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Let's Talk | Mike Harland

Let's Talk!

"Let's Talk” is a weekly training resource for South Carolina Baptist worship, production, music, media, creative, and communications leaders. On this episode, Matt Freeman, SCBC Associate Director of Worship and Music, and Alex Lyons, SCBC Creative Director talk with Mike Harland of LifeWay Worship. This South Carolina Baptist Convention resource is made possible through the Cooperative Program giving of South Carolina Baptist churches. For more information, visit www.scbaptist.org..


1 Sep 2020

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8 - 27 - 20 | Mike Harland

MS Baptists | Audio Podcast

8 - 27 - 20 | Mike Harland by MS Baptists


28 Aug 2020

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This is my story - Mike Harland

Messages • First Baptist Jackson


21 Jun 2020

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Lifeway Worship Director Mike Harland Shares A Secret To Being A Successful Christian Songwriter

Song Revolution with John Chisum

John Chisum enjoys a compelling conversation with Dr. Mike Harland, Director of LifeWay Worship. LifeWay is one of the world's largest Christian resource ministries offering a full range of music, Bible studies, research, events, and more. Mike has been LifeWay Worship Director for almost a decade and a half, bringing his wealth of songwriting knowledge to the publishing world, and he has stewarded his role with excellence and grace. You can follow Dr. Mike Harland on at on Twitter and on Facebook and take advantage of all the resources LifeWay has to offer: worshiplifeevent.com  -  worshiplife.com  -  lifewaysongs.com. If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a quick review on iTunes. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we would love for you to help us spread the word! The Song Revolution Podcast is dedicated to helping you grow as a songwriter and worshiper. Our goal is that this podcast is something for you to look forward to on your morning commute, workout, or daily routine. Be sure to download John's free gift of "The Songbuilders Blueprint" HERE and book a free discovery call with John HERE, but only if you're serious about investing in yourself to go to the next level in your songwriting. Check out all the fine resources we offer at www.nashvillechristiansongwriters.com


2 Dec 2019

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Ending The Worship Wars Over Style w/ Mike Harland

Worship Ministry Training Podcast (For Worship Leaders)

Many churches struggle, fight, and (often) even split over musical style and preferences. This is a sad reality, because music is a gift to build the church, not a weapon to destroy it. In this month’s episode I talk with Mike Harland, the Director Lifeway Worship about what caused the “Worship Wars” of the 80’s and 90’s, how the fallout is still affecting us today, and how we can move beyond it to shepherd our people with music that transcends genre and points people to Christ. If you’re struggling with fighting, dissension, and critical comments from your congregants, or if you’re just wondering how musical style fits into the grand scheme of worship, this episode is for you. Worship Essentials by Mike Harland SEE ALSO: Multigenerational Worship Leading   I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  EMAIL ME your thoughts on this episode or ASK A QUESTION that you’d like us to answer on a future episode by calling +1-831-607-WLT1 Say hi on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or FACEBOOK Our Sponsor This Month – Coresound Pads Add rich, beautiful ambient sounds to your mix in three simple steps. Coresound Pads are the best sounding worship pads I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried them all! Check out this video demo. Our listeners get an exclusive discount! Enter WMTPODCAST at checkout for 20% off ALL BUNDLES! Not sure? Try out some sample pads for FREE! Enjoy the podcast? Help us out by leaving us a review on iTunes!


1 Jun 2019

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32 In For The Long Haul Part 2 (with Special Guest Mike Harland)

Friends of First Worship

John and Mike Harland, Director of Lifeway Worship, finish their conversation about tips and practices to help with longevity in ministry.


9 May 2019

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31 In For The Long Haul Part 1 (with Special Guest Mike Harland)

Friends of First Worship

Mike Harland, Director of Lifeway Worship, sits down with John to talk about best practices to add longevity to you ministry.


