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132 - Medical Malpractice Litigation with Georgetown’s Dr. David Hyman & The Doctors Company CEO Dr. Richard Anderson

A Second Opinion with Senator Bill Frist, M.D.

Today we’re sharing with you a discussion we had on June 22nd with the Cato Institute on medical malpractice litigation, legislation, and the future of reform.   I’m joined by Professor David Hyman, a physician, the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Health Law & Policy at Georgetown University Law Center, and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute.  He is the coauthor of Medical Malpractice Litigation: How It Works — Why Tort Reform Hasn’t Helped, the book we are discussing today. You can find it linked in our show notes.   I’m also joined by Dr. Richard Anderson, the chairman and CEO of The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer.  He was a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, and is past chairman of the Department of Medicine at Scripps Memorial Hospital, where he served as senior oncologist for 18 years.  Dr. Hyman and Dr. Anderson agree there are serious problems with medical malpractice litigation today, but each advocate different solutions.  


28 Jun 2021

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87: Talking subscriptions and premium brands with David Hyman, CEO of Unagi Scooters


This week Oliver interviews David Hyman, CEO of Unagi Scooters about their new subscription service, Unagi All Access, as well as a wider discussion about the state of owned micromobility and the vehicles therein. It’s a great conversation - David’s got a great perspective on the industry, backed up with studies commissioned from the Haas Business School about the opportunity for scooters beyond just renting them via shared schemes like Lime and Bird. Hope you enjoy!Specifically, they dig into:- A quick review of Unagi scooters and their history as a premium ‘iPhone of scooters’ brand- Why Unagi has chosen to pursue a subscription model and who that will open them up to- What an end-to-end subscription needs to include- Why subscriptions may offer one of the cheapest daily transport options for most people- Why they have so many musicians and celebrities riding their scooters, and why Andrew Yang is a fan- Why David can’t wait to give Annie Hildago, mayor of Paris, a scooter (anyone know her and want to help?!)- Who David most respects in the Micromobility gameApologies about the audio - we had an issue and needed to go to backup.For those tuning in new, you might also enjoy this earlier conversation with David about the history of Unagi and premium scooters.Also, as mentioned in the news, Mina Nada and the Bolt Bikes (now Zooma) team have raised an $11m Series A. Check the interview we did with them out here.


27 Aug 2020

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David Hyman delves into "Digital Performance" with Clive

Business Conversations with Clive Enever

It’s no secret that in the past few years Digital Marketing has diversified and fragmented. The sector has split into social, search, content, video, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing and the list goes on.Digital Eagles marketing manager David Hyman notes any one of these can work for almost any business with the right strategy, but how do you you know if it's the right channel mix for your business?In this Business Conversations podcast, David shares his top tips on:How to set performance goals for your digital campaigns.How to identify the "low hanging fruit" from digital marketing.The fundamentals of a digital strategy.As the Digital Marketing Manager of Digital Eagles Marketing Agency, Dave Hyman brings more than eight years of digital marketing and digital strategy experience to the team to help develop performance-based campaigns that produce quality results for over 150 clients.Dave is an expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation and has successfully started and sold businesses along the way, but finds his passion in offering strategic solutions to their digital marketing needs and assisting clients with getting the best return on investment.Each week I’m joined by a new guest to dive into the many facets of business. Subscribe to my podcast here to join the Business Conversation: https://www.cliveenever.com.au/business-conversations/


14 May 2020

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Ep 08: David Hyman - Lendi

Fintech Chatter

Dexter catches up with David Hyman and talk about the Lendi journey on the FinTech Australia Podcast.What a journey it is 🚀🚀🚀  As one of Australia's first Fintech, launching in 2013, the business is now 430 people and a fine example of Aussie ingenuity and entrepreneurship.David also shares his views on the opportunities ahead for the Fintech industry as we move into the recovery phase from Covid-19.www.lendi.com.au The Fintech Australia Podcast is produced and hosted by Tier One People, Australia's leading Fintech Executive Search ConsultantsThanks to our partners FinTech Australia, a member-driven organisation that is building an ecosystem of Australian fintechs to advance the global economy and culture.We share their mission to build a strong community, foster connections and support innovation. To become a member go to https://fintechaustralia.org.au/join-now/Tier One People is Australia's leading FinTech Executive Search firm. If you are looking to hire game changing talent contact talent@tieronepeople.comIf you would like to sponsor the show please contact info@tieronepeople.comLaunch, Scale, Innovate Leaders in Fintech Executive Search and Recruitment


1 May 2020

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45: Owned Premium Lightweight Scooters - the Unagi story with CEO David Hyman


In this episode, Oliver interviews David Hyman, CEO of Unagi Scooters about the market for premium, lightweight owned micromobility. David’s background is in software and marketing, having previously been the CEO of Beats by Dre. Unagi has really nailed the owned scooter brand experience, and it’s a great discussion.Specifically we dig into:- Features and tradeoffs that they made in order to deliver the best ownership experience- The origin story for the Unagi Scooter- The overall market potential for the space and how they’re thinking about it- The importance of quality and signalling for something that is personally owned, and how that differs from shared services- What he sees happening for the micromobility space, both owned and shared, in the coming few years- Their recent raise of $3m, who it came from and what they intend to do with it.Thanks to this week’s sponsor Particle. Particle provides an end-to-end IoT platform, from device management to connectivity to hardware for connecting micromobility vehicles to networks and reducing complexity as operations scale. For operators that I’ve talked to, they’re a godsend in the world of highly complex and competitive operations.Visit Particle.io/micromobility to learn more and request a free IoT development kit. All podcast listeners will also receive a free consultation. Visit Particle.io/micromobility today.


31 Oct 2019

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Unagi Scooters lowers prices, goes direct to consumers: CEO David Hyman


Techstination interview: Unagi Scooters lowers prices, goes direct to consumers: CEO David Hyman


4 Feb 2019

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E86: Meet David Hyman, President of The Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions


This episode features an interview with David Hyman, President of the Center for Technology and Workforce Solutions (CTWS) as he discusses recent research that his organization has conducted around the confidence gap in tech, and dispels some of the myths about what it takes to be successful in a tech career. 


11 Jan 2019

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Episode 80: Netflix's David Hyman

POLITICO's EU Confidential

Netflix plans 153 original shows in Europe in 2019, worrying local broadcasters and delighting consumers. That level of ambition also leaves the company burning through billions in cash. The week's featured guest is David Hyman, general counsel at Netflix.The podcast panel of Lina Aburous and Alva Finn discusses the European Commission's efforts to brand 2019 as being about delivery, destiny and democracy, and we remember the highs and lows of the "father of the house" of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, dumped this week by his party after 38 years. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Jan 2019

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Episode 029: Overcharged - Why American Health Care is So Expensive with Prof. David Hyman

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

We can all agree - outside of a few overpaid pharma CEOs - that the American Health Care system is too expensive. In fact, one could argue that the system of delivering health care in America is designed to cost the most possible without any parts that can check its growth. If you were to try and design a more costly and inefficient system I dare say you would be unsuccessful.


21 Nov 2018

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Netflix Exec David Hyman ’93 Delivers Orientation Address


David Hyman ’93, general counsel of Netflix, delivered the annual orientation address to members of the Class of 2021.


21 Aug 2018