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Raising Humans - pt. 6 w/ Cindy Wang Brandt

Vinings Lake Church

Author of "Parenting Forward" and special guest speaker Cindy Wang Brandt joins us for pt. 6 of Raising Humans: A Brief Guide to Parenting.   We are all shaping the generation behind us. They are all watching and listening to everything we say and do. The question is, “How are we shaping them?” What are we passing off to them? For many, this reality creates enormous anxiety and worry. So we devour parenting books and podcasts looking for an owner’s manual. But the truth is there is no one right way to parent. In this series, we will sit down with actual parents and explore new, creative, and healthy ways to talk to our kids about God, religion, sex, gender, inclusion, death, justice, racism, money, boundaries, and discipline. We will learn how to worry well and not pass our own anxieties off to our kids. And we will explore how to raise humans to be who they are, not who we want them to be.


22 May 2021

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Episode 261: Cindy Wang Brandt | Raising Kids While Your Faith is Evolving

Surviving Sarah

I am happy to welcome to the table Cindy Wang Brandt. She is an author, podcaster and host of the Parenting Forward conferences. A friend told me about her years ago and since then I’ve read her book, Parenting Forward, and always enjoy her podcast by the same name.    We recorded conversation while I was hunkered down in the safest room in the house during a tornado. You guys, if that isn’t commitment to you then I don’t know what it is. In this conversation, we talk about how to create a space for kids to cultivate their own spirituality, advice on how to raise kids without unnecessary shame in regards to their sexuality and how to raise citizens of the world—that is, how to help shape conscious kids.   Check out bonus content from today's episode over on Patreon.   Sign up for Sarah's monthly Survival Kit Newsletter   Connect with Sarah: Website | Instagram


20 Apr 2021

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Cindy Wang Brandt on Raising Liberated Children

Huckleberry Gin

Cindy Wang Brandt is an author  of "Parenting Forward," the parenting manual for social justice minded parents, and "You Are Revolutionary," a children's book releasing this October.  She is a thought leader in progressive parenting, conference organizer, podcaster, and so much more.We talk about how to raise liberated children, how to have empathy on our children AND ourselves while parenting in a pandemic, and how to be an anti-racist parent. Then Carly forces Cindy into the role of therapist and projects all her fears and shame as a writer on her. Check out Cindy's Parenting Group on Facebook, and find her on Twitter at @cindywangbrandt or her website. For the mock-tail recipe inspired by Cindy that Carly makes with her daughter, head to @huckleberryginbar on Instagram. 


9 Mar 2021

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A Conversation With Cindy Wang Brandt

The Talk

Parenting Forward’s Cindy Wang Brandt is a writer, podcaster, speaker, and conference host who has built a valuable community around the concept of parenting with a focus on spirituality but absent of religious dogma. Cindy and I sat down for an informal conversation and discussed our podcasts, being brought up in church (and then leaving church), how our own parents influence our relationships with our kids, and what it means to strive to raise kids who are socially, globally, and culturally conscious human beings. You can find Cindy's work at cindywangbrandt.com, and be sure to check out her facebook group, Raising Children Unfundamentalist, a wonderful community for folks who want to parent in healthy moral and ethical ways, without the structures and strictures of organized religion. You can find "The Talk" on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and If you'd like to contribute to the conversation by sharing your story about one of our episode topics, you can do so by sending a voice memo or an email to thetalk@thetalkthepodcast.com. Support the show (http://www.buymeacoffee.com/CoffeeTalks)


25 Feb 2021

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090 - Cindy Wang Brandt - Parenting As You Deconstruct

The Phil Drysdale Show

Cindy Wang Brandt is the genius behind Parenting Forward. She helps parents who are deconstructing and unraveling religious trauma to raise their kids well. In this episode we cover so much great stuff on how to navigate deconstruction and still be a great parent and come out with some amazing well rounded kids. We talk about what spirituality is and how important it is to raise children with autonomy. We also look at some fascinating ideas like - does being a parent of younger children cause you to go through deconstruction quicker?Cindy's website is - https://cindywangbrandt.comInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/parentingforward/And her amazing Raising Children Unfundamentalist Facebook group is here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcugroupIf you want to watch these podcasts you can do so on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/phildrysdaleIf you'd like to connect with others deconstructing in your area check out https://www.thedeconstructionnetwork.comIf you'd like to support what I'm doing by putting out all my content for free head over to https://www.phildrysdale.com/partner

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16 Nov 2020

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Security and Clarity w/ Cindy Wang Brandt

Dirty Rotten Church Kids

This week we speak to Cindy Wang Brandt (Author! Podcaster! Speaker!). We discuss parenting after leaving evangelicalism, re-framing how we see children and raising our family like a playground. Cindy answers questions from the Bad Apples and reminds us of the permission we have during and post-deconstruction. If this interview isn't something you think you'd vibe with you can skip to 1:24:29. Brought to you by 'Spectators to Their Becoming', the DRCK/WB collaboration album. Cindy Wang Brandt https://cindywangbrandt.com/ Aspen Green (use promo code BADAPPLE) www.aspengreen.com Leefy Organics(use promo code BADAPPLE) www.leefyorganics.com Dirty Rotten Merch https://teespring.com/stores/dirtyrottenchurchkids Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 Nov 2020

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007: Surviving Deconstruction w/ Cindy Wang Brandt

Existential Happy Hour

In this episode, I talk with Cindy Wang Brandt about deconstruction, deconversion, how to make it through intact, and what life looks like on the other side of it all. We get into religious trauma, choosing your own story, and learning to live a life of authenticity and agency in a world devoid of inherent meaning. Links:Website: CindyWangBrandt.comBook: Parenting ForwardPodcast: Parenting ForwardFacebook Group: Raising Children UnfundamentalistTwitter: @cindywangbrandt


14 Oct 2020

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#57 Cindy Wang Brandt- Dont Screw Up Your Kids!

Christianity Without the Crap - Podcast

Cindy Wang Brandt helps parents heal from their religious trauma, so they can raise children with a healthy spirituality. She helps parents avoid screwing up their kids with negative religion! Even if you don’t have kids, this episode will help you understand your own upbringing and spiritual trauma. https://cindywangbrandt.com Donate at:www.patreon.com/christianitywithoutthecrap Facebook: www.facebook.com/christianitywithoutthecrap Email: cwoc.mark@gmail.com cwoc.tammy@gmail.com


13 Oct 2020

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Season 2:5 Keep People Free for God and God Free for People (Cindy wang Brandt)


I interview Cindy Wang Brandt this week about parenting, shame, and embodiment this week. Please find out more about Cindy and her parenting conference and book at https://www.parentingforwardconference.com


17 Apr 2020

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Episode 36: Parenting De-Centering Whiteness with Cindy Wang Brandt & Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand

Parenting for Liberation

This episode is a podcast within a podcast, Parenting for Liberation founder, Trina Greene Brown, was interviewed by Cindy Wang Brandt of Parenting Forward and Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand of Latinx Parenting to discuss "parenting de-centering whiteness." Trina shared about Parenting for Liberation and the work to bring parents together to look at the ways the systems have oppressed us historically and current ongoing oppression, and how can we heal them. We also discuss parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.


31 Mar 2020