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Cultivating an Authentic and Original Employer Brand, with Head of People at Reggora, Emma Brudner

Engage and Empower

In this episode, Emma talks about the evolution of the interview process over the last few years, and discusses what types of qualities employers should be looking out for as they evaluate talent. She gives advice to candidates that are contemplating a career pivot, and shares her personal story around how she managed the pivot from marketing to people operations. Lastly, we talk about strategies to build authentic employer brand, and how to think about creating that through the lens of how you think about branding your product. 


3 May 2021

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19 - Emma Brudner (Head of People, Reggora)

The Modern People Leader

Emma Brudner, Head of People at Reggora, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about what it has been like building out Reggora's people processes from scratch, going fully distributed, and what they’re measuring on their first-ever pulse survey. Timestamps: how Emma made the jump from being a journalist to Head of People (3:52), prioritizing people processes being put into place (13:17), why she meets with every new hire (17:23), influencing without authority in HR (19:13), building the employee handbook & ensuring the policies are equitable (21:31), how going fully distributed is fueling headcount growth (28:03), how Reggora designed their first pulse survey (32:16), recruiting for industry-specific expertise ( 39:20), and the difference between radical candor and being a jerk (40:45). If you have any feedback for the MPL podcast or would like to connect, don't hesitate to reach out on LinkedIn: Daniel Huerta and Stephen Huerta


4 Apr 2021

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“How to move to a remote-first workforce” with Emma Brudner

Employee Cycle: Human Resources (HR) podcast about HR trends, HR tech & HR analytics

Welcome our first, second-time guest Emma Brudner back to the podcast! We discuss how to move to a remote-first workforce.


15 Mar 2021

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Boston People Operations Series. Emma Brudner from Lola.com

Forging Ahead

My guest is Emma Brudner, the Dir of People Operations at Lola.com.  We talk about how she ended up in People Operations. We talk about recruiting, hiring, and the difference between HR and People Ops.  If you are in People Ops and looking for some tips and tricks on how to be successful, it doesn't sound like there are any shortcuts. Emma talks about actually caring, empathy, being human, listening etc. These are not life hacks.  Emma shares some thoughts on 1 on 1's. ***Listen closely for her favorite question to start a 1 on 1.  There's so much in here and if you give a shit about people, please check this one out.


12 Mar 2020

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16: Finding the Balance Between Empathy & Directness w/ Emma Brudner

Crafting Culture

Let’s talk empathy. No, not the warm, fuzzy, share-all-your-innermost-feelings empathy. The professional, direct kind of empathy. The type of empathy that gets stuff done. In this episode of Crafting Culture, I check in with Emma Brudner, Director of People Operations at Lola.com. She shares her experience with perspective-taking in professional settings. Plus, we talk about: Finding the balance between empathy and directness at work How to use empathy to create a more efficient work culture How leaders can use authenticity and vulnerability to be more effective Check out Emma’s article on Inc.com, Why You Need to Make an Effort to Be Empathetic at Work if You Want to Be More Efficient. The Perks Series on Crafting Culture is brought to you by Zestful. Zestful makes daily recognition and rewards a breeze with its consolidated and easy-to-use employee perks platform. To learn more, visit zestful.com/craftingculture. Listen to this and all our other Crafting Culture episodes with Apple Podcast, Spotify, or at our website.


15 Jan 2020

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37: Emma Brudner / How the HubSpot Blog Drives 5 Million Visits Every Month

Metrics & Chill

In this episode of Ground Up, Emma Brudner, the Director of the HubSpot Blog, joins Pete Caputa to chat about all things blog related, including:- The data behind the performance of the HubSpot Blog- What HubSpot's organic strategy looks like- The pillar/cluster model- How the blog team is structured, and more...


11 Sep 2018

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33: Stop Sending Terrible Prospecting Emails w/ Emma Brudner

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

If you’re in B2B sales, and you’re not reading the Hubspot Sales Blog on a regular basis...then start today. In this episode we talk to Emma Brudner, the Section Editor of the Hubspot Sales Blog. Since Emma took over the sales blog about 18 months ago, traffic has grown over 1,500%. So she has her finger on the pulse of content that sales professionals are hungry to consume. During this interview, we chat with Emma about sales interview questions, subject lines, and a terrible prospecting email.


7 Apr 2016