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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tiffany Flaten. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tiffany Flaten, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tiffany Flaten. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tiffany Flaten, often where they are interviewed.

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Nutrition for Optimal Thyroid Health w/ Tiffany Flaten (Ep 96)

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For ten years Tiffany Flaten felt depressed, irritable, hopeless and tired. By her first baby, she was overweight and had high cholesterol. So why did thyroid tests always come back normal? In 2007, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and I will let Tiffany tell you her story. Bottom line is that the only thing that actually helped her was the right nutrition. She learned how nutrient deficiencies contributed to both her thyroid health symptoms and causes, she cured her depression, lost weight, and got her energy back. Tiffany has become a Thyroid expert in Nutrition and has helped hundreds of people get to the root cause of their thyroid symptoms, find a way up from rock bottom, be their own best advocate, and shortcut the path to an amazing life. Her new book, Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: An 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with “Normal” Thyroid Test Results to Thrive Not Just Survive is available now on Amazon and on Tiffany's website. Tiffany's Website Rock Bottom Wellness Facebook page
Jul 26 2020 ·
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Ep. 197 - Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment with Tiffany Flaten

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In this episode of BTBHA, Dr. Meaghan sits down with Tiffany Flaten, founder of Rock Bottom Wellness and author of her new book Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: An 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with "Normal" Thyroid Test Results to Thrive, Not Just Survive.   Tiffany has dedicated her time to working with thyroid patients to improve their symptoms through proper nutrition education. She became passionate about helping others with thyroid treatment after dealing with her thyroid issues. Through her journey, she realized that to gain back her health, she needed to take a comprehensive approach that included an individualized nutrition plan.     In this episode, we will talk about all things thyroid and touch on:
  • How nutrition affects the thyroid.
  • Why it is important to take control of your health not only through changes in nutrition but also through shifting your mind.
  • Effects of processed foods on your body.
  • Why gluten has a negative side-effect on the thyroid.
  • Comprehensive testing for thyroid.
  • Tiffany's 8-week program to thrive and help support your thyroid.
More information on Tiffany and Rock Bottom Wellness:   Webpage: Facebook and Instagram: Rock Bottom Wellness Facebook Group: Nutrition for Thyroid Help Podcast: Rock Bottom Wellness with Tiffany Flaten Order her book at
Jul 23 2020 · 43mins
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Thyroid Cancer with Tiffany Flaten of Rock Bottom Wellness

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On this episode I take with Tiffany Flaten, a certified nutrition specialist about her thyroid cancer diagnosis and how she came through it. She also has a book out July 16, 2020 called Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: The 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with “Normal” Thyroid Test Results to Thrive, Not Just Survive.

Jul 10 2020 · 47mins
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#256 Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment with Tiffany Flaten

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Tiffany shares with us, her thyroid story. We chat about how to become an advocate for your thyroid health, what to watch for, how to care for your thyroid... it's a RICH episode, all about your thyroid health on keto!

Jun 28 2020 · 38mins
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Episode 70: Rock Bottom Thyroid Reset with Tiffany Flaten

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In this episode the doctors interview Tiffany regarding her recovery from thyroid cancer and her journey to helping others recover from thyroid disorders.

Topics covered include: - What is the 8-week Rock Bottom Thyroid Reset (RBTR)? - How is RBTR different from other thyroid health diets and protocols? - What can people expect from the Rock Bottom Thyroid Reset? - Is it a weight loss plan, a diet for thyroid health, an exercise plan, or a little bit of everything? - You were diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have your thyroid removed. Were there any surprising effects on your health that the doctors didn’t prepare you for? - How did you decide to become a board-certified nutritionist? What does nutrition have to do with thyroid health? - How does your thyroid affect other aspects of your health like mood, weight, sleep, and even blood sugar? - How do you work with clients inside your nutrition consulting business Rock Bottom Wellness?

Tiffany Flaten, M.Ed., MSN, CNS is a thyroid expert in nutrition. As founder of Rock Bottom Wellness, Tiffany helps thyroid patients improve their symptoms through proper nutrition education. She’s helped hundreds of women and men get to the root cause, find a way up from rock bottom, be their own best advocate, and shortcut the path to an amazing life. Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: An 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with “Normal” Thyroid Test Results to Thrive Not Just Survive is Tiffany’s first book. Meet others on the journey to better thyroid health at Book a free Thyroid Breakthrough Session with Tiffany at to get a personalized plan for the next leg of your thyroid journey.

Instagram: @rockbottomwellness


Jun 02 2020 · 55mins
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#058: Helping Unresolved Thyroid Issues with Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

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Your labs say you’re “normal” but you feel anything but that!

