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Episode 146: Sarah Merrill of Big Kid Problems

Future Role Model w/Natasha Pearl Hansen

In episode 146 host Natasha Pearl Hansen (@nphcomedy) streams guest Sarah Merrill, the creator and writer behind popular comedy and meme account @bigkidproblems, into the studio @peopleofcomedynetwork in Chicago. They talk about the secret beginnings of "Big Kid Problems," how she grew her idea into a flourishing business, and some of the humorous struggles of her come-up.Check out Sarah's podcast, blog and shop: https://www.thebigkidproblems.com/


9 Mar 2021

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160: Pandemic Bride Problems w/ Sarah Merrill of @bigkidproblems!!

What's Your Jersey?

This week we have the relatable hilarious @sarahamerrill_, host of the 'Big Kid Problems’ podcast and creator of meme account, @BigKidProblems!   Sarah drops tips and knowledge on navigating adulthood, reflecting on your 20’s vs. 30’s, and keeping your anxiety levels low this time of the year.   The Podcast Hosts cover Manifesting the career you want and deserve, “Engagement Chicken” theories, covid wedding postponements and some much more!   Social Media: @bigkidproblems @sarahamerrill_ @jaclynmarfuggi  Watch the Orca Live/Amazon Livestream “Election Destressin”: https://amazon.com/live/broadcast/c7ca932d-9482-4536-97b6-77f54a9b8581?ref=social&tag=miruscontenwo-20&linkCode=ilv


11 Nov 2020

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Episode 75 [GUEST]: Big Kid Problems with Sarah Merrill

The Quarter-Life Funk

In today's episode, I am joined by Sarah Merrill, the creator of Big Kid Problems. Sarah shares her incredible story of how she started an anonymous Twitter account in her final year of college where she would share jokes about adulting in your 20s/30s. Today, BKP has over 500k followers, a merchandise range, and an epic podcast! Sarah loves spiritual concepts such as manifestation and shares her favourite manifestations.  We chat: The story of BKP How to grow a huge social media following Opportunities and collaborations Manifestation  Hit and miss spiritual concepts Typical BKP we experience Sarah is about to launch season 2 of her podcast, Big kId Problems. Make sure you check it out: https://www.thebigkidproblems.com/blogs/podcast Go hang with Sarah: @bigkidproblems and @sarahamerrill_ Check out her epic merchandise at  https://www.thebigkidproblems.com/collections/all--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thequarterlifefunk/message


5 Oct 2020

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599. Navigating Big Kid Problems - with Sarah Merrill

Earn Your Happy

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Pursuing your interests Building up your business on the side How to know when to go all in and what to do when it’s time Staying organized when self-employed Getting comfortable with networking How to handle social media marketing Resources: thebigkidproblems.com Instagram: @bigkidproblems Listen: thebigkidproblems.com/blogs/podcast Show Notes: Sarah Merrill is the kind of girlfriend who you can’t wait to hang out with again because she’s just so much fun. She’s the hilarious comedy writer and creator of “BigKidProblems,” where she pokes fun at the absurdities and struggles of growing up. She shares how she went about starting her blog and website, how she narrowed in on the parts she loved doing the most, and how she pivoted from running it on the side to going full time with it. Question Highlights: Tell me all about BigKidProblems Why did you stay so long at a temporary job? What did you focus on to grow BigKidProblems? What would you say for someone who is working from home and needs to feel organized? How do you network when you’re not comfortable with it? What do you see people doing wrong on social media? Guest Bio: Sarah Merrill is the comedy writer and creator of "BigKidProblems," a wildly popular Instagram account turned Blog and Podcast all about the daily struggles of growing up and navigating through the adult world. From tiny apartments to living on tinier paychecks and (ugh) the dating, Sarah uses a mixture of wry wit, pop culture references, and relatable experience to connect to and help her half-million followers navigate through the ups and downs of contemporary adulting. Whether you are twenty-two or sixty-two, there is no use in fighting it; we all have Big Kid Problems. Through her social media fame, Sarah has appeared three times on the Emmy Award-winning Steve Harvey Show and spoken at various conferences and Universities about growing a business through Social Media. A collection of her original jokes were published by Andrews McMeel in 2020. 

