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Andrew Scheps - Dolby Atmos For Music, Staying On Top, Death Stranding, Red Hot Chili Peppers & More

Music Insights With Niclas Jeppsson

On the show today, I’m really excited to welcome back the incredible recording and mixing engineer, Andrew Scheps. If you are not familiar with Andrew Scheps, he has mixed records for bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Hozier, Adele, Black Sabbath, and the list goes on. It was a huge pleasure talking to Andrew again and I hope you will enjoy our conversation! If you are interested in checking out our first interview, which we did back in 2018, there’s a link below! In this interview, we spoke about: • The added experience for the listener of mixing in Dolby Atmos• Why it’s good to start your mix on headphones when mixing in atmos• If Andrew uses speaker simulation plugins• Is mixing in Dolby Atmos just a trend?• Being able to express yourself and your feelings when mixing• Working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rick Rubin• Using modular synthesizers• How Andrew’s curiosity keeps him on the top of his game• His experience moving to the UK • Mono Valley closing down and selling all his gear• The band Low Roar being on the video game Death StrandingCheck out our previous interview from 2018 on mixing on headphones, character vs clarity, and more: https://bit.ly/3igLyTNConnect With Andrew Scheps:Management: http://www.mcdman.com/scheps Watch and Listen to Andrew Scheps Podcast on Puremix here: https://youtu.be/2jV_P8qzGt0►► Join The Audio Tribe To Get Exclusive Access To Interviews And More: https://www.niclasjeppsson.com/exclusive-access

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11 Aug 2021

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Having a GAS with...Andrew Scheps

Having a GAS...

Today, I'm having a GAS with Andrew Scheps, one of the most respected and well-reputed mix engineers in the music industry. Andrew has worked with a number of incredibly successful artists on chart-topping albums such as By the Way by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 21 by Adele and Beyoncé by Beyoncé. These days Andrew resides in the UK, where he enjoys a peaceful life in the English countryside. -- More from Andrew Scheps: Andrew Talks to Awesome People: https://bit.ly/3BS47Fk Scheps Omni Channel by Waves: https://bit.ly/2TGbkaz Low Roar: http://www.lowroarmusic.com/ -- Having a GAS™ is the podcast that talks to the great and the good of the creative industries, and in particular finds out what makes great music for film, for TV, for advertising; for dancing to, for cooking to, f*cking to, and more... -- GAS™ Music is a music production agency in Manchester, UK. We compose and produce original music, create awe inspiring sound design and have a fully integrated audio post-production studio. We also have a great record collection, and welcome any additions, recommendations or criticisms. -- http://www.gasismusic.co.uk​​​ -- © GAS™ Music 2021

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29 Jul 2021

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EP 315 | Andrew Scheps

Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Andrew Scheps is a Grammy-winning mixer who has worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, and many other massive artists. ---- Leave us a 5-star rating and review, please! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyalleviurmaudio/ YouTube Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2Fc87nX URM Academy: https://urm.academy/ Nail The Mix: https://nailthemix.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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7 Apr 2021

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Episode 003 - Extended Bullshit Discourse / Q&A with Andrew Scheps

Another Music Production Podcast

In this week's episode, instead of a guest we looked to instagram and took some questions from both listeners of the show to drop some knowledge - we reached out to legendary producer / mixer Andrew Scheps who was gracious enough to share a few tips with us. Thanks Andrew!In the news we talked about heinous bass distortion pedals, portable tape shaped 8bit synth and motor themed audio mangling plugins. We also discuss UAD's API Vision channel strip and Fairchild 670 plugins, how to get your vocals to sit better in your mix, and how to deal with sub bass in your mixes. Kel sounds the cop alarm for the Nembrini's software take on the Vox AC30 Top Boost, and we talk sequencers.Hey Siri how to edit podcast no stop typing this delete hey siri delete writing how to edit podcastMMXX T-APE http://phonicbloom.com/tape/Audiothing Motor https://www.audiothing.net/effects/things-motor/Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 Bass Distortion https://www.damnationaudio.com/product/curmudgeon-2-bass-amp-distortionUAD API Vision Channel Strip https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/channel-strips/api-vision-channel-strip.htmlUAD Fairchild 670 https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/compressors-limiters/fairchild-tube-limiter-collection.htmlNembrini Audio DC30 https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/voice-dc30-guitar-amplifierMake Noise 0-Ctrl https://www.makenoisemusic.com/synthesizers/ohctrlKorg SQ-1 https://www.korg.com/uk/products/dj/sq_1/Arturia Keystep https://www.arturia.com/keystep/overviewBlueArp by Graywolf http://graywolf2004.net/wp/Connect with us:Follow us on instagram.com/theamppodcastVisit our homepage and listen at ampcast.netListen on Apple Podcasts at http://bit.ly/ampcastlisten or wherever you get your podcasts.If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe and give us a 5-star rating - it helps us out loads! If you didn't like the show then that actually really hurts my feelings so just stop going on about it alright? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Apr 2021

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Andrew Scheps - Sold His Neve 8068 And Mixes Totally In The Box! His Audio Worldview! Interview!