You’re on Synthroid but still have symptoms of low functioning thyroid.

Weight gain, fatigue, constipation, thinning hair and foggy thinking are just a few of the symptoms that can result when your thyroid is not optimized.

Maybe your doctor has been checking minimal labs to follow you and neglecting vital tests that could mean the difference between you surviving and actually thriving?

After hitting rock bottom with her health, Board Certified Nutritionist Tiffany Flaten discovered healing through targeted nutrition and her health flourished.

Learn why addressing key nutrient deficiencies is essential to having optimized thyroid function, health and vitality!

Key Notes:

  • Understand the nature and epidemic of thyroid illness
  • Learn how food sensitivities contribute to thyroid dysfunction
  • Uncover why gluten and wheat are particularly troublesome for thyroid disorders
  • Discover vital tests to identify specific nutrient deficiencies


“I do believe that eliminating gluten helped with anxiety and depression.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

“If you have a health problem then you have a fuel problem because you don’t have the energy to fix the problems that the body naturally wants to fix.” – Dr. Kyrin

“I bless the illness that has brought me to my knees and allowed me to crack open to receive the gift of functional medicine.” – Dr. Kyrin

“If you are struggling with thyroid problems that are unresolved, I think you should look into your nutrients.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Never give up and don’t let others tell you that what you are feeling is normal – listen to your gut.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

“Her brilliant health is empowering; taking control of your health by listening to your body and aligning with what you need to do to feel good.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

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Rock Bottom Wellness

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss

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Sep 24 2019 · 36mins
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058: Tiffany Flaten - Getting Down To Rock Bottom Wellness

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Here's a little about our guest Tiffany Flaten,

As I look back on my seemingly healthy, young self, I see I wasn’t so healthy. I remember being in my twenties complaining to my doctor about always being tired and her telling me I was just stressed and to not worry so much. I continued to struggle with depression, anxiety, severe environmental allergies, chronic sinusitis, a hospitalization for meningitis, a dying father and fatigue that I can compare only to pregnancy fatigue but it was worse than my pregnancy fatigue.

By this time, at age 28, I was told I was just getting older and needed to quit stressing about things so much. Besides all this, I was healthy when it came to all my blood work and at a healthy weight and exercised regularly.

By the time the next baby was due in January of 2004, I started to feel even worse and that continued after she was born. By then, I was overweight and now had high cholesterol. My thyroid numbers were normal and I was told to take statins (“for life”) and I slipped even further into a deep depression and debilitating fatigue.

At a routine physical in 2007, a lump was identified on my thyroid gland that warranted further testing. This lump, of which 98% of them are benign, turned out to be cancer AND it had spread to several lymph nodes in my neck. I was looking at a total thyroidectomy and lymph node removal,  radioiodine treatment, and medication therapy for the rest of my life. This is the “best cancer to have” and the medication management and therapies are “easy” said many of my doctors and nurses. I was told that once I had surgery and started my meds, I’d feel normal again.

That didn’t happen…I had a recurrence less than a year later and have struggled with medication doses and tumor markers showing up in blood work ever since. I looked to other ways to help me muddle through the day and found how nutrition – proper nutrition – did just that for me. I met with a nutritionist and found out there was a lot of room for improvement.

I also walked away from there thinking, “I want to be her. I want to do that job!” She put so many pieces together for me and when I started learning about nutrition and how it affected MY health it started to improve…slow but steady.

I learned how to feel better through choosing the right foods. I began focusing on keeping those culprits out of my diet – the ones that caused brain fog, anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, swelling in face, hands, and feet – and consuming a mostly whole foods diet

In the midst of this nutrition discovery, I struggled to do the job I loved for so long – teaching Biology and Anatomy & Physiology. It just wasn’t conducive to my health for various reasons and it kept me stressed out and exhausted. So, as sick and tired as I was, I decided it’d be best for me to go back to school and start a business that allows me to help people improve their health through proper nutrition.

In April 2014, I completed the program that entitles me to a Master’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Performance (MSN). So, now I sit with a B.S. in Biology, a M.Ed. in Education and a M.S. in Nutrition. I also went through the process to become a board-certified nutritionist (CNS) which required extra training and internship hours in order to sit for the exam.

With this education and credentials, my goal is to continue using my teaching background while educating groups and/or individuals on nutrition and how it can help symptoms.

Connect with Tiffany HERE: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Connect with us... FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER,  and for any questions and requests for interviews.

Jan 01 2018 · 33mins