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E77 - Tom Wise | President at Wise Products and Productions

The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson

Tom Wise has successfully designed and sold a number of products on large TV shopping channels such as HSN and QVC. His One Big Tip to navigate this industry well is to invest in making products that can be used by anyone and to market them on a small scale before moving to TV. Support the show (https://jeffmendelson.com/onebigtip)


20 Nov 2020

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Tom Wise - Kerry Kart and more

Work From Your Happy Place with Belinda Ellsworth

Tom Wise spent over 30 years in the TV selling business. He worked as a host and Director of On-Air Talent on HSN and, as a vendor, has appeared as a guest on HSN and QVC. He has imported millions of dollars worth of products that were sold on live TV and he worked as the VP of Production for Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. He is the inventor and patent holder of the "4-in-1" Kerry Kart and part-time stand-up comic.


17 Aug 2020

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Tom Wise HSN Host Director


TV Shopping QVC, HSN On Air Talent


20 Jun 2020

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Out of the Box With Christine: The Podcast For Conscious Entrepreneurs

My guest on today's episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE is TOM WISE - who has over 30 years of experience in the Live TV sales business. He’s been a HSN (Home Shopping Network) host, Director of On-Air Talent and Vendor. He’s also appeared on QVC and is currently a vendor there. Tom has sold millions of units producing infomercials and has worked with Billy Mays, Anthony Sullivan and Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington (as his VP of Production). In other words – Tom Wise is a product sales GOD! Listen to our conversation and LEARN the most powerful SALES advice from a pro who knows what works and what doesn't. Tom is also offering OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE listeners an incredible offer! You can now get the amazing Kerry Kart for only $99.00 by using promo code: CHRISTINE. It retails for $149 (with FREE shipping) and with the promo code you will save $50.00!! Get your Kerry Kart for just $99 by going to http://www.KerryKart.com and using that promo code of CHRISTINE For more info on this Podcast visit http://www.OutOfTheBoxWithChristine.com #podcast #kerrykart #qvc #hsn #sales #marketing #branding #homeshopping #marketing


16 Jun 2020

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Conversation with Tom Wise

Point Noted

Tom Wise is a 30-year veteran of Live TV shopping. He is a TV Host-Director of On-Air Talent, vendor at QVC USA/Germany and HSN. Want to learn how to make money or get your product on HSN or QVC? listen to the show.


13 Jun 2020

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Inside Live TV Shopping – A Secret Source of Piles of Cash with Tom Wise

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Tom Wise is a 30-year veteran of Live TV shopping. He is a TV Host -Director of On-Air Talent, vendor at QVC USA/Germany and HSN, and he teaches how to make money in your sleep. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. TV Shopping became an industry in the ’80s. It is about a 9-Billion dollar business in the US. 2. You can start by having a product that works. 3. It is always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone. Look for products that may not be on HSN world yet. Use FIRE as your coupon code, and get $50 off on your Kerry Kart purchase - Kerry Kart Website Sponsors: ZipRecruiter: By connecting people who need jobs and companies that need people, ZipRecruiter is working with all of us so we can keep moving forward. Let’s work together. ZipRecruiter.com/worktogether Traffic Secrets Podcast: The strategies to attract your dream customers when you’re just starting out are exactly the same as when you own a multi-million dollar business. And these strategies are waiting for you on a new podcast mini- series: Traffic Secrets. TrafficSecretsPodcast.com


5 Jun 2020

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Ford's FIRST Mustang Owners, Gail and Tom Wise

Ford Mustang The First Generation, The Early Years Podcast

Gail and Tom Wise, The original, original Mustang owners.Questions we detail on this episode:Did you know you were going to be a rock star?Take us back to April 15th 1964 GailTom, what came first, the love for Gail or a love for the Mustang?Does she let you drive it Tom?Looking at the pre-restoration pictures, you had some work to doTell me about the place the car takes in your familyAny close calls to getting rid of her?When did you realize she was the first Mustang sold?Now I know you have probably had a meal with major players in the world of Mustang, but I am throwing a virtual dinner party and you can invite 5 people to dinner that have made an impact or have influenced your life or just because you think they are cool, who do you inviteWhat comes next for you both?Have an idea for the show or think you'd make a great guest, send an email to the host:doug@turnkeypodcast.comGet our episodes in your inbox follow the link in the show notes: www.TheMustangPodcast.comIf you are a buyer looking for a dream car or a seller that has a classic pony for sale head over to www.TheMustangPodcast.com/marketplace and share your dream, we will match buyers and sellers.Thanks for listening, keep it safe, keep in rollin’ and keep it on the road! Until next time. 


4 May 2020