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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keenan Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keenan Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keenan Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keenan Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 21: Keenan Robinson

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Keenan Robinson, Director of Sports Medicine & Science at USA Swimming, joins Kickset to give insight on staying healthy on the road, dry-land training, sleep, recovery and more!

For more nutritional tips, visit usaswimming.org/news/training
Jan 29 2020 · 1hr
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19-20 Thorne ACP Podcast #1 with Keenan Robinson

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The first Thorne ACP Podcast of the 19-20 season is now available, featuring the Director of Sports Medicine and Science at USA Swimming – Keenan Robinson.

Coach Robinson will be presenting at the December edition of the Thorne ACP. He is responsible for evaluating injury epidemiology in National Team swimmers, identifying risk factors, and streamlining medical care for Team USA swimmers to reduce training time loss or surgical procedures.

Well known for being the physical preparation coach of Michael Phelps, Keenan is an NATABOC certified athletic trainer and NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach. He has served as medical staff on both Olympic and World Championship teams, bringing a unique skill set to the sport through both performance and medicine.

In this podcast Keenan, and host – Ellie Spain – discuss:

  • How Keenan’s experiences and multiple roles influence his perspectives.
  • The specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) necessary to succeed as a swimmer from a physical preparation perspective, and how these can be addressed without detracting from the technical / water work.
  • The evaluation and implementation of physiological and biological measures, and how these inform his decision making process and programming.
  • The mundanity of excellence.
  • What other sports can learn from swimming in terms of physically preparing performers.
Oct 22 2019 · 33mins

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Episode 036 - Keenan Robinson: Diving Into The Deep End with Performance, Fitness and Nutrition

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In Episode 036 of the D&D Fitness Radio Podcast, we have the pleasure of talking with Keenan Robinson, the High Performance Director of USA Swimming. Keenan has had the opportunity to work closely with swimming legend, Michael Phelps, as well as serving as an advisor to Phelps’ veteran coach, Bob Bowman. We discuss all aspects of preparation for world-class swimmers including general physical training, nutritional support and physical therapy. There are always lots of rumors out there about what top athletes are doing for their preparation and Keenan does a very good job at dispelling some of those rumors and providing facts around the physical preparation of elite performers.
For more information on Keenan Robinson, you can follow him via the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kkrirsh

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keenan.robinson.5
The D&D Fitness Radio podcast is available at the following locations for downloadable audio, including:

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-fitness-radio-podcast/id1331724217



You can reach both Don and Derek at the following locations:

Don Saladino:
Twitter and Instagram - @DonSaladino
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/donsaladino

Derek M. Hansen: http://www.SprintCoach.com
Twitter and Instagram - @DerekMHansen
YouTube - http://youtube.com/derekmhansen
Dec 13 2018 · 1hr 6mins
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OBL 7/24: Bills sign LB Keenan Robinson; PFF's Mike Renner on his secondary rankings in the NFL

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Today, we shared our favorite memories as fans from Bills Training Camp. Newly signed Bills LB Keenan Robinson discussed the process of becoming a Bill and his career so far (48:40). Pro Football Focus' Mike Renner talked about his secondary rankings list and CB Tre'Davious White as the 2017 PFF Defensive Rookie of the Year (1:33:30). Connors and Ferris' Greg Connors discussed entering the 5th year as sponsor of the Buffalo Bills Training Camp.
Jul 25 2018 · 2hr 14mins

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Cover 1 | Buffalo LIVE Bills Sign Keenan Robinson. Plus Final Thoughts Before Camp

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Aaron and Erik talk about the most recent Bills signing of former Giants LB Keenan Robinson. Plus give their final thoughts prior to training camp.
Jul 24 2018 · 24mins
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Cover 1 | Buffalo LIVE Bills Sign Keenan Robinson. Plus Final Thoughts Before Camp

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Aaron and Erik talk about the most recent Bills signing of former Giants LB Keenan Robinson. Plus give their final thoughts prior to training camp.
Jul 24 2018 · 24mins
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Pacey Performance Podcast #123 - Keenan Robinson (Director of High Performance at USA Swimming)

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In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Director of High Performance at USA Swimming, Keenan Robinson. Keenan has worked with one of the most famous and decorated athletes of all time, Michael Phelps, so it was great to chat to Keenan about his training and much talked about mindset.

