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Episode 302: Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño, Sara Vaughn – Motherhood and Running Panel for the Donna Foundation

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño and Sara Vaughn joined me for the fearless mother runner panel to support the Donna Foundation last month and I’m airing it on I’ll Have Another podcast today!!  This conversation is heavily focused on motherhood and running and I hope you enjoy it! If you want to learn more about my guests for this panel- they’ve all been on the show before on their own episodes you can listen to – Alysia Montaño episode 40. Steph Bruce episodes 130, 159, 207 and 229. and Sara Vaughn, episode 283. BIG THANK YOU to anyone who has supported the Donna Foundation which help those with breast cancer- through donating, running the Michelob Mile, running the Donna Marathon Weekend and helping spread the work about this great organization! Support the Donna Foundation – Register for the Mother’s Day your Way Event! Use code “Lindsey5” when you register! What we talked about: 9:25- Introduction to Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño and Sara Vaughn 11:20- How each of their goals and perspectives have changed since becoming a mother 18:30- The biggest messages that they have for new mothers 27:00- Balancing chasing their career and running goals while dealing with mom guilt 36:30- Their thoughts on being a mother runner and being a mother and runner at the same time 41:15- A season in their running career that they have been fearless 51:00- Their thoughts on not defining their career based on specific measures and what they think it can show their kids 57:35: Alysia’s organization &Mother  1:02:05- Their messages to the world Connect with Lindsey:  Lindsey on Instagram Lindsey on Twitter Lindsey on Facebook  Join the I’ll Have Another Facebook Group Support the I’ll Have Another Podcast on Patreon Donate to my Donna Foundation Fundraiser Sponsors: Previnex Use code “another” for 15% off your order SandyBoy Productions Shows:  Why is Everyone Yelling? The Up and Running Podcast The Illuminate Podcast The post Episode 302: Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño, Sara Vaughn – Motherhood and Running Panel for the Donna Foundation appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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19 Feb 2021

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Episode 283: Sara Vaughn – Mom of four, realtor, 2017 team USA, pursuing olympic dreams

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Sara Vaughn is the mom of four, she works full time as a realtor and is running big mileage weeks in hopes to make the Olympic team next year.  To say she is inspiring to me would be an understatement. In 2017, when her third baby was one, she made team USA in the 1500 and competed in London. She has high hopes to do it again and I believe she can. Sara, who is coached by her husband Brent shares with us what her training is looking like now, one year post partum. We get to hear about how they are changing things up a bit and of course I wanted to know if she’ll ever throw down for the marathon. (She went on an 19 mile long run the other day so I had to ask.)  We also talk a lot about family life in this episode. She became a Mom at a very young age, while still attending the University of Colorado, really defying the odds still graduating in just four years. Her kids now range from ages 1-14 so I was super curious about parenting through so many different stages at the same time. One thing I think Sara and I both want to leave you all with is that if you are parent to drop the  guilt and that you can still pursue your own dreams while being a damn good Mom. Enjoy my conversation with Sara! Photo Cred: Dave Lane What we talked about: 3:10- What Sara Vaughn is up to and what her running has looked like post-partum 7:55- Having a baby in college while competing for the University of Colorado 11:55- What her plans were for when she graduated college 18:20- How her and her husband Brent Vaughn met 19:35- What helped her relationship with her husband work while having a child so young 22:00- What her husband does for work 22:55- Her kids and how she juggles childcare with work and training and the importance of outsourcing help from others 31:55- How her parenting style has changed with each kid 33:55- What makes her running career sustainable while working full time and having 4 kids 35:45- Her kid’s thoughts on her career and their involvement in coming to races 41:50- What a typical daily routine looks like for her 46:45- Her current goals with the Olympics being postponed 49:30- Potential plans of running a marathon 52:30- How Brent pulls training ideas from all of the different coaches that they have had including Jerry Schumacher and Mark Wetmore 58:50- The 9 day training cycle that she follows 1:03:45- Her current mindset around sponsorships 1:10:00- What currently inspires her to keep training and chasing running goals 1:13:50- Advice to moms that are recently postpartum 1:15:40- End of podcast questions Show Notes: The Great Alone Follow Sara: Sara on Instagram Follow Lindsey: Lindsey on Instagram Lindsey on Twitter Lindsey on Facebook  Join the I’ll Have Another Facebook Group Support the Podcast on Patreon Sponsors: Lily Trotters Code “another” for 25% off Previnex Code “another” for 15% off The post Episode 283: Sara Vaughn – Mom of four, realtor, 2017 team USA, pursuing olympic dreams appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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6 Nov 2020

