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117: Becoming Fluent in 7 Languages Through Music, Travel and Freestyle Rapping with Idahosa Ness

The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Idahosa Ness shares his experience growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, playing violin and freestyle rapping. He then takes us on his travel journey, starting with his first trip to Mexico, and explains how that ignited his passion for language learning so he could more meaningfully connect with people. He then shares how he used his background in music and freestyle rapping to develop “The Mimic Method” for learning languages by ear. He explains how he used the Mimic Method to teach himself Spanish, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese, and then started teaching it to others. He then shares how freestyle rapping played a significant role in helping him develop fluency in 6 foreign languages. He tells the story of participating in a weekly hip hop cypher in Portuguese while living in Rio, as well as his experience attending a hip hop battle in Cali, Colombia. He reflects on the hip hop culture in South America and how it differs from the U.S. He also breaks down the Mimic Method, explains the reason it is so important to understand the sounds and perfect the pronunciation first, and then goes on to share the step by step process for becoming fluent in a new language by ear. And, finally, Idahosa reflects on what travel means to him at this point in his life. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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19 Jan 2021

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#13 How to Learn a Language “By Ear” with Idahosa Ness

Language Hacking

Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy have a conversation with Idahosa Ness, founder of the Mimic Method. In this episode of the Language Hacking Podcast, Idahosa details his language learning strategies, employing music, rapping, mimicry and deliberate practice.Featured ResourcesThe Mimic Method Episode OverviewSome of the topics brought up during the interview are:How Idahosa developed the Mimic Method by learning multiple languages Freestyle rapping as a language tool Mouth and tongue training to form sounds in a new language Learning to tune your ear to a new language How to sound like a native and integrate into other cultures How to overcome perfectionism by getting into the flow Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy


31 Aug 2020

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13. Getting across the ‘Impact Barrier’ with Idahosa Ness

Creator Smarts Podcast

Idahosa grew up in the US only speaking English. When he was eighteen he made his first solo trip to Mexico and that’s where he learned to speak Spanish. Later, he also learned Mandarin and Portuguese, and developed his own learning methodology. He launched his online business ‘Mimic Method’, and since then he has helped thousands of people to improve their accent in a foreign language. That Idahosa is a genius when it comes to music and accent training might not be new to you, but did you also know that he is a real master when it comes to online marketing?Surrounding himself with successful people who he admires has been one of the main strategies he has utilized to gain all the business wisdom that he has acquired over the last decade. In this interview he’s going to share some of his best insights with us, so make sure to pay attention!For the full article:https://langpreneur.com/podcast-13-idahosa-ness/Learn how to build your online language business:https://langpreneur.com/


14 Feb 2020

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259: How to Learn Languages by Ear With Idahosa Ness

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Even though I studied Spanish for years in school, I still struggle to use what I learned in any meaningful way. Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place. Idahosa Ness is a teacher, a musician, and foreign language expert who created The Mimic Method, a system to learn languages faster and more effectively. Although …


20 May 2019

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Mimic Method Founder Idahosa Ness on How to Master Pronunciation & Sound More Like a Native Speaker

The Language Mastery Show

Idahosa Ness is an accomplished polyglot, world traveler, musician, and the founder The Mimic Method, which helps language learners adopt more native-like pronunciation through the power of listening, phonetics, and mimicry.  📝 For show notes, visit LanguageMastery.com/show. 🇯🇵 Learn Japanese Anywhere!  Want to learn Japanese through at-home immersion instead of boring textbooks or expensive classes? MASTER JAPANESE, my detailed how-to manual and resource guide, will show you exactly how. Learn more at https://bit.ly/masterjapaneselms.   ❓Ask Me a Question!   Got a question about language learning you'd like me to answer on the show? Leave me a voice recording and you might here my response on the next episode! Record your message here: https://anchor.fm/john-fotheringham/message


27 Apr 2019

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FYMPcast22 Personality Type and Stories: A Conversation with Idahosa Ness

The Character Arc Podcast

In this episode, hyperglot and serial entrepreneur Idahosa Ness joins us! Idahosa is the founder of the mimic method (www.mimicmethod.com), a language learning program that helps you learn languages by ear, and MindKeepers (www.mindkeepers.io) where he focuses on helping people spend more time in a good state of mind using various tools and techniques. We talk about the different frameworks used for personality typing, the purpose and utility of learning about personality types, and how personality type plays a role in stories and in people’s lives.www.fymplanet.com(02:00) Guest introduction: Idahosa Ness(03:55) Idahosa’s perspective on stories(04:47) What is the Myers-Briggs personality test?(07:52) A fictional personality case study(20:56) How is understanding personality types useful?(23:48) Problems with discussing personality type(26:16) Approach, avoid, and personality type(27:14) The personalities you see in fiction(35:55) Batman and personality inconsistencies(42:55) Personality, stories, and life


