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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ariele Foster. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ariele Foster, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ariele Foster. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ariele Foster, often where they are interviewed.

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DC Yoga Podcast- Ariele Foster

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DC Yoga Podcast Episode 19-Ariele Foster joins me for an epic episode about yoga lineage and dogma, the real Power yoga, Bramacharya, the Environment, Demographic shifts in yoga classes, the miracle of Physical Therapists, the futility of trying to fix people with yoga, yoga as hard work or mystical experience (or both), and learning yoga from your grandmother.

For more about Ariele:

Web: and
Twitter: @ArieleYoga
Insta: @ariele.foster @YogaAnatomyAcademy
Apr 12 2019 · 1hr 9mins
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28: Hip Injuries and Yoga with Guest Teacher Ariele Foster

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Do you have hip pain? Today’s episode is all about the hip joint and hip injuries that are common in yoga practitioners. Many of you may already know this story, but I tore my hip labrum when I was 23 years old and I spent the first two years of my yoga teaching career walking with a cane and was in incredible pain.

I had a slow, but amazing recovery from that injury, and now almost 12 years later I am stronger, healthier and more pain free than I have ever been in my life! If you are in pain, or have students who are struggling with hip problems, this episode is for you!

I invited my friend Ariele Foster to join me in this conversation because in addition to being a doctor of physical therapy, yoga teacher since 2001 and an anatomy teacher for yoga teacher trainings, she also had a hip injury.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The stories about our own hip injuries and subsequent healing. (There is hope if you have a hip injury!)
  • The anatomy and structure of the hip joint.
  • Specific poses and movements that increases the chances of a hip labral tears.
  • Some warning signs and sensations that a person might not recognize as a problem until after damage it done.
  • The relationship between “hip opening” poses, hypermobility of the hips and injuries.

Learn More From Ariele:

Jun 18 2018 · 1hr 3mins
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YTGS Teacher Interview: Dr. Ariele Foster —Building Confidence Through Saying YES!

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Arielle Foster's teacher interview gives generous advice to new or struggling teachers. She urges us to say yes to as many opportunities to teach as possible, so as to build confidence and relationships, and also shares a "mini-workshop" toward the end of our conversation on her '"0 Principles of Anatomy Informed Yoga."
Apr 11 2018 · 34mins
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Dr. Ariele Foster: Yoga, Science, & Mystery

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Ariele Foster is a yoga teacher and Doctor of Physical Therapy. In this continuing exploration of what we have started calling the Yoga Renaissance series —Ariele shares with us her journey through injury into studying physical therapy as a way to more deeply understand yoga anatomy. She is passionate about both the deep relationships between these fields and the boundaries that should define scope of practice for teachers...
Apr 09 2018 · 45mins
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Yoga Anatomy with Dr. Ariele Foster

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Dr. Ariele Foster is the founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, and has been practicing yoga since a young age, as she has a grandmother who is a yoga teacher and practitioner. After living at the Kriapulu Institute as a seva, Ariele was inspired to become a yoga teacher and begin teaching. After suffering an injury, she decided to get her doctorate in physical therapy, and is now a practicing yoga teacher and physical therapist. 

On this episode, Ariele and I talk about some of the common wording that yoga teachers can shift to be more anatomically correct. We discuss the anatomy of the shoulders, lumbar spine, and the feet, amongst other things. Ariele and I also delve into the business of yoga and how to create a streamlined brand when you have more than one topic of interest! 

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Dec 04 2017 · 50mins
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07: Anatomy Informed Yoga with Guest Teacher Dr. Ariele Foster

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Anatomy studies can be a powerful tool in the yoga teacher’s utility belt, but I know many of us don’t know where to start or how to apply it to a teaching practice. There is so much to learn and it can feel overwhelming! Today I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Dr. Ariele Foster, a yoga instructor for 16 years and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Foster is passionate about making yoga anatomy accessible to everyone, which is why she started the Yoga Anatomy Academy.  

Ariele’s deep understanding of the human body enables her to integrate movement and medicine into one practice and she offers us all some nuggets of wisdom we can take into our teaching right away. In general, I think we all hope to support our clients and students with compassion and discernment. Supporting your teaching with knowledge of anatomy is an important part of that equation.

