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Dave Tate's Table Talk

elitefts Limited Edition Apparel: https://www.elitefts.com/shop/apparel/limited-edition.html Support and help the Podcast grow by Joining The Crew: https://glow.fm/davetatestabletalk/ In this 167th Table Talk Podcast episode, Dave Tate is joined by Zach Even-Esh. Zach Even-Esh is a Strength & Sports Performance Coach located in NJ. Zach is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym, author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength, and creator of two certifications; The SSPC Cert (Strength & Sports Performance Coach) and The Underground Strength Coach Cert.  Zach began coaching full-time in 2002 and has been in the private sector for 20 years while also coaching at The D1 level (Lehigh and Rutgers). Zach has consulted with college programs, the FBI, Naval Special Warfare, and coaches worldwide. Zach has been a full-time high school strength and conditioning coach since 2019 and is The NJ State Director for The NHSSCA (National High School Strength Coach Association).  Zach's IG: https://www.instagram.com/zevenesh/ Zach Even-Esh Website: https://zacheven-esh.com/ ABOUT THE HOST Dave Tate is the founder and co-owner of elitefts.com. He is the author of twenty books and has logged more than 40,000 hours of training and consulting. Dave is married to elitefts co-owner Traci Arnold-Tate, and they reside in London, Ohio, with their two sons. Personal Credo: Live, Learn, Pass on™. Dave's IG: https://www.instagram.com/underthebar/?hl=en SPONSORS Marek Health  Marek Health is the telehealth platform that connects customers to partnered providers focusing on hormone optimization and preventative medicine—offering self-service labs at great prices and guided optimization.  https://marekhealth.com/tabletalk/    Use Code Tabletalk for 10% off your first order. Also, check out the Table Talk Panel:  https://marekhealth.com/tabletalk/ 1st Detachment  1st Detachment (1D) is a veteran-founded, expert-formulated supplement company led by renowned coach Justin Harris and optimal living specialist Joe Miller. From a game-changing pre-workout to potent glucose disposal agents & industry-leading intra-workout, we’ve combined science with real-world experience to custom-formulate each product. We are battle tested. Are you? Find your battle today! Use code TABLETALK10 at checkout for 10% OFF your order. https://1stdetachment.com/ LMNT A tasty electrolyte drink mix.  https://DrinkLMNT.com/TABLETALK  for a FREE 8-flavor sample pack with any purchase!  elitefts If you can put it in a gym bag or load weight on it, we have you covered.  https://www.elitefts.com/     Use Code TABLE TALK for 10% off your first elitefts order. SUPPORT THE SHOW All profits from elitefts Limited Edition Apparel, Table Talk Coffee, and Team elitefts Workouts, Programs, and Training eBooks support Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast. Shop these elitefts items: https://www.elitefts.com/content/table-talk/ Support Dave Tate's Table Talk podcast by joining the crew.  https://glow.fm/davetatestabletalk/ elitefts Shop: https://www.elitefts.com/ elitefts IG: https://www.instagram.com/elitefts/

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24 Jan 2023

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341: Zach Even-Esh on The Power of Chaos and Imperfection in Building a Superior, Adaptive Athlete

