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50 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Zach Even-esh. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Zach Even-esh, often where they are interviewed.

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50 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Zach Even-esh. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Zach Even-esh, often where they are interviewed.

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Zach Even-Esh - GSC Between Sets Episdoe A#4

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How does Zach Even-Esh do it? Strength coach for division 1 college wrestling, Zach has successfully ran gyms and businesses for over 20 years. Here's an inside peak on how he does it.
Aug 31 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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EP 368 – Zach Even-Esh is Old School

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Filling Out Your Sleeves Power Athlete Radio strives to host guests who are smarter and better looking than us. This week we hit the mark with long time buddy and Underground Strength Gym Coach, Zach Even-Esh [@Zevenesh]. It seems like each conversation with him on the show is like a kick in the pants. No…

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Jul 10 2020 · 2hr 37mins
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Underground Strength Coach With Zach Even-Esh

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On today's Quantum Creating Podcast I'm delighted to be joined with legendary strength coach, the Underground Strength Coach himself, Mr. Zach Even-Esh.

Zach is someone I've not only wanted on the podcast for some time, he is someone I've known personally for years...

He is that rare breed of individual that walks his talk every single day and has, over the past two decades or so, been committed to changing the lives of everyone he comes into contact with making them the strongest and most powerful version of themselves...

Join us as we talk about how training (and life) has changed over the past two decades, how the work is the gift, and why we need a return to more simpler concepts!

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Jun 29 2020 · 41mins
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E86 | Zach Even-Esh: The Truth About What is Holding You Back

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Whether you are a strength coach or someone looking for the right mentor, we have a ton of resources out there for all of you. Head to to get on board with these resources we provide for you!

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Zach is someone I consider to be a historian of physical culture. For today's episode with him, I can't recommend enough that you get out a notepad, a piece of paper, and take down the messages and key points that Zach provides.

Zach Even - Esh is a Strength & Performance Coach located in NJ. Zach is the Founder of The Underground Strength Gym and The Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification. Zach serves as a consultant for D1 Coaches / Teams, Military SOF, Corporate Leadership & Anyone Seeking Greater Performance in Sports, Business, and Life.

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May 07 2020 ·
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Zach Even-Esh: Building Your Legacy

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Zach Even-esh is a world-class Strength & Conditioning Coach, emphasis on the "coach". He has been around the block as a professional in this field having coached the most elite level wrestlers in programs like Lehigh University to the up and coming athletes in his gyms located in New Jersey. Zach understands the tangible and intangible values of training. He views it as a vehicle for not just building better athletes, but better people. 

Apr 08 2020 · 1hr 29mins
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[ Zach Even-Esh ] How Underground Strength Gym Was Built

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What's up and welcome to the Fitness Business Foundations Podcast! Join me every episode where I bring on actual facility owners and specialty experts to share their story and insights to help you move your own journey forward.

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a conversation I had with Zach Even-Esh! Zach is truly a pioneer in this industry and someone most look to for inspiration.  His journey is truly amazing and one that I know will bring insights that will create positive shifts in your own journey.  He has a powerful mindset and unique perspective that has allowed him to position his business as the go to experts.  If you are looking to do the same, then you will want to check out today's episode!
More about today's guest Zach Even-Esh:

Zach Even-Esh is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym and creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification. He is also the strength and conditioning coach for the Lehigh University wrestling team and the author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning.

Since Zach began training athletes in 2002, he has helped hundreds of athletes from various sports and ranging from the youth level to the Olympic level to achieve great success both in the competitive arena and in life.

Where to connect with Zach:


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Apr 07 2020 · 53mins
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Leading from the Front with Zach Even-Esh

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In this episode Dan speaks with Zach Even-Esh and reviews his 20+ years as a strength and conditioning professional.

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Apr 03 2020 · 56mins
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Ep 254: Underground Sports Performance Coach Zach Even-Esh

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In this episode, I sit down with Zach Even-Esh. Zach is a sports performance coach, author, speaker, and founder of the Underground Strength Gym. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

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Feb 10 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Zach Even-Esh From Underground Strength Gym Interview

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Today We Interview Zach Even-Esh From UnderGround Strength!

Jan 22 2020 · 32mins
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Episode #50 Keeping it Simple to Build Strong, Fast and Powerful Athletes with Zach Even-Esh

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In this episode Gerry welcomes on veteran strength coach Zach Even-Esh to discuss keeping it simple and sticking with what works to get athletes stronger, faster and more powerful.

With the prevalence of social media in strength training, there is a tendency for athletes to see flashy training that lacks substance. In some ways, this has led some trainers, coaches and athletes to abandon what is simple (sprinting, squatting, lifting heavier to get stronger etc.) in favor of what is "sexier," and appeals more to complication.

To start, Zach and Gerry discuss the difference between doing an exercise the RIGHT way and simply doing it. Additionally, they go over the importance of establishing proper movement BEFORE adding load and piling on top of dysfunctional movement.

From there, the two talk about mastering the basics and building quality movement patterns and earning the right to move heavier weight with more complex movements. Lastly, the conversation turns to the importance of strength training and striving for gains and improvements year-round, ESPECIALLY for young athletes who are developing.

All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!

Show Timestamps:

1:17- The Importance of Doing an Exercise The Right Way

5:45- Information is Easy to Come By, But Hard to Implement Correctly

10:15- Listening to The Wrong Voices in The Industry

13:25- How Easy it is to Open a Gym, and Why That Can Be a Problem

20:10- Dealing with Weakness From Injuries

23:20- Sports Specificity

27:15- You are Dealing with PEOPLE and Adaptation

32:45- Training Year-Round

37:10- Intensity Based on Season

40:05- Seek out The Type of Athlete You Want to Train

43:55- Invest in Yourself

56:46- Mini Q&A Question 1

57:39- Sprinting Fast to Get Faster

1:01:18- Mini Q&A Question 2

1:03:14- Importance of Timing with Static Stretching

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Dec 11 2019 · 1hr 5mins