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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nicole Christina. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nicole Christina, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nicole Christina. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nicole Christina, often where they are interviewed.

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Nicole Christina: Psychotherapist & Zestful Aging Podcast Host

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Episode 15

In this episode psychotherapist and Zestful Aging Podcast Host talks about her reasons for getting outside and how she helps her clients to take an "aesthetic walk" outside. Nicole says by taking outside breaks you are respecting  and resting  your brain -- so you can feel better mentally and physically.

Nicole Christina is the host of Zestful Aging Podcast, an interview show heard in 92 countries. She’s also a psychotherapist of 30 years, specializing in eating disorders. 

Find out more atZestfulAging.com.

Nicole Christina practices in Syracuse, NY, in the Syracuse University area. She specializes in food and body issues, mindfulness, and positive aging. 

I love her Podcast Zesful Aging, so much so that I asked Nicole if I could be on her podcast before I started mine. There we learned how much we both loved and needed nature. ​I will link to that podcast on my website Treesmendus.com

Nicole Christina in addition to being a podcaster, you are a psychotherapist. How does nature and your outside mindset figure into the way you treat clients? 

I have an example of a client I had yesterday. He was struggling like many people are these days, feeling very isolated. They were not able to do the things he normally does well – getting together with people, doing the hobbies that they normally do. 

Our lives are all up ended now. I asked him what has he been doing in terms of getting outside. I am not talking about a fitbit, 10,000 step walk, I talking about what I call “an aesthetic walk” which is just walking around for the value of being outside. 

And a lot of the value I learned from your book, but a lot of the value I don’t think we truly understand. But we know that we are outdoor creatures, that we evolved to be outside, and that not getting sunlight, not getting near trees, grasses… and just being in your apartment is going to cause trouble. It is going to make feeling bad even worse. 

So one of the prescriptions I gave him, and this is just a first session - and this is a guy who is pretty athletic -  “I just want you to go on an aesthetic walk, you are not trying to increase your cardiovascular level, the whole point is to go outside to feel good: your body, your spirit, and of course we know it helps mood, anxiety, and emotional regulation. 

So that is sort of a basic prescription that I use for people who come to me and say “ I feel terrible; I am anxious.” 

It is not to say a walk around the block is going to cure everything. It is not going to cure Covid, worry about starting college, being scared, or solve the economic crisis, but it sure helps. And it is free, and we know it works. So that is something that is a go-to for me when I am evaluating someone, one of the questions I ask them is "how often do you get outside?"  

That is a long winded answer, but some of these things are basic. And I have been in practice for a long time, so I know to start with the fundamentals. I also ask how much coffee are you drinking? If the answer is I drink 12 cups and I am anxious, well maybe we should start there. Or I stay in my apartment, or I stay up until 2 in the morning watching Netflix…I mean there are certain things that we know our body needs – fresh air, fresh water, a decent diet, and limiting a lot of the toxins that come in (and that is literal and metaphorical). 

We need to be outside. Nobody comes back from a walk and says I wish I had not taken a walk.

For a complete transcript of this episode please visit my website Treesmendus.com 

Oct 16 2020 · 37mins
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Midlife Eating Disorders & Zestful Aging with Nicole Christina

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Psychologist, Nicole Christina, has seen an increase in eating disorders in midlife women. We talk here about some of the reasons, and the forms this takes. WE talk about the pressures we face and the myth of the 10k steps goal.

Nicole is also the creator and host of Zestful Aging, a lively and hugely successful podcast. Enthusiasm and passion create joy and I loved talking to Nicole about podcasting.

This is the last episode of the first series of The Midlife Movement Podcast and I wanted to end on a high. We will be back in September 2020 with more engaging interviews with interesting people. 

If you would like to put yourself forward or suggest someone else for an interview, please email me, jo@themidlifemovement.com


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-midlife-movement/message
Jun 04 2020 · 29mins

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35 Zestful ageing, not ageism with Nicole Christina

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An interview with Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist and host of the Zestful Aging Podcast which is listened to in more than 85 countries! Nicole is an utter delight and we had such a laugh together. She is also very wise.

