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18 Summers To Create A Lasting Connection - Jim Sheils - 10/7/2021

DPI Media | 2022

Jim Sheils (author, real estate expert, father, husband) is here to share his perspective on what it means to create a lasting connection with your family, and specifically your kids. 18 summers is all you have with your children, and Jim offers advice on how to make the most of it while still being successful in other areas of your life.


12 Oct 2021

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It's A Lucrative Time In The Real Estate Market | Passive Accredited Investor Show w/ Jim Sheils

Passive Income, Active Wealth - Hard Money for Real Estate Investing

Join the Carolina Capital team every Thursday at 1 pm ET for the Passive Accredited Investor Show! Today, Bill Fairman, Wendy Sweet, and Jonathan Davis were joined by Jim Sheils, Founder of JAX Wealth Investments to discuss note funds and the current market! At JAX Wealth Investments, they have created a rock-solid process that will get you the things you want in life, and they are here to help you every step of the way. They use their 20+ years of experience and their inventory of profit-producing properties to get their partner's equity growth to build up for retirement, as well as a cash flow to meet your current passive income needs. Carolina Capital is a hard money lender serving the needs of the “Real Estate Investor” and the "Small Builder" borrower who is striving to build wealth and generate income for themselves and their families. We offer “hard money rehab loans” and "Ground-up Construction Loans" for investors only in NC, SC, GA, VA, and TN (some areas of FL, as well). As part of our business practices, we also serve as consultants for investors guiding them to network with other investors and educating them in locating and structuring transactions. Rarely, if ever, will you find a hard money lender willing to invest in your success like Carolina Capital Management. Listen to our Podcast: https://thealternativeinvestor.libsyn.com/ Visit our website: https://carolinahardmoney.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzCFOvEt2n9TchgECLwpww/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarolinaHardMoney/


27 Aug 2021

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EP41: Entrepreneuring and Parenting with Jim Sheils

The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

It’s easy to say to love your family, but it’s much more challenging to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. Listen to this episode as Jim Sheils talks about the importance of developing a closer relationship between entrepreneurs and their children while maintaining a successful real estate business. Key takeaways to listen for Insights about the current real estate market situation How to become a successful parent entrepreneur Importance of teaching your kids with simple principles Integrating work and personal life Benefits of acknowledging your mistake  Importance of setting time for family Commitment and scheduling Resources mentioned in this episode The Family Board Meeting: You Have 18 Summers to Create Lasting Connection with Your Children About  Jim Shiels  Jim Sheils is a general partner of SI Asset Management, a firm that focuses on private fund offerings for accredited investors in the highly profitable Build-to-Rent sector. He also runs Jax Wealth Investments, a private real estate investment firm that has executed over $400 million in transactions. He is known as the “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneur families. His popular “Board Meeting” strategy and other simple frameworks are helping thousands of business leaders worldwide reconnect where it counts the most: at home. His firm, 18Summers, specializes in retreats, workshops and private consulting for entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their family lives while still succeeding in business. Connect with Jim Website: 18 Summers Instagram: @18summerstribe Facebook: 18 Summers - The Family Board Meeting LinkedIn: Jimmy Sheils Connect with Us To learn more about partnering with us, visit our website at www.allstatescapitalgroup.com. Sign up to get our Apartment Due Diligence Check Template for free! Get a chance to have free access to a training on how to find commercial properties off-market by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. Follow Me on Social Media: Facebook: Javier A Hinojo Jr. Facebook Group: Billion Dollar Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Instagram: @javierhinojo.jr TikTok: @javierhinojojr Twitter: @JavierHinojoJr


20 Jun 2021

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SPI 491: Work Life Balance & The 18 Summers You Have with Your Kids (a Chat with Jim Sheils)

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

#491 As entrepreneurs a lot of us develop this idea that we need to hustle now, grind out the hours, and our families will understand. But this is the opposite of what I would advise. Nothing can replace lost time that you could have used to develop a strong relationship with your children, your partner . . . I've seen the other side of the "hustle now" mentality. Trust me, it isn't pretty.Today I've got Jim Sheils on the show with a life-changing conversation about how to schedule time to connect with your family, why it's essential that you do so, and the rules he follows to get it right. His company, 18 Summers, is devoted to this topic and Jim's also the author of The Family Board Meeting, which I highly recommend you check out. If you want to learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur and have a great relationship with your family, this is the episode for you! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session491See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


9 Jun 2021

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Ep #309: Jim Sheils - Using Real Estate as the Vehicle to Fund Your Life Mission (Encore Episode)

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint

*Original air date: Sept 11, 2020.* Jim Sheils has been in the real estate game for many years now, and even through the 2008 recession, he was able to keep his investors on top. Today he joins the show to discuss the current state of real estate investing and how, in the end, everything we do in our lives is truly about our connection with people. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2KG3JEx 


1 Jan 2021

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WS757: Being Strong in Family and Business with Jim Sheils

The Real Estate Syndication Show

The value system that guides Jim Sheils in all his ventures is underpinned by the high level of importance he places on his relationships with others, whether they are business partners, employees, or members of his family. During this conversation, Jim, a driven, humble, seasoned real estate man, talks us through developments, investments, income funds, his career trajectory and the key components to his success, as well as his passion project, 18 Summers, which aims to help entrepreneurs find a healthy balance between work and family life.Our gracious sponsor: A Cost Segregation Study typically generates accelerated depreciation deductions ranging from 15% - 45%; Whether Commercial Real Estate was acquired, built-new, or renovated over the past 15-years, a Cost Segregation Study can still be performed…and there’s no amending of past tax-returns required; All Cost Segregation Providers are NOT created equal…if your Provider does NOT have a Certified Cost Segregation Professional (CCSP) on-staff, then you’re at higher risk of a failed IRS audit; There are ONLY (43) Certified Cost Segregation Professionals (CCSPs) in the entire United States…(8) CCSPs are employed by Bedford. Visit www.bedfordteam.com


