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Andrea Bird

So Now You Are Dying What Are You Doing To Live

Welcome to the third episode of “So Now You Are Dying What Are You Doing To Live”? My guest this week is Andrea Bird. She's an incredible visual artist, teacher, wife and mother of 2. We had a great chat about how poetry and psilocybin have helped her cope with her diagnosis.   She educated me on what it's like dying in a death phobic culture and how ones relationship with hope is ever changing. Honestly it was truly an amazing interview that has changed the way I will look at this podcast. Andrea is engaging, funny and insightful. http://andreabird.com


25 May 2021

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Psilocybin At Sunset (Learning How To Die) | Andrea Bird ~ ATTMind 125

Adventures Through The Mind

In 2017, Andrea Bird received her terminal diagnosis. In December of 2018, having no experience with it up to this point, she received underground psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to grapple with the challenge of dying. She is on the show for this episode to share her psilocybin story publicly for the first time. (If you noticed this episode's mp3 dropped before the end, that was an issue on my end! The corrected file has been uploaded and should be available shortly.) --LINKS-- For links to Andrea's work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to https://bit.ly/ATTMind125 Full Topics Breakdown Below --- SUPPORT THIS PODCAST — ► Patreon: https://patreon.com/jameswjesso ► Donations: https://www.paypal.me/JWJesso ► Merchandise: https://www.jameswjesso.com/shop/ ► More options: https://www.jameswjesso.com/support/ ► Newsletter: https://www.jameswjesso.com/newsletter Extra BIG thanks to my patrons on Patreon for helping keep this podcast alive! Especially, Andreas D, Clea S, Joe A, Ian C, David WB, Yvette FC, Ann-Madeleine, Dima B, & Chuck W ** Episode Breakdown Receiving the terminal Diagnosis Deciding to take psilocybin during her dying process Learning to be a dying person The context of her first journey The story of her first journey What her first psilocybin journey taught her about how to die Learning to love yourself Integrating that first journey into life (and dying) The shadow winter What brought her into her second journey 'Saying to good to everyone I love' Dying of cancer during the pandemic A fierce training of living in the present moment Giving back the gift of life Andreas suggestions in preparing for psilocybin during your dying time The role of poetry in learning to die ***** --- SUPPORT THIS PODCAST — ► Patreon: https://patreon.com/jameswjesso ► Donations: https://www.paypal.me/JWJesso ► Merchandise: https://www.jameswjesso.com/shop/ ► More options: https://www.jameswjesso.com/support/ ► Newsletter: https://www.jameswjesso.com/newsletter --- BOOKS — Decomposing The Shadow: https://www.jameswjesso.com/decomposing-the-shadow/ The True Light Of Darkness: https://www.jameswjesso.com/true-light-darkness/ --- LINKS — Website: https://www.jameswjesso.com/ Speaking Tour: https://www.jameswjesso.com/events/ Podcast: https://www.jameswjesso.com/podcast/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jameswjesso Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attmindpodcast/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jameswjesso

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3 Jul 2020

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TSP101 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird - Dancing on the curve of life.

The Sill

Accomplished artist Andrea Bird connects art to love and death. Her theme of ‘holding loosely’ infuses Andrea’s work and positive world view. Andrea Bird: http://andreabird.comDuration - 30:22VoxBox: William Shatner - from the CD ‘Has Been’Music Credit: Belle Starr - This Must Be The Place


24 Jun 2019

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Episode #19 – Cannabis In The Workplace: Andrea Bird

Workplace Perspective

Workplace Perspective is a regular podcast series for employers and employees focusing on education, training, and the law to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer / employee relationships.Andrea Bird, Esq.Today’s special guest is attorney Andrea Bird, founding attorney at Bird Law Group, a cutting-edge firm focusing on all aspects of the cannabis industry. SAFFIRE LEGAL PC’s founder and principal attorney Teresa McQueen talks with Ms. Bird about what's new in the cannabis industry and the overall impacts the legalization of cannabis is making on the workplace. Special Thanks To...Andrea Bird-Steiner - Founding attorney at Bird Law Group. Read Andrea's Article: Intersection of Federal and State Law on Cannabis RegulationsPaul Roberts(Engineer/Associate Producer Extraordinaire!)Stephen Vercelloni(Composer Extraordinaire! Today’s episode features the song Grifter)James Bohannan & The Knave At Knight(DJs & “Radio Angels” Extraordinaire!)Thank you for listening!Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show (using the links above or below) to receive new episodes on your podcast player the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.Raise The Bar At Workplaces Everywhere! by getting the word out about this podcast. Rate and review this show at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Blubrry and Tunein and be sure to share this podcast with a friend.Connect with me and reach out with any questions/concerns:FacebookLinkedInWebsiteEmailThis podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice specific to your circumstances. If you need help with any legal matters, be sure to consult with an attorney regarding your specific needs.© 2018 SAFFIRE LEGAL, PC.  Workplace Perspective Raising the Bar at Workplaces Everywhere® and copyrights are proprietary.  All Rights Reserved.


20 Apr 2019

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Episode 3: Existential Despair (with guest Andrea Bird)

Emerging Form

So you’re writing. Or painting. Or dancing. And you’re struck by this horrible feeling: what am I doing? How am I ever going to find the form and create something beautiful out of this tangled mess that I’ve assembled? Or you start to feel that your work doesn’t matter. That in fact, nothing matters. Your … Continue reading Episode 3: Existential Despair (with guest Andrea Bird) → This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at emergingform.substack.com/subscribe


8 Mar 2019

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Setting legal trends with cannabis lawyer Andrea Bird GWL130

The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast

Andrea Bird, a founding attorney at Bird Law Group, shares her story about how she became a leader in the cannabis law field, a new and ever changing area of the law, going from Big law to starting her own practice, how she managed to have a thriving practice in the span of a few months and her pro bono cases where, changed her client’s life, and set legal precedent ensuring that she helps others in the same situation.  A lot of us go to law school wanting to help other and change the laws – Andrea managed to do that in her practice. What You’ll Learn in this Episode: - How Andrea got started in the field of Cannabis Law and how she managed to become a leader in the field in a rather short amount of time, - Showcasing your expertise through CLE presentations and industry related events,   - Andrea’s pro bono case where she argued at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on behalf of Carey Avendano-Hernandez, a transgender woman from Mexico who was tortured by police and military officials, resulting in a published Ninth Circuit opinion granting relief under the Convention Against Torture.   Resources: Public Law Center (if you’re in Southern California)   Contact Information: abird@birdlg.com Thanks for Checking Out the Show Notes and for Listening! I really hope you enjoyed this episode. I would really appreciate it if you shared this episode with a friend who could benefit from listening to this particular episode. I wanted to thank our sponsor Court Call.  If you’re interested in making court appearances without having to physically go to court, then visit them at www.courtcall.com/genylawyer - Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to the GWL Podcast in Apple Podcasts or in Stitcher Radio. That way, every time I prepare a new episode for you, it’ll automatically show up in your phone. Once last thing: I would truly appreciate it if you could leave an honest review for The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast in Apple Podcasts. Positive ratings and reviews help boost the visibility of the show and help me in reaching more lawyers.


29 Jan 2018