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The Theology of Creativity and the Creative Process w/ Andrew Peterson

Worship Ministry Training Podcast (For Worship Leaders)

We were created to create! We reflect our Creator’s image and imagination by creating and being creative. God allows us to influence His story in the world through what we “output” via our creativity.  Art has an impact!  As musicians, singers, songwriters, set designers, and “creatives”, it’s vital that we have a Biblical understanding of art and its role within the world and the Church!  Andrew Peterson (one of the most creative people I have met) joins us to discuss creativity, and how we can be better creatives as we serve the Church and the World through God-honoring art!  BUY “Adorning the Dark” BUY “The Wingfeather Saga” 💻  Check Out The Brand New Worship Leader Training Courses! Use Promo Code WMTpodcast for 25% off! ALSO SEE: Leading Creative Teams   FOLLOW US! TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or FACEBOOK

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1 May 2021

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Hour 3: Andrew Peterson

Dawn and Steve Mornings

Author and musician, Andrew Peterson, is a guest on Dawn and Steve Mornings to share about some of his projects to include his book series The Wingfeather Saga, his livestream event Easter Monday at the Ryman and The Rabbit Room. Andrew is a singer, songwriter and novelist who wants to share God's Truth as beautifully as he can. He and his wife, Jamie, live in the Nashville area and have three grown children. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 Apr 2021

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Shaped by Story: A Deep Dive Into Aerwiar with Andrew Peterson - Andrew Peterson - Episode 37


Entering the Easter season we acknowledge that God redeems humanity not through a list of doctrinal bullet points but through a powerful true story.  We acknowledge the King, come to earth, connecting with humans in living, caring, healing, and telling stories. Jesus connected his message to story, and in stories we understand our need for a Savior in profound ways. Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter whose recent accomplishments as an author are making a profound impact on the literary landscape. Andrew's Wingfeather Saga is connecting with young and old alike. Shane visits with Andrew on how he developed the world of Aerwiar, how characters in the story embody personality traits he identifies with, and the foundational impact story has on our soul.


30 Mar 2021

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S3 E12: Andrew Peterson and Friends on the Wingfeather Tales

The Habit

Wingfeather Tales started out as a Kickstarter stretch goal for The Warden and the Wolf King, Book 4 of Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga. Andrew recruited five of his friends to write stories (and a poem) set in Aerwiar, the world of the Wingfeathers. He also recruited some of his favorite illustrators to illustrate. That compilation has been re-released in hardcover by Waterbrook Press. In this episode, five of the contributors—Andrew Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, Pete Peterson, Doug McKelvey, and Jonathan Rogers—discuss collaboration, community, and Wingfeather Tales.Support the show: https://therabbitroom.givingfuel.com/memberSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 Mar 2021

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Rich Mullins: The Lost Interview Pt 2 (Rich + McVicker, Madeira & Webb + Andrew Peterson on the Jukebox)

The True Tunes Podcast

In Part 2 of this special episode we hear from our late friend, mentor, and guide, Rich Mullins via a long-lost interview conducted at the old True Tunes record store in Wheaton Illinois in 1995. We also check in with Mitch McVicker, Phil Madeira, and Derek Webb, and we listen to Andrew Peterson on the Jukebox. Rich’s Ragamuffin bandmates Jimmy Abegg, Aaron Smith, and Mark Robertson come back to close things out as well. It’s our longest and fullest episode yet and we are excited for everyone to hear it. This newly restored interview is 25 years old, but as we hear host John J. Thompson and Mullins talk about the struggle to pursue honest artistry and personal spiritual growth amidst evangelical fundamentalism and the benefits and beauty of exposing ourselves to challenging ideas and people, it seems like it could have been recorded yesterday.  Visit TrueTunes.com for the full show notes and please spread the word. (And don't miss Part 1, where the Ragamuffins set the stage so beautifully.) 

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10 Mar 2021

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Andrew Peterson, Founder & CEO of Signal Sciences

Startup Foundations

On this episode of Startup Foundations, we talked to Andrew Peterson, CEO & co-founder of Signal Sciences, an edge security solutions company that just sold to Fastly for almost $1B.Andrew and Greg discuss the impact that the acquisition had on him and his employees. Andrew also shares his insights on what it takes to build a strong company culture and the challenges he faced as a first-time founder. Andrew chats about the specific challenges of building a startup into a trusted brand in the security industry.The episode wraps up with Andrew sharing his experience fundraising for Signal Sciences and how he raised his first investor check for his startup from Michael Dearing at Harrison Metal. Finally, Andrew offers advice for early-stage founders and discusses the importance of building a great team from day 1.CREDITS:Host: Greg Miaskiewicz, co-founder of Capbasehttps://twitter.com/miaskiewiczGuest: Andrew Peterson - Founder & CEO of Signal Scienceshttps://twitter.com/ampeters06Signal Scienceshttps://www.signalsciences.com/


11 Feb 2021

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Episode 294 - Talking with the Multi-Faceted Filmmaker/Programmer/Exec Director of FilmNorth Andrew Peterson!

