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Episode 20: THE SOUND OF THE STARS - Paul Gregory & Nick Dunn - The International Dark-Sky Association

The Quiet Mark Podcast

Episode 20, ‘The Sound of the Stars’, marks the 1st anniversary of The Quiet Mark Podcast. Yay!! And just as our 1st episode, with Acoustics Director, Richard Grove, and Colin Ball, Lighting Director at BDP (Building Design Partnership), looked at the relationship between Light & Sound in architectural design, this latest one explores the parallels between Light and Noise pollution.   Our guests on this episode are Paul Gregory - Global Specification & Training Director at Dyson and Nick Dunn, Executive Director of ImaginationLancaster & Professor of Urban Design at Lancaster University, both members of The International Dark-Sky Association. April 5th to 12th sees The International Dark-Sky Association's 2021 International Dark Sky Week. Every year, the International Dark-Sky Association hosts International Dark Sky Week (IDSW) to raise awareness about light pollution’s many negative effects.  Our world has become a 24/7 society. We use outdoor lighting, such as street lights and shop windows, to be more active at night and to increase our safety and security. But what impact is this lighting having on our sleep and on nature?  The stars and the sun have thousands of soundwaves bouncing around inside them at any given moment. Understanding these stellar harmonies represents a revolution in astronomy. By "listening" for stellar sound waves with telescopes, scientists can figure out what stars are made of, how old they are, how big they are and how they contribute to the evolution of our Milky Way galaxy as a whole.  A wave of silence has spread across the planet as man-made noise fell by 50% during the first worldwide coronavirus lockdowns. Noise pollution was reduced by 50% and suddenly nature, especially birdsong, seemed noticeably louder than ever before. But can the same be said of light pollution?  Our show host, Simon Gosling, asks Paul and Nick these and other questions about the wonder of stargazing and how a beautiful starry sky can change your life, for the better, forever.


31 Mar 2021

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EP-254 | Nick Dunn - Chennai Six - Surviving Hell

Mentors for Military Podcast

Nick Dunn served as a member of the British Army Parachute Regiment. After service he became a maritime security guard on British vessels employed to protect them against Somali pirates. In October 2013, he and the crew of the British merchant ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio were intercepted off the Indian coast accused of being illegally armed in Indian waters. It was all a big misunderstanding, but it took years in an Indian prison and countless times in court before he was released. The group was coined the ‘Chennai Six’ by UK tabloids and campaigners. Surviving Hell: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Surviving-Hell-brutal-story-Chennai/dp/1912624869 This episode is brought to you by UnCanna. Visit UnCanna.com today for all of your Hemp CBD products. UnCanna is veteran owned and operated. Visit https://www.patreon.com/join/Mentors4mil to support our podcast. Support a veteran owned business at veteranownedus.com today! Follow Mentors for Military: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mentors4mil Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mentors4mil Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mentors4mil Homepage: http://www.mentorsformilitary.com

1hr 18mins

13 Oct 2020

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Ep 175 - Nick Dunn. What is it like to be wrongly imprisoned?

The Lovejoy Hour

What is it like to be wrongly imprisoned? Tim Lovejoy Speaks to Nick Dunn about being wrongly imprisoned in India. Surviving Hell is the book documenting Nick's story.

1hr 4mins

24 Aug 2020

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Veteran State of Mind Episode 075: Surviving Hell, with Nick Dunn

Veteran State Of Mind

Today's guest is Nick Dunn, a former Parachute Regiment soldier who was one of six ex-servicemen imprisoned in India for a crime they didn't commit.Nick's book Surviving Hell is available to buy now. You can find Nick on instagram @nickjdunn86Merch and clothing to support the podcast can be found at http://www.vsomstore.comYou can find books from guests of the podcast here: https://www.vsompodcast.com/books/You can connect with Geraint at @grjbooks across social media, and find his Afghanistan memoir Brothers in Arms in all good book stores.If you are a veteran struggling with mental health, or you just want a bit of help adjusting to civvie life, then say hello to the Royal British Legion at @royalbritishlegion or www.rbl.orgThank you to our sponsors! The show doesn't happen without them!Combat Combover - www.combatcombover.comKamoflage Ltd - www.kamoflage.co.ukRite Flank - www.riteflank.co.ukZulu Alpha Strap Company - @zulualphastrapsFor clips and content from the show, behind the scenes, and photos and videos of the guests' time on operations, follow @veteranstateofmind on Facebook and Instagram, and go to www.vsompodcast.com for links to all the connected sites, and an online submissions form for sending in your questions to the show. Cheers!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Ea-uUc26ENbNBYWd6-2779MBUZrl6WymCW_b0GdibwrG6-xBlWcpjLS6osk9OqZFbR9wOm&country.x=GB&locale.x=GB)

1hr 36mins

17 Aug 2020

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Ep 175 - Nick Dunn. What is it like to be wrongly imprisoned?