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s podcast features strength coach, Zach Even Esh.  Zach is the founder of the Underground Strength Gym, and has been a leading figure in creative and adaptive strength training means.  He is also the host of the Strong Life podcast and the creator of many educational resources in the realm of human strength and performance.As the world moves forward, the world of training has become an interesting place, accelerated by the changing club sport scene, technological advances, social media, and more.  At the same time, the actual human being performing the training hasn’t changed, and human beings have far more nuances to them than simply being based on the same concepts that a machine, such as a car, does.  In many ways, human beings are being trained less and less like actual humans, and more as machines.  Cones and ladders have replaced playing basketball or soccer.  “Speed Training” has replaced running track, playing other sports, or racing friends on the playground.  This isn’t to say that our collective intelligence hasn’t created a substantial leap forward in understanding training frameworks, but at the same time, increased intelligence doesn’t automatically equal understanding how to create the richest possible environment for an athlete.On the show today, Zach speaks on the importance of imperfect, and chaotic elements in training.  We talk about how these elements are not just important with respect to the chaos of sport, but also in the level of how we are meant to adapt to training in general as human beings.  He talks on the power of a nature-based training system, his menu-based training days, as well as what we can learn from training that “breaks the rules” or would be thought to create “sub-optimal” adaptations.  Finally, Zach hits on the important elements of community in the world of sport, and the modern plague of business that has enveloped the schedules of kids, as well as society in general.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, Lost Empire Herbs, and the Elastic Essentials online course.For 15% off your Lost Empire Herbs order, head to lostempireherbs.com/justfly.To try Pine Pollen for FREE (just pay for shipping), head to: justflypinepollen.comFind out more about the the online course, Elastic Essentials, by heading to justflysports.thinkific.comView more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Timestamps and Main Points:3:23 – The branding of “underground strength” versus “speed” when it comes to marketing, and what sports parents are familiar with in performance8:07 – What a ideal world of play and movement would (and does) look like for a uyoung athlete15:48 – The nature of preparation based on nature and chaos, versus things needing to be neat28:19 – How kids are doing more now days, with more coaches, yet accomplish less38:13 – Keeping training as “rich” and dense as possible, so athletes can spend less total time in training, yet hone human qualities to a maximal level42:13 – Zach’s menu-based workout system for his athletes48:01 – The power of nature based, variable training to improve an athlete’s power outputs and general adaptation1:10:23 – The value of community in one’s training environment as well as the value of training equipment with a history behind it, and the inspiration of using that“He’s playing soccer… that is speed and agility”“Sport has no absolutes, so when they are training, I want their body to feel comfortable in awkward positions”“That’s something software hasn’t brought to the table, kids learning how to compete”“My gym is located across the street from the park, so we’ll warm up with a game of ultimate football, and how do you get to the park? We partner up and you carry kettlebells or a heavy medicine ball; then we’ll segue into jumping and hand walking and crawling then we do a 5-point game, and then carry everything back”“We carried to the park, played,

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12 Jan 2023

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Zach Even-Esh - Creating Winners

Jochum Strength Podcast

On this episode of the podcast we have Zach Even-Esh – Zach is the owner of Underground Strength Gym – a high school strength coach and a legend and pioneer in the field – on this episode of the podcast Zach takes us down the rabbit holes of how to create a culture at a gym – the trends he has seen throughout his years as a coach and how he creates mobile – agile and hostile athletes in his gym – I hope you guys get as much out of this one as I did – keep chopping wood--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/austin-jochum/support

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21 Nov 2022

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Episode 172: Training, Nutrition and Inspiration for the Younger Athlete: Zach Even-Esh with Dr Mike T Nelson

Flex Diet Podcast

Listen to hear:[14:40] How Zach instructs high school athletes to eat[19:53] Why are young kids looking so unhealthy?[20:44] How parents are confused about nutrition[25:55] Knowing where you food comes from[33:00] Building the right environment for kids[37:45] Functional training and bodybuilding for teens[45:11] National High School Coaches Association[50:26] Promoting what's good for youConnect with Zach:NewsletterYouTubeInstagramWebsiteAbout ZachZach Even-Esh is one of the leading authorities in the strength & conditioning field today. Zach started The Underground Strength Gym in 2002 and has been coaching & consulting with Adults to Tier 1 Military, Youth Athletes to D1 Athletes and Garage Gym lifters from all around the world. Zach is also the Author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength.


17 Oct 2022

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Zach Even-Esh - The guy every parent wants training their kid - Ep 168

The Active Life Podcast

Zach Even-Esh is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym and the creator of the Underground Strength Coach Certification and author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning. Since opening his gym, Zach has trained hundreds of athletes from youth levels to the Olympic level. Many have gone on to achieve All-State, All-American and National Championship titles. In addition to operating his training and coaching services on a daily basis, Zach serves as a consultant for Division 1 wrestling teams along with coaches and athletes around the world. His mission is to help you kick ass & take names in life AND lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks coupled with real world experience dating back to 1989. ======= 50% of Americans have musculoskeletal pain. Over 1/3 of Americans suffer from obesity. 67% of Americans are overweight. With thousands of gyms, hundreds of thousands of fitness coaches, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and gyms in the US, access is not the problem. This podcast provides the actionable information needed to help you create a fulfilling and financially rewarding career helping the millions of people whose needs fall somewhere between the fitness and healthcare industries of today. Join the thousands of fitness professionals who have experienced life changing results by working with Active Life.  www.activelifeprofessional.com Get on a call with us:  https://secure.scheduleonce.com/60minutemeetingwithnick Are you ready to Turn Pro? Connect with us! www.activelifeprofessional.com

