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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cindy Wang Brandt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cindy Wang Brandt, often where they are interviewed.

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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cindy Wang Brandt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cindy Wang Brandt, often where they are interviewed.

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Season 2:5 Keep People Free for God and God Free for People (Cindy wang Brandt)

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I interview Cindy Wang Brandt this week about parenting, shame, and embodiment this week. Please find out more about Cindy and her parenting conference and book at https://www.parentingforwardconference.com
Apr 17 2020 · 36mins
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Episode 36: Parenting De-Centering Whiteness with Cindy Wang Brandt & Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand

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This episode is a podcast within a podcast, Parenting for Liberation founder, Trina Greene Brown, was interviewed by Cindy Wang Brandt of Parenting Forward and Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand of Latinx Parenting to discuss "parenting de-centering whiteness." Trina shared about Parenting for Liberation and the work to bring parents together to look at the ways the systems have oppressed us historically and current ongoing oppression, and how can we heal them. We also discuss parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.

Mar 31 2020 · 35mins

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Cindy Wang Brandt

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Today on Carry the Fire Podcast we have Cindy Wang Brandt. Cindy is an author, a podcaster, and a public speaker. She’s written a book, Parenting Forward: How to Raise a Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness, and has a podcast by the same name. A former conservative Christian missionary, Cindy underwent a phase shift and now speaks and writes about how that has impacted her life and how it impacts the often overwhelming and bewildering tasks of raising children.

In our conversation, Cindy recounts the story of her own phase-shift and gives her advice for others going through similar situations. And she shares tips for parenting in a way that does justice for your children and also helps them to learn how to do justice in the world around them.


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Mar 09 2020 · 59mins
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Episode 5 - Cindy Wang Brandt

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Cindy Wang Brandt joins Dave Csinos to share about how healthy spirituality can be fostered in families healing from religious trauma. An unfundamentalist parenting advocate and author of Parenting Forward, Cindy offers insights about the importance of seeing children and youth as whole human beings worthy of dignity and just how radical this perspective is in contemporary churches and the world at large.
Mar 01 2020 · 27mins

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062: Parenting with Spiritual Triggers & Glimmers with Cindy Wang Brandt

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Today on the show I share five spiritual triggers and glimmers that are commonly experienced in parenting, specifically when you have a history of spiritual trauma. Most of us know what triggers are—something that activates an unwelcome response. I recently learned of the term glimmers which is the opposite of triggers. A glimmer is an event that activates a welcome response—a light and airy feeling which brings joy instead of pain. 

And while glimmers do sound delightful, they are no more valuable than triggers. Here on the podcast, and within the Parenting Forward community, we validate every emotion—including anger, pain, happiness, and sadness. 

I will be sharing five spiritual triggers that are commonly present in parenting scenarios plus five spiritual glimmers that may come up in parenting. I hope you resonate with today’s topic and you will use these examples to help you become self-aware when these events happen in your own parenting. 

Trigger Warning Notice: This episode discusses five specific spiritual triggers. If you are working through spiritual trauma or think you may be triggered by this topic, please feel free to skip this episode. For official diagnosis and treatment of trauma or mental health always consult a medical or healthcare professional. I am not a licensed therapist, therefore, the content shared in this podcast comes from my own experiences and reflections. 

Show Highlights:

  • Five spiritual triggers that can come up when parenting including several examples.
  • Acknowledging we are parenting differently than our parents did, we want different outcomes for our kids, and recognizing sometimes the outcomes can trigger us.
  • Five different ways I have experienced spiritual glimmers.
  • One specific glimmer I believe is the most healing to a spiritually traumatized person. 

Links (affiliates included):

Parenting Forward on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parentingforward

The Brand New Parenting Forward Conference - https://www.parentingforwardconference.com

Join us at the Parenting Forward Patreon Team - https://www.patreon.com/cindywangbrandt

Parenting Forward, the Book - https://amzn.to/2GB6eDB



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Feb 17 2020 · 25mins
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Episode 79: Cindy Wang Brandt Is Teaching The World To Parent Forward (Women's Voices You Need To Hear, Part 1)

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It's week ONE of our new series, "Women's Voices You Need To Hear" and today we're sitting down with the one and only Cindy Wang Brandt to talk to her about her book "Parenting Forward".  Enjoy, and go sign up for her ONLINE CONFERENCE (** link below)!



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Feb 04 2020 · 45mins
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Episode 107: Cindy Wang Brandt - Raising Children in the Faith

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A lot of parents who no longer hold to the same beliefs about the Bible and God they did when they were children are left wondering, “But how do we raise our kids?” Author and speaker Cindy Wang Brandt helps us with the question: How can our kids hold to the Christian faith without going through some of the more painful parts of an evolving faith?

Show Notes →

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Nov 11 2019 · 46mins
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Parenting Forward with Cindy Wang Brandt

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Few things, very few, are more important than raising the next generation. I sat down with Cindy to discuss how to approach this.

Guest Bio:
Cindy Wang Brandt is an author, podcaster, and speaker. Her book, Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness, was published in February 2019. She’s the founder of popular facebook group, Raising Children Unfundamentalist. She writes at cindywangbrandt.com. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram.

Find more about her Conference that's upcoming right here: https://www.parentingforwardconference.com/

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Sep 02 2019 · 55mins
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UnFundamental Parenting w/ Cindy Wang Brandt

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"I see faith in the irreverent, miracles in the ordinary, and beauty in the margins." -Cindy Wang Brandt

This episode is jammed packed with intriguing conversations from parenting while deconstructing your spiritual beliefs, Purity Culture and more. Cindy Wang Brandt is the author of the recently released book, Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness.

In addition to being an author, Cindy also hosts her own podcast, Parenting Forward and is the founder of the hugely popular Facebook Group: Raising Children Unfundamentalist.

Don't Miss out on the upcoming online "Parenting Forward Conference" in September 2019, click here for more information.

Click here to find out more about Cindy Wang Brandt, and for this episode's show notes.

Aug 05 2019 · 44mins
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Parenting Forward with Cindy Wang Brandt

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Cindy Wang Brandt, author of Parenting Forward, joins the show to discuss how deconstructing parents can pass values to their children without relying on fear and indoctrination.

Find out more about Cindy's work, including her book and podcast, on her website, cindywangbrandt.com.

Connect with the Life After Podcast & Community here: linktr.ee/thelifeafter

Special Show Note: 

We apologize to our friend, Chrissy Stroop, for using the incorrect pronouns in the last episode. Since we had recorded the episode in May, Chrissy has begun transitioning and prefers she/her pronouns. At the time of the recording, they/them were preferred.

We fully support and affirm Chrissy. Read more about her inspiring journey here:


Jul 31 2019 · 1hr 4mins