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190 - Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship with Nick Loper

The Young Architect Podcast

Have you ever explored a fun new way to bring in some extra cash? Let's talk all about side hustles today with Nick Loper!


22 Nov 2022

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How to Find the Perfect Side-Hustle (Plus The 4 Types of Passive Income!) with Nick Loper

The Personal Finance Podcast

In this episode of The Personal Finance Podcast, we’re going to talk to Nick Loper about how to start a side hustle. Join Our Newsletter here!Connect with Nick!Side Hustle Nation! The Side Hustle Show - Nicks Podcast Side Hustle Ideas Nicks Instagram Nicks Twitter Sponsors:  Thanks to Ka’Chava For Sponsoring the show! Go to kachava.com/pfp and get 10% off on your first order.  Thanks to Shopify for Sponsoring the show! Go to shopify.com/pfp and start selling online today. Thanks to Mint Mobile for supporting the show! Cut your phone bill to $15 a month by going to https://mintmobile.com/pfp Thanks to Fundrise for Sponsoring the show! Invest in real estate for as little as $10 by going to fundrise.com/personalfinance Checklist of relevant episodes:  25+ Passive Income Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind - Part 1 25+ Passive Income Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind - Part 2 How to Use Niche Sites to Build Multiple Streams of Income With Doug Cunnington Growing Net Worth Vs Growing Income: Which Should You Focus on? How to Manage Every Paycheck (By Age!) How to Build Wealth (Even on a Low Income!) With Joshua Mayo Roth 401(K) Vs Traditional 401(K): Which Should You Consider Based on Income! FREE GUIDES:==============-Check out the free guide on where to put your money in what order! https://www.mastermoney.co/stairway-to-wealth -Here is the free How to Ask for A Raise ebook!https://www.mastermoney.co/get-a-raise-ebook -Get Access to the 75-Day Challenge: https://www.mastermoney.co/75daychallenge ============= We have a YOUTUBE channel! Check it out here!  Our Latest Videos: How To Grow A Podcast OrganicallyWhat Would Happen If You Maxed Out Your Roth IRA By Age?! (These Results Will Amaze You!)How to Become a Millionaire With a Small Amount of Money (Is it Really This Easy!?)Pre-tax moves for high earners Got questions? Ask me on Instagram Here. @mastermoneyco This is the fastest way to get in touch with me.  Want to Support the Show? Follow on Spotify or Follow and Leave a 5-Star Review on Apple Podcasts! ============ Check out all the Stuff I Recommend! Check out all my favorite Credit Cards https://milevalue.com/top-offers-mastermoney/ USEFUL RESOURCES: Best Place to Open a Roth IRA: https://m1finance.8bxp97.net/5vzD1 My Favorite Free Net Worth and Budget Tool: https://fxo.co/905L Best High Yield Savings Account: https://bit.ly/3HpPjAr Get a $10 Free Bonus with Acorns: https://bit.ly/3lV0LLE Best Bank and Debit Card for Kids: https://bit.ly/3pJeI09 Get $5 Free Bitcoin at Coinbase: https://bit.ly/3oIQOml Best Credit Building Tool: https://bit.ly/3rmBuwZ Best Personal Finance Books: https://kit.co/MasterMoney/best-personal-finance-books ============ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. This Podcast is for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am sharing my opinion.  AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this channel are affiliate links, meaning, at NO additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. However, this does not impact my opinion. ============ Check us out on social fam!  Twitter Tiktok www.thepersonalfinancepodcast.com www.mastermoney.coLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Nov 2022

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429: 17 Million Dollar Business Ideas Free For The Taking With Nick Loper

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast With Steve Chou

Today I have my friend Nick Loper on the show. Nick is the host of the popular Side Hustle Nation podcast where he and I share similar goals. We highlight entrepreneurs who run businesses on the side or full-time. One of the common complaints that we often get is not being able to decide what type of business to start. In this episode, Nick and I brainstorm million-dollar business ideas that you are welcome to take for yourself. What You’ll Learn 17 million-dollar business ideas for the taking What type of business should you start How to run a successful […] The post 429: 17 Million Dollar Business Ideas Free For The Taking With Nick Loper appeared first on MyWifeQuitHerJob.com.

