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Accidental DBA: Josh Berkus

The Accidental Engineer

Josh Berkus evangelizes and helps organize the vast Kubernetes community at Red Hat.

1hr 13mins

23 Apr 2020

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Talking Up Kubernetes 1.12 with Present and Former Release Managers Tim Pepper and Josh Berkus

The New Stack Makers

Kubernetes remains on track to offer some exciting new themes with the upcoming release of 1.12, while the team-backed process making it all happen continues to evolve as well.Before Tim Pepper, of the Open Source Technology Center at VMware,  began to lead the effort for the launch of 1.12 scheduled for the end of month, he already had a very solid and hands-on understanding of Kubernetes’ development process in a very hands-on way. Much of what he learned was as a shadow release manager for Josh Berkus, Project Atomic Community lead at Red Hat, who lead the 1.11’s release efforts. Both Pepper and Berkus were on hand at OSCON 2018 for a live interview with TNS founder and editor-in-chief Alex Williams.“The Kubernetes community does a really good job of grooming their contributors, as well as mentoring and training them,” Pepper said. “Specific to the release team, there's actually a process.”


4 Sep 2018

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bsdtalk110 - Josh Berkus, Postgresql Lead at Sun Microsystems


Interview with Josh Berkus, Postgresql Lead at Sun Microsystems. We talk about the upcoming PGCon on 23-24 May 2007. More info at http://www.pgcon.org.File Info: 19Min, 9MB.Ogg Link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk110/bsdtalk110.ogg

13 Sep 2015

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Interview with Josh Berkus – Part 2

Devchat.tv Episode Roundup

In this episode we discussed: MongoDB Standardization of NoSQL databases Portability between non-relational databases CouchDB PostgreSQL AGPL license PostgreSQL license (like the BSD license) MySQL is GPLv2 Drizzle has rewritten their MySQL driver so it’s not GPL Oracle’s behavior toward products they own that compete InnoDB MySQL engine Microsoft SQL – The price hike and bug report that drove Josh to PostgreSQL Customer expectations vs Intended functionality GreenPlum Alexa Implementing the minimum feature set and getting feedback. Transactional DDL – All operations are transactional except create database. Database Migrations – PostgreSQL can do migrations with no downtime. Memcached Redis Solr ElasticSearch Foreign Data Wrappers – a driver for external data sources that can then be managed through PostgreSQL Lucene Hadoop HBase Cassandra Project Voldemort HyperTable Riak Amazon Cap Theorem Papers VoltDB


1 Aug 2011

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TMTC 66 Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL Core Team)

Devchat.tv Episode Roundup

Here’s a list of several of the things we discussed: How PostgreSQL got started Ingres The Apache Foundation The PostgreSQL core team and it’s role. Data Warehousing It’s community property like Linux The SQL Query Language The C Programming Language gcc Standardization Google Summer of Code XML Indexing XPath Support ISN/ISBN Data Type Array Data Types HStores (Dictionary or Hash) Full Text Search Tri-grams Sphinx Lucene Why people switch from MySQL Performance Reliability Special Features Supports really complex queries Worry about the future of MySQL Skype – 200 Postgres servers Sky tools clustering platform Heroku San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group Differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL MySQL was originally written to please web developers Postgres was written by DBA’s Postgres will throw out a feature they can’t stabilize MySQL will accept a feature and then try to stabilize it Postgres really allows you to run code inside the database Postgres is more reliable and secure Lowers admin cost due to better uptime Rails was originally built around MySQL You can get some boosts by bypassing the ORM and going directly to the database Full JSON support is upcoming Django The PostgreSQL Ruby driver ByteA binary data type Simplified data types (Text data type) Why people switch from PostgreSQL to MySQL MySQL has been commercially successful longer than postgres Vendor tools Cheap hosting for MySQL A lot of things are designed to work out of the box with PostgreSQL PGSQL Novice list Postgres Open Postgres has a new version coming out soon (changelog) Postgres 9.2 Multi-core support Postgres included documentation Beginning Databases with Postgres – Dated but gives the basics To hire Josh’s guys, go to http://pgexperts.com. Download 6.08 MB Download (iPod & iPhone) 4.61 MB


24 Jul 2011