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28 Sep 2020

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Ep. 360 - Quarantine Confessions with Sarah Merrill of BigKidProblems

Almost 30

THE SOLO K + L are joined by Sarah Merril, the comedic mastermind behind BigKidProblems, to have some much-needed girl time. She knows that nobody really has it together and unapologetically points it out at any occasion — to hilarious results. We chat about why everyone’s leaving Los Angeles, how it feels moving to a new city for the first time (and how much easier it is the second time), jiving with your partner during quarantine, and why it’s so damn expensive just living in this world. This is a fun one. We also talk about: The LA exodus The struggles of being in quarantine with your partner The things we’re letting go Pivoting your podcast Wedding planning Find more to love at almost30.com! Join our free live webinar on “How to Grow & Monetize Your Podcast” this Sunday, 9/20 at 3 pm PDT: https://authenticaudience.lpages.co/how-to-grow-monetize-your-podcast/ Resources: thebigkidproblems.com Instagram: @bigkidproblems Listen: thebigkidproblems.com/blogs/podcast We are announcing the lineup for our New Paradigm digital series soon! Visit almost30.com/new-paradigm to find out more. Check out our new merch collection at shopalmost30.com Sponsors: Article | www.article.com/ALMOST30 for $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more BiOptimizers | Use code “almost30” for 10% off at bioptimizers.com PlushCare plushcare.com/almost30 for a free 30-day account Public Goods publicgoods.com/ALMOST30 for $15 off your first order Almost 30 is edited by Crate Media

1hr 4mins

17 Sep 2020

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Sarah Merrill on Ditching the Corporate World, Faking It 'til Becoming It & Getting Out of Your Head

Real Talk with Ben Tompkins

Sarah Merrill, creator of @BigKidProblems, joins the show to discuss adulting, ditching the corporate world and turning her side-hustle into her full-time gig, the meaning behind “faking it til you become it,” getting out of your own head, overcoming rejection, and her favorite quote to live by. 🔗 Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_may_shape_who_you_are🔗 Sarah's Website: https://www.thebigkidproblems.com🔗 BKP Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/big-kid-problems/id1453449308


23 Jul 2020

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The Truth About Wellness...It’s Not Always Namaste and Green Juice | w/Sarah Merrill, Podcast Host and Creator of Big Kid Problems

Well/Behaved Podcast

We shake things up a bit with Sarah Merrill, podcast host superstar and creator of acclaimed account Big Kid Problems, as we uncover the sometimes “dark side” of wellness. From reiki to manifesting, cold showers, natural deodorant and everything in between...we get real about the sometimes underwhelming (and in the case of natural deodorant, smelly) side of wellness. Being an adult is hard, and navigating all of the modalities, services and products out there...can be challenging. One thing is for sure...we guarantee an abundance of giggles in this episode. (#perineumsunning). Links:Big Kid ProblemsPodcast


19 Jul 2020

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Rings, Memes and Other Things with Sarah Merrill

Taste of Taylor

Tay sits down with @sarahamerrill_, host of the 'Big Kid Problems’ podcast and creator of the insanely entertaining meme account, @BigKidProblems.  They chat about the key to blocking people, being blocked, how Sarah got her start, being a COVID-bride, and Tay drops some juicy engagement planning deets.   Produced By Dear Media


2 Jul 2020

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F*cking It Up as We Go with Sarah Merrill of Big Kid Problems


Black Lives Matter - Put in the Work: Black Queens Uncut: https://apple.co/2YcQUUO Just the Sip: https://apple.co/2AKGmUN Center for Black Equality: https://centerforblackequity.org/ Reclaim the Block: https://secure.everyaction.com/zae4prEeKESHBy0MKXTIcQ2 NAACP: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/naacp-1 About Today's Episode:  Sarah Merrill of Big Kid Problems joins #Adulting with Zack Peter and Abigail Fraher!  We're tackling: Facing failure Working around obstacles Knowing when to throwing in the towel Breaking all the rules you were taught  This episode is brought to you by Best Fiends Download Best Fiends, a 5-star rated mobile puzzle game, now in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Keep up with Sarah @sarahamerrill_ and @bigkidproblems!  Keep up with us @theadultingpodcast on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe and tune-in every Tuesday! (A 5-star review wouldn't hurt either!)  Keep up with Zack @justplainzack and Abigail @abigail__af.


16 Jun 2020

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Sarah Merrill Big Kid Problems

Young Revolutionary Minds

Sarah Merrill is the founder of Big Kid Problems which is a social media profile that talks about the becoming an adult and the transition between the two! I met her at the Steve Harvey Conference and her story, tips for success and lessons have been amazing! Tune in and here how she created her organization, how she is building her brand and everything else within her story!


18 May 2020