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Teach Like a Champion 3.0 with Doug Lemov featuring a TLAC playlist

Naylor's Natter Podcast 'Just talking to Teachers'

A welcome return to Naylor's Natter for Doug , we talk about TLAC 3.0 and we get an exclusive! Doug talks about the tracks that influenced him when he was writing the book and we play them for you. This is a Vinyl Suite exclusive! Teach Like a Champion 3.0 is the long-awaited update to Doug Lemov’s highly regarded guide to the craft of teaching. This book teaches you how to create a positive and productive classroom that encourages student engagement, trust, respect, accountability, and excellence. In this edition, you’ll find new and updated teaching techniques, the latest evidence from cognitive science and culturally responsive teaching practices, and an expanded companion video collection. Learn how to build students’ background knowledge, move learning into long-term memory, and connect your teaching with the curriculum content for tangible improvement in learning outcomes. The new version of the book includes: An introductory chapter on mental models for teachers to use to guide their decision-making in the classroom. A brand new chapter on Lesson Preparation. 10 new techniques Updated and revised versions of all the technique readers know and use A brand new set of exemplar videos, including more than a dozen longer “keystone” videos which show how teachers combine and balance technique over a stretch of 8 to 10 minutes of teaching. Extensive discussion of research in social and cognitive science to support and guide the use of techniques. Additional online resources, and supports Read this powerful update to discover the techniques that leading teachers are using to put students on the path to success.

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28 Aug 2021

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Coach Developer Conversations (S3) (EP 9): Doug Lemov

UK Coaching Podcasts

Doug Lemov, author of 'Teach Like a Champion' and 'The Coach's Guide to Teaching', talks about effective coaching. Lemov shares his expertise with UK Coaching Coach Programme and Pathway Manager Tom Hartley on practice design for learning, effective feedback, observation and a wide range of other topics relating to coaching practice. When listening to this podcast, consider what this would mean for your practice as a coach, and someone who creates learning environments for other coaches? Whatever your role, if you're helping people to be active and improve, we're here for you. Visit UKCoaching.org to grow your coaching skills and be part of the community.


18 Aug 2021

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Practical ways we use Doug Lemov's Coach's Guide to Teaching

Rugby Coach Weekly

Dan speaks to coaches Mike Pope and Rhys Williams about how they've used what they've learned from reading Doug Lemov's book: A Coach's Guide to Teaching.Here are some of Doug's thoughts after listening to the podcast (more notes on the Rugby Coach Weekly website):Until it comes unprompted when we aren’t reminded to think about it, we probably haven’t learned it.“Interleaving is always with something you’ve already talked about.” Hugely important clarification for coaches that I hadn’t thought to make… though I will now.Here are the key areas Dan, Rhys and Mike discussed:Rhys's six week plans: how they work in the context of what he took from the bookUsing feedback more effectively: examples, scenarios and maintaining flow in the session. Plus shortening the feedback loopHow interleaving makes learning stickHow the Forgetting Curve works for rugby playersTough feedback which creates pressureDesirable difficulty in trainingRhys is a youth rugby coach, plus works with Saracens DPP.Mike is a school's head of rugby , senior mens coach, plus a lead coach with Bath DPP.


16 Jun 2021

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Series 8 - Episode 1 Doug Lemov

The Magic Academy

Doug and Rusty plan an imaginary campaign for the mighty Cognitive Wanderers FC... enjoy!


9 Jun 2021

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Series 7 - Episode 12 Doug Lemov

The Magic Academy

Doug and Rusty chat all things teaching, coaching and learning. As well as the washing basket, a journey that stops to enjoy the view at anticipating errors, who is listening best, signposting,  the classroom as a team, co-coaching,  whiteboards and co-creation. And... the book (A Coach's Guide to Teaching) is in Rusty's top 3. Enjoy! PS There will be a part 2.

