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Alex Pirouz | The Journey Is The Gift

Next Level Minds

On this week's episode of Next Level Minds I had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Pirouz. He has started and built multiple companies throughout his entrepreneurial career. However, those successful companies do not come with a few failures as well. Alex and I discuss ways to enjoy the process, learning lessons behind his early business failures, strategies you can implement into your business, and much more!  Check out Alex on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexpirouz/


3 May 2021

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Morning Musings 004 | Alex Pirouz, 2020/2021, Reconnecting After COVID

Morning Musings w/ Alexandré

Only through kindness, and empathy, can we reconnect with ourselves and others, in this post-COVID world. Inspired by a LinkedIn post from Entrepreneur, Alex Pirouz. Join Alexandré, as he briefly reflects on his 2020 goals, what 2021 entails, and how we can be more human after a socially-distanced, mask-wearing, lockdown-having year. Let's refocus on self-care, passion, healthy relationships, and enjoying the process.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alexandremorningmusings/message


17 Jan 2021

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Alex Pirouz's Insight on How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Tales From The PROS

In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with Alex Pirouz, who is the Founder of Linkfluencer, which is recognized by Forbes as Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company. He now focuses on the strategic direction of the business which in little over 5 years has educated over 20,000 businesses in 35 countries and 60 industries. We talk about Alex's entrepreneurial journey, how to create real and authentic messages and videos on LinkedIn with purpose, LinkedIn lead generation, sales, and much more.  Listen and Subscribe on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tales-from-the-pros/id1371067192?mt=2  Questions Asked: Alex, I love how authentic and direct your video and messages are on LinkedIn which seems to receive an overwhelming amount of engagement from people around the world. But, I know that level of experience didn't come straight away, so can give us a little background on your entrepreneurial story What are your thoughts on intent behind LinkedIn content in regards to having a motive to generate leads and sales OR ultimately just provide content to inspire and help others What steps or strategies do you have people execute to grow their LinkedIn influence and ultimately generate sales? I see some people that have a few hundred thousand followers on LinkedIn who I essentially have never heard of. Is there a certain secret sauce to creating videos for LinkedIn or is it all about the message being delivered? What are the most important tips you can provide to targeting the right audience when it comes to selling a product rather than a service on LinkedIn? What are your expert thoughts on the amount of LinkedIn content that should be posted daily/weekly, and the best times/days to post, and types of messages to post? How do we stop being "salesy" on LinkedIn and simply be more authentic and real to engage with more people like you do? Three How's: How do you define failure? How do you define entrepreneurship? How do you define success? Follow Alex Pirouz: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexpirouz/ Company Website - https://linkfluencer.com/  Personal Website - https://alexpirouz.com/   YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ff9YC96plcIo47biGcYSg Follow Me: Podcast Website - https://www.talesfromthepros.com  Company Website - https://www.imaginovation.net  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TalesfromthePROS/  Twitter - https://twitter.com/MGeorgiou22   Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_mgeorgiou/  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJv9pbImovknEluSLzAPTpg/featured 


20 Mar 2019

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Episode 32 - Alex Pirouz and his story of perseverance

8 Keys of Sales Excellence

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 13 where he entered a school competition to raise money for charity. The prize being an Atari, something he had long wanted but couldn’t afford.Entering that competition Alex went to all the local supermarkets, asking for chocolates that they could no longer sell.In a little over two weeks, he got over $1600 worth of chocolate for free and sold them door to door - winning the competition and taking home his much desired Atari.From there his next ventures were not as successful, from the age of 22 to 26 he failed in four businesses, losing close to a million dollars. (Tune in to hear how it all turned around for Alex!)


13 Nov 2018

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117: How to get more out of Linkedin with Alex Pirouz of Linkfluencer

Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship

Alex Pirouz is the founder of Linkfluencer, Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company. Through Linkfluencer, Alex is on a mission to transform social selling on Linkedin and build the next generation of influencers. What influencer marketing breaks down to is essentially becoming an expert in your space. People want to deal with experts. They want to work with people who are featured in the media and who are recognized for what they know. In this episode Alex shares his thoughts on why he believes influence is the key to business here and now. In 2018-2019 it is more important than ever to be an influencer in your field and if you don't have influence in the next few years, you're simply not going to exist. Influence is all about making a positive impact on other people's lives at a grand scale. As an entrepreneur building a startup, you have a responsibility to have an impact. Don't miss Alex's insights on what's coming down the Linkedin pipeline and how you can get started now.