We talk about: The joy of podcasting and why it means so much. How Nicole’s podcast has provided a balance to the negativity associated with aging. What zestful aging means to Nicole. Coping with loss and the negative aspects of ageing while fully appreciating the delightful things. The magic of technology for learning things and staying in touch How the pandemic has brought ageism to the fore How shocking it is to hear leaders dismissing the impact of corona because it ‘only’ affects the old and vulnerable The way society dismisses the experience and wisdom of older people because of the way they look Putting a monetary value on people’s lives The ugliness of the political environment in the US and the UK Big centres in New York and the UK that are being turned into hospitals Justifying going out to buy things The radical change in our day to day decisions Coping with anxiety at this time – laughter helps! Finding basic stillness is really helpful for managing stress Managing eating whether too much or too little under stress There are no dress rules under a pandemic Ditching the bra and pantyhose Needing something more in midlife How Nicole started her podcast and why The magic of fly fishing The magic of sharing stories and changing how people think about ageing The amazing things older women are doing in the world Knitting prosthetics for breast cancer survivors in Africa The nourishing aspect of learning what other women are doing You don’t get to this age without experiencing tough stuff Whether or not to allow men on our podcasts Promoting the voices of older women The democratisation of broadcasting through podcasting The dual aims of entertaining and educating on the podcast Getting the right balance between sharing the hard stuff and still being uplifting

And lots more!

You can find out more about Nicole Christina:

Website: nicolechristina.com


You can also listen to Nicole's Zestful Aging Podcast

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Apr 09 2020 · 38mins
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Nicole Christina Part 2

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Nicole is a psychotherapist who is the host of the Zestful Living Podcast.  She talks about what makes her podcast unique and how she gets such high level guests. She speaks to the coping tools she uses to deal with the many obstacles in her life and why it’s important to look at things through an international lens. She also talks about why it’s important to learn interviewing skills.

W: https://www.nicolechristina.com/

T: https://twitter.com/ZestfulAging

F: https://www.facebook.com/ZestfulAging/ 

Jan 27 2020 · 25mins

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Nicole Christina Part 1

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Nicole is a psychotherapist who is the host of the Zestful Living Podcast.  She talks about what makes her podcast unique and how she gets such high level guests. She speaks to the coping tools she uses to deal with the many obstacles in her life and why it’s important to look at things through an international lens. She also talks about why it’s important to learn interviewing skills.

W: https://www.nicolechristina.com/

T: https://twitter.com/ZestfulAging

F: https://www.facebook.com/ZestfulAging/

Jan 13 2020 · 26mins
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Mind Of A Mentor #81 - Nicole Christina (founder of Zestful Aging)

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Nicole Christina is a ​psychotherapist specializing in food and body issues, mindfulness, and positive aging. She is also the founder of Zestful Aging©, an initiative that teaches simple, sustainable habits for health and longevity through an eponymous podcast, blog, newsletter, and online course.
Through the principles of intuitive & mindful eating, Nicole teaches her clients how to listen to and trust their body's internal cues for a peaceful and balanced approach to eating. She supports the philosophy of Health At Every Size (HAES), a scientifically-proven, holistic approach to health & weight that encourages “feeling good about oneself, eating well in a natural, relaxed way, and being comfortably active.” The HAES philosophy respects body diversity, recognizing that good health comes in many shapes and sizes.
Nicole takes a holistic approach to health and happiness, recognizing the impact of environmental and biological factors on each individual's mood and behavior. She is an advocate for practices that integrate both brain and body as a means to achieving social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Outside of work, Nicole tries her best to lead a balanced, healthy life by following the principles she teaches her clients about the importance of whole foods, exercise, and pleasure. She indulges her love of nature and dogs, enjoys knitting, and stays active by playing tennis. Nicole also feels incredibly fortunate to have found a career that brings her a sense of purpose, meaning, and accomplishment.
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Nov 27 2019 · 52mins
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Nicole Christina on Zestful Aging and Eating Disorders for Women Over 50

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I begin this show with a little essay called ‘Seven Ideas for a Happier Life’. In short, you learn things as you go through life. My own meltdown in 2012 has helped me reshape my life with a much better perspective.

