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Bhaskar Majumdar shares his experiences on creating an employer brand, for a B2B business

Mrigashira Podcast

In a post-pandemic world, social media has emerged as a powerful tool to tell a story even for organizations which have traditionally not been very enthusiastic about it. In this episode of Mrigashira, we have with us Bhaskar Majumdar to share his experiences on creating an employer brand, for a B2B business. There are some companies we look at, admire, and wish to work with them. Those companies have a good sense of what employees are looking for, and truly know how to engage with existing talent and attract potential talent. As the lines blur even more between marketing and recruitment, an insight into company culture, career progression and colleagues, is now a must for job-seekers.We caught up with Bhaskar Majumdar, Head – Corporate Affairs, Communication and Digital, Egis India, to know more about his experiences in creating a strong employer brand for B2B companies. Flexibility, Authenticity, clarity, and trust are I think the three key pillars for any company to you know, to work for either internal audience or for the external audience. SKIP TO: 00:18 Skip the Mrigashira intro. SKIP TO: 01:24 Skip the guest intro. SKIP TO: 14:20 Skip to the quote. The post Bhaskar Majumdar shares his experiences on creating an employer brand, for a B2B business appeared first on Mrigashira Podcast.


29 Sep 2021

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BusinessClass with Shantanu Prakash | Pankit Desai, Sequretek | Bhaskar Majumdar, UIV

founderINDIA Podcasts

Pankit Desai, Co-founder & CEO of Sequretek, a Mumbai based cyber security company was launched in 2013 with an aim to provide enterprise clients an end to end cyber security platform. Pankit, a veteran of IT industry, brings 20+ years of hardcore technology and leadership experience from the information technology industry to lead Sequretek. Prior to Sequretek, he was with Rolta as the President of Business Operations. He has also served in senior leadership capacity with NTT Data Inc, Intelligroup, Wipro and IBM India. His vast experience has given him the ability to manage and scale global business units and service lines rapidly and efficiently. Pankit has diversified business operations and created an organization that has a multidimensional growth, understanding of business support functions, Financial Planning and Analysis, Recruitment and Operations, Internal IT, Quality, Marketing and Alliance.   Bhaskar Majumdar is the Founder and Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures, a Mumbai based VC fund. He’s had a seat at both the tables by being a seasoned media & technology executive and entrepreneur as well as an established early stage investor and advisor, within the UK and India. Through Unicorn Ventures, he has invested in over 20 businesses with a combined Equity Value of $ 3 billion and growing rapidly. Prior to being an investor and entrepreneur, he has held senior corporate positions with Times of India, Zee Telefilms and Altavista UK. A native of IIT Kharagpur and an AMP from Harvard, Bhaskar’s career trajectory is as vast and diverse as they come.  He has recently added another notch to his belt, having authored a book that’s to be published in Jan of 2021 entitled- “Everything starts from nothing" in which he endeavours to capture the essence of the start-up ecosystem from his first-hand experience and help navigate those who wish to get their foot through the door.  About BusinessClass:  It is a chat show in which host, Shantanu Prakash in conversation with startup founders and subject matter experts, will give viewers an unscripted peep into the culture of startups, discuss the biggest challenges faced by them, and offer advice from his extensive experience along with some of India’s most renowned investors.


9 Apr 2021

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S03E25: Win the Start-up Battle with VIP Guest Bhaskar Majumdar

Secrets to Win Big With Arjun Sen

Bhaskar Majumdar is a big impact player in the global startup system.He is Founder and Managing Partner of Unicorn India Ventures through which he has invested in over 30 businesses in the last five years and is the author of the book Everything Starting as Nothing: How to Win the Start-up Battle.Listen to Bhaskar to learn how winning is all about transformation that can start from a tiny seed, seeing what others don't, and not to forget that everything starts from nothing.Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen brings you leaders from around the world and all walks of life.


