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BYE, LONELY (w/ Paul James)

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Joining Casey as co-host is Bitch Sesh fave and the recently betrothed Matt McConkey (now Grassi!) who gives us a window into the wedding of the century. They are joined by the hilarious and gorgeous Paul James (I Love That For You) who currently struggles with both Covid and Marlo - only one of which he will recover from. The gang is still reeling that LEGEND Melissa Ethridge was subjected to the horrors of Beverly Hills. Why couldn't Asher have been waiting to sing behind that strange curtain???!!! Melissa doesn't deserve that. But we do! Enjoy!

1hr 22mins

12 Aug 2022

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Episode 83, George Digweed MBE, Paul James of Gamebore UK, + Segments!

The Dead Pair Podcast

   We have the man that needs no introduction, multiple time world champion, George Digweed MBE and Paul James, director of Gamebore UK on with us to talk about a variety of topics.   George has won world championships across 5 decades now, and has amassed more titles than anyone in the history of the sport.  Everything that he has won since 1984 has been with Gamebore ammunition!  Paul James has been very instrumental on bringing Gamebore to the forefront in clay target sports and no other brand has won more world titles than Gamebore. It only made sense to have both George and Paul on at the same time.  The conversation is not strictly about Gamebore though! We cover a variety of topics with both guests and get their opinions.   But hold on to your pantyhose! Both George and Paul drop some very big teasers of things to come!   Not to be outdone, we also feature a Rhino chokes segment with young Kagan Boone and a RE Ranger segment with Ben Shelly!This is an episode you will not want to miss !!!- Woolley Shooting Inc -https://www.woolleyshooting.com- Folded Wing Apparel - https://foldedwingapparel.com- OtoPro Hearing Service- https://otoprotechnologies.com- Rhino Chokes - https://rhinochokes.com- RE Ranger- https://www.reranger.com- BAREPELT- https://barepelt.com- GAMEBORE US- https://www.gameboreus.com- ATLAS TRAPS- https://www.atlastraps.com- NEGRINI CASES- https://negrinicases.com/the-dead-pair/- White Flyer Targets - https://whiteflyer.com- Chad Roberts-email- bpsipro@gmail.comThe Dead Pair Podcast - https://thedeadpair.com FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/Thedeadpair. INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/thedeadpairpodcast/YOUTUBE- https://youtube.com/channel/UCO1ePh4I-2D0EABDbKxEgoQ

1hr 30mins

30 Jun 2022

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Episode 23 - Paul James and Stacie White

The Honky Tonk Highway

A fun chat with Paul and Stacie.

1hr 25mins

25 Jun 2022

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Episode 1 - With Coach Paul James

Plymouth City Patriots

The team behind the team. We all know Coach Paul James is the foundation of the Patriots team but let's find out a little more about the man himself.


31 Mar 2022

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LAB-295-The Harley Street & Road Glide ST-Guests Paul James, Bjorn Shuster, and Eric Buckhouse of Harley-Davidson