25 Apr 2019

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5LQ Episode 297: Mike Harland and Worship Wars

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Daniel Im are joined by Mike Harland, director of Lifeway Worship and author of Worship Essentials. During their conversation, they discuss current worship culture.BEST QUOTES"Years ago, I realized that music was not the point, it was only the language.""The idea that you can unify a church around a music style is insanity. You better unify it around Jesus.""When an artist is leading congregational music it can be problematic.""There needs to be a really healthy awareness of the shepherding role that a worship leader has to have.""When we began to print lyrics and project lyrics, suddenly the hymnal wasn't the source book anymore.""What I've seen is the church believing that a worship approach could be a growth strategy for their church, and I just can't see that in the Scripture.""The way a church approaches worship becomes such an identifiable mark of their ministry approach.""In a healthy worship culture, there is a singular focus on the person of Jesus Christ, who He is and what He has done.""If your chief musician is a disciple maker, the ministry he leads will be a disciple making ministry that will be part of the overall strategy, not something that competes.""Healthy worship cultures measure their impact not on how well the set was executed but how engaged the congregation was.""Your people's prayer vocabulary will be built on what they are singing.""The body should prefer each other to any music style."RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkWorship Essentials by Mike HarlandText "leadership" to 888111 to be entered into a book drawNew Churches Q&A PodcastThis Episode's Sponsor: What happens when the Bible and humanity collide? Not what you’d expect. Living & Effective, a podcast collaboration between Christianity Today and the Christian Standard Bible, journeys through history, current events, theology, and the human condition to uncover surprising ways the Bible accomplishes God’s plan in the world."


4 Dec 2018

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What Motivates Publishers to Use Your Songs with Mike Harland, Director of Lifeway Worship

Song Revolution with John Chisum

"The mistake I see young writers making sometimes... is they focus most of their energy on what they can do, instead of focusing their energy on being who they should be. If you'll be who God wants you to be, He'll take care of the doing what you should do." In this episode, John Chisum interviews the inimitable Dr. Mike Harland, Director of LifeWay Worship. LifeWay has reach into millions of believers and is one of the world's largest Christian resource ministries offering a full range of music, Bible studies, research, events, and much more. "I think we undervalue the process of writing songs, the impact that has on you the writer... The process of sitting down with pen and paper and pouring your heart out in song shapes you." Mike Harland has been at the helm of LifeWay Worship for twelve years and brings an amazing amount of information and depth about songs, songwriting, and the publishing industry in this powerful show. "Get in that space in your head, where you learn all about the craft and then 'forget it' to be able to do what you do. Let the Lord anoint it and enable it." Catch up with Mike Harland on Twitter at @mikeharlandLW, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mike.harland.37 and check out all the great resources LifeWay offers at Worshiplifeevent.com, Worshiplife.com, Lifewaysongs.com.   Some topics we talk about in this episode: How to write from the overflow of your devotion to God How to follow God's leading into your destiny and be who YOU are as a Christian songwriter Why character matters more than ability How frustration shuts you down creatively Remembering that intimacy with God is our real "platform" What LifeWay Worship is doing this year you should know about Why no one would be "served well" if publishers threw their doors open to receive unsolicited material and how you can really be heard as an unpublished writer Why you can't hide a GREAT song (and how "I Can Only Imagine" was born) How great songs will always "find their way" to the forefront How songs are "good," "great," or "commercial" What makes a song unique and the distance between great songs and commercial songs What motivates publishers to publish YOUR songs Why we don't need another Lauren Daigle Fanny Crosby, Xiao Min, and the idea of God "dropping songs" on people Mike's tips on song process and why we undervalue the process of writing songs and its effects on us as songwriters   How to get involved Join the Successful Christian Songwriters Group on Facebook and continue the discussion! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessfulChristianSongwriters/ Check out all of the resources for you to become the songwriter you were meant to be at www.nashvillechristiansongwriters.com If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a quick review on iTunes. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we'd love for you to help us spread the word!


8 Sep 2018

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Episode 60: Artistry and Shepherding in the local church with Mike Harland


Mike Harland is the Director of Worship at Lifeway Christian Resources.  We talk about worship in the local church, past and present and the difference in an artist and a shepherd. Find Mike at : worshiplife.com Become a patron of chatologie or just get more info at: Patreon.com Sign up for the chatologie newsletter at: … Continue reading "Episode 60: Artistry and Shepherding in the local church with Mike Harland"

1hr 3mins

31 Jul 2018