From The West Barn: With Joe West & Mike Shimshack

Joe & Mike talk with 3 x Grammy Winner Andrew Scheps. Topics include: Selling his Neve 8068 MKII and working ITB, mixing the Grammy winning Adele record, working with Rick Rubin, how to listen to what really matters while mixing, having “imposter syndrome” even after all the success, the eternal quest to always challenge yourself and get better, the power of silence in music + More! "From The West Barn" is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe West & Mike Shimshack shot at The West Barn in Nashville, TN. It's available anywhere podcasts are available. West/Shimshack are both music industry veterans that have seen the peaks and valleys of the business over the past 30 years. Their careers have been punctuated with Grammy wins, hit songs, platinum records, tens of millions of units sold and more than their share of failure. Tune into "From The West Barn" for their take on the lifestyle and engaging conversations with some of the industries most interesting people! Nothing is off the table ~ FTWB FROM THE WEST BARN --} Website: http://fromthewestbarn.com iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-the-west-barn-with-joe-west-mike-shimshack/id1505829573 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1POtkbPLqZGL3U85nrRaue?si=sJHpJbzYT7a9hmc9-AjsyQ ANDREW SCHEPS ---} FreakShow: https://freakshowindustries.com/ SoundFlow: https://soundflow.org/ Low Roar: http://www.lowroarmusic.com/ MIKE SHIMSHACK ---} Instagram: @shackjonz JOE WEST ---} Website: https://joe-west.com School: https://www.apprenticeacademy.net Instagram: @west_joe Facebook: https://facebook.com/westjoe SPONSORS ---} HERCULES STANDS: http://herculesstands.com/us/ SLINGSTUDIO: https://www.myslingstudio.com/ APPRENTICE ACADEMY: http://www.apprenticeacademy.net FROM THE WEST BARN copyright 2020


2 Mar 2021

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Besser als New York Compression? Der Rear-Bus-Trick von Andrew Scheps | Abmischen Recording-Blog 98

Mixpraxis im Recording-Blog.com | Jede Woche eine neue Episode

Mixpraxis 98: Der Rear-Bus-Trick von Andrew Scheps ist mindestens genau so hilfreich für einen fetten und lebendig klingenden Mix wie parallele Kompression á la New York Kompression. Und ich zeige Dir, wie es geht!


4 Feb 2021

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WCA #300 with Andrew Scheps - Life in the UK, Yoga and Astronomy, Soundflow, Selling His Gear, Staying Visible, and Squid the Cat

Working Class Audio

Andrew Scheps is a mixing and recording engineer, producer, and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. Andrew's worked with various artists, including Green Day, Low Roar, Adele, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hosier, My Brightest Diamond, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, and black Sabbath. Andrew returns to help us celebrate number 300. He initially appeared on WCA #009, and we met up over Zoom, where he talked with me from his home in the UK, and I'm thrilled to have him back for another great discussion.In this episode, we discuss: Life in the UK Staying Visible Life Outside LA Squid the Cat Tchad Blake Chrissie Hynde  Green Day Monnnow Valley Studio Selling His Gear The Retirement Plan Tonequake Records Low Roar Video games Andrew's In-The-Box Rig Loopback Back in Black My Brightest Diamond Long Term Survival Diversification Board Games Soundflow The Influence of Peers Cracked Plugins Matt's Monologue: Reflecting on 300 showsLinks and Show Notes Zynaptiq's UNFILTER https://www.zynaptiq.com/unfilter/ My Brightest Diamond: https://www.mybrightestdiamond.com/ Low Roar: http://www.lowroarmusic.com/ Soundflow: https://soundflow.org/ Loopback: https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/ Monnow Valley Studio: http://www.monnowvalleystudio.com/ WCA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/working_class_audio Go Ad-Free! https://glow.fm/workingclassaudio/ Connect with Matt on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattboudreau/ Current sponsors & promos: https://bit.ly/2WmKbFw Working Class Audio Journal: https://amzn.to/2GN67TP Credits: Guest: Andrew Scheps Host: Matt Boudreau  WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell  Announcer: Chuck Smith Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau & Matt Boudreau Additional Music: The License Lab

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13 Sep 2020

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Andrew Scheps & Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Beck)


Puremix mentor Andrew Scheps talks to awesome people series is back.  In this video he talks to Ken Scott from EMI studios which eventually became Abbey Rhodes. Ken Scott has worked with known artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, and Jeff Beck.

1hr 59mins

23 Jul 2020

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Episode 25: Andrew Scheps

Somewhere Sound


19 Apr 2020

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Andrew Scheps Podcast Music In Out.mp3

Podcast and Interview with Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Mix Engineer & Producer Andrew Scheps

In the mixing world, Andrew Scheps is a man that needs no introduction whatsoever. The multi Grammy award winning engineer and mixer, along with his producers credit list, reads like a who’s who of music royalty. Mr. Scheps recently visited Australia for a stretch of speaking events, exclusive mixing seminars and education events. In between his hectic schedule, Noisegate had the privilege and rare opportunity to sit down with the man himself and chew the fat on diverse topics


9 Jan 2020