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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kristen Kalp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kristen Kalp, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kristen Kalp. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kristen Kalp, often where they are interviewed.

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Real Talk With Business/Soul Coach Kristen Kalp

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Wanna hire Kristen as your very own biz/soul coach? She has a few openings coming this spring. 

Check her out here:
That's What She Said Podcast

That great Adrienne Maree Brown book Kristen mentions? You can buy it here!

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Mar 17 2020 · 1hr 11mins
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5: Kristen Kalp - Letting Ourselves Be Seen

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Today’s show is a conversation with Kristen Kalp. Once upon a time, Kristen had a job photographing kids. These days, she’s a writer, teacher, poet, podcaster and business coach for creative people. We start our conversation talking about photos of herself that have helped her - how they were made and why they help her. Kristen also tells us about having her senior portrait taken which was not a helpful photo experience. Then, our conversation moves to her work with creative people. She talks about what her clients, who are mostly women, struggle with and what she helps them see and do.

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Jun 18 2019 · 36mins

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Finding Your Voice Despite the Fear with Kristen Kalp

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In this episode, I interview Kristen Kalp who helps people generate more money and meaning in their lives through books, breathwork, and business coaching. She has KK on Tap spots for yearlong coaching available at https://kristenkalp.com/tap/

Full show notes at https://bloomclear.com/podcast-2/
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In this episode, Kristen shares her wisdom on how to be an introvert and an entrepreneur, coming out of the spiritual closet, changing your perspective on “no”, breathwork, and how to connect to your voice and your worth.

Kristen Kalp can be found at https://kristenkalp.com and https://www.instagram.com/kkalp/. Free breathe work class at https://www.breathehealrepeat.com

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Krista Tippet’s On Being – https://onbeing.org
Katherine North – https://www.declaredominion.com
Nick North – https://www.nicknorth.co
David Elliot Breathwork – https://www.davidelliott.com
Rob Bell – Robcast –https://robbell.com/portfolio/robcast/
Bob Goff – https://bobgoff.com
Brian Andreas – https://flyingedna.com
Brené Brown – https://brenebrown.com
Liz Gilbert – https://www.elizabethgilbert.com

Apr 22 2019 · 1hr 2mins
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Rob Bell à la Kristen Kalp

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Who is Kristen Kalp:

Kristen is a Gemini and a business coach, author, and breathwork teacher who helps creative business owners make more money and meaning. She chose to be Rob Bell because he broke her life in 2014.

Kristen Kalp Dot Come Kristen's Instagram   Favorite Career Highlight:

Watching my peeps grow in confidence and openness while actually paying the bills as a creative human.

What Kristen learned about Rob: That we’re human, and that’s good. And we’re divine, and that’s also good. It’s a both/and, and when we’re aware of both, we lead radically different lives than those who insist on being one or the other.   Who is Rob Bell:

Rob Bell is the author of ten books, including the New York Times Bestsellers What We Talk About When We Talk About GodThe Zimzum of Love, Love Wins and What Is the Bible?. His podcast, called the RobCast, was named by iTunes Best of 2015. He’s been profiled in the New Yorker, toured with Oprah, and in 2011 Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. He has a regular show at Largo, the legendary comedy and music club in Los Angeles, where he lives with wife Kristen and their three kids.

Special Notes:

Rob Bell is one my favorite writers, speakers and teachers. I am a super fan and I met Kristen at one of his workshops in LA.

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Feb 12 2019 · 28mins
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39 - Permission, Breathwork & Realignment with Kristen Kalp

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Kristen Kalp is a gift to this world. She's a permission giver...a truth teller...a poet & the person who led me to the lifechanging practice of breathwork. This week she shares some wisdom with us to help us get in touch with who we are deep at our core. I urge you to listen to her podcast, That's What She Said, as well as reach out if you're feeling stuck in your life. Trust me, she will rock your world. 

Website: https://kristenkalp.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kkalp/

Oct 15 2018 · 20mins
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5 Red Flags of Poor Planning & Shadow Reading with Kristen Kalp

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This week we get to welcome Kristen Kalp (of the podcast That's What She Said) to the School of Bravery!

Because this month's theme is Imagination & Reading Shadows, she and I talk about playing whack-a-mole, unexpected successes & failures, going into "bunker mode," what it's like to lose your marriage AND lose $43k to incorrectly reading shadows! We also cover 5 red flags to watch out for when you're making plans for big things!

