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#230: Election 2020 (and the Denver Nuggets) with Jake Marsing

Sports Krunch w/DKROM

1. Four years ago around this time, many (if not most) in the news media touted Hillary Clinton as a solid favorite to win...and we know how that ended. Today, several are describing Joe Biden in the same light. As I mentioned in the intro, we had Austin, Texas-based GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak on the program. He said he expects this to be a VERY, VERY close election and is convinced that whoever wins the presidency is going to win it by a narrower Electoral College margin than 2016. Do you share that view and do you think the media is making the same mistake they did four years ago by GROSSLY underestimating President Trump’s chances of winning? 2. Speaking of the Electoral College, you live out west in Colorado near another pivotal state that needs just as much attention as Florida and the four major Midwestern states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota). That state is Arizona. For well over a year, Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report has remained unwavering in his belief that Arizona is more likely to flip from Trump to Biden than Florida AND Wisconsin are. And there are more than enough reasons to take his thoughts seriously. Arizona is an increasingly diverse and metropolitan state with the kinds of voters moving TOWARD the Democrats whereas Wisconsin on the other hand is the whitest, most rural of the four Midwest battlegrounds and has the kinds of voters that are moving AWAY from the Democrats. Would you be surprised if a Biden victory consisted of all the Clinton states + MI/PA/AZ as opposed to all the Clinton states + MI/PA/WI? 3. Right now, with voting underway, the biggest priority for the Democratic party MUST be GOTV efforts. And given the pandemic, most Democrats plan on casting their ballots BEFORE November 3. According to a recent NBC News/Survey Monkey poll, 71% of Democrats intend to vote absentee whether by mail or using in-person early voting. Everybody MUST make a plan to vote, but given a weakened, hobbled postal service, many voters (especially those living in states without a universal vote-by-mail system like Colorado) may have to adjust their plans. If someone wants to receive a ballot in the mail, what is the LATEST possible date to submit a request? Several are recommending that those who receive their ballots on or after October 14 return them in person to their county election office or a ballot drop box if available. Would you recommend that as well? 4. Several top-tier Biden supporters have voiced concern in recent days, most notably, his chief rival for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. He suggested that Biden would almost certainly lose unless he stopped his centrist approach and catered more to progressive voters on economic issues. Also, some more establishment Democrats in swing states believe there is still a sizeable enthusiasm gap between the Trump base and the Democratic base and that Biden needs to do a lot more in-person campaigning to energize voters, as NYT reported. Do you think there is such a gap and if so, should Biden pivot and endorse progressive policies like the Green New Deal or Medicare For All?


18 Sep 2020

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#55: Should Vikings keep starting Case Keenum? An All things NFL football discussion w/Jake Marsing

Sports Krunch w/DKROM

On this edition of the program, we are pleased to have our good friend Jake Marsing join us again for a special “all things football” discussion. Jake left Denver and the 5280 Sports Network (where he covered both the Broncos and the Nuggets) this summer for Fayetteville, Arkansas where he currently covers Arkansas Razorback football. We plan to discuss some of the big storylines surrounding the NFL and college football as well.Jake’s Twitter handle: @JakeDMarsing1. Why are the Broncos here (as you have been foreseeing for quite some time)?2. In some of our prior conversations, you were adamant you weren’t sold on Dak Prescott given the fact he was in the PERFECT situation for a rookie QB. Given the struggled mightily last week without Ezekiel Elliott and Tyron Smith, yet still looked impressive with them on the field this year, where do you stand now on Dak?3. Should the Vikings keep starting Case Keenum as long as Keenum continues to play well? Do they need to go to Teddy Bri


18 Nov 2017

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#25 Denver Broncos 2017 Team Preview w/Jake Marsing of The 5280 Sports Network

Sports Krunch w/DKROM

Welcome back to http://SportsKrunch.com/ with DKrom, I’m your host David Kromelow. Well, 2017 OTA’s and minicamps are in the books and the NFL has officially begun its annual six-week summer slumber until training camp. However, we here at Sports Krunch with DKrom prefer to keep the train rolling with a lot of great content for you until the first team's report for camp. And speaking of teams, tonight we begin our series of individual 2017 team previews. Please note that will try to break down the 2017 prospects of as many teams as we possibly can, but if we do not feature your favorite team, we ask that you do not take any offense given the limited time we have for broadcasting each week and the wide variety of content we intend to put out there. And without further ado, let’s take a look on what’s on the horizon for the Denver Broncos in 2017 and beyond with a great friend of the show, Jake Marsing of 5280 Sports Network. Jake’s Twitter handle: @JakeDMarsing 1. Now let


21 Jun 2017

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#9: "Where Will The Biggest NFL Free Agents Sign in 2017" with Jake Marsing

Sports Krunch w/DKROM

http://sportskrunch.com/Hello again everybody, and welcome back to Sports Krunch with DKrom. The NFL’s “legal tampering window” is now officially opened, creating the beginning of what will be a WILD next 48 hours in the National Football League as free agency and the 2017 league year officially began Thursday afternoon. And to break down all the latest scoops before the witching hour is our good friend, NFL insider Jake Marsing of 5280 Sports Network in Denver. Welcome back Jake!!!!!1. What is the latest you’re hearing on the Tony Romo situation?? Do you expect him to be released on Thursday?? Where do you see him ending up??2. How you see the RB market shaping out, particularly AP (Raiders or Seahawks), LeGarrette Blount, and Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Latavius Murray?? When do you expect the first of those dominoes to fall?? Which teams can3. Answer the same basic question about the OL market (Whitworth, Okung, Fluker, Wagner, Zeitler, Lang, Leary, Clady)3. Same question a


9 Mar 2017

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#3: NFL Wildcard Weekend Discussion with Jake Marsing

Sports Krunch w/DKROM

Today’s show features a very special guest and great friend of the program Jake Marsing @JakeDMarsing - A rising star reporter in the Denver area who covers both the Broncos and the Nuggets for the 5280 Sports Network. He also contributes to the Vic Lombardi show on the radio station Altitude 950. 2:00 What stood out to you the most on this underwhelming Wildcard weekend? 3:00 Seattle Seahawks facing the Atlanta Falcons - Do you see a high scoring game coming in this matchup?8:00 Houston Texans vs New England Patriots - What will be needed for the Texans to pull off the upset of the century here? 11:00 Jadeveon Clowney is incredibly impressive. How much better would this Texans defense be with J.J. Watt healthy? 13:00 Pittsburgh steelers heading to the Kansas City Chiefs - Ben Roethlisberger wearing a walking a boot. Did Roethlisberger shed the boot this morning? Does Ben play up injuries or let everyone know what a tough player he is? 15:00 Does Jake stand by his pre-season pick


10 Jan 2017