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MTV's Making the Video with Jake Anthony and Matt Marr

We Need to Talk About Britney

Jen is joined by Jake Anthony and Matt Marr of the Reality Gays podcast to breakdown Britney's first and last episode of MTV's Making the Video. Songs in this episode:Watermelon Sugar - Harry StylesGimme More - Britney SpearsCALL THE BRITNEY HOTLINE: 814 277 3277FOLLOW WNTTAB on TWITTER @WNTTABSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 8mins

21 Apr 2021

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200427 Matt Marr, General Manager - Century Chevrolet

The Situation with Michael Brown


27 Apr 2020

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90 Day Gays with Jake Anthony and Matt Marr

Payne in the Pod

Mary Payne sits down with Jake (aka Poodle) and Matt (aka Mattie) from the Sissy That Talk podcast network for some much-needed laughs for all of our quarantined listeners. Jake and Matt talk about their long journey to develop Sissy That Talk and discuss their new show, 90 Day Gays, which recaps TLC’s hit show, 90 Day Fiancé. Natural Entertainers90 Day Gays hosts Jake and Matt first met while studying music at the University of North Texas. They later bonded while teaching summer camp theater classes in Massachusetts and then became roommates in LA.Always the natural entertainers, Jake and Matt began small shows to entertain their LA friends, including an annual “CabarGay” show. Thus, the first seed for a podcast network was planted.About five years ago, Matt started a therapy podcast called Dear Mattie, which included Jake as an occasional guest. During this time, a friend approached them about creating a reality TV show. Though this idea ultimately died, Jake and Matt were beginning to realize that they had great charisma as a duo. Soon after, the podcast network, Sissy That Talk, was born.Podcasts for SissiesSissy That Talk features several podcasts, including TV Tea Time, a fast and loose (and often tipsy) TV show recap podcast; Sweet T, a recap podcast for Bravo’s Southern Charm; Bitchcraft, a recap of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and now 90 Day Gays. Their audience of “Sissies” continues to grow with each new show.Jake and Matt find 90 Day Fiance to be compelling because, although the show’s characters are crazy, they are just searching for love and companionships -- something to which everyone can relate. Natural JugglersThe 90 Day Gays podcast, and all of their others, is far from Jake and Matt’s only job. Jake is a singer and vocal/life coach. Matt is a therapist. They also keep busy with side hustles. Somehow, they still find time to produce their growing list of podcasts. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, they have much more free time to record new podcast episodes. They are now cranking out as many episodes of 90 Day Gays as they can. Check out Jake and Matt’s wildly entertaining shows today!You can catch up on all of the Payne in the Pod episodes, here. Become a patron to receive even more exclusive content from Mary Payne including in-depth conversations that you won’t find anywhere else!Podcast Recommendations:Unlocking UsThe MothDolly Parton’s AmericaEar Hustle90 Day Fiance Cray CrayOn BeingArmchair ExpertThe Score: Bank Robber DiariesCold Case FilesFind Jake and Matt at:Sissythattalk.comFind 90 Day Gays at:Website: https://play.acast.com/s/90daygaysTwitter: @90DayGaysInstagram: @90DayGaysPatreon: Tiger Queens on PatreonLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Apr 2020

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Age is all in your heads boys - Matt Marr

40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk.

Aging isn't a disease it's a reality and if you don't feel it you can't heal it, or at least that's what therapist, actor, and podcast show host Matt Marr says. He's the one person who can tell it like it is better than I can and when we get together behind the microphones, the truth will be told...between our snide remarks and giggles. It's two queens up, which means two gay guys dishing it about aging with grace and dignity, while being a little bit disrespectful and trash talking all at the same time. You will learn, you will listen and you will laugh...don't even pretend you won't. No pour you some sweet tea and park your bum for good ol' southern hospitality truth talking about getting old and dealing with it.About MattIf Oprah and James Cordon had a baby, raised on Dolly Parton's front porch—it would be Matt Marr.  Matt will talk to anyone. He's the guy in the grocery store that compliments your eye makeup and then two minutes later you’re asking him for dating advice. Originally from southern Oklahoma, Matt credits his love of talking to his large and loud Southern Family. He is a therapist and holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology, specializing in Narrative Therapy. At the same time, he is a successful commercial actor, seasoned improv actor, and has performed stand up all over the West Coast. He is a proud podcaster and the creator of the Sissy That Talk Podcast Network, including the hit podcast, The 90 Day Gays: A 90 Day Fiancé Podcast. Find all things Matt on social media @theMattMarr. Connect With MattFacebookPodcastTwitterInstagramYou can also listen to the podcast on… Hey Guys, Check This Out!Are you a guy who keeps struggling to do that thing? You know the thing you keep telling yourself and others you’re going to do, but never do? Then it’s time to get real and figure out why.Take the Unapologetic Life Assessment - Click Here, and stop playing it safe.For a real, deep-dive, one-to-one coaching session where we make things happen to get you out of your own way, check out my "Your Next Move" Strategy Session. Check it out - Click Here!Break free of fears. Make bold moves. Live life without apologiesP.S. get your free My Bold Life Manifesto, right here - rickclemons.com/manifesto/


1 Nov 2019

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023: Living from the Heart with Matt Marr

The Miracle U with Vince Kramer

Tune in while Vince Kramer and his special guest Matt Marr talk about how to share authentic, meaningful, and exciting experiences with others. 


