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Heal Your Pain and Love Yourself with Tara Mackey

True Grit and Grace with Amberly Lago

Healing from physical illness and emotional pain isn't easy but transformation IS possible. You are never alone in your struggles and there are so many great resources to support you through the process. I am so excited to bring you this conversation with my friend Tara, because she knows about this kind of healing first hand. Tara Mackey is the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, a successful holistic and sustainable living platform, and is a widely recognized activist with a tribe of over 1 million followers. She founded the organic skincare company Genetix and is the #1 best-selling author of Cured by Nature and WILD Habits. Mackey, who has a background in psychology and genetics, left a coveted position at Weill Cornell Medical College in 2011 to travel to California to explore natural healing, yoga and meditation. That same year she began utilizing holistic techniques to heal her chronic illnesses, going cold turkey off of fourteen daily medications, and healing herself naturally. She has been Rx-drug free for nearly a decade and has been on a conscious quest to move humanity in a more sustainable, healthy, and holistic direction ever since. Tara has recently launched her own original music, and taken her motivational speaking and music career worldwide. She has been a featured guest at many events, podcasts, blogs, TV, news and radio shows. Mackey was named “an accomplished musician” by Forbes and “a powerful voice in the smart, sexy, sustainable movement” by Coco Eco Magazine. Tara’s been recognized with numerous awards and nominations for her activism and entrepreneurship by giants like Oprah Magazine, Teen Vogue, Women’s Health, ABC, CBS, the United States Senate and many more. In this episode, Tara shares her best insights and wisdom about what it takes to get to the bottom of your pain and how you can heal from anything. Here’s what you will learn:⁣ Tara's childhood, trauma and transformation (3:24) How to listen to your gut and the magic that brings into your life(13:51) How to embrace culture shifts, new beginnings and the unknown(20:21) The slippery slope of self medication (25:16)  How service helps us to heal pain within ourselves (29:21) How Tara is embracing change in her divorce (34:42) How to share from a scar rather than an open wound (44:21) Screenshot your favorite part and post to your IG story and tag me @amberlylagomotivation and @taramackey so we can see and repost to our stories! Follow Tara: Instagram Website Spotify Mentioned in this episode: WILD Habits ‎Bold and Brilliant podcast   Hiitide Book Club: I am excited to share that registration for the True Grit and Grace Book Club is now OPEN!!! https://hiitide.com/crews/true-grit-and-graceUnlock your highest potential and start living the life you deserve! Read the True Grit and Grace book here and learn how you can turn your tragedies into triumphs!  Thank you for joining us on the True, Grit, & Grace Podcast! If you find value in today’s episode, don’t forget to share the show with your friends and tap that subscribe button so you don’t miss an episode! You can also head over to amberlylago.com to join my newsletter and access free downloadable resources that can help you elevate your life, business, and relationships! Want to see the behind the scenes and keep the conversation going?  Head over to Instagram @amberlylagomotivation! Audible @True-Grit-and-Grace-Audiobook  Website @amberlylago.com Instagram @amberlylagomotivation Facebook @AmberlyLagoSpeaker


24 Feb 2021

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Season 2: #26 - "Empowered Into 2021" with Amberly Lago, Tara Mackey and Rosie Acosta

Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

We're Making It Happen in 2021 with this super awesome year starter episode where I interview a triple threat of amazing women I am so honored to be friends with - Amberly Lago, Tara Mackey and Rosie Acosta.  In this episode, we dive deep into our learnings of the crazy year that was 2020, how we're showing up on 2021 and real life lessons and practical applications on how you can change your life and transform your life this year! Super excited for you all to hear it! Jump into it and enjoy! _____ With much success from our previous year's group, I am incredibly proud of the people who joined us!  I'm holding another 8-Week Mastermind Group, where a hand-selected group of people will be joining me in a life-transforming 8-week life coaching to really set your 2021 ablaze! Spots are limited! Join us here 👉🏼https://www.makeithappen.life/mastermind

1hr 9mins

4 Jan 2021

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09 - FROM SUICIDAL TO SUCCEEDING: Author, Musician, and Activist Tara Mackey

Life Done Better with Supermodel Jill de Jong

Life can be rough and incessant, emotional pain can lead to severe depression and is make you lose hope for a better life. Keep the faith (believe without seeing). YOUR life is precious and you are here to rise and shine! Let Tara's story inspire you to see the light, even in the darkest times.  Not only did Tara write two bestselling books; “Cured By Nature” and “Wild Habits", she has also made her childhood dream come true by recording and releasing an album that she describes as “conscious pop”. Listen in to this truly inspiring episode of hope, determination, and second chances with host Jill de Jong and guest Tara Mackey. TIMESTAMPS: 2:30 - Tara Mackey talks about her song writing and her EP, Bugatti 5:30 - Tara speaks about suicide prevention 8:15 - Natural solutions versus drugs 9:15 - Natural, holistic health hacks, 14:20 - Tara speaks about living with drug/alcohol addicted parents 18:00 - Tara relates her experience at Mexican orphanages 24:00 - Tara's 'typical' day, ------------------------- Learn More: Life Done Better Follow Jill on Instagram: @_modelsdoeat Follow the show on Twitter: @_lifedonebetter --------------------------- Hosted by: Jill de Jong Produced and Edited by: Mike Thomas Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy Theme Music by: Chris Porter A CurtCo Media Production y9fOYwkgtWXZeIOCTC39See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Sep 2020

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Your Mission Is Unshakeable (with Tara Mackey)

Entrepreneur Network Podcast

Your "what" and your "why" are two different things. And if you confuse the two, you're not prepared for change. In this episode, Jason explains how to tell the difference between the two -- and then discusses it with The Organic Life CEO Tara Mackey, who has gone through a journey of defining her "why."