Making Movies is HARD!!!

This week Liz and Alrik welcome producer, director, writer, programmer for Provincetown International Film Festival and Executive Director of FilmNorth, Andrew Peterson to the show! Andrew talks to us about getting started in the locations department in the 90s, working his way up to producing feature films and then pivoting over to be the executive director of FilmNorth. There are simply too many amazing things that Andrew says in this episode to try and jam it all into this blurb, but we cover topics ranging from trying to finance your feature, how to re-write your film for the budget you have and what not to do when you get into a film festival! We also have filmmakers and fans of the show Travis White and Madison Phillips on the show to talk about making their dark thriller 'Why Haven't They Fixed The Cameras Yet'! 

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20 Jan 2021

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5LQ Episode 447: Andrew Peterson

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy are joined by Andrew Peterson, musician and author. They discuss the following questions:What is a conflict or failure that has benefited you in your leadership?Who or what has been the greatest leadership influence in your life?What book would you gift yourself as a young leader?If you could teach any course on any topic, what would it be?When you look at from a Scriptural stand point and from who we are as being created in the image of God, what does that mean?BEST QUOTES"There is a tendency in our current climate to be really afraid of being wrong and it can make you second guess everything.""Being wrong is one of the best things you can be, and what I mean by that is that being wrong forces you to experience mercy and humility and teaches you how to ask for forgiveness.""The thing that is way better than getting it right every time is being humble enough to know that you can't get it right every time.""Tipping into my 40s wasn't the death of a person, it was like the death of some dreams. It felt like the were things in me dying to make room for other things God had for me.""There have been so many ups and downs over the years, by the time I hit 40 this massive tidal wave of grief slammed into me.""Helping people see that no matter what their gifting is, they are called to speak light into the world and bring order out of chaos and build the kingdom of God in a creative way.""I think people need to be given permission sometimes to think of themselves as creatives, they don't realize that they have this bright fire of the image of God burning in them and the world needs that light.""You are always building a kingdom. The question is, whose kingdom are you building?"RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkLifeway.com/CoronaVirusAdorning the Dark by Andrew PetersonOn the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga Book #1)North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga Book #2)The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga Book #3)The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson (Wingfeather Saga Book #4)5LQ Episode 387: Andrew PetersonWalking On Water by Madeleine L'EngleA Grief Observed by C.S. LewisStruck by Russ RamseyBehold the Lamb of God Tour


12 Nov 2020

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Episode 52 - How Andrew Peterson Writes

How Writers Write

Welcome to Episode 52 - How Andrew Peterson WritesThere was about 1500 hundred writers who participated in our Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge and it was truly epic. If you missed the challenge and you want to jump in, you can now take the challenge in HappyWriter, and we're offering seven days of access to HappyWriter for just $1. So, jump in with Tiffany Yates-Martin and I as we walk you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to plot your novel. To jump into your free trial, visit howwriterswrite.com/plotchallenge/ to register.So, episode 52 is a special one. This conversation with Andrew stuck with me for a long time. Andrew is someone who cares deeply about the creative process, and is just so humble and filled with so much wisdom. This interview explores the relationship between songwriting and novel writing, faith and creativity, and so much more.I want to thank Andrew again for his time.And now, without any further ado, here is the interview with Andrew Peterson.Support the show (http://www.howwriterswrite.com)


12 Nov 2020

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Happy Hour #325: Andrew Peterson

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My guest for The Happy Hour #325 is Andrew Peterson. Some of you may know Andrew as simply a musician or artist, which is true. But it is much deeper than that. For more than twenty years now, Andrew has been about the business of quietly changing lives in four-minute increments. In today’s episode, Andrew shares about his experience growing up as a pastor’s kid and nominal Christian, coming face to face with childhood wounds, and dismantling the superiority of “creatives” by redefining its meaning. Andrew also went into detail about what it’s like transitioning from parenting your children to stepping into friendship with them. This was a conversation I didn’t know I needed, but I’m so thankful it happened. I hope you walk away from this episode feeling less alone and more understood. Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERESee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Sep 2020