Here’s my list of seven ideas!

  1. I don’t need to make anyone happy but myself. It’s actually my more important responsibility.
  2. I really can – and do – say ‘No’ whenever I need to now. The sky doesn’t fall. It’s great!
  3. No one has to march to my tune but me. Everyone else has a right to live their life EXACTLY the way they want. As do I. If that means we need to go separate ways, so be it. It’s just part of God’s plan.
  4. Things usually work out just fine. Once you’ve been thru the worst thing that can happen and you emerge better for it … you learn to go with what comes. Really, truly. Things do work out.
  5. Stop worrying. Turns out worrying doesn’t actually help – and it just produces a lot of agita. So I try not to spend time there anymore.
  6. We can’t force reality. What a shocker! So thought I could. Kind of hilarious when you think about it.
  7. In the end, all we’ve got is love. Turns out accumulating stuff is highly overrated and somewhat lonely. But love really does heal all wounds.

Psychotherapist Nicole Christina takes on a subject many of us don’t want to think about … until we have to. Self-care over 55 could best be described by her moniker: Zestful Aging. Because by the time we get there, says Nicole, we are either going to have a good run, or we’re going to suffer. Therefore, some of this conversation applies to having a healthy approach to eating and nutrition as we age.

Me? I’m all for the good run. SO I was listening carefully as Nicole and I discussed the following:

  • What exactly is ‘zestful aging’ and why does it matter?
  • What is body shame and why it applies so much to women over 50?
  • Surprising statistics about women over 50 and eating disorders
  • How to define an eating disorder
  • How eating disorders mash up with modern day tech and your smart phone apps
  • How to self-soothe as we age
  • Specific tools for longevity and happiness


Nicole’s podcast – Zestful Aging

HAES – Health at Every Size book

Evelyn Tribole episode of Zestful Aging


Nicole Christina, LCSW, is a psychotherapist of 30 years, specializing in food and body issues. She’s the creator and host of the popular podcast Zestful Aging which is heard in 54 countries worldwide. To find out more, go to nicolechristina.com.

Apr 16 2019 · 31mins
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Improve your outlook on aging and body image with Nicole Christina 053

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Nicole Christina, LCSW, is an experienced psychotherapist practicing in Syracuse, NY, who specializes in food and body issues, mindfulness, and positive aging. She’s also a professional blogger and podcaster, with a focus on healthy aging and longevity. #resilience #thriving #longevity #positiveaging #aging #bodyimage #nwi

Dec 28 2018 · 48mins
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Zestful Aging- Simple and Sustainable Habits of Longevity with Nicole Christina: Episode #7

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Nicole Christina is a psychotherapist, professional blogger, and host of the acclaimed Podcast Zestful Aging. Nicole interviews inspiring woman about their projects, as well as their own metamorphosis as they age. On our podcast she shares her clinical and academic perspective on zestful aging and creating habits that are both simple and sustainable.  Our messages both focus on creating habits, and you'll appreciate Nicole's focus on nature, finding quiet spaces, relaxed approach to eating and exercise.  She may even teach you a new vocabulary word! 

Oct 03 2018 · 35mins
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Ep. 38 - Nicole Christina: Making Gratitude Practical

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​Nicole Christina is a psychotherapist with more than 25 years of clinical experience. She specializes in Positive Aging, eating and food related issues, burnout, and stress reduction.    In this episode John and Nicole discuss how feeling grateful can lead to peace and happiness in daily life.   Nicole explains how simple, grounded techniques can help you relax so that you are able to see the bigger picture and feel more grateful. From breathing exercises and leaving quirky notes to yourself, to finding a community of people where you belong, Nicole has some smart and simple tips you can work on to reduce anxiety and see the world through a different lens.   You can find out more about Nicole's web courses on mindful eating and being grateful at www.nicolechristina.com"It's an attitude, not a practise. We have more control over our happiness than sometimes we think we do. It's not about what happens to you. It's about how you deal with it."
Oct 09 2017 · 26mins