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The 4 Parts of a Successful Business - With Guest, Jeff Chastain

habovillage's podcast

Michael and Kathryn talk to business coach, Jeff Chastain, about how to regain your passion for your business and repair the foundational elements your company was built on. If you've been trying quick-fix solutions to help grow your business but nothing is working, give this episode a listen.


17 Aug 2021

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Ep 71 Profitably Scale and Grow a Business with Jeff Chastain

Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Hi, I'm the Profit Answer Man Rocky Lalvani! I help small business owners simplify their financial reports so that they can make more informed business decisions with fewer hassles. We utilize the Profit First system created by Mike Michalowicz Effortless Cashflow Course: http://bit.do/effortlesscashflowcourse Schedule your free, no-obligation intro call: https://bookme.name/rockyl/lite/intro-appointment-15-minutes Bio: As a business transformation coach, Jeff Chastain works with business leaders and their leadership teams with two goals in mind – first to help them gain clarity in their business and second to help them get more of what they want out of their business.https://www.admentus.com/ https://www.admentus.com/podcast/ More about making profitability simple: http://profitcomesfirst.com/ Questions: questions@profitanswerman.com Email: rocky@profitcomesfirst.com Profit Answer Man Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitanswerman/ My podcast about living a richer more meaningful life: http://richersoul.com/ First 2 chapters of Profit First: https://sendfox.com/rocky Music provided by Junan from Junan Podcast Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.


10 Aug 2021

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Coaching vs Consulting, which one is right for you? With Jeff Chastain EP.087

The CEO Process

Jeff Chastain is the Founder of Admentus, and a business transformation coach who is providing actionable, metrics-based guidance to small business owners who are struggling to expand beyond their initial growth. Jeff loves to share his insight into how business leaders like us can get their businesses unstuck and back to achieving predictable, sustainable growth.Jeff is also the host of the brand new podcast Built to Scale where he is bringing together real voices to help share their experiences that move businesses forward. He has always been a creator and a builder. Whether it was legos as a kid or thriving tech companies as an adult, Jeff’s passion is helping companies that, to this point, have survived on the strength of a few superstars and sheer force of will to create an infrastructure that allows them to break the logjam and continue to grow in an efficient and scalable way.

1hr 16mins

11 Jul 2021

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The 4 P's That Lead to Profitability and Scale with Business Transformation Coach, Jeff Chastain

None Of Your Business Podcast

If you have the desire to gain clarity to grow and scale your business, then listen and look no further than this great episode with special guest, Jeff Chastain, Business Transformation Coach at Admentus. In this one, Jeff, Shawn, and Lacey talk about the important factors and behaviors needed to increase profitability in your business which will ultimately lead to scalability. Check it out!#1 Community for Service Providers: https://blackdiamondclub.com/Follow Us!Dr. Shawn Dill: https://www.instagram.com/drshawndill/?hl=enDr. Lacey Book: https://www.instagram.com/drlaceybook/?hl=en


23 Jun 2021

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The 4 Key Pillars to Scaling Your Business | Jeff Chastain, Host of the Building to Scale Podcast

Zero to a Million

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Jeff Chastain, Host of the Building to Scale Podcast about the 4 key pillars to scaling your business. You can listen on Apple or Spotify now.


23 Jun 2021

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EC 61 : Jeff Chastain is Building To Scale

