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Jeffrey Tucker

Trish Wood is Critical

As world leaders who oversaw the biggest public health failure of our time try to change the channel, their critics are planning a massive audit of the harms they caused. Jeffrey Tucker, who facilitated the thoughtful, anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration is now committed to holding accountable governments who did massive damage to people and the world economy. Also, Trish on paying a personal price for a medical choice and a few more words about mass shootings.   Support Trish on Patreon Find her on Twitter   Shop: https://www.trishwoodpodcast.com/shop

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3 Jun 2022

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Jeffrey Tucker: How the US Adopted CCP-Inspired COVID-19 Control Policies, a Timeline

American Thought Leaders

“How come HHS [Health and Human Services] released its lockdown blueprint on March 13 when Trump hadn’t even given his approval to anything remotely resembling lockdowns until two days later? There’s a lot that we need to know.”Why did the United States and much of the rest of the world throw out standard pandemic protocols and instead adopt a radical new approach?In this episode, Jeffrey Tucker, founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, breaks down the timeline of events that saw the United States adopt policies inspired by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).He also breaks down the root causes of inflation in America and how COVID-19 policies created, in effect, a caste system in America.“We’ve got a network, an operation here. They’ve tasted power, and they’ve seen what’s possible. They don’t want to let it go. They want it to last and last and last.”Follow EpochTV on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpochTVusRumble: https://rumble.com/c/EpochTVTruth Social: https://truthsocial.com/@EpochTVGettr: https://gettr.com/user/epochtvFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpochTVusGab: https://gab.com/EpochTVTelegram: https://t.me/EpochTV

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10 May 2022

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PFP100 | Jeffrey Tucker, One Million Tiny Miseries. Government Policy in Our Time (PFS 2012)

Property and Freedom Podcast

Property and Freedom Podcast, Episode 100. This lecture is from the 2012 meeting of the Property and Freedom Society: Jeffrey Tucker (USA), One Million Tiny Miseries. Government Policy in Our Time. PFS 2012 Playlist.

11 Apr 2022

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Jeffrey Tucker - The Great Barrington Declaration

The New Flesh

---ARTICLES AND LINKS DISCUSSEDBrownstone Institute:https://brownstone.org/---Gigi Foster appearance on ABC's Q&A program - YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kstSJAu-kOE---SUPPORT THE NEW FLESHPatreon:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=61455803---Buy Me A Coffee:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/thenewflesh---Instagram: @thenewfleshpodcast---Twitter: @TheNewFleshpod---Follow Ricky: @ricky_allpike on InstagramFollow Jon: @thejonastro on InstagramFollow AJ: @_aj_1985 on Instagram---Logo Design by Made To Move: @made.tomove on InstagramTheme Song: Dreamdrive "Chase Dreams"

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30 Mar 2022

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Unregistered 199: Jeffrey Tucker

Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

The man who organized the Great Barrington Declaration, Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute, shared with me the unknown history of the people who planned and ultimately implemented the global COVID lockdowns. UPCOMING RENEGADE UNIVERSITY COURSES: ARISTOTLE (“GREAT BOOKS” SERIES) with Thaddeus Russell: https://renegadeuniversity.com/courses/the-great-books-aristotle/ INTRODUCTION TO VIRTUAL REALITY AND THE METAVERSE with Tom Nickel: https://renegadeuniversity.com/introduction-to-virtual-reality-and-metaverse/ BLAXPLOITATION with Kamasi Hill and Thaddeus Russell: https://renegadeuniversity.com/courses/blaxploitation/ RENEGADE UNIVERSITY: www.renegadeuniversity.com JOIN THE UNREGISTERED UNDERGROUND: https://www.patreon.com/unregistered Try IP Vanish for a fast and reliable VPN and protect all your online information. For a 70% discount, go to ipvanish.com/thad and use the promotional code THAD Get a free special report by international business and personal finance expert Mikkel Thorup by going to https://ExpatMoneyShow.com/unregistered Buy Unregistered and Renegade University Merch: https://www.renegadeuniversity.com/merch/ Make a one-time donation to support the podcast: http://www.thaddeusrussell.com/donate/ Shop Amazon: http://www.thaddeusrussell.com/amazon/ Subscribe on iTunes: http://www.thaddeusrussell.com/itunes/

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23 Feb 2022

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Comply or Else – Interview with Jeffrey Tucker

The Freedom Feature Podcast - First Freedoms Foundation

Economic Warfare is being waged in Canada for all the world to see.  Jeffrey Tucker, founder of The Brownstone Institute, wrote a chilling description of Trudeau’s imposition of the Emergencies Act and the freezing of bank accounts of anyone who does not agree with Trudeau’s ideology.  “What we are seeing right now in Ottawa reveals the hegemonic depth of the system that gave us lockdowns, then mandates: it is now capable of freezing your accounts and essentially starving you and your family. It’s economic warfare. This was a wild conspiracy theory last year. Now it is very obvious that this is where many governments want to go. We’ve seen examples just in the past week.”  Join Barry W. Bussey and Jeffrey Tucker as they discuss the radical nature of this new warfare that is capable of killing dissent without a shot being fired. – – – Please note the views expressed by the individual(s) in this video are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views or principles of the First Freedoms Foundation.


