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"How to Build a Badass Brand" with Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author Pia Silva

Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Rewind episode: Entrepreneur, speaker and author Pia Silva is a partner and brand strategist at Worst-of-all Design where they build "Badass Brands without the BS" for 1-3 person service businesses in 1-3 day intensives. She is a Forbes contributor and has spoken at a host of entrepreneurial organizations including Goldman Sach's 10,000 small businesses, The Chamber of Commerce, Squarespace, and We Work. Her company was named top "10 Design Firms Lead By Young People That Are Changing the Way We Look at the World" by Complex. Her upcoming book, "Badass Your Brand: Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit" launched March 16th, 2017. https://www.badassyourbrand.com/


9 Sep 2022

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#94: How To Get Your DREAM Clients To Line Up To Buy… Instead Of Needing To Be Sold w/ Pia Silva

7-Figure Millennials

A few months ago, I was deep in an internet wormhole when I stumbled upon someone named Pia Silva.The elegance, simplicity, and… for lack of a better term… balls of her business model blew me away.Pia owns a branding agency. Here’s her model:1. Clients start with a “Brandshrink”. It’s $10K. Includes the interview and a written brief that identifies your “badass business and brand opportunities” and a plan to move forward.2. Clients can get it done with a “Brandup”. It’s $35K - $60K. They execute your entire brand, from developing the strategy & message through designing and building the website and gets you out there selling immediately… in ~2 days.That’s it.They are booked solid.Just Pia + her husband. No employees. No ongoing client contracts. They take the last week of the month off.Pia built a business around the lifestyle she wanted, and I have mad respect for that.So of course, I reached out to her to find out how she did it for you ;)


9 Aug 2022

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How to Build An Agency For Financial Freedom, With Pia Silva

The Agency Profit Podcast

Quick Links:The Agency Profitability Toolkit - Get the templates, formulas, and frameworks we've used with our consulting clients to help them double their profitability in under 60 days, absolutely free.For more information on our Agency Profitability Systems and Consulting, check out https://parakeeto.comLove the podcast? Leave us a review on the platform of your choice at this link.Want to see/read more about this episode? Then do make your way to parakeeto.com/blogGuest Links:PiaSilva.comNoBSAgencies.comTwitter @pialovesyourbizLinkedInInstagramAbout Pia SilvaPia Silva is a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design where they build entire brands via 1-3 day intensives. She’s also the founder of No BS Agency Mastery where she helps small branding agencies increase profits and freedom without hiring employees. She’s a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, the podcast host of NO BS AGENCY PODCAST, plus the author of Badass Your Brand.


4 May 2022

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38: Podcast Branding 101, With Pia Silva

Grow The Show: Grow & Monetize Your Podcast

This episode is sponsored by Riverside.fm, the leading tool for podcast and video recordings. Visit riverside.fm and use code GROW to get 60 minutes free recording and 15% off a membership plan.What is branding? If I were to ask you right now to give me an exact definition, could you do it? What about your podcast? How does branding affect that?I don't know about you, but every time I hear somebody talking about branding, I'm less sure of what it means and how to do it.That lack of clarity is going to change right now.That's because this week's Grow The Show podcast guest is is Pia Silva.Pia is the author of the book Badass Your Brand, she's a Forbes columnist, she's done a TED Talk, and she's a podcaster.On this week's episode of GTS, you're going to get an inside look at her branding process.Pia will also explain why great branding is crucial for podcasters (or any entrepreneurs, for that matter), and she'll give you the questions you need to ask yourself when building your own brand.Resources MentionedPia's book, Badass Your BrandPia's Forbes columnPia's TED TalkPia's podcast------Subscribe to the Grow The Show YouTube Channel!Today, we're excited to bring you this new channel, which will deliver even more podcasting growth knowledge!If you subscribe now, you'll get to hear the next video in this series...----Ready to have Kevin join your podcasting team?Apply for the Grow The Show Podcast Accelerator!or watch Kevin's 70-minute Masterclass on how he took his first podcast past 100k and $100k to learn more about the program.----Want to join a community of high-performing independent podcasters?Want to swap tactics, get feedback, and grow together?Want to have your questions answered during AMAs with podcasting legends?Join us in the Grow The Show online community!:


15 Mar 2022

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Role Reversal! David Gonzo Mammano is the guest this time instead of the host, on Pia Silva's Show Your Business Who's Boss podcast

The Gonzo Experience

Time to change it up! David Gonzo Mammano gets to be the interviewee instead of the interviewer... and he loves it! Enjoy this interview as Pia Silva from Show Your Business Who's Boss podcast 


4 Aug 2021

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Producer's Pick: Pia Silva is Back!

