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Brett Brohl, Managing Director of Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Techstars Climate Tech Podcast

Everybody’s got to eat. That’s the mantra of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator and the Bread and Butter Ventures. Managing Director Brett Brohl is passionate about food: cooking it, eating it, and investing in the next group of startups in this area, which has only gained popularity in the past two years despite being a huge market and full of opportunities. “What are the natural spaces to go to when you talk about impact and sustainability? Well, it’s food, because the food system has such an impact on the planet.”In this episode, Cody chats with Brett about the accelerator and VC company, which invest in tech-enabled hardware and software from biotech on farms all the way to the future of food retail. They also discuss what Brett calls “the messy middle”: logistics, transportation, automation, and manufacturing that get produced food out to the world in a sustainable way.Cody and Brett also talked about regional commodities versus global commodities, plant-based and cell-based proteins with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and how food waste plays a huge role in the climate impact. Follow Brett on Twitter @BrettBrohl & on YouTube Brett’s BrainFollow Cody on Twitter @codysimmsListen & subscribe to The Techstars Climate Tech Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Jan 2022

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Creating Momentum in Your Fundraise with Brett Brohl

Founders Forward Podcast

On episode 2, season 2 of the Founders Forward Podcast, we welcome Brett Brohl of Bread & Butter Ventures. Brett is the Managing Director of Bread & Butter Ventures as well as the Managing Director of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator. As a past founder and current investor, Brett has a wealth of knowledge on how founders can best create momentum in their fundraising process. Brett walks us through the soups to nuts of running a strong fundraising process.


21 Jul 2021

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178. Brett Brohl

The Backpocket Podcast

Brett Brohl is an entrepreneur, investor, Managing Director at TechStars, and founder of the Syndicate Fund. Brett highlights the REAL story of entrepreneurship through his experiences starting his own companies and now investing/mentoring others.  *Disclaimer: originally S3 E18 - The Wild Ride of Entrepreneurship (feat. Brett Brohl with TechStars)* SPONSORS: - Visionary Manufacturing -  a one stop shop for all of your custom merchandise and apparel needs.  They understand if you succeed in retail sales, they will succeed as a manufacturing service. Customize your apparel here. 

1hr 26mins

17 Jun 2019

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ep. 15: Brett Brohl - TechStars farm-to-fork - Managing Director

Sourcing Matters.show

Today on episode 15 we welcome Brett Brohl, Managing Director of TechStars farm-to-fork accelerator.  Brett is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and mentor who is driven by making a difference in the world through helping entrepreneurs succeed. Spawned by the influence of his wife, Brett's interest in food and agriculture has percolated into the creation of this TechStars vertical dedicated to the future of food and proper resource management in feeding ourselves on a shrinking planet.  New England's facilitator of a new Food Economy, Lauren Abda joins the conversation as a first time co-host on Sourcing Matters. Over the past five years an innovation economy has been amassing in food & ag-tech.  Despite maturity and complexity, food systems and agriculture are one of the last giants to remain analog and antiquated.  From last mile delivery, mobile animal processing, big data accurately tracking global fisheries, or provenance of food, on new metrics & KPIs monitoring food values and production externalities, and even Blockchain on tomatoes - change seems to be enveloping at Moore’s law.   Leveraging their impressive linage in tech start-up success, TechStars received 2500 applications for only10 slots available in their inaugural Minneapolis program beginning in July.  As Abda has been doing throughout the Northeast over the past few years, Brett and his team at TechStars farm-to-fork accelerator are trying to make sense of all the bluesky opportunity around the country, and deliver a valuable and sustainable initiative which will become increasingly crucial to us all. www.SourcingMatters.show


12 Apr 2018

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Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 042: Brett Brohl Managing Director of Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Charlotte Angel Connection

Today we welcome back Brett Brohl,  Managing Director of a new accelerator called TechStars Farm to Fork (www.techstars.com/farmtofork).  Brett has been traveling the US the last couple of weeks and made a stop in Charlotte to talk with entrepreneurs about raising money and had open office hours to meet with a bunch of different folks.In this episode, I wanted to explore a few different things with Brett.  First, we celebrated Brett's successful prediction of watching the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl.  Second, I wanted to discuss Brett's experience in Charlotte versus his expectation.  We start down this theme, get sidetracked and then end the episode with a 5 minute discussion on his thoughts on the Charlotte startup scene.  I also wanted to continue the theme of just learning from Brett about startups and investing.As such, we hit on the following topics in our discussion:The 4 key things Brett looks for in a management team.How can entrepreneurs test for 'traction' before launching their product?As an investor, what do you do when an entrepreneur lets you down during the due diligence process?And stay tuned for next week's Charlotte Angel Connection as we start our 1st of two interviews with Greg Brown - Administrator of Charlotte Angel Fund I & II.  Fund I just recently closed after investing in excess of $1.5 million in startups and it seemed like a great time to sit down and talk with Greg about a host of things including how far Charlotte has come in the startup world since he started CAF I 5 years ago.


15 Feb 2018

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Charlotte Angel Connection Episode 041: Brett Brohl Managing Director of TechStars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Charlotte Angel Connection

Today we have Brett Brohl, who is the Managing Director of a new accelerator called TechStars Farm to Fork (www.techstars.com/farmtofork) - note Techstars is a long-running accelerator, but Farm to Fork is a brand new program within Techstars.  They are working with Cargill and Ecolab to develop this program.  Brett first came to North Carolina where he went to Wake Forest in college.  Since then he has gone on to start and run quite a few startups and now lives in Minneapolis where he has been part of Techstars for the last couple of years.For our typical two part interview with Brett, I wanted to change things up.  We did the first part of the interview prior to Brett coming to Charlotte in early February.  First I wanted to hear about the program and what Brett is setting up.  I also wanted to get Brett’s expectation about Charlotte before he got here.  The second part of the interview occurred after Brett had come to Charlotte.  In this interview, we will explore more about the Farm to Fork program but will also talk with Brett about his experience in Charlotte and what he saw.So as we explore those concepts, we touched on the following topics today:What’s does Food to Fork mean what types of companies are the looking to find?When does the first class start and how long will it last?What does the program cover for the entrepreneurs and what can founders expect during the 3 months?What’s life like for a company after the 3 months in the accelerator program?What is Brett’s experience as an entrepreneur (including what was Brett’s highest selling candy bar as a middle schooler)?Why is Brett coming to Charlotte to look for companies for the Farm to Fork Accelerator?What are Brett’s expectations for coming to Charlotte?What is the startup scene like in Minneapolis – Brett’s current hometown?What does Brett think is more important to grow an entrepreneur ecosystem – founders or capital?What do they look for in a company?Stay tuned for next week as we continue with Part II with Brett.


8 Feb 2018