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Austin Whitman, Climate Neutral's CEO, Discusses Climate Crisis-Related Greenwashing (September 27th)

The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

Listen Now Greenwashing is generally defined as a public relations or marketing practice used to deceptively persuade the public an...

28 Sep 2021

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Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman on Taking Our Climate Impact Seriously

Outside By Design

"More people are thinking about climate in a serious way than ever before." This week we're joined by Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. Austin shares how Climate Neutral came to be, the certification process for brands, and why they launched in the outdoor industry. Austin also discusses what creatives can do about the climate crisis, who leads these certification processes inside companies, and how to get involved. This episode is jam-packed! Follow Climate Neutral: @beclimateneutral climateneutral.org Follow us on Instagram: @wheeliecreative View past episodes, transcripts, and more info about the show: wheeliecreative.com/podcast Don't forget to subscribe and if you haven't already, please leave us a review to let us know what you think about the show!


17 Jun 2021

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56. Carbon Capture, Consumerism & How To Get To Net Zero / Austin Whitman

The Hive Podcast

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral, and a thought-leader well-versed in the world of corporate carbon responsibility. Having served as Vice President of Climate Change Capital, and Vice President of M.J. Bradley & Associates, two leaders in climate-focused investing and asset management, in 2019, Austin started Climate Neutral, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit aiming to accelerate the decarbonization of global emissions through their achievable certification framework. By using this framework to certify brands who measure their carbon footprint, offset it with verified offsets, and create future reduction strategies, Climate Neutral aim to turn consumer purchases into funding for climate solutions, and empower brands and consumers to take voluntary action against climate change.This was an eye-opening conversation for me, in which Austin really lifted the lid on how we might practically and proactively move towards a net zero carbon world, and I hope you find it as inspiring and useful as I did.


12 Jun 2021

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Beyond Carbon Neutrality: Austin Whitman and Isabella Todaro, Climate Neutral

Positive Impact Podcast

In this conversation, Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral, and Isabella Todaro, Certification Manager, discuss the importance of partnership and collaboration for sustainability and the hope spots they're seeing in the Climate Neutral network.  Austin Whitman has worked in technology, climate and clean energy for two decades and is the CEO of Climate Neutral, a non-profit that is advocating for and enabling a net zero future. Climate Neutral is a community of certified brands that believe all companies should remove and reduce all of their carbon emissions immediately. Isabella Todaro is a Certification Manager at Climate Neutral, and was previously a Corporate Development Associate at Pawame.


7 Apr 2021

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Austin Whitman on the Vast Value of Tracking Company Carbon Footprints

At a Distance

Austin Whitman, founder and CEO of the climate certification nonprofit Climate Neutral, talks with us about the economic benefits of helping brands reduce their environmental impacts, the difference between facts and strategy, and the importance of holding companies of all sizes accountable for offsetting and reducing their carbon emissions.


29 Mar 2021

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Interview with Austin Whitman CEO of Climate Neutral

Climate Change with Scott Amyx

Climate Neutral aims to accelerate the decarbonization of global emissions through their achievable certification framework.


12 Oct 2020

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Climate Neutral's CEO Austin Whitman Discusses Industry Efforts to Go Green (September 30th)

The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

Listen Now Collectively termed subnationals, numerous academic institutions, states, cities and other local governments, companies, NGOS and other entities across...

30 Sep 2020

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Austin Whitman | Brand Power | Climate Neutral

Backcountry Marketing

In this episode, Austin Whitman, the CEO of Climate Neutral joins me to chat about how his non-profit is trying to combat climate change by empowering businesses to take responsibility for their climate impact.  How are they doing it? By letting their brands doing the marketing work. We also talk about the value of being a sustainable brand and how it can benefit a company beyond a moral conviction. From the episode: "I think the absence of government action against climate change has forced consumers to look for other ways to feel like they are doing something to solve the problem." "Unless the consumer cares, the business doesn't care." "The ability to drive major movement has been greatly helped by social media." www.climateneutral.org @climateneutral Produced by: Port Side Productions @backcountrymarketing @portsideproductions @coleheilborn


23 Sep 2020

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Becoming a Low-Carbon World with Climate Neutral’s Austin Whitman (S5E02)

Brand on Purpose

Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman walks us through how the nonprofit collaborates with brands to be more climate-centered and showcase that it’s time to take carbon emissions seriously. Focused on redirecting funds to low carbon assets and helping consumers make better decisions, the three-step carbon neutralizing process is achievable and affordable, setting brands – and the climate – up for success. Austin also talks about simple ways individuals can decrease their carbon impact, consumers’ increasing preference for sustainable companies, and how social distancing has had positive environmental effects. Tune in to hear about Austin’s dedication to speeding up the shift to a low-carbon world, and learn more at climateneutral.org.Production Credits: Aaron Kwittken, Jeff Maldonado, Dara Cothran, Lindsay Hand, Katrina Waelchli, Meg Ruocco, Parker Jenkins, and Mathew Passy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jul 2020

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222) Austin Whitman: Decarbonizing the economy with the Climate Neutral Certification

Green Dreamer: Seeding change towards collective healing, sustainability, regeneration

Austin Whitman is the CEO of Climate Neutral, a new platform helping brands measure, reduce, and offset their entire carbon footprint in a comprehensive manner. He oversees all aspects of the organization in its mission to drive investment into greenhouse gas reductions, and brands that work with Climate Neutral and meet their standards can attain their label, Climate Neutral Certified. In this podcast episode, Austin sheds light on how to assess the trustworthiness of a company when they announce that they're carbon neutral; how voluntary carbon-offset methods by companies in the private sector to address emissions, like the Climate Neutral Certification, differ in their potential than a government-run carbon tax; and more. Featured music: Mining for Steal by Fuchsia Episode notes: www.greendreamer.com/222 Weekly solutions-based news: www.greendreamer.com Support the show: www.greendreamer.com/support Instagram: www.instagram.com/greendreamerpodcast


19 Mar 2020