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034 | Emmy Award Winning & Former GMA Host Paula Faris + 10 Conferences to Attend

H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick

Paula Faris joins the show. She's the former co-host of Good Morning America Weekend Edition and The View on ABC, along with author of Called Out and host of The Paula Faris Faith and Calling Podcast. Plus, 5 new things I found on the internet this week, along with the 10 conferences you should attend in the next few months. Make sure to check out http://h3leadership.com to access the list and all the show notes. Thanks again to our partners for this episode: Chemistry Staffing – helping churches of all sizes find the right leaders to add to their team. Get the FREE Resume Screening Playbook at http://chemistrystaffing.com/H3. Plus, sign up for a FREE 30 minute consultation to learn how to attract top talent to your church/organization. And AIM (Agape International Missions) - there are still millions of people trapped in slavery today. You can change that by partnering with AIM. Visit aimfree.org/h3 to sign up to host a Freedom Experience, and also receive your FREE gift box with a myriad of AIM clothing and jewelry made by women rescued through the work of AIM.


21 Apr 2021

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ABC News Anchor Paula Faris Finds Purpose (ep. 340)

Live Inspired Podcast with John O'Leary

Paula Faris spent two decades ascending to two of the most coveted jobs in broadcast journalism: co-anchor on Good Morning America + co-host on The View. Yet burnt out + frustrated, Paula walked away... and was left unsure of her identity outside of her career. Today, Paula shares the success she achieved professionally, the chaos that came with it + how embracing her fear of failure brought her peace. This conversation is a reminder that we're worth so much more than our work. Join us in this episode to find more peace, purpose, and balance in your day-to-day life. SHOW NOTES: After leaving Good Morning America + The View at the height of her career, Paula went through a season of introspection, solidifying her identity + worth beyond what she does for a living. Dedicated to her father, her book Called Out explores finding the immoveable, unrouteable parts of ourselves that we can cling to. “I want to leave the legacy of being. Investing in what’s important, living a life of impact and a life of purpose.” Twenty Questions: Even as a child, Paula was naturally curious, telling stories with inflection and passion. Her high school drama teacher was the first of many who breathed life and encouragement into a career in broadcasting. Peel back your layers to determine your talents, releasing you to try new things, reinvent yourself and to find your calling. What is your calling? Ask yourself: What am I good at? What do I love? What do trusted people noticed that I'm good at? “Vocation is seasonal. We’re called to do different things at different times. We shouldn’t feel trapped because of a paycheck.” Life shifts are inevitable. If our identity is one-dimensional, we lose sight of who we are and what we want to be. Pressing into fear: Captivated by the coverage of 9/11, Paula was motivated to overcome her fear of failure and pursue a career in broadcasting. Imposter Syndrome: When you are called to do something, you will be equipped to do something. You have to step out in faith, obey and press into fear. Burnt out and struggling professionally + personally, Paula recognized accomplishment, achievement + success in her work became an addiction. Am I answering my calling? Ask yourself: Are my professional + personal choices clashing with my values? Am I finding too much significance in things that shift? As a sign to slow down, Paula felt God intervened five times in seven months, which included a miscarriage with emergency surgery, concussion while shooting a segment, car crash and influenza which developed into pneumonia. In taking “the next big step”: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9) To avoid repeated burnout, Paula intentionally sets boundaries so she meets her most important role of being present with her family. Front porch mentality: If your 70-year-old self is looking back on this moment, what decision would they make? Listen to Paula Faris’ podcast Journeys of Faith here. Get a copy of Paula Faris’ book Called Out here.  PAULA FARIS' LIVE INSPIRED 7 1. What is the best book you’ve ever read? The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman andThe Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. 2. What is a characteristic or trait that you possessed as a child that you wish you still exhibited today? Carefree, hanging out with friends. 3. Your house is on fire, all living things and people are out. You have the opportunity to run in and grab one item. What would it be? Fireproof box with all my important things and all my photo albums. 4. You are sitting on a bench overlooking a gorgeous beach. You have the opportunity to have a long conversation with anyone living or dead. Who would it be? Bono and I'd like to explore this faith. 5. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Regarding fear, focus on what's the best thing that can come out of it versus the worst. 6. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? Have fun, give yourself grace and your biggest flaws and failures will probably be your biggest successes.  7. It’s been said that all great people can have their lives summed up in one sentence. How do you want yours to read? My name is Paula. I'm a wife, mom, Jesus follower, curious, like to ask questions and champion, challenge + connect people. Join our Live Inspired Together community, text PODCAST2021 to 314-207-5010. About our sponsor: Keeley Companies wholeheartedly believes that if you get the people right -the results will follow. They set themselves apart with a forward-thinking culture that empowers their people and fosters loyal partnerships. Keeley Companies are a proud sponsor, partner, and super fan of the Live Inspired Podcast. Learn more about Keeley Companies.