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Sara Vaughn #148

Coffee and a Mike

Sara Vaughn, mid-distance runner, real estate agent, wife, and mother of four earned a spot on the 2017 London World Championships team with a 3rd place finish at the USA Championships in the 1500m. She comes on the podcast to discuss what she has been up to during the pandemic, how she feels about races possibly happening in 2020, and how running is more important than ever right now

1hr 20mins

18 Jul 2020

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OC // 14 Sara Vaughn- #BetterwithAge #FasterTogether

Off Course

Sara Vaughn is one of my inspirations as a coach, a parent and as an athlete. She's a role model to so many athletes on how to continue to follow their dreams while being a great parent, a working professional and a partner.  Sara talks about the journey to the World's team in 2017 and how she and her husband Brent made it all work. From late night runs, to real estate showings in her running gear, Sara has bucked the trends of professional running for a decade and is hoping to continue to do so after baby #4.  We also talk about the struggles for female runners looking to start a family or continue running with one. Sara talks about what's changing in the running world for women and what she still grapples with as a professional. 


17 May 2020

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Episode 32 - 2018 Sir Walter Miler Recap with Jacob Thomson and Sara Vaughn interviews

Summer Of Miles

On Episode 32, Sandy and Pat recap what was the 2018 Sir Walter Miler: a historic night with 5 Women going under 4:30, and 13 Men going under 4:00, which was the most Americans to ever run sub 4:00 in one race. Then they speak with Jacob Thomson about his first sub 4:00 at Sir Walter, and Sara Vaughn about her sub 4:30 and near win after going with the rabbit from the gun.


8 Aug 2018

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Episode 19: Sara Vaughn

Chasing Bravery

Hi everyone! Welcome to episode 19 of the Chasing Bravery Podcast. I am your host Kait, and today I am speaking with a very highly requested guest: Sara Vaughn.I have been a fan of Sara’s for a few years now myself, so I knew exactly why she was so heavily requested by listeners. While she may not say so herself- Sara is a very inspiring woman. She is a mother of 3, has a consuming career that she is passionate about, and is running at the World level in Middle Distance Track and Field. While all of this is impressive standing alone, it is not Sara’s full story. Sara had her first child when she was just a Junior in college. Despite many barriers and pushback, she stayed in school and continued to compete at the Division 1 level- all while raising an infant with her then boyfriend- now husband.After school Sara went on to have two more babies, and kept right on running- improving every year on the track aside from those where she was growing humans of course. Sara has now qualified for two Worlds teams , and I believe her when she says she kind of feels like she is just getting started.This episode is a testament to the power of a positive mindset, and a solid grasp on your own self-worth- two things Sara possesses, and brings to everything that she does. I am so thrilled to be able to share this woman with you all- as I believe she is an example of one of my favorite quotes: to be a woman is to be unapologetically resilient despite everything.Before we get to the episode I have two small pieces of housekeeping. The first is the one you saw coming: if you haven’t already left the show a rating and review on itunes, please do. It is the best way for listeners to find the show, and for me to continue to grow this audience. The second is that I want to remind everyone that Sara has little ones at home, so we did have some par for the course interruptions…which I actually think is organic and genuine to Sara’s story and life- however we did do our best to edit here and there.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/chasing-bravery/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chasing-bravery/support

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31 Mar 2018

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152-Pursuing No Place Left Together — Ray & Sara Vaughn

Movements with Steve Addison

Ray and Sara Vaughn share their journey together as they pursue No Place Left in Houston, Texas.

7 Jan 2018

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Hearing Things Olivia Sara Vaughn

Radio Boise Podcast

National Radio Day - August 20 is Saturday, August 20, and Radio Boise is celebrating with special programming and a contest for listeners we’re calling “Left of the Dial.” We’re asked listeners to share their “Left of the Dial” stories, and below are a featured set of the personal testimonials we heard on the air Saturday.Thank you everyone for participating. We loved hearing how radio first came into your life. #CommunityRadioForever!


20 Aug 2016

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17 - Sara Vaughn Mom of Three Defying the Odds at Olympic Trials

Run This World with Nicole DeBoom Podcast

When you first meet Sara Vaughn, you would never think she is one of the best runners in America. The 30 year old, mom of three, is small and unassuming. It's when she starts talking that you can feel her competitive drive and serious passion for running, family and life.


29 Jul 2016