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17 Oct 2022

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Episode #73 w/ Zach Even-Esh


Coach Adam sits down with Zach Even-Esh, Best Selling Author, The Encylopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning Zach is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym (Manasquan, NJ) which started in 2002 out of my parents garage & backyard. He became one of the earliest pioneers in the warehouse gym business for strength & conditioning. Zach is the creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification and The SSPC Certification (Strength & Sports Performance Coach) Zach consult with athletes & coaches from around the world, sharing his knowledge in training as well as business building for strength & conditioning coaches / performance coaches. For more information about Zach and The Underground Strength Gym Visit: https://zacheven-esh.com/ Enjoy The Show!


6 Jun 2022

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EP 93: Building a Successful Training Business in 2022 with Zach Even-Esh, Joe Riggio, and Dan Goodman

The Business Of Strength Podcast

Joe Riggio, Dan Goodman, and Zach Even-Esh sit down for a special episode on the Business of Strength Podcast!   Where you can hear the interviews, tips, and tools to turn your passion for strength into a profession you love. Today’s guest is one of the Godfathers of the Garage Gym Movement here in NJ and none other than our good friend Zach Even Esh. In this episode we talk about our upcoming seminar we are doing together with Zach January 29th at Varsity House Gym. Doing cool shit with cool people How to KISS with your business so you can scale. What It means to be a great coach Automation and systems How to help coaches make more money, and have more personal freedom to prevent burn out This episode is brought to you by BusinessofStrength.com where gym owners, trainers, and coaches can get the consulting, on-demand courses, and tools to grow your gym business.  Go to BusinesofStrength.com to learn more! 


16 Dec 2021

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Zach Even-Esh | Sustained Strength Expert


Thanks again to our good friend Zach Even - Esh for coming in today. You can visit him at ZachStrength.com for Uncensored Newsletter & Free Training Courses. And visit him on all social media channels @ZEvenEsh Make sure to visit IRON COMPANY for all your free weight equipment including barbells, dumbbells, Olympic bars and weight plates. Check out our weekly Powerlifting Articles by Marty Gallagher where Marty discusses everything from the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press and much more. His latest article "Recovery Accelerators For Weight Training" is up now. And don't forget the Jim Steel Weightlifting Articles combining his head strength coach experience from the University of Pennsylvania for twenty years with decades of successful powerlifting meets and bodybuilding competitions for us all to learn from and enjoy. His latest article "Powerlifting Training and Competition" is up now. Thanks for listening and if you like what you hear please give us a review on your favorite podcast player.

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18 Oct 2021

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#329 The Art of Coaching, Strength Coach Lifestyle and LIFE LESSONS w/ Zach Even-Esh & Joe D.

Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show

Joe D. reunites with Zach Even-Esh in this week's EPIC podcast! (You'll probably end up listening to this episode multiple times!) TOPICS INCLUDE: The Art of Coaching - The fine details & little nuances that separate good coaches from GREAT coaches; How we handle "difficult" parents in the gym; Experiences we've had with bad coaches that showed us what we DON'T want to do or become as coaches ourselves; Stories, memories, and lessons learned from our close friend [who recently passed away] Dr. Tom "The Guru" Bilella; LIFE LESSONS that we've experienced as we've gotten older; Garage Gym Godfathers seminar details/announcement...and Much MORE! *For Show Notes, Timestamps & Important Links from this episode goto www.IndustrialStrengthShow.com IMPORTANT LINKS Garage Gym Godfathers seminar [digital download] Zach Even-Esh (@zevenesh) Magic Spoon [promo code: JOED]

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5 Aug 2021

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CAPC115 - Zach Even-Esh

Conquer Athlete Podcast

Zach Even-Esh is an author, founder of The Underground Strength Gym & Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification. He has worked with countless athletes over the years and continues to grow and foster a positive fitness community within the walls of his gym. https://zacheven-esh.com/ https://www.instagram.com/zevenesh/?hl=en SPONSORED by: Driven Nutrition Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout. Virus Active Wear Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout


7 Jul 2021