1hr 8mins

19 Mar 2021

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Series Two - Episeode 9 - Teaching in the Online Classroom - Doug Lemov

From page to practice

1hr 12mins

7 Mar 2021

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Doug Lemov: Tips for the return to classrooms

Mr Barton Maths Podcast

Doug Lemov returns to the podcast to share tips for the return to classrooms. Sharing takeaways from 3 books - Teach like a Champion 3.0, Teaching in online classrooms and the Coach's guide to teaching - Doug provides strategies, theories and resources to help make the return to classrooms as effective as possible For more information about today’s guest, plus links to the websites, resources and ideas they mention, please visit the show notes page: http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/blog/doug-lemov-tips-for-the-return-to-classrooms/

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6 Mar 2021

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Episode 17 - Insights & Advice: Doug Lemov, Feedback & “Cold Calling”

Mind the Gap: Making Education Work Across the Globe

This “Tom & Emma” episode of Mind the Gap begins with a recap of their recent interview with Doug Lemov (1:00) featured in Episode 16. The hosts discuss the pieces of the conversation that stood out to them, including the way Doug communicates his key ideas; their enthusiasm looking ahead to “Teach Like a Champion 3.0;” and how Doug’s approach to feedback relates to their observations in the profession. Next, Tom and Emma answer some of the questions they’re frequently asked in their work (7:25). Emma shares her thoughts on early career teachers, and in particular how they’ll be supported once they return to the physical classroom. In Tom’s segment, he discusses teacher development and whether schools should launch new initiatives over the remainder of the academic year. Emma and Tom then share their recent reading lists. Emma has been reading The Feedback Pendulum by Michael Chiles and she describes how the book exceeded her expectations and opened her eyes to what the word “feedback” actually means. Tom then describes the different types of feedback he often receives, and why it’s important to get feedback that’s relevant and which you can actually use. From Tom’s reading list, he references Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and John Tomsett’s Cognitive Apprenticeship in Action. In the next segment, the hosts share advice for teachers (23:30). Emma explains why she recommends primary teachers should integrate more non-screen-based activities all these months into remote learning. Tom then shares why he advocates for “cold calling” in the classroom, and why teachers should understand that it promotes a dynamic of inclusivity. Finally, the hosts wrap up by sharing advice for school leaders (30:40). Emma’s advice centers on leadership well-being and Tom’s is focused on developing agency in all the people involved in the learning process, especially students. To find full video episodes, subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MindtheGapwithTomEmma/ Mind the Gap is presented by John Catt Educational, a leading independent publisher with research-based, practical titles for teachers and school leaders. Learn more about books from Tom, Emma, and many other world-class authors at us.johncattbookshop.com (US) or johncattbookshop.com (International). Connect with the hosts: Follow Tom Sherrington on Twitter @teacherhead. Follow Emma Turner @emma_turner75.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mindthegap-edu/message


17 Feb 2021

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#206 Author Doug Lemov: "The Most Overlooked Factor in Learning is Forgetting"

