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91. Acute Mesenteric Ischemia/George Jar Jar Martin (feat. Ezra Parter)

Jock Doc Podcast

Listen as Dr. London Smith (.com) and his producer Cameron discuss Acute Mesenteric Ischemia with George Jar Jar Martin (Ezra Parter). Not so boring! https://www.patreon.com/join/jockdocpodcast Hosts: London Smith, Cameron Clark. Guest: Ezra Parter. Produced by: Dylan Walker Created by: London Smith

1hr 15mins

8 Mar 2021

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Minnesota Accent & Fish Out of Water w/ Ezra Parter

A Little Sketchy

Haley and Riley welcome special guest Ezra Parter! Peter must survive the curse of Minnetonka; Sarah forges a new relationship, and what is the true price of wisdom? Also there is a car in the studio, regional hamburgers and that Beg-a-loo girl.BIG THANKS TO! Zach Spindler for our art and music, follow him at @zachspinder_xxl. Andrew Millikan for editing, follow him at @hamster_huey_22A special thanks of the week to, Ezra Parter, follow him on @ezrapartier and @lesterpippsNext Week's Homework:Haley - Write a sketch for Riley and our next guest; where Haley isn’t one of the parts.Riley - Write an absurdist monologue.If you like the show, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe.Email: alittlesketchypodcast@gmail.comInstagram: @alittlesketchypodcastAlso on Facebook & TikTok.

1hr 2mins

13 Jan 2021

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Operation Legend with Pierre "DaGreat" Williams and Ezra Parter!

Finger Guns Comedy

This week we open with a sketch about Operation Legend and then talk to special guest Pierre Williams who is chill as hell!!! Such a great positive energy and honestly probably talked Adam from rioting in the streets. Den'Zel is coming straight from traffic and even Pierre has some great vibes and thoughts regarding that! We also talk to Mariners Super Fan Jon (Joe) DeSantos (yes relation). He wants to give all the baseball players The Rona? Find out on this week's episode of Finger Guns Comedy! Subscribe to Pierre's Youtube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/pierredagreatproductionsFollow Ezra Parter on Twitterwww.twitter.com/ezraparterJoin our mailing list at www.fingergunscomedy.comJoin our pateron. We making a comedy collective. Check it out!https://www.patreon.com/gofingergunsFollow us!Amelia Gonzalez (https://www.instagram.com/carasdeamelia/)Adam R. Macias (www.instagram.com/adamrmac/)Steve Sotelo (https://www.instagram.com/steve_sotelo/)Den’Zel Ward (https://www.instagram.com/sirsuavemente/)

1hr 4mins

28 Jul 2020

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420 Virtual Happy Hour - With Pete Byrnes, Eric Pastore, and Ezra Parter!

Finger Guns Comedy

Happyyyyyyyyy FOUR TWENTY BRO! - Yesterday. This episode was filmed live as part of the Smoke and Stay and Home marathon on the Finger Guns Comedy channel. We are joined by Pete Byrnes and Eric Pastore who play some music for us! Because it's an open virtual happy hour we are also joined by Chatty Daddy!, Weed and Rocks, and Lester Pipps. This episode is wild! We actually did open the zoom meeting to randos and we got some. To listen to that, go to our Facebook page to see the full episode! www.facebook.com/gofingergunsJoin the Finger Guns Comedy Collective and be a patron!https://www.patreon.com/gofingergunsGo check out our new website www.fingergunscomedy.comFollow us!
www.twitter.com/gofingergunswww.facebook.com/gofingergunswww.instagram.com/gofingerguns/FeaturingPete Byrnes (https://www.instagram.com/mittenberries/)Eric Pastore (https://www.instagram.com/thericpastore/)Ezra Parter (https://www.instagram.com/ezrapartier/)Amelia Gonzalez (https://www.instagram.com/carasdeamelia/)Steve Sotelo (www.instagram.com/steve_sotelo/)Edward James(www.instagram.com/edwardjrosales/)Adam R. Macias (www.instagram.com/adamrmac)

1hr 1min

21 Apr 2020

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Abstinence High (with Sean Quetulio, Courtney Vineys, Ezra Parter, Joey Sorce)

Ground Control: Improvised Pilots

The jocks totally are having sex. Or are they? Education is paramount and sex is just not cool. Have some school pride and don't have intercourse.