14 Sep 2020

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Your Mission Is Unshakeable (with Tara Mackey)

Problem Solvers

Your "what" and your "why" are two different things. And if you confuse the two, you're not prepared for change. In this episode, Jason explains how to tell the difference between the two -- and then discusses it with The Organic Life CEO Tara Mackey, who has gone through a journey of defining her "why."


14 Sep 2020

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Boobs & Brains: Reclaim Your Mental Health & Grow a Cup Size with Tara Mackey


Singer, Author, and Entrepreneur Tara Mackey joins #Adulting with Zack Peter and Abigail Fraher to dish on her journey to reclaim her mental health and grow a cup (or two).  We tackle:  Is it possible to be "over-medicated?"  How Tara beat her mental health struggles with all-natural alternatives  The secret of natural derivatives linked to each pharmaceutical drug on the market  How her Genetix Organic company is helping women take better care of their breasts  Why rubbing your boobs is SO IMPORTANT (even without a man)  & so much more  This episode is brought to you by Best Fiends Download Best Fiends, a 5-star rated mobile puzzle game, now in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Keep up with Tara at @taraamackey Keep up with us @theadultingpodcast on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe and tune-in every Tuesday! (A 5-star review wouldn't hurt either!)  Keep up with Zack @justplainzack and Abigail @abigail__af. The advice herein is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals, or be a substitute for medical advice. You are advised to consult your healthcare professional in regard to matters relating to your health.


25 Aug 2020

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Escaping the World of Prescriptions and Healing Holistically with Tara Mackey

Awesome Inside Out

Host Sarah Anne interviews the beautiful Tara Mackey, author of Cured by Nature and WILD Habits, to unveil the secrets behind sustainable beauty and lifelong health. Tara shares her story of how she successfully weaned herself off of fourteen medications and the holistic techniques she used to heal her chronic health issues. In this episode, you will discover the healing power of foods and the natural healing potential that already exists within you. Follow: instagram.com/sarahannestewartinstagram.com/taraamackey More resources: sarahannestewart.com


6 May 2020

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Tara Mackey - How Consistent Blogging Led to Becoming the CEO & Founder of Genetix Skincare, and a #1 Bestselling Author

She's Got Moxie

My guest today, Tara Mackey, is the CEO & Founder of Genetix, a #1 bestselling author, and the founder of the award-winning company and blog, The Organic Life. "If you have a desire for something and a love in your heart, just because the world doesn't understand it yet that doesn't mean that it is not the correct thing to do. And if you really feel like this is your mission, keep going." - Tara Mackey. Learn more about this episode at joychudacoff.com/103


19 Feb 2020

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143: Why Our Scars are Necessary for Success with Tara Mackey

Listen Up! with Natalie Jill

Tara Mackey was BORN  addicted to Cocaine. Her mom did it throughout her pregnancy and even on the way to deliver her. Her dad? Tara never met him. He was her moms drug dealer and was in jail when Tara was born. Detoxing as an infant was a small struggle in comparison to what her youth and teenage years brought. She was Prescribed 14 Rx drugs She was Diagnosed with MULTIPLE disorders and chronic illnesses. She watched her mom OD on heroin beginning at the age of just 5 As I interview Tara she has scars on her wrist from a suicide attempt in one of her darkest moments. She doesn’t mind these scars today… she shares that they are all part of her story.  TODAY , Tara Mackeyis the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, a successful holistic and sustainable living platform, and is a widely recognized activist with a tribe of over 1 million followers on her blog and social media. She founded the organic skincare company Genetixand is the #1 best-selling author of Cured by Nature and WILD Habits. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Tara Mackey Leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to turn your struggle into purpose Why building a support system is key to success How your vehicle isn't always the same as your purpose


2 Dec 2019

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53. Exploring Alternative Health Medicine, Overcoming Adversity, and Holistic and Sustainable Living with #1 Best-Selling author Tara Mackey, CEO of The Organic Life

the bossbabe podcast

In this incredible interview, Natalie Ellis sits down with the multi-passionate serial entrepreneur and #1 Best-selling author, Tara Mackey. Tara is the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, a successful holistic and sustainable living platform, and is a widely recognized activist with a tribe of over 1 million followers on her blog and social media.Tara is super open and authentic as she shares her phenomenal journey. This episode is going to give you a huge dose of motivation, inspiration and gives you a real insight into what it really takes to achieve massive goals and overcome trials and tribulations.Tara and Natalie discuss natural alternative health medicine, organic beauty solutions, “red flags” of addiction, self-love, nutrition, and how challenges have the potential to lead us directly to the exact path needed to make our dreams a reality.This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account. www.instagrowthaccelerator.comDiscover how to grow your audience on Instagram by 10,000 ideal clients in 30 days: bossbabe.com/growthatinstaMentioned in this episode:ApolloGet $40 off the Apollo wearable at Apolleneuro.com/bossbabe.IndeedStart hiring NOW with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Indeed.com/bossbabeIssuuGet started with Issuu today for FREE, or sign up for an annual premium account to get 50% off, when you go to Issuu.com/podcast and use promo code BOSSBABE.BabbelRight now, save up to 60% off your subscription when you go to Babbel.com/bossbabe.The SociétéJoin our private, online community of female entrepreneurs where you can connect, build and grow.


4 Nov 2019