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Barbara Broccoli

The James Bond A-Z Podcast

Born into the world of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli OBE has been part of the 007 films for her entire life.On this episode, the team explore the 'No Time To Die' producer's early days growing up on the James Bond film sets, her early forays into the filmmaking business, and taking on the series – with her half-brother Michael G Wilson – from 1995's 'GoldenEye' onwards.They look at the bold decisions she has made to keep the 007 franchise moving forward, her other projects beyond Bond, and what the future may hold for Eon Productions.

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4 Mar 2021

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Episode 199 - The Barbara Broccoli Connection

3-Bit Gamer Show

This week is full of little Easter eggs, but we start with the News about the EU and Joycon drift, some TTP stuff, a Bond game, Riot doing Riot things, and Google shutting down a studio nobody knew existed. We review Tarkov, Conqueror's Blade, Everspace 2, and Fenyx Rising. Then we talk about how we personally "test" games. Peterson picks his Dice game - Kingdoms Reborn.

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2 Feb 2021

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PoL Folge 1 - Mein Name ist Broccoli. Barbara Broccoli.

Parkett oder Loge

Parkett oder Loge - Der wöchentliche Podcast über die Themen Kino, Film und Streaming Produziert von Podcats GmbH - Dana Bolle, Felix Lehmann, Elias Mittelstädt, Johannes Weihs PoL Folge 1 - Mein Name ist Broccoli. Barbara Broccoli. Klappe, die erste - Wir sind ganz aufgeregt! Diese Woche veröffentlichen wir unsere erste Folge von Parkett oder Loge, dem neuen Stern am Podcast-Himmel!  Es geht um Allerlei Themen. Von unseren letzten Streams, über James Bond bis zur aktuellen Situation der Kinos ist alles dabei. Als Hauptthema befassen wir uns mit vielleicht dem "Film des Jahres" - TENET. Außerdem darf in der Quiz-Nation Deutschland auch eine kleine Raterunde zum Thema Film nicht fehlen!  Also viel Spaß beim Anhören wünschen euch die Quiz-Onkels und -Tante(n). - Dana, Felix, Elias und Johannes! Besucht uns auf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parkettoderloge/?hl=de Links zur Folge:  TENET - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6723592/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 NO TIME TO DIE: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2382320/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1 ENOLA HOLMES: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7846844/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 BORAT 2: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13143964/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0

1hr 19mins

25 Oct 2020

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Byte Barbara Broccoli

Sci-Fi Talk Byte

The James Bond producer talks about where the Bonds props are stored.


27 Jul 2020

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Byte Barbara Broccoli

Sci-Fi Talk

The James Bond producer talks about where the Bonds props are stored.


25 Jul 2020

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Barbara Broccoli - 'Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool'

Awards Chatter

The woman who has co-produced every James Bond film of the last 22 years, with her step-brother and EON Productions partner Michael G. Wilson, grants a rare interview about the origin and evolution of the 007 franchise, how her own contributions to the films have grown over the years and why she spent 31 years fighting to produce her latest film — an adaptation of Peter Turner's memoir about his relationship with the actress Gloria Grahame — which was made on a far smaller scale than any Bond film, but means every bit as much to her. But first: Jeffrey Mantor of Larry Edmunds Bookshop and Nadine Vassallo of Book Soup join Scott to discuss the best Hollywood-related books of 2017 — and of all time. Credits: Hosted by Scott Feinberg, recorded and produced by Matthew Whitehurst. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 40mins

14 Dec 2017

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How I Pitched To Steven Spielberg, and Barbara Broccoli on Life Beyond Bond

The Film Programme

With Francine StockJames Bond producer Barbara Broccoli explains why she's just produced a film called Radiator, about a middle-aged man caring for his two elderly parents that was made for less than one percent of the budget of Spectre, and why not all films should be made for teenage boys.Bridge Of Spies scribe Matt Charman reveals why he took off his clothes to pitch his Cold War spy thriller to Steven Spielberg on the phone.A rare showing of a 13 hour French movie that was totally improvised, Out 1, is playing soon in a West End cinema. Francine is granted a private screening and reports back from her marathon viewing session - was it all worth it and more importantly, will she ever recover the feeling in her legs ?And there's an opportunity for listeners to write their own coda to Brief Encounter - what Alec did next...


19 Nov 2015