14 Nov 2019

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Ticket Dog (Joey Sorce, Courtney Vineys, Ezra Parter, and Sean Quetulio)

Ground Control: Improvised Pilots

Have you been mugged? Wanna go to the theater? Like actually watch a movie. Make sure you go to the bathroom before. OK! C'mon on in!FXX we have you covered because this will make programming so easy. Like, SO easy.


1 Nov 2019

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Me, Matt, and The T-Man (Sean Quetulio, Joey Sorce, Ezra Parter)

Ground Control: Improvised Pilots

Guess who's whom in this one! Because it's all dudes! Our good friend and regular player Courtney, isn't on this one. BUT, she would rate this a 10 as we follow two idiot frat-boys and their 9-5 third wheel roommate interrupt their partying and obsession with writing the perfect text message. But, what about their English professor... does he have something to say about their grammar and idiosyncrasies?! I think you know answer! Listen...


25 Oct 2019

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America Has More Nazi's Than Germany w/ Mark Peterson and Ezra Parter

Finger Guns Comedy

This week we welcome Actor, Fight Choreographer, and Writer Mark Peterson to the show. Mark is leaving for Germany to get his MFA in acting as well as study some very advanced sword fencing from where it started. Germany! Speaking of where it started, Mark’s Hot take this week is that America has more Nazi’s than Germany. Which makes sense, since being a nazi is illegal in Germany. This may be our most controversial hot take of all time. We do want to say that here at Finger Guns Comedy we believe Nazi’s our obviously terrible people and we do not endorse any of their ideas. They are sad people that live in the past and are desperately fighting the end of a terrible era in human history. Yea, special show notes hot take - Fuck Nazi’s. We also talk to someone who claims to be the best nazi in Europe (Ezra Parter), Coach Bill Belichick, and Adam’s Studio Landlord. Mark is in Germany now! Follow his IG videos to be updated on his adventures!https://www.instagram.com/markdavidpeterson/Prove to Adam that you’re not a Russian bot by rating and reviewing us on iTuneshttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/finger-guns-comedy/id1293975889Follow us on Facebook, twitter, and instagram for extra content on the show!
Ezra Parter (https://www.instagram.com/ezrapartier/)Edward James (https://www.instagram.com/edwardjrosales/)Adam R. Macias (https://www.instagram.com/adamrmac/)

1hr 14mins

17 Sep 2019

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Oh, Gosh! w/Three Pack Abs (Chase O'Donnell, Jesse McIntosh, Ezra Parter)

Finger Guns Comedy

This week Finger Guns Comedy brings you a very special episode. First off, the audio quality is not great for the first 14 minutes of the show. Skip ahead if it bothers you very much. Sorry but Adam forgot to press record like a straight up ding dong. This week's guest is Chase O'Donnell, Jesse McIntosh, and Ezra Parter of Three Pack Abs. This dynamic trio of a sketch team is so freaking funny and are working on a bunch of projects. The gang talks to them about three different hot takes and they are all straight up fire. Edward also discuses what he did to his hair and why he now looks like a king. All this and more on Finger Guns Comedy!FeaturingDanny Carpenter, Chase O'Donnell, Adam R. Macias, Jesse McIntosh, Ezra Parter, and Edward JamesGet tickets to Three Pack Abs spank at UCB Sunset https://bit.ly/2ZtxESzCheck out their new podcast!https://bit.ly/2VoXcB8Add them on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/threepackabs/If you like what you hear please leave us a five star review on iTunes. It really helps out the show. itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/finge…d1293975889?mt=2Subscribe to our youtube channel! www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnmcTNqlCTRV3_dJaxL1yAFind us at gofingerguns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and give us a like and a follow.twitter.com/gofingerguns www.facebook.com/gofingerguns www.instagram.com/gofingerguns/


23 Apr 2019

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Changing Friend Groups, Embarrassing Camp Stories, and Death with Ezra Parter

I'm a Disaster

The oh so wonderful Ezra Parter (Three Pack Abs, Bath Bombs Improv, Recap Gameshow Podcast) sits down with Cait to talk about transitioning out of friendships when you realize you Continue Reading →


23 Apr 2019