes to work longer at a high intensity. But oral supplemental methods of boosting carnosine - such as beta-alanine - can be cumbersome and time-consuming. You have to take relatively large, divided doses every day for up to 4-6 weeks before you see a benefit. To that end, he helped with the research and development of LactiGo, the first effective topical carnosine product for humans. LactiGo is a fast-acting gel which delivers carnosine to skeletal muscle through the skin, and tests of this product are pretty persuasive. In one double-blind pilot study, elite soccer players were able to cross the finish line up to 5.9 feet sooner when running the 40 yard dash. And this was just after a single application of the product!To learn more about how carnosine works, and about LactiGo, check out the interview!


20 May 2020

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EP 401: Dr Brad Dieter on Gary Taubes, The Insulin Hypothesis, and Why We Get Fat

The Pat Flynn Show

Brad Dieter returns to The Pat Flynn show to discuss the (now infamous) debate between Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet on Joe Rogan's podcast over "Why We Get Fat?" Is the primary driver behind the obesity epidemic calories or carbohydrates? What questions should be asking concerning this debate? What type of evidence should we be looking for to determine who has the better model? Finally, what is Brad's position on the subject?  About Brad Brad is a scientist and entrepreneur whose goal is to bring science and industry together to improve human health and well-being through the development of new technologies. Brad is a trained Exercise Physiologist, Molecular Biologist, and Biostatistician. He received his B.A. from Washington State University and a Masters of Science in Biomechanics at the University of Idaho, and  completed his PhD at the University of Idaho. He completed his a post-doctoral fellowship in translational science at Providence Medical Research Center, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital where he studied how metabolism and inflammation regulate molecular mechanisms disease and is involved in discovering novel therapeutics for diabetic complications. His research career has spanned the translational spectrum utilizing basic science, human trials, and machine learning in large data sets to identify and develop novel therapies and technologies. His long term career goals include leading teams of people to make major inroads in health care through the development of new technology. Brad is also passionate about scientific outreach and bringing science to the public. Check out Macros Inc! Related Episode https://www.chroniclesofstrength.com/correlation-causation-fasting-and-weight-loss/ The Pat Flynn Show If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to, and leave a review for, The Pat Flynn show on iTunes HERE or Stitcher HERE. Reading your reviews and hearing your feedback is what keeps me fired up to make The Pat Flynn Show happen. Thank you!


28 Apr 2020

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Brad Dieter EP 125: Nutri Wiki Leaks

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

EP 125--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitnessdevil/support

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13 Feb 2020

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#157: Brad Dieter; Integrating diabetes, lifestyle disease and fitness professionals.

The Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

Where to find Brad online: https://macrosinc.net/ https://www.instagram.com/brad_dieter_phd/ https://www.nasm.org/ Check out my social media! https://www.instagram.com/james_walsham/ https://www.instagram.com/thehypertrophyhub/ Youtube Click here to apply for coaching with me! Timestamps: 01:30: Brad’s story and the path to getting where he is now. 06:50: Brad’s experience comparing different kinds of research. 09:40: Mechanisms that may cause diabetes / what has changed in society to cause the increased prevalence of diabetes. 12:20: Is there an argument that carbohydrates are more to blame than lipids/high-fat diets. 15:00: The Link between obesity and diabetes. 23:50: The different lenses we use to approach diabetes. 28:20: How brad feels about the likelihood of progress in terms of diabetes. 31:20: The responsibility that personal trainers and coaches should have. 35:20: Hypertrophy as a mechanism for health. 39:10: How entrepreneurship feels in comparison to research 46:30: Brad’s experience in terms of time management and utilisation of time. 50:40: where to find brad online If you would like to support the show there are a few ways to do so!  1. Leave a review on iTunes 2. share the show with others 3. Send feedback or critiques of the show to Walshammy@gmail.com or James_walsham on Instagram 4. Tag us in your Instagram stories!  5. For all business enquiries please contact Walshammy@gmail.com 6. To donate to the podcast, which would be appreciated, however, never expected jamesmarshallwalsham@gmail.com through PayPal.


7 Feb 2020

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Optimizing Your Nutrition For Fat Loss, Energy and Disease Prevention with Dr. Brad Dieter

The Energy Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Brad Dieter, a trained exercise physiologist, molecular biologist, and biostatistician with expertise in metabolism and inflammation. We will talk about the best ways for optimizing your nutrition to achieve fat loss, increase energy, and prevent disease.

1hr 7mins

25 Jan 2020

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Dr. Brad Dieter on the Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss and General Health

Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews

Almost every day, I’m asked about the hugely popular ketogenic diet. I’ve written about it some time ago and more recently had Dr. Eric Helms here on the podcast to talk about it in the context of lean bulking, but as keto has become THE next “it diet” and science is always moving forward, I figured it’s high time to address it again. That’s why I invited Dr. Brad Dieter on the podcast to discuss all things keto including its advantages and disadvantages for weight loss and general health, how to get (and stay) in ketosis, what ketones are and if you should supplement with them, and more. In case you’re not familiar with Brad, he’s trained exercise physiologist, molecular biologist, and biostatistician with Master’s and Doctorate degrees, as well as the COO of Macros, Inc and a member of the Legion Athletics Scientific Advisory Board. Needless to say, Brad’s an accomplished chap with the experience and scientific chops to tackle a complicated subject like the ketogenic diet. So, if you want to know what the keto diet is good for, and whether or not you should give it a shot, this episode is for you. 4:44 - What is the ketogenic diet and how did it start? 7:12 - Would the ketones spillover be after fat gain? 9:06 - How does energy balance affect the results of a ketogenic diet? 11:04 - Do you need to be in a calorie deficit to be on a ketogenic diet? 12:12 - Why is it that if you eat more carbs you tend to lose fat more efficiently? 18:27 - What are the advantages of a ketogenic diet? 25:26 - Where is the carbohydrate cutoff to maintain a state of ketosis? 28:21 - Are there situations where you recommend a ketogenic diet? 30:01 - What kind of health benefits do you get from a ketogenic diet? 34:32 - Are there any health conditions that a ketogenic diet could help with? 36:31 - Can a ketogenic diet help with skin issues? Mentioned on The Show: Macros Inc Brad’s Instagram Science Driven Nutrition Want to get my best advice on how to gain muscle and strength and lose fat faster? Sign up for my free newsletter! Click here: https://www.legionathletics.com/signup/


1 Dec 2019