Law Abiding Biker | Street Biker Motorcycle Podcast

Official Website: https://www.lawabidingbiker.com In this episode, we talk about the new Harley Davidson Street Glide and Road Glide ST models. These bikes were released to the public on January 26, 2022, when Harley released a video launch of the entire 2022 model line-up. SUPPORT US AND SHOP IN THE OFFICIAL LAW ABIDING BIKER STORE We had the opportunity to talk with Harley representatives, Paul James, Bjorn Shuster, and Eric Buckhouse of Harley- Davidson. Paul James has worked in powersports his entire career, working as a journalist in the snowmobile industry, in marketing at Arctic Cat, Inc. (snowmobile, ATV, and PWC) and for the past 23 years at Harley-Davidson. Paul has held a variety of roles at H-D, including Marketing/PR, Events, Product Planning, and Go-to-Market. He is currently Sr. Manager Public Relations and is an avid motorcycle rider and racer. Eric Buckhouse, Engineering Technical Lead, has worked for Harley-Davidson for 25 years in various roles in engineering and Parts & Accessories, with the majority of time in full vehicle product development and in Custom Vehicle Operations. He graduated from Marquette University with Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He served as Project Engineering Lead for more than 35 different motorcycles, including Cycle World Best Cruiser awarded motorcycles – 2005 CVO Fat Boy and 2016 Low Rider S. CHECK OUT OUR HUNDREDS OF FREE HELPFUL VIDEOS ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE! Bjorn Shuster, Styling Manager, has been with Harley-Davidson for 6 years. He has worked in the design industry since 2006, and his first motorcycle design experience was with Cobra as a freelancer in school. He worked in automotive design at GM in the exterior design studios of both Cadillac and Hummer, then transitioned to motorcycle design in 2011 when he moved to Austria and worked for the design agency which handles KTM/Husqvarna (Kiska GMBH) as well as supporting several other motorcycle brands. He also worked a stint at Polaris for motorcycles and ORVs before joining Harley-Davidson in 2015. If you want to learn everything there is to know about the new Harley Street Glide and Road Glide ST then listen in to this podcast episode.  New Free Video Mentioned:  How to Install 444 Progressive Touring Shocks on a Harley Davidson & Adjust Sag Sponsor-Ciro 3D CLICK HERE! Innovative products for Harley-Davidson & Goldwing Affordable chrome, lighting, and comfort products Ciro 3D has a passion for design and innovation Sponsor-RickRak CLICK HERE The Ultimate Motorcycle Luggage Rack Solution Forget those messy straps and bungee cords Go strapless with a RickRak quick attach luggage system & quality bag New Patrons: Rudy Eckerman of Rowlett, TX Trent Lindberg of GWINNER, ND  Mark Kenny of Liverpool, New York Jamie Jenkins of Elkwood, VA Marc Fuentes of San Jose, CA Shawn King of Festus, MO Gary Neff of Cleveland, Georgia Howard Dennis of Sandy Hook, Connecticut Al Hill of Mukilteo, WA If you appreciate the content we put out and want to make sure it keeps on coming your way then become a Patron too! There are benefits and there is no risk. Thanks to the following bikers for supporting us via a flat donation: Felipe Campos of Deltona, Florida William Edmonds Charles "Richard" Loyd of San Angelo, Texas ________ FURTHER INFORMATION:   Official Website: http://www.LawAbidingBiker.com   Email & Voicemail: http://www.LawAbidingBiker.com/Contact   Podcast Hotline Phone: 509-731-3548 HELP SUPPORT US! JOIN THE BIKER REVOLUTION! #BikerRevolution #LawAbidingBiker 🛒SHOP IN THE LAW ABIDING BIKER STORE 🛒 😎BECOME A MEMBER AND GET BENEFITS 😎 📹GET PREMIUM MOTORCYCLE TUTORIAL VIDEOS 📹 🎬WATCH OUR MOTORCYCLE DOCUMENTARY FILMS HERE🎬 💰LEAVE A FLAT DONATION 💰 🎙CHECK OUT THE WEEKLY PODCAST 🎙 ⓕ FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ⓕ 🐦 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER 🐦


24 Mar 2022

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66 - Possessed By Paul James - There Will Be Nights When I'm Lonely

Not Exactly Radio: A Music Podcast

When it comes to Folk Music, we are super happy that musicians like Konrad Wert exist. Konrad Wert (aka Possessed By Paul James) is passionate about two things: Education and Music. Those two worlds combine within this album (really all of his music). Come with us as we discuss one of Benny's favorite artist!


1 Jun 2021

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Hands-Off Preview Feat. Paul James of Player2.net.au| For The Players – The PopC PlayStation Podcast EP202

The PopCulturists

Ryan and Max were very lucky to be joined by Paul James from Player2.net.au to discuss his very exclusive hands-off, behind closed doors preview of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The pair also chat Jim Ryan’s claim on over 25 exclusives in development, Disco Elysium: Final Cut gets unbanned, rolling credits on Returnal, PSVR2, new […]

1hr 38mins

16 May 2021

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Paul James (Dev Diary and Player2) - E149

Puttin' In Work with Jono Pech

Paul James from Player2.net.au talks about becoming a games writer, starting the Dev Diary interview podcast, and managing work/life balance as a content creator. Follow Jono on Twitter @jonohimself.Support the podcast at ATEBIT's Ko-Fi page.Powered by Audio-Technica.Outro music by FOLEY!.


21 Apr 2021

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The Paul James One

MVP Cast with Mark Woods

Plymouth Raiders head coach Paul James joins the MVP Cast to talk 1000 games in the BBL, the boyish brotherhood that ushered him into the game, a path through Tigers, Heat, Wolves and the Raiders and the ups and downs along the way, his hopes for another tilt at Europe in the seasons ahead and the All-PJ team. More at mvp247.com

1hr 2mins

21 Apr 2021

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Talking Youtube & Local SEO Paul James