As a guest expert, Kristen is teaching students of the school of bravery her breathwork framework! I am so excited about this! Students can access her bonus interview and training in their student portal at http://schoolofbravery.com

Keep in Touch with Kristen Kalp Kristen Kalp is a healer, writer, and business coach. She creates books, breathwork, and retreats that help peeps get in touch with and stay true to their deepest selves -- not their popular-on-Instagram selves or 'professional' selves or 'what would be most profitable' selves, but their *soul* selves.

http://kristenkalp.com http://instagram.com/kkalp

Keep in Touch with Emily Ann Peterson Emily Ann Peterson is a singer/songwriter, bestselling author, teacher, speaker, and consultant. http://emilyannpeterson.comhttp://instagram.com/emilyannpetehttp://facebook.com/emilyannpetersonhttp://twitter.com/emilyapetersonhttp://youtube.com/emilyannpeterson

About The School of Bravery The School of Bravery is a business learning lab for creative visionaries. Through monthly masterclasses, guest experts, weekly coaching office hours and so much more, you'll explore what it *really* means to "put yourself out there" and how bravery does not have to feel like a panic attack.

Visit http://schoolofbravery.com  for more info!

Sep 20 2018 · 30mins
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031: God Does Not Give a Shit About Your Thigh Gap, Getting Out of the Boxes We've Allowed Others to Put Us In, and Living with Depression with Kristen Kalp

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Meet Kristen

Kristen Kalp helps creative humans connect to their truest selves through writingbreathworkbooks, and business coaching. Join the free F*ck Yah club for free books, chapters, classes, and goodies here.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Kristen's stories of living with depression including the silver linings
  • The reasons behind her pink hair and why it's here to stay
  • The importance of breathwork to her overall wellbeing and our mission to have a 'pink lotus' during a session
  • How Kristen decides when she feels comfortable sharing something as vulnerable as her ongoing battles with depression

People + Resources Mentioned

  • Kristen was first introduced to breathwork by Erin Telford
  • Steer Your Ship, Kristen's program she's super excited about (I've heard such great things about this!!)
  • Kelly Rae Roberts and the print that was my version of Kristen's pink hair
  • Kristen's breathwork classes (she'll even send you a free one!)

Connect with Kristen

Website | Instagram

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Jul 20 2018 · 38mins
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Breaking your phone addiction with Kristen Kalp

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The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem. And to be frank – We’ve got a problem. And we’re pretty sure you do, too.

Did you know that one of the metrics that measures phone addiction is if you can go 5 or more hours without touching it? Can you even REMEMBER the last time you did that!? ‘Cuz we can’t. GULP.

Did you know that the average person thinks they’re LESS addicted than everyone around them, even though the average person is actually touching their phone over 2,000 times a day? Yes, you read that right. TWO THOUSAND.

So, to help break us of our phone addictions we sat down with Kristen Kalp, a poet, writer, coach, empath, introvert, and most importantly, person-who-has-somehow-managed-to-only-be-on-her-phone-for-an-hour-per-day.

On this episode of the Clarity on Fire podcast we talk about:

  • The uncomfortable facts and figures that prove that you, like pretty much everyone else you know (except maybe like, your 85-year-old grandparents) is addicted to your phone
  • Why we compulsively reach for our phones 24/7, and what we’re avoiding when we scroll
  • Why you’ll never be as creative, interesting, smart, well-rested, grounded, and at ease if you’re always tied to your phone
  • Why being addicted to your phone is 100% tied to feeling like you’re “existing” rather than “living”
  • Strategies to help you let go of your habit gradually, and how to handle the withdrawal when it inevitably sets in

If you’d like to join the two of us in doing Kristen’s 21-day email-based course all about breaking your phone habit, you can sign up here! It starts on June 11th.

Full disclosure, Kristen asked us if we’d like to be an affiliate of her program, and we said yes! So we may receive a portion of proceeds if you sign up for her course. But, in typical Krachel fashion, we only endorse things we personally love and are doing ourselves. This is one of those things!

After you listen, come leave a comment to let us know just how addicted you are to your phone, and what you intend to do to break your habit.


My work advocates for the aliveness and fulfillment you’ll only reach by rummaging around in the depths of your being and then being honest about what you find.

I’m here to help your life come into alignment with your deepest desires — especially if you’re a bookworm, introvert, hermit, empath, or sensitive soul.

I offer practical-yet-soulful business direction in my books, help clear emotional residue and blocks through breathwork, and make space to usher in whole-life transformation through coaching.  (And action.  Lots and lots of action.)


May 25 2018 · 59mins
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Kristen Kalp

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Kristen Kalp’s conversation on the Way Up North podcast hosted by Erin Bishop.  

See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Oct 01 2017 · 27mins
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s2 ep10: Business coach Kristen Kalp on the path to true fulfillment and self-worth

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Kristen Kalp is a writer, poet, introvert and business coach -- five words you don't often hear in the same sentence -- who helps people make more money, magic, and meaning in their lives. She does so with compassion, a really refreshing dose of irreverence, and a three-step approach to discovering your truest work--whether its writing a book or the world's best mom. If you're tired of saying you're going to do that thing someday, Kristen is your girl.
Sep 18 2017 · 53mins