Entrepreneur Conundrum

Virginia: [00:01:26] Could you tell us a little bit, like how did you start off on your entrepreneurial journey and went out on your own?Virginia: [00:05:06] So who is your ideal client then? Virginia: [00:06:11] How do you get in front of those people? Virginia: [00:07:46] So do you usually network or meet people through events or do you like do outreach on like LinkedIn or Facebook or anything,?Virginia: [00:11:26] So what couple of big goals that you have over the next one or two years with your company?Virginia: [00:12:42] So with your boutique businesses that you mentioned, would you do like group coaching with them? Virginia: [00:14:11] Well, that's fun. How would that change your business? Virginia: [00:15:16] So, do you think there's any roadblocks that are stopping you from like getting there? Virginia: [00:16:19] So that's good switching things off a little bit on you. What is the best advice that you have ever received?Virginia: [00:18:39] What's the best advice you've ever given.?Virginia: [00:20:08] Is there anything that you would like to share with us that I haven't asked you yet?Jeff Chastainhttps://admentus.comhttps://buildingtoscale.com (podcast)https://www.linkedin.com/company/admentus/https://youtube.com/channel/UC8ftT3v_VHozWQyX99FA6cQhttps://www.twitter.com/admentus/Virginia Purnellhttp://facebook.com/distinctdmhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiapurnell/ Virginia PurnellFunnel & Visibility SpecialistDistinct Digital Marketing(833) 762-5336virginia@distinctdigitalmarketing.comwww.distinctdigitalmarketing.comBook a Free Call http://bit.ly/DDMBookACall


24 May 2021

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#187 - Jeff Chastain, on Transforming Your Business

Good Advice: Do Business Better with Blake Binns

Growing your business shouldn't feel so complicated. Yet time and again you've probably found yourself wanting more customers, more control over your business, and more money in your pocket... only to feel like the next steps weren't crystal clear. Jeff Chastain joins the podcast as the founder of Admentus to talk transforming your business in simpler, tangible ways.Read more at https://www.admentus.com/.Enjoy the podcast? Support the podcast and promote your business on the podcast via our Patreon at Patreon.com/goodadvice. 


19 May 2021

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How to Scale Your Small Business with Jeff Chastain

The Small BizChat

Jeff Chastain is a Business Transformation Coach and Founder of Admentus Inc, helping business leaders gain clarity and get more of what they want from their business. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas. Following a career as a technology integration consultant and after noticing many companies had the same issues, Jeff formed Admentus in 2005 to help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses. He is also the host of the Building to Scale Podcast, where he interviews guests that have gone through the scaling-up process so others can leverage their experiences. In today's episode, Jeff shares his thoughts on why many businesses are not running at their full potential and the common issues he sees in the companies he helps. He reveals the first thing you need to do to begin the scale-up process and the four critical pillars of scaling a business. He shares how you can create a practical business vision and how to get everyone on board so you can make it happen. He also shares how you can identify financial resources and potential outsourcing needs and how you can utilize others' experience to make the scaling process much faster. “There's going to be storms, there's going to be shifts in the market, and it all comes down to the foundation of the business.” - Jeff Chastain This week on SmallBizChat Podcast: Why Jeff believes many businesses are not operating at their full potential The first thing you need to do if you want to scale up your business The four key pillars of successfully scaling a business Common problems that Jeff notices within businesses he helps Creating an effective business vision and how to make it happen Finding the finances you need to scale your small business How to evaluate your staff and identify possible outsourcing needs How you can leverage other people's experience to make scaling up a faster process Connect with Jeff Chastain: Admentus Admentus on LinkedIn Admentus on Twitter Jeff Chastain on LinkedIn This episode is sponsored by… Plastiq People and businesses everywhere use Plastiq to pay for virtually everything using their credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted. From business expenses, suppliers, rent, taxes, raw materials, and more - Plastiq makes it fast and easy to pay for purchases. Plastiq allows you to rack up points from your credit card reward programs and offers global payments, the ability to pay in cash from your bank account, and more! Take two minutes and make a payment with Plastiq today at www.plastiq.com. Plastiq. It’s the smarter way to pay. Become Your Own Boss Book GIVEAWAY! The 2020 pandemic has been so hard on America’s small businesses - and America in general. If you’re ready to start your dream business, then look no further! I’m currently giving away 1,000 free copies of my best-selling book: Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. This book has helped over 100,000 people like you to start, build, and grow their small businesses… and now it’s your time to shine. All you have to do to get your hands on a free copy is head over to www.beginmybiz.com/freeoffer to sign up for your free offer. You only pay shipping. Let’s End Small Business Failure - Together! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the SmallBizChat Podcast - the show on a mission to improve small business success. If you enjoyed this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, subscribe to the show, and leave us a rating and review. Help us spread the word and end small business failure by sharing your favorite episodes with your friends and colleagues on social media. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube for more great content, tips, and strategies to improve your small business.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Apr 2021

