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94- You’re not alone, but you may not know it - Justin Grinnell

Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Just and I discuss Covid and the Fitness Industry, but mostly importantly we find out how important it is to reach out to others in your situation. Only another business owner can understand what you are going thru. It’s a conversation that may help save your business and sanity. Key Takeaways from the episode What happens to outdoor training when it gets cold? The public perception issues gyms are dealing with right now Do you have a plan if you have a Covid-19 positive person in your facility? What’s fitness going to look like in the next 5 years? What does Justin’s marketing look like now? Mindset and Development What has been Justin’s most successful failure What has been Justin’s biggest surprise in the fitness industry Where does Justin go for his personal and professional development

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8 Sep 2020

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Episode 74 - 'Start Now' w/ Justin Grinnell! The State of Fitness, Building Community, Mentorship, Bridging The Gap, 2 Pac, Lumber Yards, & More!

Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

This Episode Is A Great Conversation With Justin Grinnell, Owner of State of Fitness In East Lansing, Speaker, Writer, and All Around Good Dude! This Episode We Talk About All Types of Things Ranging From Training, Business, Recipes, & 2 Pac! Yes Indeed You’re Gonna Love It And Get Some Great Takeaways Out of It! Topics Include… Justin’s Background & Evolution Into State of Fitness  Why You Should Just START NOW!  Building An Environment of Community, Teamwork, & Positive Growth Learning From The Best In The Business and Keeping Your Eyes Open To Grow Internships, Mentorships, and Helping Others  Overcoming Fitness Stigmas & Taking Action  Putting Skin In The Game Providing Information and Bridging The Gap  Staying Up To Date On Research And Actually TRYING IT   2 Pac & Biggie, Lumber Yards, Green Tea Is Disgusting, Shyness… And More!  Check Out Some More Awesome Stuff From Justin Below…  Grinnell Training State of Fitness The Plateau Blog GT Instagramz SOF Instagramz ALSO… ARE YOU Interested In Weekly FREE Email Full of Good Reads, Schedules, and A Ton Of Tips, Ideas, and Ways To Increase Health, Fitness, and Happiness Delivered Right To Your Email Instead Of Checking All Over The Place? Me Too!! Sign Up Below And Sit Back and Keep Living The Good Life! http://zaratefitness.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=bd5db6ad085f2ab63066ec43d&id=6af1b1391a


27 Feb 2019

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Episode 144 Justin Grinnell - Giving back and setting clients up for success

Fitness Candor Podcast

Owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing Michigan, Justin Grinnell, shares his thoughts on the current state of personal training, why giving back to the industry is important, and how to set clients up for nutritional success.  https://www.instagram.com/stateoffitness/ https://www.instagram.com/grinnelltraining/ Please visit http://bit.ly/fitnesscandorpodcast, click View in iTunes, go to Ratings and Reviews at the top and leave a rating and/or review! That would be helpful for both of us and get our conversation to more people! 


6 Nov 2018

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Masters in Fitness Business Episode 3 Justin Grinnell

Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Episode Three -Justin Grinnell Justin is a successful training studio owner. He owns The State of Fitness an 11,000 sq ft facility in East Lansing Michigan. He also operates a corporate small group training site. He works with Thomas Plummer and the National Fitness Business Alliance helping training studio owners improve their businesses. He has worked with studio owners and trainers from around the country and has a wide range of experience helping them become successful. We discuss his successes, failures, his innovative internship program which he uses to find high quality trainers and employees, how he balances his business while managing the business with his wife Katie. Justin describes The State of Fitness-3:40 Justin discusses his corporate location, how is came about and the details- 5:41 How Justin got his start in the business 8:05 Justin got his start at one of his competitors 9:52 How he got his start up money 11:40 His partnership didn’t work out and he has to buy his partner out 13:05 The importance of developing relationships and being trustworthy 14:35 Justin describes partnerships and the importance of picking the right partner and how to pick the right partner 15:50 Justin discusses the Vision he had for his business The State of Fitness 19:55 The mistake of having independent contractors 21:25 The importance of boundaries in employee employer relationships 23:30 How did Justin take the leap of faith to change his business model 24:05 The immediate benefits of the changes he made in the business as a result of changing his business model 28:05 He discusses the details of his corporate location 32:05 He discusses their internship program. How it's unique and has allowed them to grow. 35:25 How adding value to other people, organizations and companies can come back to give value to you and your business 39:35 The structure of their internship program 40:49 His association with the NFBA 45:15 The top mistake most studio owners make 48:45 The biggest mistake he's made since being a business owner 50:50 STS 54:00 How does he manage the work life balance especially since his wife is a partner in the business 57:50 Working with your wife 59:40 Where can you find Justin 1:01 Mystateoffitness.com Justin Grinnell.com Grinnelltraining. Intsagram.

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21 Jun 2017

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(IS 03) Fitness Internships And How To Always Get Better With Justin Grinnell

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast

(Interrogation Session #3) The 3rd installment of the interrogation series features fitness professional and coach, Justin Grinnell. Justin Grinnell is a strength coach, personal trainer, nutrition enthusiast, training facility owner, husband, and father. He’s also the owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan. In...


13 May 2016

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Business Machine 008- Justin Grinnell of State of Fitness

Business Machine

Today on Business Machine is Justin Grinnell, owner and CEO of State Of Fitness training facility. Justin has been a trainer since he was 20 years old and decided to apply his expertise to small business with the help of his newly wed wife, six other trainers and a large room. He has now reached a place where he can work on his business instead of within his business, operating to support his team’s dreams and the unique network of leaders in his industry. He also talks about the origin and importance of his internship program, from working the front desk to training to empower others. MissionState Of Fitness focuses on top-notch customer service to help people reach their health goals. In 10 years, he would like to open more fitness facilities in the corporate world, as well as expand their internship program into a larger mentoring school. Learning From Our Mistakes Justin describes his beginnings as learning the hard way. He’s encountered challenges like how to manage employees,  optimism in business, and the fact that you can’t please everybody. Despite these challenges, he always remembers the words of one of his mentors, “If it doesn’t scare you, you probably shouldn’t do it.” RecommendedEat: Anywhere with an outdoor section.Quote: "Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus" from "The One Thing".Read: "The One Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, “Attitude 101” by John Maxwell. App: WunderlistContactEmail justin@mystateoffitness.comWebsite: mystateoffitness.comTwitter: @StateOfFitness or @JustinGrinnell4Facebook: State Of Fitness


5 Nov 2015