Way of Champions Podcast

This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome back author Doug Lamov. Doug is here to discus his new book, The Coach’s Guide to Teaching. Doug was on the podcast years ago in episode #046 to discuss his previous book, Teach Like a Champion 2.0: 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College. In his new book, and all throughout our conversation, we dive into how to give feedback, check for understanding, and how to build culture, plus much, much more! Grab a pen and something to write on--you will need it or this episode!   You can follow @DougLemov or visit his website  https://teachlikeachampion.com/ to learn more.   Highlights and great quotes from the this episode: Learning how to give feedback Teaching kids how to be decision makers Do players see because they scan, or scan because they see? How does looking at the phone on game day hurt athlete performance? Does your club have a curriculum and a plan to deliver it? "Starting an activity the phase before the one you are working on" Simplifying how we teach young athletes Reducing the cognitive load on working memory "You can get a lot wrong if you get culture right." How to move kids up and down without kids thinking they are being punished for going down   More about Doug Lemov Doug Lemov is the author of the international bestseller Teach Like a Champion, Teach Like a Champion 2..0 andPractice Perfect. He is one of the foremost teacher educators in the world, and recently he has branched into the world of coach education. He now consults with major League Baseball teams and is an instructor for the US Soccer professional licenses. His new book The Coach's Guide to Teaching will soon become a "must read" for any serious coach. In our conversation today, john and Doug break down this incredible book, touch on topics such as decision making vs. problem solving, how forgetting is key to learning, performance vs learning, how to give feedback and check for understanding, and so much more.  Take out your notebooks and pens and get ready to write, as this one is a doozy.   2021 Way of Champions Conference   This podcast is brought to you by the 2021 Way of Champions Conference. Registration opened on March 1, and we have compiled an amazing list of speakers for our event. How does learning from NBA Head Coaches Steve Kerr and Quin Snyder sound? What about Hall of Fame Lacrosse coach Cindy Timchal, US National Team coach Jenny Levy, or Stanford Women's Basketball coach Tara Vanderveer sound? Or how about mindfulness from George Mumford, or how to create a compete training environment from 22x National Champion Anson Dorrance? We are going virtual this year August 21-22, 2021, and if you sign up but cannot attend, every session will be recorded and provided to you as an online course after the event! Click here to learn more and sign up before we sell out!   The Way of Champions Podcast is brought to you by Sports Refund.   When kids sign up to play youth sports there are always fees involved. And parents pay those fees so their child can be on the team, not the injury report. That’s why I love Sports Refund, and parents will too. Sports Refund is low-cost sports fee insurance – NOT health insurance, sports fee insurance. So if your child becomes injured or sick and can’t play, you get your fees reimbursed for that lost time, from one game to an entire season. It’s that simple. This product not only saves families wasted fees, it saves injured athletes the stress of feeling like they’re wasting their parents’ money. The fees come back until the player comes back. So they can focus on fully recovering and making a healthy return to the game. Sports Refund has options for individuals and organizations. Ask your club if they offer it, or visit SportsRefund.com/Game to learn more and sign up today. That’s SportsRefund.com/Game. Can’t Play? Don’t Pay. With Sports Refund. Become a Podcast Champion! Help Support the Podcast and get FREE access to ALL of our online courses. If you love the podcast, we would love for you to become a Podcast Champion, (https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions) for as little as a cup of coffee per month (OK, its a Venti Mocha), to help us up the ante and provide even better interviews, better sound, and an overall enhanced experience. Plus, as a $10 per month Podcast Super-Champion, you will have access to never before released and bonus material, including: Downloadable transcripts of the podcasts, so you don't have to crash your car trying to take notes! A monthly discussion with John, James, Jerry, and other special guests talking about the previous month's episodes and answering some of the FAQs we received that month A code to get free access to our online course called "Coaching Mastery," usually a $97 course, but yours for free for becoming a patron. Access to an online community of coaches like you who are dedicated listeners of the podcast, and will be able to answer your questions and share their coaching experiences.   Thank you for all your support these past two years, and a special big thank you to all of you who become part of our inner circle, our patrons, who will enable us to take our podcast to the next level. https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions

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7 Feb 2021

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Episode 16 - Doug Lemov on Why Championship-Level Teaching is About Passion

Mind the Gap: Making Education Work Across the Globe

In this episode, Tom and Emma speak with one of education’s most influential authors, Doug Lemov. In addition to his best-known work, Teach Like a Champion, Doug has recently authored Teaching in the Online Classroom - Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal, an essential guide for educators navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. He has also recently authored The Coach’s Guide to Teaching, published by John Catt Educational. In the interview, Doug’s passion for creating a supportive, challenging and enriching educational environment for all students shines through. He talks about the importance of having high expectations for all learners, and also discusses the significance of creating connections. The discussion touches on strategies that work in all environments, and specifically refers to the online teaching and learning so many schools are currently experiencing. The conversation also challenges thinking on “outside the box” vs. “inside the box” ideas (hint: inside the box comments are often more valuable to productive collaboration), surfaces strategies for developing listening behaviors, and more. To find full video episodes, subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MindtheGapwithTomEmma/ Mind the Gap is presented by John Catt Educational, supporting teachers and school leaders with research-based, easy to use professional development publications since 1959. Learn more about books from Tom, Emma, Doug and many other world-class authors at us.johncattbookshop.com (US) or johncattbookshop.com (International). About the participants: Doug Lemov is a former teacher and school principal.  He helped found Uncommon Schools, a network of high performing schools in under-served communities. His book Teach Like a Champion describes techniques used by exceptional teachers and why they work.  His books have sold more than a million copies and been translated into a dozen languages. Follow him on Twitter at @Doug_Lemov Tom Sherrington has worked in schools as a teacher and leader for 30 years and is now a consultant specializing in teacher development and curriculum & assessment planning. His books include Teaching WalkThrus, Rosenshine’s Principles in Action and The Learning Rainforest Fieldbook. Follow Tom on Twitter @teacherhead Emma Turner joined Discovery Schools Academy Trust as the Research and CPD lead after 20 years in primary teaching. She is author of Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners. Follow Emma on Twitter @emma_turner75--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mindthegap-edu/message


4 Feb 2021