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Ep.161: Improving Business Process Management With Jeff Chastain

The Leadership Stack Podcast

Sean: The question is, should I ticket the stuff I need done? Cause I'm an urgency junkie. Usually when I need it done, I need it done. So I just go through, I go straight to the project managers and I Slack them, just takes my process engineer off. So what do you think about that? Jeff: Yeah, it's a problem. No, it's, it's really the idea of process. And this is really one of the keys because there's a sweet spot basically for defining processes. That we can definitely go zero process is obviously bad kind of a thing, but at the same time, we can go all the way to the other end of the spectrum and sit here and effectively kind of micromanage detail out every single little, Hey, click this button and fill out this form, then do this, this, this, this kind of a thing there. And one, it adds a lot of overhead that obviously people and visionaries, et cetera, kind of gets frustrated with. The other part is it takes out a lot of creativity. So there's like a happy medium in there. And what we look at is, really refer to it as an 80-20 kind of rule that basically there are 20% of the steps in any given process that are going to get you 80% of the value. That's the challenge for a lot of those entrepreneurs because they have their way of doing things. So therefore everybody needs to do it my way, like that's what kills the creativity. And hopefully you're bringing in from your team right there, that what you really need to look at and say, okay, what are, again, that top 20%, what's those key steps that if we do A, B, C, and D, I don't really care how you get from A to B, as long as we've got A and B done. Then we're good kind of a thing. And it's, it's trying to draw that balance and it really differs on every company, on every different process, kind of a thing. So it's always an evolutionary kind of process working through those, but it really, you got to hit that sweet spot because when you start documenting the six inch thick SLP manual for, okay, this is how we open a ticket or fix a bug kind of a thing. Nobody's going to read the thing in the first place, but surely they're not going to follow it. And they're going to be frustrated trying to follow it. And you're going to kill really all your productivity because, I'm spending 90% of my time following this process and documenting all the forms rather than actually doing any work, kind of a thing. So to answer your question yes its a problem, when we go around process, go around staff, et cetera, kind of a thing, but at the same time, That potentially points to another issue of saying, okay, maybe our processes are a little too rigid. Maybe our processes are a little too detailed at that point. Could we bring this up to a higher level? Give our team some of that creativity, some of that and that latitude back because honestly, hopefully they're smart people. They may bring ideas to us to say, Hey, we could actually do this slightly different and be a lot more productive and be a lot faster and we get better results, whatever. But if we've got them so tied down, so rigid to say, okay, you have to do all these little mining steps, then they lose that creativity and that flexibility they're really, it. Honestly, they lose a lot of the enjoyment out of the job at that point. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/leadershipstack Join our community and ask questions here: from.sean.si/discord Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadershipstack


23 Mar 2021

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Ep29: Leadership Skills Necessary for Growth with Jeff Chastain

The Business Essentials

In this episode we are talking with Jeff Chastain about the leadership skills necessary for growth. He unpacks the roadblocks that hinder businesses from growing and how we can overcome them. Jeff is sharing all the insights from his experience in helping his clients to overcome the logjam and grow in an efficient and scalable way. Key points: Understanding leadership in a startup versus leadership in a growth oriented business Growth starts with clear focus and direction from leadership How to effectively communicate company priorities Effective delegation of duties How to horn these leadership skill Mentions: Podcast: Building to Scale by Admentus Inc. http://www.admentus.com/ https://www.facebook.com/admentusinc/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffdchastain/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/admentus/


10 Mar 2021