The Lovejoy Hour

What is it like to be wrongly imprisoned?Tim Lovejoy has a conversation with Nick Dunn about being wrongly imprisoned in India.

1hr 4mins

10 Aug 2020

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Episode 9: Nick Dunn - Surviving Hell

Blonde & Strong

This episode, we are joined by a true gentleman, Nick Dunn, ex-parachute regiment veteran and author of 'Surviving Hell'.   Nick gives an emotional no holds barred account of his unbelievable and harrowing story of survival.   After suffering a brutal miscarriage of justice, Nick, along with 22 other men, spent over four years falsely imprisoned in some of the most horrific conditions in the South Indian prison system.   Listen to find out how he survived and how his training and experience serving with the elite fighting force of the 1 Para regiment helped him physically and mentally endure such a traumatic ordeal.   For me, the most inspirational part of Nick's story is his level of resilience and ability to grow through adversity.  No matter what horrors he encountered and traumatic emotional scars he may bear, he has come out the other side with a smile on his face, love in his heart and a desire to be a better man.   If you'd like to find out more about Nick, you can connect with him on Instagram Click here to purchase a copy of his incredible book, 'Surviving Hell'.

1hr 51mins

29 Jul 2020

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#2 Nick Dunn: Surviving 4 Years of Hell

The Schofield Stories

Former Paratrooper Nick Dunn was working a security job in India, but that simple job turned into a tragedy and no doubt one of the worst miscarriages of justice in the modern day. Nick was part of the Chennai Six, six British men arrested and imprisoned for four years in India. Their crime? Nothing. These men were not falsely accused, and there was no misunderstanding, they were simply arrested for doing their jobs and because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nick joins to me to share his story, from selection for the Parachute Regiment, to extreme confrontation in a prison which nearly had dire consequences. Nick's journey of determination and mental resilience is inspiring, and put's everything into perspective, especially with the current climate. Nick's book 'Surviving Hell' is available on Amazon and from major retailers such as Waterstones and Asda. This episode left me with a lot to think about, and I cannot thank Nick enough not only for sharing his story but his service to his country. This thrilling interview, which will pull on your heart strings, is no doubt a MUST listen! 

1hr 8mins

19 Jul 2020

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Infinite Leaders Live: in #10 Nick Dunn

Infinite Leaders: Live

Nick is a former international athlete, having represented Great Britain and Ireland in Gymnastics. He is currently Director of Activities and Community Operations at UWCSEA East Campus in Singapore. From breaking his ankle a day before the Gymnastics World Championships, through coaching in the UK private sector to leading a comprehensive activities programme at a world-renowned school. Nick shares how his own views on how values have helped him develop as a person and a leader, how he is learning to priortiise and build a positive culture through collaborating with others, and why he is still dedicated to working hard to improve himself, 25 years into his career as an educator.Hosted by Lewis Keens and Alan Dunstan.


8 Jul 2020

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Bad Blood Podcast #7 Nick Dunn

Bad Blood Podcast

Lockdown been tough? Take a listen to this man's story! Nick Dunn on his remarkable journey of mental torture and wrongfully imprisoned in a foreign country.

1hr 43mins

23 Jun 2020

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Interview: Nick Dunn on his false imprisonment

Manoj Speaks

Today, I speak with Nick Dunn from the United Kingdom, who will be sharing his story that is both gripping, inspiring & sad. Nick was working on board an anti-piracy vessel to protect shipping from Somali pirates when he and five of his colleagues were arrested by the Indian maritime authorities & falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters, and thrown into prison for 4 years in South India. Together, they came to be known as the “Chennai Six" across the world with their families, friends, well-wishers & the government trying to get them out. Since being freed, he has launched a book, "Surviving Hell" & many have claimed it to be a very good read. Let's listen to his story as told by the man in question & also hear from him the lessons learnt. 


24 May 2020