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Rachel Krantz on Non-Monogomy and Spiritual Growth

The One You Feed

Rachel Krantz is one of the three founding editors of Bustle, the recipient of the Peabody Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights International Radio Award, The Investigative Reporters and Editors Radio Award, and The Edward R. Murrow Award for her work as an investigative reporter for YR Media. Rachel is also the host of Help Existing, a new interview podcast offering help with different aspects of existence. In this episode, Eric and Rachel discuss her book, Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogomy. But wait, there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue tathe conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you! Rachel Krantz and I Discuss Non-Monogomy, Spiritual Growth and … Her book, Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogomy The difference between Non-Monogomy from Polyamory What made her want to try a polyamorous relationship The key insights her teacher, a Buddhist monk, helped her realize about her attachment tendencies What it means to have compassion with boundaries Her surprising experience with jealousy and how it encapsulates so many of the things that humans struggle with  When leaning into difficult emotions turns from being helpful to masochism The questions – What are the symptoms of the love you have in a relationship? How important rest is in the pace of life The difference between intuition and fear Asking will this decision cause more or less suffering? Defining gaslighting How she learned to love herself Rachel Krantz links: Rachel’s Website Instagram Twitter By purchasing products and/or services from our sponsors, you are helping to support The One You Feed and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you! If you enjoyed this conversation with Rachel Krantz, check out these other episodes: How to Set Boundaries with Nedra Tawwab Navigating Romantic Relationships with Dr. Sue JohnsonSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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26 Jul 2022

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Help Figuring Out "The Most Important Thing"—Meditation Teacher Jonathan Foust and Rachel Krantz

Jonathan Foust

How do you figure out the most important thing? Maybe you're caught between two ideas. Maybe you're trying to decide whether it's time to change careers, or whether to have kids. Maybe you're trying to discern where to best spend your energy as an activist. Maybe you want to be able to better identify the most important thing in any given moment. This week's conversation with meditation teacher Jonathan Foust should help with navigating all those questions and more, and was filled with practical mindfulness and life advice. Check out and subscribe to “Help Existing” podcast here:   [https://www.racheljkrantz.com/help-existing-podcast]


21 Jul 2022

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Non-monogamy, Gaslighting and Liberation: Rachel Krantz's Story

Girl Boner Radio

When award-winning journalist Rachel Krantz started dating non-monogamous Adam, she thought she might finally break her pattern of short-lived, suffocating relationships. Once gaslighting ensued, she found herself stuck in a new set of problems. Rachel finally found healing and liberation and shared her story in the memoir, Open.  You’ll also learn: How non-monogamy helped Rachel explore her queerness Her advice on relationship/sexual desires versus societal “shoulds” How her reporter’s mind led to a unique exploration of gaslighting What’s most help her find healing Learn more about Rachel: racheljkrantz.com Explore podcast advertising: zen.ai/girlbonerradio0 Check out the latest specials at The Pleasure Chest! Support the show + get fun extras: patreon.com/girlboner More Girl Boner fun: augustmclaughlin.com/girlboner IG: @GirlBonerMedia  TikTok: @GirlBonerRadio  FB: @MyGirlBoner 


27 Apr 2022

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The Journey to Non-Monogamy with Rachel Krantz

Holy F*ck

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with author and writer Rachel Krantz, one of the co-founding editors of Bustle and who recently wrote her memoir Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogamy.In this episode, you’ll hear:Rachel’s process of writing her book about the journey of becoming non-monogamous and having to discern what stories and people to include in the book and which needed to be left out.Ideas on how we can use social media consciously and an exercise to practice citing the work that has inspired the content you may be putting out on the internet, whether that’s through writing, social media, etc.Rachel’s reflections on the difference between writing in the style of Bustle as writing with a quick turnaround, compared to the slower process of writing a very honest memoir.Ideas on becoming a public person and how we can outgrow the creations we make and put out there and reckoning with the fact that those creations may be out in the world forever, even after we’ve evolved and matured beyond them.And more!Find Rachel's offerings and discover more about her work here.Order Rachel's book here.Follow along with Rachel on IG here.Shop Chakrubs using this link http://chakrubs.com/?aff=290 and use code ROXOLOVE at checkout for a discount!

