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Making a Difference with Pamela Delgado

The I'm Possible Podcast

In this episode Natalie interviews Pamela Delgado, founder of the graphic apparel line and community Rawly Bold. Rawly Bold is a Latina and woman owned apparel brand created to inspire, motivate, and empower! It's based in NYC and is ethically made. And as if that weren't special enough, Rawly Bold donates part of its profits to important causes like, but not limited to, NorCal Resist, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood.   Natalie and Pamela share many values, including social and civic responsibility which prompts Natalie to begin and end the episode urging everyone to vote. To check your registration status click here. It takes about 30 seconds!  In the intro and outro, Natalie addresses the importance of The Black Lives Matter Movement and how building an equitable society for all vulnerable and marginalized people is the only way forward. There's no such thing as "using privilege for good", only dismantling it altogether. She ends the episode by discussing how people should have equal access to opportunities and resources, period. Creating this as a collective looks like voting for politicians who support equitable initiatives, not only in the presidential elections but at a local level. It also looks like protesting, calling, emailing, and writing letters when something happens that deserves our concern. It's also how we spend our money and the people, corporations, and organizations we support. And lastly, we can't think of white supremacy as a Black and white issue. White supremacy affects us on a global scale and harms anyone who isn't a cis heterosexual white man. It's the patriarchy. It's colorism. It's the destruction of the environment. It's the oppression of indigenous people. It's homophobia. It's transphobia. It's xenophobia. In summary, it's our responsibility to continue dismantling white supremacy in ourselves, our homes, and the world at large because the vast majority of us are harmed (and harm others) by white supremacy in one way or another.  Once the episode starts (8:05-42:00), Pamela sheds light on what it's like to be a boy mom and an entrepreneur while working full time. She talks about how facing pay discrimination at the heart of the #MeToo movement gave her the initial push to build her own legacy and make her own wealth. Natalie and Pamela share their stories about how they got started and what they had to invest in order to launch their businesses. And, Pamela's self-confidence and belief in herself is nothing short of mobilizing! Listening to her share about her determination to create her dream life is sure to inspire you to get after yours too! Pamela also shares valuable tips on building a community as an introverted business owner. She talks to Natalie about how she developed hacks to put herself out there and how it has paid off. Basically, Pamela shares her story about how making your dreams come true is absolutely possible with enough perseverance and faith.  Don't forget to follow Pamela's personal Instagram account here, and find Rawly Bold's Instagram here! *If you like this episode, please Subscribe, Share, Rate & Review it! 


7 Oct 2020

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016 Love+Live+Life Podcast - Pamela Delgado "Digital Marketer, Community Builder, Founder of Rawly Bold and a mother"

Love+Live+Life Podcast

In this Episode, I invited Pamela Delgado "Digital Marketer, Community Builder, Founder of Rawly Bold and a mother"    “How do I do it all? I just want it. It’s that bad. I can’t breathe without it.” - Pamela Delgado   Pamela is a creative entrepreneur with a passion to serve all women. She’s also a mom of 2 beautiful boys.    To learn more about Pamela and Rawly Bold, visit  www.rawlybold.comwww.pameladelgado.com If you have a story that you want to share, visit www.yukoislovelivelife.com and send me a message.    Love this episode? Subscribe and share with your friends today. Because we need each other more than ever.    Till next story, let's stay connected


31 Jul 2020

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Pamela Delgado

Stories of Inspiring Joy

Pamela Delgado is the founder and CEO of Rawly Bold - a company designed to inspire, motivate, and empower women. It was always her goal to create a community where positivity is restored and our ability to dream and take action for our beliefs is at the forefront. Tired of the negativity in our world, Pamela decided to inspire, motive and empower through creating her favorite goods to make an impact. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to Planned Parenthood, Everytown, and the ACLU. In today's episode, Pamela shares her journey finding her path and work that she loves. Pamela's reflections on what it took to find a steady and dependable position that filled her up, will remind you that our career (and life!) journey is not linear - and it’s up to us to embrace our ups and downs to ultimately find our joy and passion. After becoming a mom in 2016, she decided to transition into another field, and after having her second child she was tired of her dreams being in the hands of others. She knew there was something more from her, and that knowing combined with her desire to create change and have an impact came Rawly Bold. The community she’s cultivating is out of this world (truly!) and there isn’t a day that goes by that she’s not reminded of its impact on her life. To connect with Pamela and learn more about Rawly Bold, visit her website www.rawlybold.com and connect with her on Instagram @rawlybold Facebook @shoprawlybold Twitter @rawlybold Stories of Inspiring Joy is a production of Seek The Joy Media and created by Sydney Weiss. To learn more and submit your story, visit www.storiesofinspiringjoy.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sydney-weiss/message


23 Jul 2020

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Beyond Small Talk #5: Ally and the family with Pamela Delgado

Beyond Small Talk

Real women. Real Conversations. Elevating womankind one talk at a time. IG LIVE TOPIC Topic: Ally and the family with Pamela Delgado @rawlybold Have you ever had someone more confident in YOU than YOU? On September 8, 2017, this woman was Pamela Delagdo @heypamd for me. She invited me to participate in a photoshoot for her apparel company @Rawlybold. The company’s mission is to inspire, motivate and empower women so absolutely I wanted in yet many of my old limiting beliefs popped in my head fast and furious. I am old, I am fat and I will ruin her shoot just to name a few. I literally emailed her 5 times going back and forth whether I could do this or not. Her patience, kindness and inspiring energy moved me to a hard YES! Pam is that type of woman - An ally, an accomplice, the woman you want on your team. A woman who helps you Rise Up, Dare to Dream and Trust Yo-Self (All t-shirt slogans to shop @rawlybold).   www.jackiejaniec.com • @jackie_janiec #beyondsmalltalk #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #womenscircle


25 Jun 2020

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Mexicanos deberán aprender a vivir con el virus; señala Pamela Delgado

Especial coronavirus


29 May 2020

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EP 32: Pamela Delgado, Founder & CEO of Rawly Bold


Pamela Delgado is the Founder and CEO of Rawly Bold. What started out as a graphic apparel line has recently shifted into a community on a mission to inspire, motivate and empower - hence the name, Rawly Bold, which was, inspired by being Raw (most authentic form) and to be Bold (unafraid to stand out). She's an LA native & boy mom who has called NYC home for 8 years now. What's inspiring about her story is that she took the plunge into entrepreneurship after learning she was significantly underpaid and just two years after launching she has a community of supportive women who share the same mission to inspire, motivate and empower and gives back to organizations who strive for the well-being of others. Somehow she manages to juggle all her passion projects, mom life, traveling, and her love of food, sports, and wellness.https://www.rawlybold.com/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/femmeradi0/support


10 Feb 2020