18 Feb 2019

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Stories and Podcasting, Shannon Cason and Matt Marr

Podcast Movement Sessions

Shannon Cason is no stranger to the stage. He started rapping in Detroit and has enjoyed performing in front of crowds ever since . Now he performs in front of hundreds and is a Moth grand slam winner and can be heard on several podcasts including The Trouble on WBEZ as well as his own podcast, Homemade Stories. Matt Marr grew up in Southern Oklahoma and has been called the Gay White Oprah. He has a masters in clinical psychology, does standup and improv as well as several podcasts including the Dear Mattie Show. On the surface, they don’t seem to share much, Shannon and Matt share a love of storytelling. They have also put together successful podcasts and have come to Podcast Movement to impart what they have learned.  This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants to start a podcast and want to increase their chance of succeeding. http://www.shannoncason.com http://mattmarr.tvSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Dec 2018

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004 When You're an Effeminate kid, and you love Wonder Woman, you Learn to Push that Down Quick, with Matt Marr

Unapologetically Sensitive

Matt Marr is a therapist, actor, podcaster & activist, just to name a few. Matt brings an open and refreshing view about growing up being an effeminate kid with a lisp in the South, and the mixed messages he received. We talk about the intersection of sensitivity and being gay in terms of degenderizing the world.  Matt takes Dr. Elaine Aron's self-test to see if he rates as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). The was the very FIRST interview I did for the podcast, and Matt was exceptionally kind and supportive as I felt my way through the interview.  We talk abut code switching, and how it affected Matt. We talk about bullying and playing sports as a kid when he wasn't athletic and didn't respond well to being athletic.  Matt talks about his involvement with Camp Brave Trails and The Trevor Project. http://dearmattieshow.com/ https://twitter.com/themattmarr?lang-en https://www.youtube.com/user/talktomattmarr Camp Brave Trails https://www.bravetrails.org/ Trevor Project https://www.thetrevorproject.org Dr. Elaine Aron HSP self-test https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/ www.patriciayounglcsw.com www.unapologeticallysensitive.com https://www.facebook.com/Patricia-Young-LCSW-162005091044090/ unapologeticallysensitive@gmail.com show hashtag #unapologeticallysensitive MUSIC--Gravel Dance by Andy Robinson www.andyrobinson.com

1hr 5mins

6 Nov 2018

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ENCORE: Matt Marr of Dear Mattie on How Wonder Woman & Oprah Helped Him

The Nicole Holland Show

See show notes at http://bbrshow.com/podcast/114-matt-marr-of-the-dear-mattie-show-on-how-wonder-woman-oprah-winfrey-helped-him-rock-his-biz


8 Oct 2018

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Therapy Is For Everyone: With Matt Marr

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast

If you have ever felt like therapy was not for you, this episode is for you. I wanted to open up a little about my experience with therapy, and eliminate some of the stigma around it. It was the perfect time to give you a talk with Matt Marr. Matt is a therapist, an actor, and hosts The Dear Mattie Show. We met after he killed the competition at the Podcast Movement. Within moments, we became fast friends. He's Southern, gay, and loves Wonder Woman. This is my trifecta! I hope you'll check out his work! And if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by life and the world, please know there is no shame in seeking the help of a therapist. I promise, when you find the right fit, it can be life-changing. Don't forget to send me your voice memos telling me what YOU'RE enthusiastic about right now. Send them to theenthusiasmenthusiast@gmail.com. Follow us! Twitter - @themattmarr @katiefward Instagram - @themattmarr @katiefward

23 Jul 2018

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072: Recommit to being vulnerable as an artist, Matt Marr, podcaster, actor, therapist, self-proclaimed chatterbox

The Creative Impostor

I have been thinking about today’s guest for 2 years — ever since my first Podcast Movement conference in Chicago when he hosted the PMx talks before the OFFICIAL start of the conference — hilarious, welcoming, the best of MCs! In this episode, you'll get a healthy dose of "GayDD", shirtless Archie from Riverdale, and #truthtalk about identity, creativity, and vulnerability with Matt Marr. Matt Marr is an actor, narrative therapist, show host, self-proclaimed chatterbox and host of The Dear Mattie Show. Personally, I love that he always calls me (and everyone else, but I like to think it’s just me) “sugar.” And if you can’t get enough of Matt, head over to The Dear Mattie Show because he has an interview with ME is waiting for you! Connect with Matt: Website Instagram Facebook  Twitter YouTube TV Tea Time Resources & Links Matt Marr is speaking at Podcast Movement!!! I'm speaking at Podcast Movement  (Wednesday @ 11am!!!) Power Your Story Podcast (This is what my talk is about.)  My podcast about craft of podcasting Podcast Envy The Creative Impostor Magic page - Get a special gift from Andrea here. Connect with Andrea Website Facebook Instagram Podcast Envy: Podcast Launch, Craft & Coaching Services Chicago Women’s Creative Collective Support the Creative Impostor Andrea’s Patreon Page — where you can support the show, get cool gifts from me and can become an active participant in the creative community! Free Audio Book & 30 day trial membership with Audible.com — support The Creative Impostor when you sign up!This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong. I’d LOVE to hear from you! If you’re listening in Apple Podcasts, PLEASE subscribe and leave a review. It’s how Apple decides which shows people find when they are searching for specific topics like this one.


11 Jul 2018