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#13 Lewis Crathern, Duotone International team rider

Inside the World of Duotone

Big Air competitor, Commentator, Coach and mentor to School children.Lewis Crathern 4X British Champion and 9X RedBull King of the Air competitor talks about what it takes to become a professional kitesurfer and how looking for the opportunities away from the water can help prolong a successful career in the sport. www.duotonesports.com Www.Lewiscrathern.com Www.GWEC.net www.thebeachlittlehampton.co.uk www.makanibeachclub.com


4 Jul 2022

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Challenging Yourself, with Lewis Crathern

The After Hours Lounge

Lewis Crathern is a pro Kitesurfer, motivational speaker and Global Wind Energy Council ambassador.10 years ago he brought kitesurfing to the masses when he jumped over Brighton Pier, and since then has made a huge name for himself within the industry, taking multiple British titles and vice big air world champion in 2016.Find our more about Lewis via the link below.https://www.lewiscrathern.com/#lewis

1hr 6mins

30 Jun 2021

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Lewis Crathern | Episode # 209

Kitesurf365 | a podcast for kitesurfers

Lewis Crathern is a professional kitesurfer and team rider for Duotone Kiteboarding. Support the show: https://ko-fi.com/kitesurf365 Follow me: http://www.kitesurf365.com https://www.instagram.com/kitesurf365/ In association with: TheKiteMag, bringing you the very best in kiteboarding. Become a subscriber today and get 15% off by using the code “KITESURF365” at checkout.  https://www.thekitemag.com/


5 Apr 2021

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Lewis Crathern | How to be Adaptable and Take your Opportunity

Raising Your Game

Lewis Crathern is a 4-time British Kitesurfing Champion who's career took off when he famously jumped the Brighton Pier in the UK, now travelling and competing around the world as well as coaching.Our podcast we go into the his journey of kitesurfing, his injuries and lessons, learning mindset of a trick, the adaptability of conditions, facing mother nature, taking your opportunity when its comes.You can find Lewis at LewisCrathern.comInstagram - @lewiscrathernkitesurferFor more about how to improve your performance & wellbeing in sport visit thesportyogi.comThe Sport YogiInstagramYoutubeTo get in touch with me visit lewishatchett.comInstagramTwitter LinkedinYoutube

1hr 16mins

12 May 2020

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Intriguing Beings Podcast - Episode 19 - Lewis Crathern

Intriguing Beings Podcast

This week I'm chatting to the "Man Who Touched The Sky" AKA Lewis Crathern. He was one of the first kiteboarders to break into the mainstream when he jumped over Worthing Pier in 2009 with his buddy Jake Scrace. A year later Lewis broke onto the world stage when he jumped over Brighton Pier in a stunt that went truly viral. I've known Lewis for years and we often have differing opinions, however I do have the utmost respect for him, especially as his career has matured in recent years. These days I hold him up as one of the best examples of a pro rider our sport has. Lewis doesn't just kite and get paid for it, he's a world renowned coach, a public speaker and mentor and someone who passionately delivers his wind friendly message to thousands of school children in the UK. He's used his achievements for the good of others and I think thats an incredible thing. We chat about his early introduction to the sport, those pier jumps and also the crash he had at the King Of The Air in 2017 that nearly killed him. Lewis is full of stories and you can be sure he'll be back on the podcast again soon!Enjoy!Brighton Pier JumpThe Man That Touched The Sky"That" King Of The Air CrashLewis Crathern Chapter Me

1hr 16mins

28 Jan 2019

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Passion Will Take You Where You Want To Go - Lewis Crathern

The Dharma Life Podcast

“The most important thing is to remain passionate-it will take you where you want to go.” - Lewis CrathernWe are super-excited to be sharing a first for Kitty Talks today, and are very pleased to welcome Lewis Crathern - our first kitesurfer, and our first professional athlete! As well being the first to kite surf over the piers of Worthing and Brighton, Lewis has won many kitesurfing championships here in UK and worldwide; he has also been appointed as overseas ambassador for UK kitesurfing and was part of the Largest Parade of Kitesurfers World Record. Lewis is not only a professional athlete who has achieved success doing what he loves, but he’s also a speaker, commentator and coach.During this interview you’ll learn how, by being passionate about what he was doing, Lewis was able to turn his hobby into a multifaceted career and how he’s equally passionate about all aspects. You’ll gain many more insights, too! For instance:What it is you need to drive your dreams forward and how without this vital ingredient, your dreams may not work.How he engineered his life so he could follow his passion, and the little white lies Lewis told to enable him to continue kitesurfing.The observation he made that opened his eyes to the reality that, ‘if other people can live their dreams...’Where it is that passions start and how to maintain that momentum.The moments of perspective he had where he learned, through repeated patterns, to trust and let go of worries.Could you live without your phone!? Hear how Lewis manages his life without one and why it’s been banned from the bedroom...What it is about social media he thinks is damaging to society and the valid reasons why.Examples of synchronicities in his life, including one during this very interview!Lewis is a fine example of someone who is living their passion; making it a career and benefiting from the outcomes. With trust, belief and his love of kitesurfing life unfolded for him so that his joy could become his job, too. Listening to this interview will give you the encouragement you might need to follow your bliss so that you, too, could be reaping the benefits!Find out more about our lovely guest by visiting his website on lewiscrathern.comWe love hearing from our Kitty Listeners! If you’ve got a question about today’s episode or want to leave us some inbox love, you can email us at ask@kittytalks.comOr, you can always find Kitty chatting in our Kitty Talks Facebook Community. Become part of the Kitty Club and sign up www.kittytalks.com Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


1 Dec 2018