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Match-Leap-Brand with Torlando Hakes

Estimate Rocket Radio

On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio we are joined by Torlando Hakes, Chief Marketing Officer at Folia and the host of the Painting Contractors Association's (PCA) Paint ED Podcast. We talk with Torlando about the competitive paradigm Match-Leap-Brand, in which competitors match each others product and services, leapfrog each other in the features race, and ultimately attempt to out-brand each other in making connections with customers in the marketplace. Torlando walks us through a couple solutions in this blind man's ditch that can help companies capture the "smallest viable audience" and grow from pond to pond as the big fish. Find Torlando on the Paint ED podcast on any podcast app!


24 May 2022

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Ep. 29- Earning Dividends on Investments in Professional Development w/ Torlando Hakes of Folia

The Marketing Ladder


7 Feb 2022

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154: A LinkedIn Strategy That Works | Call to Action Podcast

B2B Made Simple: A B2B Marketing Podcast

On this episode, Sam Moss joined Torlando Hakes on the 'Call to Action' podcast to talk about what creating a LinkedIn strategy for your company should look like. Using LinkedIn to create demand is simply educating your buyers long before they're in the market to buy. Then when they encounter the problem you solve, they'll think of you instead of going to Google to search for a solution.


12 Aug 2021

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045: What Can a Former Painting Contractor Teach You to Improve Your Business? with Torlando Hakes

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

If you think the contracting world is full of misfits and hacks just trying to take your money, you would be very wrong. Yes, those misfits and hacks do exist, unfortunately, but the majority are smart, competent, successful small business owners that know how to run teams and schedules and everything else you need to master to have a successful enterprise.And my latest guest on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, TORLANDO HAKES, is a great example of the successful contractor we all could emulate, no matter what business we run.A former very successful painting company owner, now in the corporate world, Torlando talks about how he has used many of the skills he learned running his own contracting business, including the SCRUM Method, which focuses on three very specific questions that you need to ask everyone in your company, every morning.In this highly informative episode, Torlando talks about:●       How to gain leverage over your competition by selling your expertise.●       Why podcast marketing is so effective in the trade industries.●       Detailing all of the steps of a job can help you pinpoint exactly where you’re losing time and money.●       How Torlando figured out how to communicate his processes successfully to his employees.Also inside:●       Torlando painted his way through college, and by the time he graduated from college, he had a business on his hands.●       How Torlando built a system that eliminated the need for a production manager in his business.●       Using the Scrum approach, Torlando has streamlined efficiency to the nth degree, and he wants to teach other contractors and small business owners how to improve their business processes too. Mentioned in this Episode:Sprint: The Scrum Playbook for Paint Professionals & Craftsman ProfessionalsTorlando Hakes on LinkedInTorlando.Periodic.sitePaintED podcastMarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.com


9 Apr 2021

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#Leadership 18: One Lynchpin to Bring Culture Together w/ Torlando Hakes

B2B Made Simple: A B2B Marketing Podcast

Today on the Leadership series, Torlando Hakes, the Director of Business Development at Periodic joins the podcast. Torlando shares the lynchpin in order to invite others into your culture. Brand culture is the one topic that leaders need to pay special attention to and he shares several key elements on how to build this culture. But more importantly, finding that one key lynchpin to hold it all together.


20 Jan 2021

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Minimize Lead Slippage & the Waste of Phone Tag & Follow up (w/ Torlando Hakes)

Roofing Podcast: Hook Better Leads

Torlando Hakes of Periodic (torlando.periodic.com) shares steps you can take to stop losing leads after you did all the work to get them! Periodic is a *more advanced* meeting appointment setter – with pro options. Check them out!


11 Jan 2021

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Your Mission Sustains You with Torlando Hakes

PaintED Podcast

If you don't have something that ignites you day to day, maybe it's time to make a change. Find your mission and actively be engaged in your company. In this episode we feature a PaintED talk from Torlando Hakes at EXPO 2020. In it he tells us how finding your mission may not only revive your business, but also your life.You can find this PaintED Talk, and access other EXPO session recordings at pcapainted.org/blog/painted-talks/To learn more about PCA and become a member visit pcapainted.org/membership/join/Torlando's book 'Sprint: The Scrum Playbook For Paint Trade and Craftsman Professionalshttp://tiny.cc/SprintPlaybookPeriodic is a tech company that develops automated marketing and project management tools customized to each individual business.https://periodic.is/PCA Overdrive is free for members.Not a member? Try our 30-day, free trial; $5.99/mo after.Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play.Become a PCA member: https://www.pcapainted.org/membership/


7 Aug 2020

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Maximizing Your Work Efficiency: Torlando Hakes

Get Clear Consuling

4 Feb 2020

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Leadership Is Not Management With Torlando Hakes

PaintED Podcast

Do you have strategically-structured roles for your team that flow out of your mission statement for your company? Do you have a sensible method for scheduling that is streamlined and uncluttered? Do you know how to run meetings effectively and how often to schedule them? Enter Scrum Management. And yes, I know, It’s Scrum Leadership, not ‘management’…or so I’ve been told again and again by the Scrum Leader himself, Torlando Hakes of Color Theory in Bloomington Indiana. On this episode of Paint ED, I talk with Torlando about the Workshop he’ll be presenting at the EXPO called Sprint: Building Roles, Meeting Structure, and Scheduling for Your Team Using Scrum Leadership. We discuss, job roles, scheduling, productive meeting methods, and cash flow management for growth. I mean…cash flow leadership for growth!Don’t miss the Workshop about Scrum at the EXPO with an opportunity to build a Master Plan and to do group with other contractors working on the same thing! Register at PCApaintED.org/EXPO.You can reach Torlando at connect.colorbook.site/TorlandoPCA Overdrive is free for members.Not a member? Try our 30-day, free trial; $5.99/mo after.Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play.Become a PCA member: https://www.pcapainted.org/membership/


28 Jan 2020

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Lifestyles of The Prepped & Finished: Color Theory w/ Torlando Hakes

Paint Radio || American Painting Contractor

By blending art and business, Torlando from Color Theory built a color consulting business that hires and trains new consultants. Listen in to learn how his business opens up time for family and more projects...--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/paint-radio/message


10 Jan 2020