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Badass Your Brand & Show Your Business Who’s Boss with Pia Silva

The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

If you’re tired of being overworked and underpaid, If you lack the ideal clients, or you don’t know how to find, attract and close clients, If you keep experiencing project creep,If you’re an expert in what you do, but you’re constantly overlooked and having to explain the value of what you do,Then you need to listen to Pia Silva on this week’s episode of The Melting Pot. Pia is a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design where they build entire brands in 1-3 day intensives. But these days she is just as focused on helping other small branding and marketing companies build profitable, lifestyle businesses using her No-BS model. She’s a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, author of Badass Your Brand and host of the podcast Show Your Business Who’s Boss. And on today’s episode, she talks about how she went from being $40,000 in debt, working 100 hours a week for clients she didn’t want to work for, delivering work she wasn’t happy with, to 12 months later, making $500k, being profitable and working with a client she wants to work with. Pia does the work she wants, her way, and she charges proper money for it. This is a fascinating story about the benefits of niching, adopting a no-BS approach and creating authority to drive business in. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Pia as much as we did.On today’s podcast:How she built her own brandFrom debt to success with Worstofall DesignNiche downDefinition of badass brandingCreate authority building contentCharge proper pricesLinks:TedX talk - When You Bank True Confidence, Anything Is PossiblePodcast - Show Your Business Who's BossWorstofall DesignBook:Badass Your Brand


23 Mar 2021

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How Small Businesses Can Become Profitable - Pia Silva

The Mark Struczewski Podcast

Pia Silva is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, Forbes contributor, author, and the host of the podcast Show Your Business Who’s Boss. Pia and Mark discuss her price-to-freedom formula, renting Lamborghinis, why people are scared to share their true story, what fear makes people do, no magic bullet to success, and more! Her website Click here to find out how to be coached by me for less than $1 a day! or go to MarkStruczewski.com/coaching. You’re serious about your online business. I am too. That’s why I proudly host my website on Kajabi. It's everything you need all rolled into one platform! Click here to try Kajabi free for 14 days. Get my top 5 productivity tips for free! or go to MarkStruczewski.com/top5! Become a Mark Struczewski Insider or go to MarkStruczewski.com/insider for productivity tips! ABOUT Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski (“Mister Productivity”) works with executives to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom, and enjoy their lives. In addition to being a productivity coach, Mark is a speaker, host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast, and an author. His strategies have guided CEOs/Executive Directors, business owners, business corporate specialists, and entrepreneurs to get back control of their time. You can find out more about how to connect with Mark and his mission to create confident leaders at misterproductivity.com. If you’re looking to take your productivity to the next level or if you are interested in bringing me in to speak at your event, visit MarkStruczewski.com. Follow me: LinkedIn If you love the show, share it with a friend on Apple Podcasts.


5 Nov 2020

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EP 75 - BADASS Your BRAND In Less Than 25 Hours A Week (Pia Silva)

Social Media for Mompreneurs - Instagram Strategy, Instagram Branding, Creative Copy & Content

Are you ready to go next level and BADASS your Brand? My guest, Pia Silva, is an Entrepreneur, Forbes Contributor, Author and Host of the new podcast, "Show Your Business Who's Boss." Pia's best-selling book, Badass Your Brand, put the "full-service branding agency" scene on notice. Now she schools service-entrepreneurs about what it really takes to badass your brand and business by showing your business who's boss - the attitude adjustment you need to grab that life you've been chasing. In today's episode, Pia shares one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it coming to personal branding, her best piece of branding advice, and how she runs her business in less than 25 hours a week! Connect with Pia at www.piasilva.com or on Instagram @pialovesyourbiz FREE GIFT: Price to Freedom mini-course https://www.piasilva.com/price-to-freedom . . Before you go, I’d love to connect with you and give you some gifts to help you grow your online presence! Instagram @allisonscholes Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2594119307580743/ Work with me: https://bossladyinsweatpants.com/instagram-success-method/ Free Caption Templates: https://bossladyinsweatpants.com/free-captions/ Personal Branding Workbook: https://bossladyinsweatpants.com/rock-your-personal-brand/


8 Sep 2020

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179: Building a business that scales without employees featuring Pia Silva

Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship

In today's episode, I sit down with Pia Silva of Badass Your Branding. Pia took the branding agency model and flipped it on its head - instead of doing huge branding engagements, the kind that often take tens of thousands of dollars and many months to produce, she started offering 2 day intensives with her customers. Tune in to hear how Pia scaled up, expanded beyond just branding and built up a successful training business. Here's what's even more interesting - she did it all this with zero employees! She and her partner have pulled all this off by creating niche offers and by working with the right mix of partners and vendors. Want to work with me as an advisor? Visit jake-jorgovan.com/coaching


27 Aug 2020

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#55 Be A Business & Branding Badass with Pia Silva

Ultimate Marketer | A Real Digital Marketing Podcast

Pia Silva is an author, speaker, and all-around badass in branding and business development. In this episode, we discuss turning something you love into a business, planning vs just doing, pricing yourself, and how to get out of a plateau. Follow Host Orlando Rios: Twitter: @OrlandoRios Instagram: @IMOrlandoRios LinkedIn: Orlando-Rios Please subscribe, share, and rate this show!


11 Aug 2020

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Badass Your Brand with Pia Silva

The Dave Pamah Show

Pia is a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design, Author of Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit, a Forbes contributor, and the host of the podcast Show Your Business Who's Boss. She offers up her unapologetic take on growing a branded, profitable service business with unfiltered stories and a lot of spunk. Website: https://www.piasilva.comIf you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- https://ratethispodcast.com/rate and follow the simple instructions.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-dave-pamah-show/donations


30 Jul 2020

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E155: Sensitive issues and your brand on social media with Pia Silva

The Digital Agency Show | Helping Agency Owners Transform Their Business Mindset to Increase Prices, Work Less, and Grow Profits

Pia Silva is an entrepreneur, speaker, Forbes contributor, author of Badass Your Brand, and the host of the podcast Show Your Business Who’s Boss. She helps entrepreneurs badass their brand and build a lucrative lifestyle business full of freedom.