1hr 2mins

31 Oct 2022

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Nick Loper—How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month Starting Now

Good Money with Derrick Kinney

If you could create new income streams, build a business you love, and ditch the 9 to 5, would you do it? If the answer is yes, this episode is going to blow your mind. My guest today, Nick Loper, is the founder of Side Hustle Nation, the #1 community and resource for side hustle ideas and part-time entrepreneurs on the path to financial independence. Nick escaped his 9 to 5 by building a side hustle in his spare time and breaks down exactly how YOU can do it too.  Today, Nick reveals some of the most effective side hustles you can start right now. And if you have a busy schedule, Nick explains how to find more time in your day to make your dream side hustle a reality. Plus, he shares a simple yet brilliant place to find new business ideas. I’ve never heard this before, but I’m definitely using this tip.  If you liked this episode, give this one a listen too: Hala Taha—How to Create a Thriving Side Hustle Without Quitting Your Job Order Nick’s book here: https://amzn.to/3QOlJbK Order your copy of the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling book Good Money Revolution here: https://amzn.to/34hSonE Ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule a call with Derrick today here: GoodMoneyBusinessConsulting.com For daily tips to help you make and save money, follow us on Instagram @derricktkinney


3 Oct 2022

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432: Side-Hustle Small Business with Nick Loper

The How of Business - How to start, run & grow a small business.

Start and grow a side-hustle small business - a business that you start on the side, while you keep your day job - with entrepreneur Nick Loper. Nick is an expert on side-hustles, and he is with me today to share his experiences and advice on starting a successful side-hustle small business. Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at SideHustleNation.com, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams. Henry Lopez is the host of The How of Business podcast – helping you start, run and grow your small business. The How of Business is a top-rated podcast for small business and entrepreneurs.


25 Jul 2022

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S1 EP116: Great Side Hustles to Boost Your Income with Nick Loper

The Free Retiree Show

CAREER ADVANCEMENT EDITION For the ordinary American, side hustles are becoming more common than ever before. According to the New York Post, Bankrate.com discovered that over 44 million Americans work side jobs. That means that out of every ten working-age persons, at least two of them earn multiple incomes each month. What is the significance of this? Because if you are not one of the 44 million, you are missing out on some significant benefits. Most people think of a side hustle as simply another job - something they do in addition to their 9-5 in order to make a little extra money. But that's not what a side hustle should be viewed as. A side hustle should be seen as an opportunity to improve your financial situation, advance your career, or even start a new business. There are many reasons why you might want to consider a side hustle. Maybe you're looking to pay off debt, save for a down payment on a house, or build up your emergency fund. Or maybe you're just looking for ways to make extra money so you can travel more or finally start that business you've always dreamed of. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of benefits to be had from working a side hustle. And there are great side hustles that will boost your income significantly.  In this episode, we discuss how to find great side hustles to boost your income, evaluate your skills if it’s a potential side hustle, and more. Join us with Side Hustle Nation founder Nick Loper with hosts, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy and career advisor Sergio Patterson. Tune in to this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show. To get the episode, show notes, and share links, please go to our podcast page. Thank you for sharing our podcast. The Free Retiree Show Podcast Page Honor to be mentioned in the FeedSpot TOP 20 RETIREMENT PODCAST OF 2022


11 May 2022

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Internet Marketing with Nick Loper From the Side Hustle Nation

Handyman Pros Radio Show

We interviewed Nick Loper of the Side Hustle Show and had a great conversation about local internet marketing and the opportunities for Side Hustles in general.  We dived into marketing detail and discussed the “must haves” for local internet marketing. Subscribe to our free newsletter, https://handymanprosradioshow.com/newsletter-signup/ Join our facebook group@handyman pros Send us an email, questions@handymanprosradioshow.com.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/handymanpros/message


25 Apr 2022

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The Dangers of One Income Source w/ Nick Loper!