6 Nov 2018

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TMSP 081: Alex Pirouz, CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company

The Mark Struczewski Podcast

Alex Pirouz is the host of the Ask Linkfluencer Show, columnist, speaker and CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company. He founded Linkfluencer in early 2014 with the aim to change and transform social selling on LinkedIn to help companies generate more leads, close more deals and stay relevant within their industry. In a little over 3 years Linkfluencer has now educated over 18,000 businesses in 30 countries across 55 industries. He is also a regular writer for Huffington Post, Hub Spot and Entrepreneur magazine and his work has been featured in over 50 media publications. Where you can find Alex online: Free LinkedIn training page LinkedIn What did you think of this episode? I want to know. Go to MarkStruczewski.com/alex and leave a comment. Join The Mark Struczewski Podcast Group on Facebook! To leave feedback about the podcast or give suggestions for ideas for future episodes (including guests you'd like to hear me interview), go to MarkStruczewski.com/mypodcast or email feedback@markstruczewski.com. Love the podcast?  Join other fans and previous guests on my Facebook group.  Click here to join. If you are looking to take your productivity to the next level or if you are interested in bringing me in to speak at your event, visit MarkStruczewski.com. Follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to my weekly Next Level Productivity Digest. If you love the show, share it with a friend on Apple Podcasts.


28 Feb 2018

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143 Alex Pirouz Linkfluencer

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Alex Pirouz is Host of the Ask Linkfluencer Show, Columnist, Speaker and CEO of Linkfluencer, Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company.


7 Jan 2018

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33: The Politics of LinkedIn – Alex Pirouz

The Politics of Everything

If you had to choose the best social media platform for doing business, it would surely be LinkedIn. This interview is with Alex Pirouz, CEO of Linkfluencer.com which Forbes magazine called Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company. The business has educated over 18,000 people in 30 countries across 55 industries. He founded the business in early 2014 with the aim to change and transform social selling on LinkedIn, to help companies generate more leads, close more deals and stay relevant within their industry. Among its many successes so far, Linkfluencer was recently rated by Anthill Magazine as one of the top 100 most innovative companies and won the people's choice awards. Today we can learn more from Alex about The Politics of LinkedIn. In this podcast, you will hear: How to get the most out of social selling, and why it is so different to other forms of traditional business development or B2B lead generation? What do most people get wrong about LinkedIn and how can we avoid this. His #1 goal for Linkfluencer.com heading into 2018. Last advice: What is top three tips for anyone keen to get ahead in The Politics of LinkedIn. To find Alex online go to: LinkedIn Linkfluencer.com   Amplify your ideas and get a bit political with me! To be a future podcast guest or connect with me, I can be found at: Amber@bespokecomms.com.au   Amber’s social media links: Facebook Instagram Twitter


19 Dec 2017

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1329: Generate millions in extra revenue with Linkfluencer and Alex Pirouz

Archive 5 of Entrepreneurs On Fire

Visit EOFire.com for complete show notes of every Podcast episode. Alex is an entrepreneur, journalist and founder of an award winning company called Linkfluencer: The world’s leading online community for LinkedIn training, as recognized by Inc magazine. He founded the business in 2013 with the aim to change and transform the way business owners and entrepreneurs market their business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.


5 Oct 2017

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#023 - Alex Pirouz - CEO Linkfluencer

Disciplined Disruption Podcast

LinkedIn just surpassed 500,000,000 members worldwide. It is the largest professional network on the planet.  Chances are high that you are also on LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered how you can utilise the platform better for your business?  Alex Pirouz, CEO and Founder Linkfluencer, can help you here! He created a leading LinkedIn training company helping Entrepreneurs and others to utilise LinkedIn to grow the business.  I had the opportunity to visit Alex in his office in Melbourne. It was a great conversation about business, the role of human interaction and why passion and purpose are so important in today's world.  Enjoy! More about Alex Pirouz Alex is the founder of Linkfluencer, an award winning company that is on a mission to transform how individuals market themselves and their company through LinkedIn. Linkfluencer’s 3 step methodology was recently recognised by Huffington Post as the ‘The 'Most Powerful B2B Lead Generation Strategy Online’. Get in touch with Alex here Twitter: http://twitter.com/AlexPirouz LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexpirouz Website: https://linkfluencer.com/ Reach out to Alex and check the free LinkedIn Audit. 


15 May 2017