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Africa, Elephants and Elevating the Narrative with Modern Huntsman Tyler Sharp — WildFed Podcast #074

WildFed Podcast — Hunt Fish Forage Food

Tyler Sharp — CEO & Editor in Chief of Modern Huntsman — joins us for a fascinating conversation on his time in Africa, his thoughts on the rebranding of modern hunting, and how we can take control of the hunting narrative before we lose it forever. Tyler shares about his immersive experiences living and hunting in the African bush that were formative to his balanced outlook on modern hunting culture, and we also get to dig in on one of the most controversial hunts on earth — the African elephant. Tyler is passionate about elevating the hunting narrative, and we discuss his thoughts on the North American model of conservation, the hunter's paradox, and how we can make hunting more inclusive for all who want to participate. View full show notes, including links to resources from this episode here: https://www.wild-fed.com/podcast/074

1hr 44mins

23 Mar 2021

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#177 Tyler Sharp: From wolves in Yellowstone to the black cowboys who help forge the West. Conservation / Modern Huntsman / whales / Cameroon / photography / survival

Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Editor in Chief of Modern Huntsman, Tyler Sharp, joins me around the table in Montana to talk about the contents of volume 6: the resilience issue. After recounting our experience of watching wolves in Yellowstone, we deep-dive into selected stories and give an insight into the creative process of producing a new volume. Support the podcast: www.patreon.com/byronpace Podcast partner: www.modernhuntsman.com Email the show: podcast@paceproductionsuk.com www.byronpace.com

1hr 12mins

27 Jan 2021

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Tyler Sharp

Hunting Matters

Tyler is the CEO and Editor in Chief for Modern Huntsman, based in Livingston, Montana, and he moonlights as a freelance photographer, writer, director, and creative consultant. Modern Huntsman is a media company that produces films, stories and a biannual printed publication focused on improving the perception of hunting. Tyler has had had the good fortune of working with many great folks, ranging anywhere from brand films to editorial work, rogue photo essays to all-encompassing creative campaigns. When he is not trying to out-craft categorization, he splits his time between East Africa, and the American West. Somewhere amidst chasing trout on the Yellowstone and myth-checking Hemingway’s Tanzanian safari claims, you can find him at home with his shaggy sidekick Wyatt. Tyler writes with fountain pens, practices Wing Chun Kung Fu, and believes that chivalry is very much alive in the hearts of those gentleman who still keep it. A native Texan, Tyler now splits his time between Montana and East Africa.


31 Oct 2020

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KYE Podcast #2 Tyler Sharp

Be The Bison

Tyler Sharp is the CEO/Editor/Chief of the Modern Huntsman, a "publication" that does a deep dive on into hunting and conservation issues that bridges the gap between hunters and non-hunters. Find him @tylersharpphoto @modernhuntsmanmodernhuntsman.com/cartography

1hr 7mins

21 Sep 2020

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#141 Behind The Lens: Tito West & Tyler Sharp

Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

In an introduction to a new series, taking a behind the scenes look at images, film and writing, with the creatives who made them happen, Byron Pace sits down with Tyler Sharp and Tito West. This honest, reflective discussion presents what we see in a new light. Podcast partner: www.modernhuntsman.com Print shop: https://modernhuntsman.com/print-shop Visit: www.thepacebrothers.com Support on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pacebrothers


17 Apr 2020

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#138 ITW Shorts: Tyler Sharp. Freelancer Fund, Mission for Masks, COVID19, Modern Huntsman

Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

With Modern Huntsman launching two initiatives to help people during this time of crisis, Editor in Chief, Tyler Sharp, joins me on this week show to talk about establishing the Freelancer Fund, and a joint initiative to help Mystery Ranch fund medical mask production. We also find time to discuss the upcoming publication of volume 5, with a sneak preview into what you can expect. For more info visit: www.modernhuntsman.com www.thepacebrothers.com


9 Apr 2020

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EP 78: Brad Neathery & Tyler Sharp - Modern Huntsman

