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What does it take to build 8, 9, 10 & 11 figure businesses? Interview with David Wolff

The Minotaur's Maze

What does it take to build a 9, 10 or 11 figure business? How do you overcome adversity after losing everything? What can you do during an economic crash to make sure you come out successful? Can you use business to make a huge impact on the world and make money at the same time? We discuss this and more. Please like, share and subscribe so you get notified of any future interview. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want to get confident on camera to build more authority, impact and profit by establishing a strong online presence and business? In an age where building an online presence is EVERYTHING...it is now imperative to be comfortable in front of camera. Click on the following link: https://minotaurmastery.com/talk/ Maybe you suffer from social anxiety like I did? I was crippled with fear and anxiety anytime I had to talk, whether it was with family or friends let alone in public. Overcoming this fear was one of my biggest challenges, I now make videos online regularly, and have crafted better relationships offline as a result. Getting confident on camera and over my fear of speaking has TRANSFORMED my life. I have managed to speak to Gary Vee, and speak to amazing guests for my podcast which reached number 14 on the OFFICIAL Apple Podcasts chart for Entrepreneurship in the UK. I now want to help you go through the same transformation. Click on the following link for more details: https://minotaurmastery.com/talk/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPROGRAMME YOUR MIND & BECOME UNSTOPPABLE Please visit the following site to get your FREE programme on how to rewire your brain so you become unstoppable: https://minotaurmastery.com/ In addition: FIGHT YOUR FEAR Defeat your fears & challenges to build self-esteem & express yourself so you impact the world with your business, message & uniqueness. How do you rewire your brain to fight your fears, build self-esteem, and transform your life? The MINOTAUR MIND MAGICK course will show you exactly how, and it is completely FREE when you join the email list. Please click on the following link to sign up now: https://minotaurmastery.com/


19 Jan 2021

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Interview with David Wolff Founder of Ocean Habitats

Climate Change with Scott Amyx

Ocean Habitats is a non-profit committed to ocean conservation through installation of Mini-Reefs.


16 Nov 2020

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Earth911 Podcast: David Wolff, Creator of the Mini Reef

Earth911.com: Sustainability In Your Ear

More algae blooms and red tides are affecting the grassy coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. David Wolff, founder of OceanHabitats Inc., recognized the need for natural solutions in the 1990s, when he built the first Mini Reef, a structure that can be placed under docks in coastal waterways and canals that supports plant and ocean life. But the world wasn't ready for the idea and money ran out by 1998. Wolff pursued other businesses, which he recently sold before returning to his Mini Reef project out of concern for the Gulf Coast. Now, more than 4,000 Mini Reefs are installed in the region, filled with mussels, barnacles, and oysters that clean the water.Wolff explains the different sizes and placement options for the Mini Reef, which is available in several sizes to fit together like Lego blocks under a dock. Once populated by plants, crabs, shrimp, and other life, a small reef can filter about 30,000 gallons of water a day. Homeowners have purchased most of the installed Mini Reefs but Wolff has created a donation page to let people who do not live on the coast to support installations. Cities, non-profits, and the EPA are now engaged in assessments of the idea for use in coastal recovery projects. Mini Reefs cost between $237 and $687.The company also makes $187 The Fish Crib, a freshwater lake and pond model that helps young fish stay safe as they mature. It can support up to 300 fish each year. OceanHabitats products work in any coastal area but will mature more slowly in cold water.


28 Oct 2020

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Heat Treat Radio: A Discussion with David Wolff, Nel Hydrogen, COVID-19 Update

Heat Treat Radio

Heat Treat Radio: A Discussion with David Wolff, Nel Hydrogen, COVID-19 Update by HTT


28 May 2020

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Heat Treat Radio: David Wolff, Nel Hydrogen, Pt 2

Heat Treat Radio

In this conversation, Heat Treat Radio host, Doug Glenn, engages Nel Hydrogen Heat Treat Manager David Wolff in a conversation about the use of hydrogen in heat treat processes. Find out more about the various delivery systems available, the economics of using hydrogen, and whether using hydrogen might make sense for your specific heat treat application.


13 Feb 2020

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Ep. #46 - David Wolff - President of Ocean Habitats Inc

Beach Talk Radio

Ocean Habitats installed a total of 50 mini reefs on Fort Myers Beach (the week of March 11 2019). David Wolff is the President/Executive Director of Ocean Habitats, Inc., a non-profit organization with a goal of bringing coastal waters back to life. After David made his money in real estate he decided he wanted to get back to what he loved. His goal is to do his part to make the planet a better place for everyone. Here's what you should know about this reef: It grows over 300 fish per year, over 200 crabs per year, cleans over 30,000 gallons of water per day, and lasts for more than 10 years. The dimensions are 24"Wide x 36"Long x 24"deep. It floats under your dock out of sight.Delivery and installation is included in the price. A unit costs $250 and that includes instalation. To reach Ocean Habitats:1-800-674-2593david@oceanhabitatsinc.comwww.oceanhabitatsinc.com


14 Mar 2019