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11 Mar 2021

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1937 My Strength Is My Story with Paula Faris

Create Your Now Archive 7 with Kristianne Wargo

Is your worth wrapped up in your work? Are you feeling lost in your own vocation, wondering who you are? Paula Faris shares why trading two dream jobs for a life of true calling became her journey of faith. Paula Faris is the wife of 20 years to her college sweetheart, John, and mom to their three children, ages 12, 10, and 6. Paula is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, previously co-anchoring the Good Morning America Weekend Edition, as well as a co-host of The View. Paula currently is a senior national correspondent at ABC News, host of the popular podcast Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris and the author of her brand new book, Called Out. "We are told that our worth is work and our value is vocation.” ~ Paula Faris CONNECT with Paula Faris BOOK: Called Out Enjoy the multitude of topics discussed including butter popcorn, obedience, vocational dreams, and worth plus so much more. Family Mascara & butter popcorn Ohio-Chicago-New York Risks Paula 20 Questions Who do you want to be? First on-air gig Adrenaline rush Sacrifices Leftovers Miscarriage Concussion Head-on car crash Pneumonia Obedience Identity & Purpose Worth & Value Faith Calling Vocational Calling Mtg with James Goldston Joshua 1:9 Fear Snapshot of life My Dad The box Peace Give yourself grace! It's not about me! Journeys of Faith Podcast CONNECT with Paula Faris BOOK: Called Out "Your faith calling, your purpose, is basically your life statement. It's why you're here on this earth. It's who you are and it's never going to change." ~ Paula Faris #MyStrengthIsMyStory #CreateYourNow #PaulaFaris Quotes and statements within the interview: "God was with me in the journey." "I didn't grow up thinking I was going to be a broadcaster." "I stopped asking my kids that -- what do you want to do and what do you want to be?" "I joke that you have to be a little crazy to want to work in this field, because of the deadlines, the unmovable deadlines." "When I got to a certain point where I decided I needed to take a step back, I know my relationship with God was suffering." "My landscape around me was just on fire!" "And I knew that my professed values were totally clashing with my personal and professional choices." "Why is everybody getting my leftovers? It shouldn't be like this." (Paula asking God) "I didn't live happily ever after." "I misplaced my significance based upon that. And that's what I think we all do." "Love God and love people." "Vocational calling is just the vehicle. IT's just the conduit by which you love God and love people." "Did I just kill my career?" Whenever you're making a decision, for me, fear has just plagued me my whole life." "Fear isn't something that we conquer and never have to deal with again." "Faith is taking that first step when you can't see the staircase." "My values were clashing with my choices." "My Dad in his passing gave me and my siblings the gift of perspective and the gift of knowing what's sequential and what's not." "I live knowing that that day will come and I will see my Father again." "But what I would tell my younger self is that to remember what you're doing and who you're doing it for." "I had to (a) accept that worth wasn't work and that gave me the permission to see myself more than what I did." What has your story gifted you? Grace "I have failed more times than I can count. But I feel like in these failures, God has allowed me, to not only give myself grace but give other people grace." "And I've learned more through my own failures and shortcomings than I have from my successes. I just think we've been given grace so undeservedly, we need to dole it out to others and to ourselves." Resources mentioned in the episode: CONNECT with Paula Faris BOOK: Called Out Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulafaris/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulafaris "One step at a time leads to miles of greatness!" Subscribe to Create Your Now TV on YouTube. Listen to Create Your Now on Spotify and Pandora. Listen to Create Your Now on iHeart Radio. Click here. The Create Your Now Archives are LIVE!! You can subscribe and listen to all the previous episodes here.  http://bit.ly/CYNarchive1 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive2 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive3 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive4 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive5 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive6 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive7 Contact me at YourBestSelfie@CreateYourNow.com THE NO FUSS MEAL PLAN Instagram @CreateYourNow @Kristianne Wargo Twitter @KristianneWargo @CreateYourNow Facebook www.facebook.com/TheKISSCoach www.facebook.com/CreateYourNow PERISCOPE USERS!!! Click here for ANDROID Users / GOOGLEhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.periscope.android Click here for APPLE Usershttps://itunes.apple.com/app/id972909677 Read more from Kristianne, a contributor to The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Thrive Global, Addicted2Succes, and She Owns It. https://addicted2success.com/success-advice/5-things-to-do-while-waiting-for-success-to-manifest-in-your-life/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristianne-wargo/ http://bit.ly/9amHabits https://journal.thriveglobal.com/how-to-configure-a-sleep-pattern-fit-for-you-d8edd3387eaf#.sniv275c3 https://sheownsit.com/when-failure-is-your-middle-name/ DOMESTIC BEAUTIES (Announcements) 1. Come and let's connect on Facebook - Women Of IMPACThttp://facebook.com/groups/thewomenofimpact 2. Create Your Now ~ Your Best Selfie can be heard on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Pandora! 3. Create Your Now Archive 1 is LIVE! You can subscribe and listen to all the previous episodes here. http://bit.ly/CYNarchive1 4. 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4 Mar 2021