Inside The Adventure

Brad Neathery and Tyler sharp are the founders of a Modern Huntsman, a unique publication supported by some of our past guests including Chris Burkard, that seeks to stand together to fight for wildlife conservation, public land access, and ecological sustainability, all under the code of ethics that make the outdoors culture so strong. Tyler Sharp is a photographer, writer, and director who has spent over a decade documenting stories and adventures in the hunting, outdoor, and conservation arenas who will share some insight into the roles that hunting plays in conservation and habitat preservation, as well as an awareness of the gaps in communication that exist between hunters and non-hunters. This eventually led Tyler to co-found Modern Huntsman and take up the charge as Editor in Chief of the publication, in hopes of bridging the gap between those worlds, correcting areas of misinformation, and challenging often outdated stereotypes.  Brad Neathery was born & raised in the Dallas, TX area, where he spent his younger years pursuing any outdoor adventure he could find throughout the in-between cracks of the suburban landscape didn’t really have much of a background in hunting. In fact, he tended to make it a point to disassociate from hunters and the lifestyle of hunting, as he didn’t much care for the stereotypical crown that culture had placed on the heads of hunters. It wasn’t until recent years when that stereotype was flipped on its head for Brad, and his paradigm of hunters was shattered. Along with Tyler, he created Modern Huntsman to exist as a platform where hunters and non-hunters could unite under common cause for the first time in modern history and together, work towards a shared positive impact on wildlife, conservation, land, and society.


5 Nov 2019

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Ep. 68: Dick Moves, Redefining the Hunting Narrative & Modern Huntsman's Tyler Sharp

The Hunting Collective

On this week’s show we're covering a lot of ground, including the most egregious dick moves in hunting and in the MeatEater office. Editor-in-Chief Anthony Licata rejoins the conversation to talk about our complicated role in reshaping the modern hunting narrative and whether we should even try. We close things out with an awesome interview with Modern Huntsman Editor-in-Chief Tyler Sharp. Enjoy. Connect with Ben and MeatEaterBen on InstagramMeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YoutubeShop MeatEater Merch Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 55mins

2 Jul 2019

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017 Tyler Sharp: Modern Huntsman

Modern Folk

Tyler SharpModern Huntsman Modern Folk logo by Stefan Perkinz greasywhisper.comTheme music by Lee Rosevere Support for Modern Folk comes from my wife Emily Wiggins. Emily is a Naturopathic Doctor in Bend OR.dremilywiggins.com

1hr 23mins

4 May 2019

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Episode 98: Tyler Sharp/Photographer, Director, Writer, & Editor-in-Chief of Modern Huntsman Magazine

Visual Revolutionary

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by outdoor photographer, director, writer, creative director and the co-founder/editor-in-chief of Modern Huntsman magazine Tyler Sharp.  Tyler takes us through his story of growing up outside of Austin Texas, studying photography and filmmaking at USC, and how that would eventually lead to him living in Tanzania filming Safari expeditions as his first job out of college.  After developing a taste for travel, expeditions, hunting culture, and an outdoor lifestyle, Tyler continued to pursue work in that field and before long was traveling the world with famed hunter and media personality Jim Shockey, filming a television series for the outdoor network.  Before long however, Tyler found himself back in the states and the grind of daily life expectations and work.  He started to become burned out on shooting before returning to what had generated the most passion in the first place.  Through a creative approach to marketing and networking, he soon found himself working with brands like Filson, Cabellas, Tecovas Boots, and many others.  All of this would soon start to coincide with his most ambitious and personal project ever with Modern Huntsman Magazine.  During our conversation we talk about how he developed his portfolio to attract heritage clients like Filson and others, the way Modern Huntsman Magazine came about, the conversations that need to be had about hunting, public land use, conservation and so much else, and the advice he gives to others coming up trying to make a name for themselves in this world.   To Learn More About Tyler Sharp Visit https://www.tylersharp.com To Learn More About Modern Huntsman Visit  https://modernhuntsman.com And Follow on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/modernhuntsman/ To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow On Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/

1hr 54mins

8 Apr 2019