19 Feb 2022

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Jeffrey Tucker and Travis Smith

Trish Wood is Critical

The truckers’ convoy is still gripping the world even as mandates are being rolled back in response. Jeffrey Tucker explains why the protests mean it's time for mass resignations from those responsible for ruining lives and economies with public health measures that failed to protect and divided citizens of every country. As restrictions fall in response to the protest, places like Ontario, Canada continue to cling to fear and groupthink exposing how politicized the “science” was from the beginning. Also, Travis Smith is moved by a visit to a convoy truck stop. Find Trish Wood on Twitter Support her work on Patreon

2hr 38mins

5 Feb 2022

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Best of the Program | Guests: Jeff Rosenblum & Jeffrey Tucker | 1/18/22

The Glenn Beck Program

Founder and president of the Brownstone Institute Jeffrey Tucker joins Glenn to discuss the infamous lab leak, Dr. Fauci, and how we missed it. American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly joins to discuss how Democrats are using the Capitol riot to target political enemies, not actual threats. Author and co-founder of Questus Jeff Rosenblum joins Glenn to discuss his new book, “Exponential: Transform Your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting,” and how businesses and consumers are navigating the current political storm. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Jan 2022

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Episode 156: “Liberty or Lockdown” with Jeffrey Tucker

The Bill Walton Show

It is hard to overstate the assault  on civil liberties we are witnessing  in America today.  What began over a year and a half ago as temporary government measures to keep us safe from a virus spread from China, have now metastasized into something much more sinister, spreading to all aspects of societies around the world.  We need to name this thing, understand what’s happening to us,  and how to stop this threat to our freedoms.  For some answers, in this episode I talk with Jefferey Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute and author of Liberty or Lockdown. Jeffery, a man with a serious message and mission, is a delightful and engaging raconteur who turns policy discussion into a fascinating journey into truth.  This is not an episode to skip. Some highlights from Jeffrey: “We’ve dealt with pandemics in the past. In the modern age and the 20th century, we did very well intelligently. And suddenly 2020 comes along and we decided to forget everything and pursued this insane experiment in human separation, and mass management of the unmanageable. And the result has been demoralizing, and depressing, and shocking in terms of all things public health. It's contrary to all of our traditions of law, our belief in equality, and human rights, and freedom.” The Role of the New York Times “On February 28, 2020, The New York Times published an op-ed by Donald J. McNeil. The title of the article was, 'To deal with the coronavirus, go medieval on it.' He said we need to reject all 20th century principles of public health where we just dealt with the pathogen, in terms of doctor patient relationships, and instead lock everybody down, shut the highways, ground the planes, freeze everybody to suffer in their disease ridden cities as if this is the Middle Ages.”  The Madness of Masks “It's just awful to see these children in masks, and mandates, and people screaming at each other, get that mask over your nose, and so on and so on. It's just all nutty. The things that we've done to control this virus that we can't see, this invisible enemy, it feels mystical, and magical, and superstitious.”   The Vaccine Mandates “This is serious stuff. This isn't just get the jab and shut up. People's lives have been ruined. Academia's being purged. The military's being purged. The public sector's being purged. We're turning our government into a single party state that seems to bear a lot of the marks of what we've come to see in China.”  Why We Have to Push Back “And I know this, if we do nothing, we will certainly fail, and we'll lose everything. So I'm happy to do something, whatever it is, to make a difference. And maybe we can save this. It's worth saving. Civilization is worth saving. Freedom is worth saving. Human rights means something, they built the modern world. We cannot just sit by and do nothing when we see it all unraveling before us.” This episode is about one of the biggest issues of our day. Please listen in.


13 Oct 2021

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330: The Day New York City Died -with Jeffrey Tucker

The Brian Nichols Show

Why is March 12, 2020 the "Day New York City Died"? Jeffrey Tucker returns to the program to give his take, plus we dig into his new article over at the Brownstone Institute- The Wrecking of New York City: Accident or Design? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


24 Sep 2021