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Ep 7 - Living A Life of True Calling with Paula Faris

Impact Driven Leader Podcast

How can you find your true purpose and your true calling? Do you know who you are outside of what you do? Is your fear of feeling fear stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone? Why should you differentiate between your worth and your work? I am a Buckeye and Paula Faris is a Wolverine… And generally, we don’t get along very well, but today we put that aside and we talk about the 3 questions everyone should ask, finding your purpose and your true identity and how our greatest struggles can be the greatest gift from which to lead! Thanks for listening! I'd love to connect with you over on Instagram @impactdrivenleader SHOW NOTES AND RESOURCES: Click here WEBSITE: www.impactdrivenleaderpodcast.com


26 Feb 2021

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Paula Faris on Why Your Career Isn’t Always Your Calling, Stepping Back From a Dream Job & What People Misunderstand About Vulnerability


Paula Faris, author, podcaster, speaker, and former host of Good Morning America and The View joins Dr. Krish Kandiah to share about her career and faith. Paula opens up with Krish about the toll her career took on her, ultimately leading to her stepping back from the roles after a tragic chain of events in 2018 where she experienced multiple health issues. In reflection, Paula explains that what she didn’t realize until that moment, was that her career had slowly become her calling. Her identity and value became wrapped up in her career success and it led her towards overworking, compromising her Christian values, and neglecting the relationships with those she most loved. Paula tells Krish how it can be so easy for what happened to her to be the same experience for many leaders and people who are passionate about their work. We hope Paula’s story helps you consider what the differences may be between your calling and career and how having a healthy perspective on those will help you love God and love others more. Visit wvi.org/leadershift to learn more about today’s guest, other episodes and how you and your ministry can partner with World Vision.


19 Feb 2021

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Ep 0 - Introducing The Paula Faris Podcast

The Paula Faris 'Faith & Calling' Podcast

Welcome to the Paula Faris podcast! Every week we'll discuss your calling, purpose, and identity with life giving conversations with some incredible guests like Candace Cameron Bure, Maria Taylor, Chris Tomlin, Michael Strahan, Lauren Daigle, Sadie Robertson , Kathie Lee Gifford and many more! It all kicks off Tuesday, February 2. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode!


26 Jan 2021

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Ep 084: Reinventing Yourself, Sadie Robertson Huff, Paula Faris & Jason Jaggard

The Global Leadership Podcast

Is God trying to move you into a new season? Are you feeling an ache in your spirit? All leaders experience seasons of reinvention that are both exhilarating and terrifying. And as you grow in your leadership, you start to recognize the internal and external signs indicating its time to chart a new course. In this episode of the GLS Podcast, Sadie Roberson Huff, Paula Faris and elite executive coach Jason Jaggard discuss the key questions you should ask yourself as you consider a big move and the truths you can lean into to calm your fear.


12 Jan 2021

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Ep 078: Called Out, Paula Faris & Craig Groeschel

The Global Leadership Podcast

Over the course of your life and career, you have probably experienced a reset. Paula Faris’ reset came when she realized her high-flying career was clashing with the values she claimed to profess. So, she gave up two dream jobs in order to more fully live her purpose. Along the way, she discovered some insights into the perils of being addicted to work, the nature of calling and the presence of fear alongside of peace. In this episode, Summit Champion, Craig Groeschel interviews Paula about what it means to be called out.


9 Sep 2020

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Episode 231: Paula Faris

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

We share all the people, but today is the first time Paula Faris and I became real life (over zoom of course) friends. We cover all the topics that you'd expect two new friends to hit, including her new book Called Out. While it may be her first time on the show, you can bet it won't be her last.  We also hop over to continue our chat on YouTube, so check that out and subscribe there so you don't miss any of these special additional conversations! YouTube.com/anniefdownstsf . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast--- This episode is sponsored by · Music + Talk: Got an idea for a Music + Talk show? Get started by downloading the free Anchor app or going to anchor.fm/musicplustalk anchor.fm/musicplustalk


15 Jul 2020

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Paula Faris - Leaving Your Dream Job

Sports Spectrum Podcast

Episode 511 Paula Faris is a longtime journalist and current television correspondent for ABC News. She's also the host of the ABC podcast Journeys of Faith. From 2014 to 2018, Faris was co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend. She also was co-host of The View for seasons 19-21.  Her new book "Called Out" released in April of 2020 and tells the story of Paula climbing the fast track of journalists and working all the way up to anchor on Good Morning America until she decided she needed to pursue her true calling and walk away from her dream jobs.  On this episode of the podcast, we talk to Paula about why she left two dream jobs, what it means to pursue her true calling, her incredible love for Michigan football, the unique bond she had with her father over sports and how she lives out her faith at a large corporation like ABC News. Follow Paula on Twitter: @PaulaFaris Follow Sports Spectrum on Twitter: @Sports_Spectrum


24 Jun 2020