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Season 3 Episode 5 - Thomas Robert Malthus

Economics In Ten

When Thomas Carlyle famously described Economics as ‘the dismal science’ it was said that it was inspired by the writing of Thomas Malthus. His doom and gloom essay on population was to have a legacy that lasted his lifetime and beyond but were his predictions correct? And if he wasn’t, why do we still talk about ‘Malthusian’ economics now? As always, your friendly neighbourhood economists, Pete and Gav will be guiding you through the numerous arguments surrounding Bob’s work and wondering whether he was just a mild-mannered vicar, a headline-grabbing egotist or just a son who wanted to prove his dad wrong. Technical support as always comes from the Drop Down Thread tea maker Nic and music comes from Jukedeck. You can create your own at jukedeck.com.

1hr 37mins

19 Oct 2020

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Thomas Robert Malthus


Thomas Robert Malthus tiene fama mundial por sus singulares ideas sobre temas de sobrepoblación. Tocando la crueldad, Malthus parece defender un conjunto de mecanismos “naturales” que sirven como controles demográficos. En materia económica Malthus señala la importancia de la demanda. La utilidad social de los terratenientes, desdeñados y menospreciados por Smith y Ricardo, será la de aportar esa demanda necesaria para el buen funcionamiento de la economía.  


9 Jul 2020

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