25 Jul 2018

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FLP10: How to Learn Languages by Ear - Interview with Idahosa Ness, Creator of Mimic Method

Free Language Podcast

Idahosa Ness is the founder of Mimic Method, a language learning program with a twist.Actually, a flip.Mimic Method flips the language learning game right around by effectively training your ear from the very beginning.It's currently available for Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Russian, and Spanish with more languages coming soon.In this podcast episode, Idahosa explains how most traditional language learning today is focused on learning by eye whereas his method begins from day one with the ear.He also touches on why so many would-be bilinguals fail in learning a language because of the traditional approach many textbooks and school programs are based on.Mimic Method students learn the elemental sounds of a language and, in doing so, are able to advance much more quickly conversationally in the long run.In this episode, Idahosa explains how Mimic Method came to be as well as how it works.


7 Mar 2018

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Language Hacking and Location Independence with Idahosa Ness

Zero To Travel Podcast

What is one of your biggest cultural mishaps as a traveler? What is the essence of the best lifestyle businesses out there? Today you'll to get some incredible advice from Idahosa Ness. He speaks five languages fluently and is the creator of The Mimic Method; a unique language learning approach that focuses on “Learning By Ear” so you can learn languages faster, understand more, and speak with a better accent. He also wants to help people make human connections across the language barrier. Tune in to hear all about this unique language learning method as we talk travel, location independence, cultural mishaps, the essence of lifestyle businesses, and so much more! Don't forget to head over to zerototravel.com/paradisepack to get your FREE gift that reveals the truth behind starting a location independent business. You'll Learn: Why anyone at any age can learn a language What can open up a whole new world of experiences and perspectives The moment when conversations finally stop sucking How to increase motivation and accelerate results (when learning a language) Some powerful side benefits to learning a language Why you need to focus on progression and not perfection The 3 stages of The Mimic Method What is really necessary to learn a foreign language One awesome tip to force you to interact with people Why most understanding is misunderstanding The best way to create and sell a course One of the best multicultural places to visit in the summer (hidden gem!)Resources: Should I “Follow My Passion”? Behind The Laptop: 10 Ways To Earn Money While Traveling The World The Paradise Pack The Mimic Method Suzuki Method italki Location Indie Mimic Method- Facebook For more Zero To Travel Podcasts, be sure to check out the archives!

1hr 16mins

10 May 2017

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Learning the People: Idahosa Ness and Language Learning using the Mimic Method

The World Wanderers Podcast

Idahosa (pronounced ee-DOW-ssah) Ness is the founder of The Mimic Method language learning method and speaks five languages fluently – Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Mandarin Chinese. He developed the system in 2010 while studying percussion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was struggling to learn Brazilian rhythms. The Mimic Method is unique in that the listener learns the new language by ear rather than by eye, and has helped thousands of individuals from around the world learn languages faster, understand more, and speak with a better accent. When we last talked to Idahosa in our 2016 Travel, Language Learning & The Mimic Method episode, we discussed how Idahosa started his location independent company and built a life for himself which combined his love of travel, language learning and entrepreurship. He has continued traveling and has visited the US, Hungary, Australia, Brazil and Portugal just in the past year! On this episode, we talk more about how know the language can add tremendous value to your travel experience, the pitfalls of traditional language learning models, and the importance of keeping language learning fun! If you enjoy the podcast, join the community on Facebook, Instagram + sign up for the monthly newsletter. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by YOU - this listener of the show! We just changed up our rewards on Patreon, and becoming a supporter of the show has never been better. Did someone say postcard from an exotic location? If you want to support the ongoing production of the show, please visit www.theworldwanderers.com/patreon/ Music Credits: www.bensound.com

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27 Apr 2017

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Idahosa Ness - Learning Languages with Psychedelics

The Third Wave

Idahosa Ness runs “The Mimic Method,” a website that promises to help you learn foreign languages quickly by immersing you in their sounds and pronunciations. We talk to Idahosa about his experiences with cannabis and other psychedelics, and how they have improved his freestyle rapping, increased his motivation to learn new languages, and helped the growth of his business. For a full summary and show links, go here: https://thethirdwave.co/psychedelia-idahosa-ness/ Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/thethirdwave Like the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! https://thethirdwave.co/leave-review/


23 Apr 2017