16 Nov 2020

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Ep #293: Jim Sheils - Using Real Estate as the Vehicle to Fund Your Life Mission

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint

Jim Sheils has been in the real estate game for many years now, and even through the 2008 recession, he was able to keep his investors on top. Today he joins the show to discuss the current state of real estate investing and how, in the end, everything we do in our lives is truly about our connection with people. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2F9kPHW 


11 Sep 2020

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Jim Sheils - The Family Board Meeting [The Business of Family]

The Business of Family

Our guest this week is Jim Sheils, a successful real estate entrepreneur and best-selling author of The Family Board Meeting. Jim was motivated by what he saw as one of the most tragic challenges of modern life: the disconnection of busy entrepreneurs from their families. Jim Sheils developed the Family Board Meeting process out of necessity for his own family and hopes to help business owners bridge the gaps between themselves and their loved ones. Standout Quotes “I look at my family as my most important clients, investors, and key team members.” – Jim Sheils [8:43] “If people hear nothing else today Mike, I mean nothing else, just know that the potency and power of one-on-one time is irreplaceable. It separates the parts to strengthen the whole, it takes away sibling rivalry, it puts the magnifying glass on the relationship in a positive way.” – Jim Sheils [12:01] “There is no substitute for quality time and communication.” – Jim Sheils [21:03] “What I’ve told my kids is our wealth is tied to certain core values. I will give you opportunities that I did not have. I will help set up those things, but I won’t do the push-ups for you.” – Jim Sheils [21:47] “Probably one of the worst things to ever happen to businesses and entrepreneurship, is to try to force a child to go into the family business.” – Jim Sheils [32:00] “I think it’s important for my children to remember they have certain gifts and talents that they will be able to detect that they’ll intuitively feel a pull for. I want them to have the courage, comfort, and support to go for it.” – Jim Sheils [40:24] Key Takeaways Understanding the “great entrepreneurial lie” and how to begin living in the now How irreplaceable the power and potency of one-on-one time is for strengthening your family connections Tips for making sure you are not “half-in parenting” as you work from home Understanding the challenges that come with successful succession in multi-generational family businesses The importance of setting core values and guidelines to reach success Episode Timeline [1:31] How a major life shift can change your values and awareness on life [2:46] The great entrepreneurial lie and the importance of focusing on your family [4:26] Jim’s focus on his children’s education [6:07] Personal development, financial intelligence, and relationship skills for the next generation [8:30] Jim’s family board meeting concept [10:35] A solution that is simple but has key fundamental action steps [11:54] The three guiding principles Jim has for his family board meetings [15:05] Some success stories families have had using the family board meeting method [20:15] The third-generation rule and providing proper stewardship [21:34] Jim’s outlook on his children inheriting his wealth [24:17] Half-in parenting while working from home [28:12] The failures that set Jim up for success [31:05] Strife and family breakdowns in the succession of multi-generational businesses [37:17] 18 Summers and the desire to form lifelong child-parent connections [40:06] Jim’s focus on encouraging his children’s own gifts and talents For more episodes go to BusinessOfFamily.net Sign up for The Business of Family Newsletter at https://www.businessoffamily.net/newsletter Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeBoyd If you feel it's appropriate, I'd so appreciate you taking 30 seconds to Leave a Review on iTunes, I receive a notification of each review. Thank you!Special Guest: Jim Sheils.Sponsored By:The Business of Family Newsletter: The weekly newsletter compliments the podcast with subscriber-only articles, bonus content and a great list of book recommendations. Click here to sign up now and receive instant access to all past issues. Links:The Family Board Meeting: Is Business Success Hurting Your Family? — Already implemented by thousands around the world, the Board Meetings Strategy is yielding great returns for families. You too can begin connecting, deepening and strengthening the relationship with your most important asset-your children. Using this simple strategy, busy entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals have been re grounded in balance between professional and home life.18 Summers — You Only Have 18 Summers With Your Children… How Will You Make Them Count?Jim Sheils Website


24 Aug 2020

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Creating Deep Family Bonds For Entrepreneurs w/ Jim Sheils

Real Estate of Mind Show with Glenn & Amber Schworm

This week’s guest is Jim Sheils, an entrepreneur with a background in real estate and house flipping whose mission is to help entrepreneurs create deep, meaningful bonds with their children. We talk about his deep love of surfing and the ocean, his early experiences in real estate, his company 18 Summers that help entrepreneurs focus on deepening their familial bonds, and much more!


3 Jul 2020

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Ep 39: 18 Summers – How to Be a Family Man and Businessman, During & After COVID with Jim Sheils

Shut Up and Do It Podcast

Real estate investor, Jim Sheils realized long ago that most successful investors had a great balance sheet but a bad home life. He created 18 Summers, a family education company where he provides honest, practical support to help investors connect deeper and live more meaningful lives. During COVID – 19 everything has been brought home suddenly and this is our chance to reset and ensure that as we grow our businesses, our families grow with us. Jim shares key principals to help relieve the pressure to have the “perfect” family, how to avoid “work puking” in your living room, and how to come out of this challenging time stronger than you were before. As a rehabber, now doing turnkey new builds in Jacksonville, FL, Jim has built his business by focusing on fundamentals and ignoring the hype. This mindset is what helped him through the ’08 crash. He doesn’t invest in flashy cities, he invests where the numbers work, where real people, buy real properties, with real money. Jim’s #1 Best Selling book, “The Family Board Meeting” is available on Amazon or at 18Summers.com. You can also join the community in his Facebook group, 18 Summers.


14 May 2020