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Linda and George Pransky: The Cost of Taking Things Personally

Connected Living with Cherie Ray

Taking things personally. Wow, have you noticed how this seems to throw a wrench in the flow of your life? In this episode I’ve invited George and Linda Pransky to share what they’ve learned from their 40 years of experience of working individuals and corporations. The Pranky’s have supported people in understanding how the human mind works for over 45 years.


26 Jun 2020

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Dr. George Pransky – “Why is it Crucial?”

The Relevance of Sydney Banks' Role

On this new episode, we had as our guest Dr. George Pransky. I asked Dr. Pransky, why is it crucial Syd's role? His answer covers several points that make it so clear for anyone who feels touched by the Three Principles and for whomever will  find out about  them in the future. It is definitely one of those conversations that stay with you and brings you to a reflective place, it did to me. For more information on Dr. George Pransky, go to https://www.pranskyandassociates.com/


23 Jun 2020

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The Big Misunderstanding | George Pransky & Jason Shiers

Misunderstandings of the Mind

It just made sense to call this episode with George The Big Misunderstanding, caught out by the simplicity of what we share I was reminded how simple, yet life changing the 3 principles understanding is, George has a soft, gentle  and humorous way of sharing that make you really reflect on how life works. What I noticed: What sends people off the track Its not about genetics Its not about medication The real source of peoples lives is their thinking Thought is the variable that determines the experience Peoples experience of life is up for grabs Thinking is the variable, not the circumstances The link between thought and experience Being on candid camera Understanding the nature of feelings People are resilient They forget as they get older The point of life is to get over yourself Understanding helps us be graceful in life 1 to 1 what you think = what you experience No really, its that simple People are being fooled by their thoughts How to see the link between thoughts and experience Why do we pour everything into our ideas about us Do therapists really buy into the diagnosis Why psychotherapists have very high suicide rates Why that doesn’t happen in the 3p understanding The post The Big Misunderstanding appeared first on Misunderstandings of the Mind.


12 May 2020

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077: The One Variable That Benefits Everything in Your Business with Don Donovan & George Pransky

Real Business Real Lives

Don Donovan has worked in and led large, complex, successful businesses in premier corporations like Sanders Associates, Lockheed, Lockheed Martin and BAE SYSTEMS. Now retired, Don consults with businesses in various industries. He is one of the founders of The Three Principles Global Community, a non-profit corporation, and served as the president of its Executive Board from 2009 to 2017. Dr. George Pranksy is one of the original pioneers in the understanding of the Principles behind state-of-mind and its connection to the field of psychology and business. Dr. George Pransky is the founder and Senior Partner of Pransky and Associates and is the author of The Relationship Handbook. Today you get to hear a talk given by Don Donovan and George Pransky, from the Beyond Limits Business Summit in Portland. Don & George share their experience of working together at BAE SYSTEMS, from creating culture change within a huge organization to impacting the “bottom line” of business. Together, they shed light on the significant implications of one single variable: State of mind.

31 Jan 2020

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Dr. George Pransky

Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones

Please join me this Tuesday, 1:00 pm PST, on my "Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones" Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Deladeyjones/ as I welcome, 3 Principles Teacher, Mentor and Author, Dr. George Pransky. George is one of the two professional founders of the Understanding of The 3 Principles. He has taught the Principles for over 30 years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues and is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over 50 Audio Recordings. Currently, he is a partner at Pransky and Associates and is on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community. www.pranskyandassociates.com


11 Jun 2019

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033: Why State-of-Mind is Relevant in All Areas of Your Business with Aaron Turner & George Pransky

Real Business Real Lives

Today you will hear a clip from the Beyond Limits Business Summit that took place last fall in Portland, OR. This snippet features Aaron Turner and George Pransky, both thought leaders who have had a huge impact within the field of state-of-mind. Aaron shares a story that illustrates how our minds are playing a big role in business and when we understand it, we have more options. George speaks to the relevance of humanity in business and the power of what happens when leaders embrace this.

21 Mar 2019

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Episode 63: Love & Relationships with Dr George Pransky

The Little Peace of Mind Podcast

Earlier this year, I ran a program called ‘Falling More Deeply in Love’ alongside my mentor and colleague, Dr George Pransky. George and I recorded three masterclasses together – and today’s podcast is an out-take from one of those calls. Here you’ll hear George answer the questions… What do we do about disagreement and conflict in our relationships? How do we get ‘them’ to behave better? How do we feel closer and more connected with each other? How do we get to have more sex in our lives??!


27 Sep 2018

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006: The Invisible Competitive Edge in Business with Dr. George Pransky

Real Business Real Lives

George is one of the original pioneers in the understanding of the Principles behind state-of-mind and its connection to the field of psychology and business. In today’s interview you’ll learn about an undiscovered competitive advantage in business and what psychological fitness is. George will walk you through what it looks like to have a free mind through a variety of real life examples. He will also help you discover if you’re psychologically fit or if you’re living your life like you’re double parked. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how a healthy mind generates natural motivation. Dr. George Pransky is the founder and Senior Partner of Pransky and Associates and is the the author of The Relationship Handbook.

14 Sep 2018

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Being Calm While in the Storm of Life - Interview with the amazing Dr George Pransky ☘

The Celtic Coach Radio Show

Radio Show: Friday, October 13th“Being Calm Within the Storm of Life” ☘With Dr. George Pransky, PhD              ~ What is stress & anxiety?              ~ Understanding Relationships              ~ The human experience explained              ~ We live in the Feeling of our Thinking              ~ Joy is only a thought away              ~ Being OK with your negative self                 And lots of good ole fashioned Irish humor......

1hr 8mins

16 Oct 2017

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Pt 1/4 - with Dr George Pransky - Achieving Performance Excellence in Sport

PODIUM - Spiritual Truths Behind Elite Sports Performance

Dr George Pransky from Pransky & Associates is Denise's mentor, he explains what it is behind the genius ability of all athletes, and the fact that an understanding of this is available to everyone. Instead of traditional psychological approaches, i.e., dealing with a specific concern, e.g., coping with pressure, George points you towards relating to your thinking in a different way such that you become your psychologist!


19 May 2017