Local Marketing Agency Secrets

In this episode, Paul James joins the show to talk about SEO, transition to a new platform, and leverage it for your business. He is a digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He is best known for his vast expertise in digital marketing, software, website development, and SEO. Paul has a passion for helping people build profitable businesses and achieve their lifestyles by turning their ideas into products or services. Visit Paul's website at https://www.pauljames.com/ or https://www.iampauljames.com/ Learn more about Paul James on: LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iampauljames/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hellopauljames/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hellopauljames/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hellopauljames YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2zirDn1hkPKSARbARfeQw Entrepreneurial beginning [1:49]I started ten years ago when I came across SEO, Search Engine Optimization, from a course called Bring The Fresh. I thought it would be cool to start taking this over to doing with local business owners. [1:58] I was one of the first people to do it with Google Maps with lead generation creating Google Map listings. I would sell the leads to someone and put out a course on the Warrior Forum about how I was doing. [2:37] I needed a good place to host my videos. I started putting videos on YouTube to update people on the different strategies I shared with them. I realized one of those videos took off.  [3:10] I ended up dropping out, moved out of my brother's garage, took out a loan for a laptop on a credit card, and went full-blown into that and scaled it up pretty quickly. I wasn't making a lot of money at the time, but I knew that if I focused on this, I could make it work. Transitioning to a New Platform [4:50] It took a while before I perfected the strategy of actually growing on YouTube, but I realized this is a natural platform to increase subscribers. I just started putting out content and mostly around search engine optimization and lead generation. [6:16] You're perceived as an authority, and you can leverage it however you want. So in my beginning stages, I leveraged it to get local clients. Then I started casting my net wider, went more generic, and stopped talking so much about SEO.  Leveraging for Local Marketers [7:43] I think local marketers that understand SEO have a unique advantage over anyone else out there. YouTube is one of the most significant search engines. [8:21] When you're starting, you want to start with that search algorithm because it's easier to get into. You can start to niche down and start to go after keywords that are practically no competition.  [8:57] You've got to get things on both sides of the equation. Get your service delivery very structured, standardized, and automated as much as possible so that you can afford to maintain those customers and make a good enough margin from them even to exist because small businesses can't pay a lot of money. You've got to be very lean and efficient on the service delivery side. Monetizing [10:04] YouTube will promote my videos more if they're making money off of them. When I turned the ads on and monetized them, I started getting a lot more traffic. So I would make the video so that they meet that criteria. My focus was to generate leads and get new customers. The Right Content [12:33] It depends on your niche. I came from a world of recording videos in the local marketing niche because they're informative and teaching something.  [14:38] Make sure that you're dialed in and exactly know what types of services that you're going to offer because that period in between connecting with the business and being able to provide them with something of value to take advantage of your audience is vital. I think that's where many people start to make mistakes-not having that speed and efficiency of a sales process. [12:53] And at the end of the day, people come to YouTube to search for something because they want to solve a problem. So it doesn't matter whether you're on camera or whether you're showing your computer. The importance is solving the problem of people watching. If you want to get into the suggested algorithm, there are some factors at play. If you can't get someone to click on the video, they're never going to get there.  [13:25] I learned later that I needed to focus more on that because I couldn't focus on my title or thumbnail before. So spend as much time on your thumbnail if you want to hit some of those suggested stuff as you do your actual video itself. YouTube wants to see that you're keeping people watching for a long time. If they start to see it, they might choose another video to promote, making them more money because people are watching it longer. [13:59] I started to do little skits in between. I began to cast a wider net and try to go after the younger demographic watching videos. Learning other niches on Youtube and blending them into my world propelled my channel up so fast. The Effects of Optimized Description [16:21] For SEO purposes and search rankings, if you want to be ranking for those keywords, then definitely want to have your keyword in the title and description. Put related keywords in your tags as well. Take those tags in your description box. If you do that, you're going to have a lot better results in the search algorithm. [17:35] Engagement is significant as well in both algorithm searches. I always ask people to like the video and subscribe. It's a call to action. Marketers know that when you tell someone to do something, they're more likely to do it than if you don't ask at all. Ask them to like the video. It would help if you gave them a reason to like it.  [18:42] Trolls are an indicator that you're making it. If no one's talking about you, that's probably a bad thing. You can permanently delete comments if you want, but typically you start to cultivate a pretty big fan base. Best strategies to use to capture the attention [20:35] If you can plan your video out on a notebook or something ahead of time, that can help. Break your video up into segments and hook them in. Each different component should lead up to that. Give them what they want as quickly as you can.  [21:45] Try to make the video feel like it's not over yet so that they keep watching and go on to watch something else. Key Quotes: [21:45-21:52] "Try to make the video feel like it's not over yet so that they keep watching, and they go on to watch something else." Visit Paul's website at https://www.pauljames.com/ or https://www.iampauljames.com/ Learn more about Paul James on: LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iampauljames/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hellopauljames/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hellopauljames/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hellopauljames YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2zirDn1hkPKSARbARfeQw Subscribe to Local Marketing Agency Secrets on Soundwise


7 Apr 2021