The Why And The Buy

Today we reach back to an episode from a favorite guest of the show, Pia Silva. Nian and Christie give a short intro about what stood out for them in this lively and inspiring conversation. Pia Silva is back on the pod! Author, speaker, consultant, coach and all-around badass. Pia tells us about her newest program that guides clients to becoming a celebrity in their chosen space. She explains the difference between content and long term marketing. PLUS! how being patient and persistent is the only path to seeing your hard work pay off. Listen in and find out Pia's dirty little secret to your sustaining success.  Find out more about Pia Silva here or on Instagram WANT MORE WHY AND THE BUY? Join our new listener group for discussions about episodes and other helpful resources for your business! Get access to the greenroom. Go behind the scenes with past, present and future guests! Follow us on LinkedIn! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review our podcast. It only takes a second and helps us make more podcasts for you.


14 Jul 2021

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Carl Gould Collective- Pia Silva

Carl Gould Collective

Carl & Pia talk about branding and what it means for your business. Pia helps service business entrepreneurs selling their expertise stand out with a badass brand, design a profitable business model, and build authority so they can scale freedom with profit with a Badass Brand that sells itself.


7 Jul 2021

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902: Pia Silva on Being Courageous and Owning Your Brand

Simplify & Multiply

Pia Silva on Being Courageous and Owning Your Brand


3 May 2021

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Badass Your Brand & Show Your Business Who’s Boss with Pia Silva

The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

If you’re tired of being overworked and underpaid, If you lack the ideal clients, or you don’t know how to find, attract and close clients, If you keep experiencing project creep,If you’re an expert in what you do, but you’re constantly overlooked and having to explain the value of what you do,Then you need to listen to Pia Silva on this week’s episode of The Melting Pot. Pia is a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design where they build entire brands in 1-3 day intensives. But these days she is just as focused on helping other small branding and marketing companies build profitable, lifestyle businesses using her No-BS model. She’s a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, author of Badass Your Brand and host of the podcast Show Your Business Who’s Boss. And on today’s episode, she talks about how she went from being $40,000 in debt, working 100 hours a week for clients she didn’t want to work for, delivering work she wasn’t happy with, to 12 months later, making $500k, being profitable and working with a client she wants to work with. Pia does the work she wants, her way, and she charges proper money for it. This is a fascinating story about the benefits of niching, adopting a no-BS approach and creating authority to drive business in. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Pia as much as we did.On today’s podcast:How she built her own brandFrom debt to success with Worstofall DesignNiche downDefinition of badass brandingCreate authority building contentCharge proper pricesLinks:TedX talk - When You Bank True Confidence, Anything Is PossiblePodcast - Show Your Business Who's BossWorstofall DesignBook:Badass Your Brand


23 Mar 2021

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How Small Businesses Can Become Profitable - Pia Silva

The Mark Struczewski Podcast

Pia Silva is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, Forbes contributor, author, and the host of the podcast Show Your Business Who’s Boss. Pia and Mark discuss her price-to-freedom formula, renting Lamborghinis, why people are scared to share their true story, what fear makes people do, no magic bullet to success, and more! Her website Click here to find out how to be coached by me for less than $1 a day! or go to MarkStruczewski.com/coaching. You’re serious about your online business. I am too. That’s why I proudly host my website on Kajabi. It's everything you need all rolled into one platform! Click here to try Kajabi free for 14 days. Get my top 5 productivity tips for free! or go to MarkStruczewski.com/top5! Become a Mark Struczewski Insider or go to MarkStruczewski.com/insider for productivity tips! ABOUT Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski (“Mister Productivity”) works with executives to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom, and enjoy their lives. In addition to being a productivity coach, Mark is a speaker, host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast, and an author. His strategies have guided CEOs/Executive Directors, business owners, business corporate specialists, and entrepreneurs to get back control of their time. You can find out more about how to connect with Mark and his mission to create confident leaders at misterproductivity.com. If you’re looking to take your productivity to the next level or if you are interested in bringing me in to speak at your event, visit MarkStruczewski.com. Follow me: LinkedIn If you love the show, share it with a friend on Apple Podcasts.


5 Nov 2020