31 Mar 2021

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Bhaskar Majumdar, Founder of Unicorn India Ventures on his unconventional bets in Investing

100x Entrepreneur

In this episode, we chat with Bhaskar Majumdar, Founder of Unicorn India Ventures; an early-stage fund with portfolio companies such as - Inc42, OPEN Bank, and VLCC’s VanityCube among others. Bhaskar spent his early career in various Media companies like - Zee Network & Times Group. He also had an entrepreneurial stint with Recreate Solutions in 2001, which he later sold to US systems integrator. He has since been an investor in several early-stage technology startups over the years, in India and the UK.For anyone looking to start up in unconventional sectors, this conversation can add a great value. From identifying the problem statement to creating digital solutions, by leveraging trends & technology, this podcast will guide you through it all.Notes - 02:04 - Early career in Media domain and founding Unicorn India Ventures04:25 - Traditional mistake - “Finding a Co-founder whose skillset is exactly complementary to your own”.06:26 - Identifying portfolio companies in uncommon sectors08:04 - Thesis behind investments: Digitization of old, rugged & broken systems11:07 - Investing in Neo Banks based upon the trend shift in large banks abroad16:59 - Enabling Indian portfolio companies to go global


21 Feb 2021

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EP#21 Bhaskar Majumdar – The value of GPs with complementary skill sets, learnings from investing in startups from different geographies & the art of identifying exit opportunities

The VCpreneur: Startups | Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Fundraising

In this episode, Bhaskar Majumdar, Founder & Managing Partner @Unicorn India Ventures, joins our host Digjay, to talk about his experience as an entrepreneur & and an investor, challenges faced by first time VCs, importance of having complementary skillsets among General Partners, overcoming long feedback cycles and being agile as a VC fund and the art & science of evaluating exit opportunities as a founder. In the past decade, Bhaskar has established himself as a well-regarded early stage investor and advisor, especially in the UK and India. He has exited businesses as an entrepreneur and as an investor and brings a strong sense of positioning businesses for exit. He has held senior corporate positions with Times of India, Zee Telefilms and Altavista UK. An Alumni of IIT Kharagpur and an AMP from Harvard, Bhaskar is very active in the angel community network in UK and in India. You can connect with him here on Linkedin/ Twitter ---- If you liked our episode, you can subscribe to our podcast on any of the major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple iTunes and Google Podcasts. Please leave us a review on Apple iTunes to help others discover this podcast. You can visit thevcpreneur.com and follow us on Twitter @thevcpreneur_ & Instagram @thevcpreneur for more episodes and interesting insights on the startup ecosystem. You can also follow our host Digjay on Linkedin & Twitter ---- Show notes – 1. (01:25) Bhaskar’s background and path leading up to venture capital; About Unicorn India Ventures (UIV) 2. (04:50) Portfolio composition; What UIV looks for in founders before investing? 3. (10:10) How startups can benefit from the cross-border network & international portfolio of venture funds? 4. (12:31) Finding the right Partner when starting a VC fund; importance of having complementary skillsets among Partners 5. (15:59) Challenges faced when raising a new VC fund; Key things to look for in a first time VC/fund manager 6. (20:30) Learnings from the 1stUIV fund and the change in strategy for its 2nd fund 7. (23:11) Evaluating exit opportunities as a founder; What should early stage founders focus on to build a strong foundation to scale their startup? 8. (32:38) Rapid fire and closing remarks


29 Nov 2020

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E12: Bhaskar Majumdar (Founder & Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures)

The Desi VC: Indian Venture Capital | Angel Investors | Startups | VC

Bhaskar is the Founder and Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures. In the past decade, Bhaskar has established himself as a well-regarded early stage investor and advisor, especially in the UK and India. He has held senior corporate positions with Times of India, Zee Telefilms and Altavista UK.In 2000, he started his first entrepreneurial venture, Recreate Solutions, a company within the digital media realm and backed by Insight Partners. After scaling the business, he sold the business to a US Systems Integrator. He has since been an investor in a number of technology and media early stage business through his propriety fund, Heath Ventures, and has invested his proprietary funds in more than half a dozen start-ups in UK and India.Follow Bhaskar (@Bhaskar_MLondon) and host Akash Bhat (@bhatvakash) on Twitter.. . .In this episode we will cover:1. Bhaskar’s background and motivation to enter the VC world2. Evolution of venture as an asset class in India3. Development of investment thesis4. Portfolio construction and best practices5. How founders can ‘protect’ their equity during fund-raising6. Unicorn’s time allocation strategy wrt their portfolio7. Role of a VC as a board member8. Due diligence required on the part of the founder(s) while choosing investors9. If there’s any such thing as ‘raising too much money’?10. Strategies for founders if they are not able meet fund-raising targets


19 Apr 2020