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Building Team Trust & Geeking Out On Guidelines (with Amanda Stevenson) – Episode 51


For Amanda Stevenson, helping people find homes is a family affair. Growing up with a real estate agent/mortgage broker father, Amanda knew what an LTV was by age 10 and had her own real estate license by 20. Now, her daughter is her assistant. Amanda attributes her success to two major actions; leaning into her specialty, VA home loans, and her ability to trust her team. Both took time to nurture and grow, but once she decided to become intentional in her actions, everything started to fall into place.  While referrals weren’t extremely hard to find with a nurse, doctor, teacher, policeman, detective, and firefighter in the family, it wasn’t the number of loans that Amanda attributes to her success. It’s her hard work and dedication, her constant training and trying to stay on top of constantly changing guidelines, especially for VA loans. Sometimes, simply doing your job well can be better than any marketing campaign. While working with such tight knit communities, it only takes trust and the power of word of mouth for referrals to follow. Amanda uses these referrals to do right by those that put their life at risk for all of us.  Amanda also talks about the power of reading. Guideline books are big, they’re wordy and not necessarily a thrilling New York Times best-seller, however, they can make you a better broker. You don’t have to memorize every single page but a healthy and consistent skim will make you more knowledgeable about the latest regulations. Also, with knowledge comes confidence, and the ability to better control your pipeline. The better you know your guidelines, the less surprised you will be when you get everything back from your underwriter. And in certain situations, as Amanda shares, you might even be able to successfully challenge certain conditions, not just saving yourself time, but saving the borrower money as well.  One of the biggest roadblocks in Amanda’s wholesale career was her ability to grow. With her pipeline full, she knew that growing her team was the only way to move forward, but she just didn’t trust other people with her loans. She was scared of allowing anyone else to communicate with her clients. Her biggest advice to stepping over this obstacle? “…Get over yourself.” You’re not the be all and end all in mortgage, and you’re only one person, so you can only do so much. But by bringing in other people, you’ll be able to expand your reach and help more families find their forever homes. A bigger team will also improve your work/life balance, which helps everyone.  Overnight successes worked their entire lives to reach their dreams. It’s not about doing everything all at once. Take small, but intentional and consistent steps, and success will follow.   Show Notes:  Broker Beginnings (1:38) Being The True Local Expert (3:39) Advice For First Time Brokers (9:32) Building The Ideal Team (18:45) Stepping Stone To Success (27:40)


19 Jan 2021

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Episode 35: Courtney Hoyle and Amanda Stevenson- Open Adoption

The Illuminate Podcast

This week we are talking to Amanda Stevenson and Courtney Hoyle. Amanda and Courtney share a daughter through open adoption, Courtney the birth mother, and Amanda the adoptive mother. They share their story about creating a family for Margot their daughter that is filled with love. They, along with Amanda’s husband Micah, have chosen to raise Margot in a way that supports family, adoption and loving each other through hard places. Hosted by Emily Reddington


22 Apr 2020

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Episode 24: Prioritizing with Amanda Stevenson

The Assisted Director Podcast

Topics mentioned in this episode: What are some important job specific interviews questions? How can you “humanize” yourself during a job interview? Who is Amanda Stevenson? What are your top three priorities? But, what are they ACTUALLY? How do you set boundaries? What are some topics to consider to help you formulate your life’s top three priorities? Connect with The Assisted Director on Facebook!  Christina Ortega Hanna Walker https://www.theassisteddirector.com/

1hr 1min

29 Apr 2019

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A visit with Warrior Amanda Stevenson

Multiple Sclerosis: The Warrior's Way

On this episode we visit with Amanda Stevenson about her journey on the Warrior's Way. #WarriorsWay #MultipleSclerosis #MSWarriors--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/themswarriorsway/support


12 Feb 2019

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Exploring Psychedelics 2018: Amanda Stevenson and Angela Ward

The Entheogenic Evolution

Our section on 5-MeO-DMT starts out with survey results: "Qualitative Report of Advantages and Disadvantages of Consuming 5-MeO-DMT: Results from two Surveys"


26 Nov 2018

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Curator Amanda Stevenson on Houston's Museum of Printing History

The Biblio File hosted by Nigel Beale

Houston's Museum of Printing History was founded in 1979 by Raoul Beasley, Vernon P. Hearn, Don Piercy, and J. V. Burnham, four printers with a passion  for preserving their various printing-related collections and sharing them with the community.  Chartered in 1981 the Museum had its official opening in 1982 with Dr. Hans Halaby, Director of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany, cutting the ribbon.  The mission of the Museum is to promote, preserve, and share the knowledge of printed communication and art as the greatest contributors to the development of the civilized world and the continuing advancement of freedom and literacy. It does this through an active, on-going exhibitions program, and a series of book arts workshops. I met with Museum Curator Amanda Stevenson this past summer to talk about the collection. During our conversation she delivers a very informative thumb-nail sketch of how relief and intaglio printing techniques work.


11 Oct 2012