10 Jun 2020

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Pia Silva - Badass Your Brand

Learn To Launch

Today I got to talk to the author of one of my favourite business books ‘Badass Your Brand’… A book I have talked about heavily on the show. No surprise then this is one of my favourite episodes - packed full of business advice!  Follow Pia  www.piasilva.com Pia's Podcast ‘Show Your Business Who’s Boss’  Pia’s Book ‘Badass Your Brand’  Follow Nicola  www.instagram.com/nicoladixonphotographyco www.nicoladixonphotography.com www.wildones.co www.nicoladixoneducation.com 


26 May 2020

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Lockdown Interview with Pia Silva

My Digital Doorstep Podcast

Two years after my first interview With Pia I catch up with her during the COVID 19 Lockdown. In this interview, we discuss where she is at with her business, how she coped when lockdown became real and the preparation she has made for her business for the post lockdown world.  Genuinely really enjoyed catching up with Pia and she packs a whole lot value into this catch-up.  Check out Pia's company website Worst of All Design. You can also catch Pia on twitter @PiaLovesYourBiz and on IG @pialovesyourbiz

1hr 34mins

22 May 2020

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Want a Badass Brand? Pia Silva Shares the Strategies You Need to Succeed!

The Second Phase Podcast - Brand Strategy, Personal Branding, Clarity, Confidence, & Storytelling for Female Entrepreneurs

Pia Silva is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Badass Your Brand:  The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit.  She helps entrepreneurs badass their brand and business to scale their freedom with profit.  She is a Forbes contributor and has been featured on MSNBC’s Your Business, Entrepreneur on Fire, and the UGurus and Million Dollar Women Summits to name a few.   Pia is passionate about efficiency and spending time with family.  She spends time educating on branding and living freely and will soon launch her own podcast, “Show Your Business Who’s Boss”.   First Phase Pia’s first phase was starting a business with her husband Steve, who is a graphic designer.   She really had no idea what she was doing so she spent time networking and then tried to follow those who were in the same space.    Under the influence of other’s and what their business models where she thought they needed and office and employees.  She and Steve basically became a small agency until they became so indebt that they had to do a complete rebrand of their company.   After three years of having the agency, the went broke.  Credit cards were maxed out.  They had a lot of overhead.   Pia then flipped the business on it’s head and created the business they not have that she considers Phase 2.   Coaching Writing newsletters and speaking were two pieces of advice that Evan Harowitz gave Pia to grow her business.   This advice is what has helped their current business grow to the success it is today.    That advice is the foundation of the business model they have in the second phase.  As long as you get at least one piece of value out of a coach, hiring one is something that can help you.   Even with books.  Look for that one piece of information that is the ultimate golden nugget that will help you transform your business or personal life.   If you want value it’s always there.  Getting Started  Pia started her writing and speaking career by sending email newsletters out to everyone she had connected with through networking.  She suggests making a list of places that might host you as a speaker.  Start local.  Write the title of your speech and a little blurb.  Once you have the speaking engagement booked, you will figure out the talk.     It’s OK to start small and work your way up to a larger audience.   Fine tune your message with a smaller audience.  With experience and confidence, you’ll grow into larger stages.    Being a great speaker takes a lot of practice and hiring a speaking coach helps as well.   But practice is going to build the confidence.   Use stories as the avenue for writing and speaking.   Story is how your content and brand are yours.   It’s all about how you tell the story and how your story resonates with others who will engage with you.  Second Phase Let’s talk about niching down!   Niching down can mean a lot of things… Target market Personality of the client Type of Projects Size of client Niching down is the intersection of all of these.  Keep in mind that your niche may transform.   You can be multi-passionate within a niche.   Think of it as an hourglass.  You narrow down, then open back up.   Open up so that when you add value, it’s still to the same market or within the same space.  Think of clients as giving you types of value Money Value you get for working with yet another ideal client and getting that much better at working with that specific type of client.  Referral source from an ideal client.   Be your brand unapologetically.   Own whatever it is that makes you special!  Let people know what you are all about and put all of your energy into being the best most excellent version of that you can be.  Anyone who gets a discount is not your ideal referral source.  You want people who are willing to pay top dollar for your services because then they truly value you and your services.   The Price is Right Raise early and often.  But don’t necessarily raise that much.   It is all relative.   One person may think you are inexpensive and someone else may think you are over-priced.  Start your pricing where you are confident.  Get clients and then raise your price.  Move up gradually.   Raise prices and build confidence at the same time.  The Lead Product The lead product replaces the proposal.  Interview the client and get to know all about them to be able to serve them.   Instead of risking them taking the information and running without paying, make this part of the program.  There is a fee for the consultation and information gathering and then the fee is applied to the final price.   It is critical to provide strategy with the lead product.    Give it a name so that people know the lead product is providing answers to a problem or question that the prospective client might hand.   Efficiency  One of Pia’s passions is efficiency.  She is hyper focused on time and wants freedom of time therefore being efficient is very important for business and life success and happiness.  Book Recommendation The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Favorite Quote  If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. – Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln  Learn More About and Connect with Pia Website Instagram To learn more about me, your host, Robyn Graham, click HERE.   Learn about The Brand Insider by Robyn Graham, click HERE.   Connect with me, Robyn Graham: Website | Instagram | LinkedIN | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


20 Apr 2020