Also in this episode:  

  • Ariele shares her unusual journey to yoga teaching and why the practice supports physical therapy so well.  
  • Placing a priority on strengthening over flexibility.  
  • Learn the 10 Principles of Anatomy Informed Yoga.  
  • Should yoga teachers be learning anatomy? Ariele and I discuss what is helpful for instructors to know.  
  • Teaching discernment to our students is difficult but worthwhile.  
  • We break down yoga poses and how to take some of the weight off of your overworked joints.  

Website and Social Media Links Yoga Anatomy Academy WebsiteYoga Anatomy Academy on Facebook Yoga Anatomy Academy on Instagram

Giveaways!  10 Principles of Anatomy Informed Yoga DownloadSmart Sequencing for Naginyasana Download

Nov 20 2017 · 51mins
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028: Anatomy Informed Yoga Practice with Dr. Ariele Foster

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Dr. Ariele Foster, based in Washington DC, has been teaching yoga for 16 years. She was inspired by her grandmother Lilo Foster, who taught yoga until the age of 87. Lilo was one of the few Jewish survivors in Germany from World War II and became re-acquainted with the healing power of yoga after her immigration to the US.

Ariele, finding herself enamored with anatomy, became interested in physical therapy after a profound experience as a physical therapy patient. She studied hard to become a doctor of Physical Therapy, becoming a licensed physical therapist in 2011.

Ariele has had many yoga teachers approach her about making the same transition- from yoga teacher to physical therapist which led her to create Yoga Anatomy Academy. As Ariele says “... [it] has been popular beyond my dreams. It’s really organically attracted so many students.” Yoga Anatomy Academy also provides anatomy courses for yoga teachers.

Ariele kindly shares with us her incredibly rich and informative 10 Principles of an Anatomy-Informed Yoga Practice (available as a PDF download,) which covers a range of considerations for yoga teachers such as; when to refer students to other professionals, re-thinking asanas and the importance of functional movement, and the balance between flexibility and movement.

This multi-tasking, multi-talented woman has founded a forum for discussion- Yoga for the Planet, inspired by her interest in environmental concerns,continues to teach yoga classes and also offers private sessions, workshops and courses, yoga retreats all while practicing as a physical therapist.

Note: Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, ‘physios’- all the same profession. Different areas use different titles.

9:10 What sparked Ariele’s interest in anatomy

11:50 From teaching yoga to becoming a physical therapist

12:30 Advice to yoga teachers interested in becoming a physical therapist

16:30 The importance of referring your yoga students to a physical therapist when experiencing pain

21:00 Cost can be a hurdle when one is considering physical therapy- how to put that in perspective

23:30 Ariele’s position teaching anatomy to yoga teachers, belief that there needs to be a baseline of understanding

24:20 Principle 1 - Any Pose Can Harm. Any Pose Can Heal.

25:05 Principle 2 - Every Body is Unique.

25:45 Principle 3 - Think Critically “Don’t emphasize the alignment of the pose higher than the individual”

27:35 Cueing Warrior 1 using critical thinking

28:45 What is functional movement?

28:05 Principle 4 - Most Yoga Asana is Specialized, Not Functional Movement

30:55 Principle 5 - Flexibility is No Good Without Strength

33:25 Principle 6 - Variety is the Spice of Life

34:30 Principle 7 - Safe Strength Building Comes from Progressive Loading

37:25 Principle 8 - Listen to Your Body Works 50% of the Time

41:20 Principle 9 - Readily Refer Out

44:20 Principle 10 - Honor Both the Science and “Mystery”

45:35 How to study with Dr. Ariele Foster




Yoga Anatomy Academy

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Yoga Anatomy Academy on Instagram

Ariele’s Personal Teaching Website: Sacred Source Teaching

Sacred Source Teaching on Facebook

Ariel’s Youtube Channel

PDF: 10 Principles of an Anatomy Informed Yoga Practice by Dr. Ariele Foster

Podcast: Heal Your Shoulder with Dr. Ariele Foster on the YogaBody Talk Show

Article: 7 Things to Ponder Before Going to Physical Therapy School: for yoga teachers, massage therapists and other holistic practitioners by Dr. Ariele Foster

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Sep 02 2017 · 54mins