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Does God Cause Evil and Suffering? - ft Gerry Breshears and John Piper

The GoodLion Podcast

In this episode, we dive into some dangerous territory: questions about God's sovereignty.  The sovereignty of God can be an extremely challenging topic for Christians. A lot of the debate centers on the phrase "God is in control." What do we mean when we say God is in control? For many, this question leads to an even bigger one: if God is in control, does that mean he causes evil and suffering? Brian and Aaron contrast two theological views of the issue, one framed by renowned reformed pastor John Piper and the other by seminary professor Dr. Gerry Breshears. They discuss why they prefer one view over the other.  The guys also get into the Biblical story of Joseph, the phrase "what you meant for evil God meant for good," and what this passage implies (and does not imply) about God's sovereignty. Then we take some hard looks at what extreme positions have to be adopted if we embrace Piper's view of God being the author behind human sins.  Finally, we end with a look at prof. Gerry Breshears's framework for what it means to be "Calminian", or rather, a Christian who holds the sovereignty of God and the free will God affords to man in a healthy tension.  To read more about his views, you can check out this document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/725jk999gbk6vnw/Calminian.doc?dl=0 On the next episode, we will dive into the question: "isn't God allowing suffering just as bad as causing it?" All this and more on the GoodLion Podcast!

1hr 18mins

15 Feb 2021

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Q+A with Dr. Gerry Breshears: Evil, Suffering, and God’s Goodness

Awakening School Of Faith

1hr 22mins

1 Nov 2020

Similar People

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Daniel Sings Destiny's Child and a Recap of our Conversation with Dr. Gerry Breshears

Pastors in Quarantine

Daniel starts belting out "Im A Survivor" by Destiny's Child and Stephen may sing the intro to Dancing Queen by Abba. Other than that, this is a fun recap conversation from our conversation with Dr. Gerry Breshears from Western Seminary. 


22 Oct 2020

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A Conversation W/ Dr. Gerry Breshears

Pastors in Quarantine

Join the Pastors In Quarantine as we have a great conversation with Dr. Gerry Breshears from Western Seminary 


14 Oct 2020

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Spiritual Warfare in the Bible for Today with Dr. Gerry Breshears

Unpacked with Skyler

In this interview Skyler interview Dr. Gerry Breshears spiritual warfare, demons, and Jesus.  Gerry is a professor of Theology at Western Seminary, on the Board of Directors for the Bible Project, and an Elder at Grace Community Church in Oregon. Gerry I spent countless hours researching and teaching on this topic. [NOTE: Our Podcast will be releasing episodes every other week] Spiritual Warfare Couse3 Crucial Questions about Spiritual Warfare, by Clint ArnoldGerry Breshear (Website)Western SeminarySpiritual Warfare takes place in ...In the World: The narrative of what will make you successfulIn the Flesh: Our selfish desires.And the Devil: demonic beings working through attachment to attack. Most common form in the Western world is accusation and deception.Method of Attack Have an assessment of things in your life (physical, emotional, relation, and demonic) Gerry listens for an accusing voice, an oppressive presence, and if one has had involvement in spiritualism and occultism.Understand your foundation and authority you have in ChristYou're in the kingdom of light (Colossians 1), not in the kingdom of darkness.Jesus has disarmed the the demonic forces at the cross (Colossians 2), they have no authority over you.Act like Jesus  Speak Scripture out loud.Tells whatever it is to go away because you are a Son of the Most high God. Focus 100% of your attention upon Jesus.Things you must know about Spiritual WarfareDemons are real (contrary to Western opinions)Our Problems as people are Multimodal, so see... a doctor to check on your physical health a go to Christian counselor to check on your psychological healtha pastor to check on your spiritual healtha spirit led friend to help you discern your inner world 


19 Aug 2020

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The Mechanics of Salvation - With Dr. Gerry Breshears

Anchor Of Hope | With Aaron Salvato

Aaron & Brian get the amazing Dr. Gerry Breshears on the show to discuss all our burning questions about Salvation. What does it mean to be saved? Can you lose your salvation? How do you know someone is saved? All this and more on today's GoodLion Podcast!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anchorofhope-aaronsalvato/support

1hr 8mins

11 Mar 2020

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Hard Questions About Evil and God's Judgement - With Gerry Breshears

The GoodLion Podcast

Why does God seem violent in the Old Testament and loving in the New Testament? Why did Uzzah, Annias, and Saphira have to die? Is Greg Boyd's cruciform hermeneutic a good way to read scripture, or does it cause some troubling issues? We ask Prof. Gerry Breshears of Western Seminary these hard question and more on today's GoodLion Podcast!

1hr 23mins

28 Feb 2020

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Spiritual Warfare with Gerry Breshears

Food Trucks in Babylon

What is spiritual warfare? How do Christians engage with it? Patrick and Todd talk with Dr. Gerry Breshears and provide direction and definitions.


3 Feb 2020

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51: AEC 2009, Session 4, Gerry Breshears

Church Venture Northwest Podcast

This is episode 51 of the CB Northwest and Camp Tadmor events podcast. We’re finishing up the 2009 Annual Enrichment Conference: Behold Christ’s Beautiful Bride. This is Session 4, Wednesday morning with Dr. Gerry Breshears.


30 Jan 2020

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50: AEC 2009, Session 3, Gerry Breshears

Church Venture Northwest Podcast

This is episode 50 of the CB Northwest and Camp Tadmor events podcast. We’re continuing with the 2009 Annual Enrichment Conference: Behold Christ’s Beautiful Bride. This is Session 3, Tuesday night with Dr. Gerry Breshears.

1hr 6mins

23 Jan 2020