The Shane Sams Show

Today’s guest on The Shane Sams Show is Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation! Nick’s early days in the online game was with direct link, pay-per-click affiliate marketing in around 2004-2005! His experience through an internship with an online shoe retailer gave him his first glance at SEO, testing out budgets for ads, marketing, and e-commerce. When Google changed some of the ways it handles search traffic, Nick’s business took a hit! He quickly learned the importance of diversifying his income streams. You have to diversify your traffic. You never know when algorithms change, companies change policies, anything can happen to make you lose all your traffic when you don’t diversify! We talk about how to get more leads by using things like Facebook groups and free Amazon books. Learn more about Nick and Side Hustle Nation at sidehustlenation.com/ideas or join his Facebook Group! In today’s episode we talk about: The importance of having multiple income streams How to get more leads with Amazon books Using Facebook groups to increase traffic If you need help starting, building, and growing an online business, check out all of the support and resources for entrepreneurs at https://www.ShaneSams.com and https://www.FlippedLifestyle.com!  Follow Shane on twitter @shane_sams.


7 Apr 2022

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Side Hustles and Extra Income with Nick Loper Side Hustle Nation | Ep. 282

EDGE for Peak Performance

Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams. We talk about how be built Side Hustle Nation and extra income streams. Join over 17,000 others and sign up to receive bonus content with the EDGE's weekly newsletter.   It's free sign up here >>> EPISODE LINKS: Side Hustle Nation PODCAST INFO: Apple Podcasts: EDGE on Apple Podcasts Spotify: EDGE on Spotify  RSS Feed: EDGE's RSS Feed Website: EDGE Podcast SUPPORT & CONNECT EDGE's Weekly NewsletterJoin over 17,000 others and sign up to receive bonus content. It's free sign up here >>> Please Support this Podcast by checking out our Sponsors: Mad River Botanicals 100% certified organic CBD products. The product is controlled from seed to end product by it's owners. Use code: EDGE22 to get 10% off all your orders. Shop here>>> A top podcast for entrepreneurs!CONNECT WITH US Claim Your Weekly EDGE Newsletter. It's FREE!Weekly email written by Brandon with insights that give you an edge to win.Over 17,200 listeners and counting!-> https://edge.ck.page/bea5b3fda6 Contact Brandon : B at Brandon C White dot com EDGE Website-> https://MyEDGEPodcast.com EDGE on YouTube-> https://www.youtube.com/@brandoncwhite OTHER GREAT PODCASTS FROM THE BEST PODCASTS NETWORK On Business Podcast An unscripted, brutally honest, conversation about running a successful company. For business owners looking to elevate their game and increase revenues.-> https://OnBusinessPodcast.com MARKETING PodcastMarketing science, case studies that reveal successful marketing techniques and teach strategic marketing analysis where we model the data and turn it into financial forecasts so you have predictable revenue.-> https://PodcastOnMarketing.com Top podcast for entrepreneurs...

1hr 15mins

29 Mar 2022

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Episode 58 - Talking Side Hustles with Nick Loper

Disrupt The Everyday Podcast

DO YOU WANT TO ESCAPE THE 9-5 GRIND? On this episode we are joined by Nick Loper, host of Side Hustle Nation. Our discussion is focused on escaping the 9-5 grind while gaining financial freedom. We discuss: What is a side hustle Side hustle ideas Active income, passive income and time leveraged income For places to listen, places to connect on social media, to be a guest, collaborate with or sponsor DTE visit: https://linktr.ee/DisruptTheEveryday Nick's website: https://www.sidehustlenation.com/ideas/ About Nick Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at SideHustleNation.com, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams.


28 Mar 2022