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28 Mar 2022

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Youth Mental Health Crisis/ Journalist Rachel Krantz on Non-Monogamy/ Ceramicist Edith Heath

State of the Bay


22 Mar 2022

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Write the Book You Want to Write with Guest: RACHEL KRANTZ

The Lonely Writer

On today’s episode of The Lonely Writers Podcast, Eden talks with RACHEL KRANTZ the award winning journalist and the author of OPEN: AN UNCENSORED MEMOIR OF LOVE, LIBERATION AND NON-MONOGAMY. They talk all things poly, kinky and how to write the book you want to write. If you would like to show your support for The Lonely Writers Podcast, please head over to our KOFI page! https://ko-fi.com/thelonelywriterspodcast You can find more on Rachel’s work at www.racheljkrantz.com or on her socials at @rachelkrantzWant to keep with our host, Eden Boudreau? Follow  her on Instagram and Twitter @edenboudreau or at her website www.edenbboudreau.comSupport the show (https://ko-fi.com/thelonelywriterspod)Support the show


10 Mar 2022

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#284 – Navigating Non-Monogamy with Rachel Krantz

Kobo Writing Life Podcast

We are joined on the podcast by Rachel Krantz who spoke to us about her recent memoir, Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogamy. Rachel discussed the process of writing her memoir, why she felt she needed to tell this story, and she also shares tips on how to write about polyamorous relationships in fiction.


15 Feb 2022

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Rachel Krantz: Dives Deep Into Polyamory & Non-Monogamy


Rachel Krantz answers all your questions about polyamory, non-monogamy, and open relationships. She's the author of the new book, Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogamy. "I found, at least for me, there's probably no limit to the amount of people I could love." LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD. Follow us on Twitter: @lgbtqpod


8 Feb 2022

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513 - Rachel Krantz (Author of Open)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Rachel Krantz is the author of the reported memoir, OPEN: AN UNCENSORED MEMOIR OF LOVE, LIBERATION, AND NON-MONOGAMY (JAN 25, 2022). She’s the recipient of the Peabody Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights International Radio Award, the Investigative Reporters and Editors Radio Award, and the Edward R. Murrow Award for her work as an investigative reporter with YR Media. This episode is sponsored by OMGYES.com, the sane, smart, research-based site where you can learn more about how to increase women's sensual pleasure. Use this link to get 10% off your one-time subscription to the site. Rachel on Instagram and Twitter. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Intro music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "Worried About You," by the Rolling Stones; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton. This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit chrisryan.substack.com/subscribe

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30 Jan 2022

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Rachel Krantz's Advice on Writing Memoir

The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

In today's Books with Hooks, Carly and CeCe are joined by Layne and Peter. They discuss the importance of having a clear antagonistic force that the reader is scared of/rooting against; having a uniting factor in multi-POV stories; the difference between a premise and a hook; balancing being literary in a thriller/upmarket novel; and how you can sneak in an effective prologue. After which, Bianca chats with Rachel Krantz, author of Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogamy, about her advice for memoirists. They also discuss the difference between a reported memoir vs a traditional memoir; how the fallout/revelations of #MeToo affected the way Rachel gathered evidence during her experience; and the importance of the awareness of privilege, and not just acknowledging it, but working to raise awareness in others.Find us on our socials: Twitter: @TSNOTYAW @BiancaM_author @carlywatters @ceciliaclyra Instagram: @biancamarais_author @carlywatters @cece_lyra_agent @ the_shit_about_writingFacebook: @tsnotyawWebsite: www.biancamarais.comRachel's website: https://www.racheljkrantz.com/aboutOn Instagram and Twitter: @rachelkrantz Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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27 Jan 2022