In this episode you will learn -

  • Who is Keenan Robinson (background, education and current role)?
  • Programming differences between strokes and distances
  • What coaches should bear in mind when moving from coaching dryland athletes to swimmers
  • Mitigating injuries in swimmers
  • Who influences Keenan's practice

Keenan can be found on Twitter @kkrirsh

This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Vald Performance, the team behind the NordBord and the new Groinbar, a hip and groin strength measuring solution. They can be found at valdperformance.com and you can get more information on the groin bar at groinbar.com and on Twitter @groinbar.

Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following on Twitter @strengthofsci or visiting strengthofscience.com/podcast.



Feb 16 2017 · 40mins
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18: Keenan Robinson | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

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This week’s guest is Keenan Robinson, national team high performance director for USA Swimming.   Keenan is a coach who is fusing modern S&C and sports medicine practices with swim performance, and has worked with prominent swim programs such as The University of Michigan, North Baltimore Aquatic Club, and Arizona State University, not to mention being the 2016 head athletic trainer for the USA Olympic contingent in Rio.  He is also the strength coach for Michael Phelps, arguably the most successful Olympic athlete of all time.

The world of strength training for swimmers is emerging quickly, yet hardly gets the discussion and social media presence that strength for other popular sports, such as football, basketball, baseball or general speed training harness.  I’m excited to host Keenan on today’s episode, as I hope it to facilitate some important discussions in the field that can lead to healthier, and faster athletes in the water.

I know that many coaches who listen to this podcast may not work with aquatic athletes, but I have found over the years that the challenge of learning what makes aquatic athletes fast from a functional, dryland perspective, makes you look “under the hood” into the subsystems, and deep stabilization network of the body more than any other sport, and forces an honest diagnosis of training transfer on a regular basis.  It also brings up great lines of discussion as to the ideas of general, specific, and coordinative aspects of training transfer and athletic well-being.

I believe there is a good reason why all athletes (those looking to do other sports in high school/college) should have some experience swimming at a young age before they move along the path of specialization.
View more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.

Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.
Key Points:

Keenan’s background and journey in the world of swim dryland strength and performance
The number one thing that makes swim athletes different than land, and how coaches should keep this in mind when working with them in a resistance training setting
Are there things in the weight room that successful aquatic athletes are generally better at than mediocre aquatic athletes?
How much strength is enough when training various swim strokes and distances in terms of some common swimming lifts, such as weighted pull-ups, or front squats
Keenan’s take on training specific positions or movements in the weight room
One thing Keenan would change that is commonly performed in aquatic strength programs
Keenan’s take on stretching for swimmers
The best approach to shoulder stability and preventing shoulder issues in swimming
“The major difference (between swimming and land based athletes) is we are a sport that trains 11 months, 3 weeks out of a year.  There is no real off-season”

“The fish-out-of-water is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me… athleticism is athleticism.” “A back-to-breast turn is all athletic movement”

“The minimal effective dose of strength training has to coincide with the dose being applied in the water”

“(Regarding lifts that good swimmers can/should do well) I think vertical pulls (pullups, etc.)”

“For a while, I thought I had a relationship between posterior chain strength and our best kickers, but now, scratch that, we go back to their anthropometric factors, ankle range of motion, and those who have had been given kicking early on in their development as a swimmer, those are the best kickers”

“(Positional “Specific” dryland training) what we do is work on stabilization of those body parts while the extremities are moving” “Making sure I can go through body segments and make sure that it is in accordance to what their limitations are from an anatomical standpoint and segments thoughout the spine”
Oct 10 2016 · 41mins
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The CVASP Podcast Episode 5-Keenan Robinson, Arizona State University

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Arizona State's Head of High Performance Services for Aquatic Sports Keenan Robinson sits down and talks training swimmers in this edition of the podcast. Keenan discusses training swimmers of all levels (youth, to college, to the Olympics), building a training culture that complements the training in the water, the importance of the aerobic system in swimming, and the future of training for the sport. ENJOY THE CONTENT? THEN YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT THE STRENGTH COACH NETWORK! You can find sensational content just like this in The Strength Coach Network. As a member of The Strength Coach Networks, you can access over 200 hours of the highest-level lecture content just like this one for 48 hours for only $1. Follow the link below to sign up and use the code CVASPS at check out to get a 48 hour trial for only $1. Check out The Strength Coach Network Here! https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/ #StrengthCoach, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining, #SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining, #Plyometrics
Oct 19 2015 · 41mins