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Daytime Emmys 2022: Matt Atkinson

Bold & Beautiful Mini Spotlight

Our friend Matt joins us on the red carpet! The man who plays Thomas Forrester on the Bold and the Beautiful has a playful time with Tami Goveia!


29 Jun 2022

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GNMP Winter Lecture Series- March 5, 2022- The Fighting Ellet Family- Matt Atkinson

Addressing Gettysburg

As the Winter winds down and Spring can be heard around the bend, we would like to thank those of you who have shown your appreciation by becoming a Patron. And we hope that, over time, we will see your name on our roster sheet over at https://www.patreon.com/addressinggettysburg Matthew Atkinson, Gettysburg National Military Park In 1862, the Union Navy suffered a crushing defeat against the CSS Virginia ironclad ram. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton turned to Charles Ellet to develop a Ram Fleet to counter the Confederate’s technological advances. Along with his son and brother, the Ellet family helped turn the tide on the Mississippi River for the Union and had a few adventures at the same time! PRODUCER'S NOTE: The audio in this is a bit echoey. This is because the microphone was set up on the podium, but the speaker did not speak from the podium as planned. Once he started, I could not interrupt and tell him to move to the microphone. At points you will hear him more clearly as he goes back to the podium to read something. This is the beauty of documenting a moment, rather than producing a moment. 

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7 Mar 2022

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#83 Matt Atkinson | How to create a mindset and environment for innovation

Helping Organisations Thrive with Julian Roberts

Today I am interviewing Matt Atkinson who is the Managing Director of Utelize. Matt shared his experiences of how he has started multiple businesses and grown them, recognising that each stage of growth requires different skills of people, along with ensuring you are empowering and motivating your teams onto the next stage. Matt shared 2 key ways to drive his business forward, one was ensure you have the right culture - Matt has created a customer service focused culture due to this being a competitive advantage in their sector and secondly, create an environment of innovation, an environment where there is freedom to fail and learn from these, thereby pushing the boundaries in a safe environment. Watch the full interview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qn6Ym8sUoQ Connect with Matt: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/telecomsbilling/ Website: http://www.utelize.co.uk/ Email: matta@utelize.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/Utelize Helping SME’s build resilient, high performing teams and businesses, quickly, so they can innovate, deliver, and thrive. The SME’s I work with typically struggle/suffer/ with one or more of these challenges: - no clear strategy - dysfunctional team dynamics - not knowing their vision or mission - feeling stuck and procrastinating - business not growing - leadership challenges If you want support in helping your organisation thrive, do get in contact with me: https://www.julianrobertsconsulting.com


21 Feb 2022

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GNMP Winter Lecture Series- January 29, 2022- Michael Shaara "A Writer's Life"- by Matt Atkinson

Addressing Gettysburg

Addressing Gettysburg, wants to bring Gettysburg to you when you can't bring yourself to Gettysburg. Recording the NPS and Tim Smith Winter Lectures are part of that service. If you appreciate what we do for you, then, please consider becoming a Patron. Click here to join the crew! Matthew Atkinson, Gettysburg National Military Park Perhaps no other book has influenced public perception of the Battle of Gettysburg more than The Killer Angels. But who was the writer and man behind the prose that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1975? What personal experiences helped influence the writing of this classic historical novel? Discover more about the great writer and share the viewpoint of Ranger Matt Atkinson reading The Killer Angels for the first time.

1hr 52mins

1 Feb 2022

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Educating Our Future Risk Takers - Matt Atkinson

Thriving Three Counties

Matt is a tech entrepreneur based in Malvern who runs multiple businesses, primarily focussed on mobile connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) and data networking.He's very community minded and recently set up a new networking group for technology companies called the Malvern Technology Network, with the aim of improving the local community, economy and businesses through local collaboration.He's one of these people who manages to do a lot of things, at a very high level, with great efficiency. While at the same time having fun and enjoying life.www.mattatkinson.iohttps://the-mtn.co.uk/https://www.linkedin.com/in/telecomsbilling/

1hr 8mins

7 Jan 2022

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Matt Atkinson and Megan Reutin on Reuters Events Pharma 2021

The GOLD Podcast: Weekly Pharma Insights

We talk to Matt Atkinson, Global Projects Director, Reuters Events Pharma, and Megan Reutin, Global Head of Omnichannel Analytics, Grünenthal Group, about the upcoming Reuters Pharma 2021 Event. We get a sneak peek into the event's line-up, consider the future of virtual events, and explore the rapid digital transformation that has taken place over the past year.


28 Sep 2021

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Battle of Gettysburg 158th Anniversary Special- Matt Atkinson's Pickett's Charge- w/ Actor Stephen Lang

Addressing Gettysburg

On July 3, 2021, Matt Atkinson led a Battlewalk from the Virginia Memorial across the field of Pickett's Charge to the Union position at The Angle. Many were surprised to see Matt's special guest, actor Stephen Lang, who played General George E. Pickett in the movie Gettysburg. Mr Lang has been a very generous supporter of the Gettysburg Foundation and GNMP. Word is that he postponed his departure for home just to make this appearance. 

2hr 52mins

5 Jul 2021

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Matt Atkinson

Nominations Podcast

Matt Atkinson, a mortgage lender with Intercap Lending he comments that real estate is like a drug to him. “I just got addicted to it. I was making really good money in mortgages, and I wanted to buy more rentals.” When he started making more traditional mortgages than VA mortgages he was previously selling, he noticed that people that had more money had real estate.”Matt continued to aggressively buy real estate and was purchased at 80 cents to the dollar. He acquired 13 new homes in one year that were fixer-uppers as he understood that these types of homes would bring in the best profit.


26 Apr 2021

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Episode 16: Secrets of Subject-to transactions revealed with Matt Atkinson

The Investor Warrior

The 6 Documents you should have prior to closing a subject-to transaction  Copy of the note Current Mortgage statement or reinstatement letter  Copy of the Hazard Insurance  Authorization to release form  Limited Power of Attorney A subject-to disclosure form  There are 4 types of landlords. Decide which one you want to be Accidental  Burnt out  Professional  Newbie  Books every real estate investor should read: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill  Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki  The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham  Keith Cunningham formula: Find out what they want  Go and Get it  Give it to them  The three things a lender will look at if you are qualifying for a loan. These three things do NOT play a factor in subject-to transactions! Debt to income  LTV Residual income  If your interested in acquiring real estate, here is 3 pieces of advice: Have 6 months of living expenses  Get into a real estate career  Find a coach or a mentor  Before acquiring properties for long term hold as yourself these three questions: What is the ROI  What are my long term goals? Does the property Im going to purchase assist in reaching these goals?  Follow Mike Atkinson on his FB page or go to MJArealconsulting.com and sign up for his free class 5 ways to buy properties not on the MLS Go to DealMachine.app.link/warrior to get your special offer for the Deal Machine app!

1hr 5mins

18 Feb 2021

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Episode #15: Matt Atkinson “Success Without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure"

Nuria's Mastermind - Success + Fulfillment

Matt shares his story in finding the joy & zest for life. He is highly successful & finds purpose in helping others build wealth. When he experienced some major losses of some close friends as well as the loss of his mother, he realized that the most money in the world would never bring them back. He then chose to enjoy the gifts that life has to offer like traveling, learning & spending quality time with family & close friends. Matt has a big Real Estate portfolio, is also a mortgage lender and his passion is to help educate people to build wealth through Real Estate. His courses are available through www.mjarealconsulting.com


8 Feb 2021