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E137: Graham Davies | Meet The Ivors Academy CEO

Headliner Radio

Ivors Academy CEO, Graham Davies tells Headliner about the return of the in-person Ivors Awards, as well as the huge efforts the organisation is making to address the gender and ethnicity pay gap and increase royalties for songwriters.


14 Sep 2021

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Episode 31 - Second Success Podcast by Dr Rakish Rana with Graham Davies

Second Success

In this episode of the Second Success Podcast, Dr Rakish Rana talks with entrepreneur, founder and MD of Exclsuively Connect, Graham Davies. After starting life as a commercial photographer, Graham started a creative journey that expanded into design, marketing, events and experiential marketing. After building an agency for 25 years, Graham went on to form Exclusively Connect in 2011. Graham has a deep-rooted belief in the power of partnerships to achieve business growth. Working solely in the luxury lifestyle and financial services sectors, Graham believes that now more than ever in these challenging times that companies should form alliances and strategic marketing partnerships to work together, rather than working in isolation. The idea of Collaborative Marketing started when faced with a challenge to help a small specialist audio visual company with big ambitions and small budgets become the leading private cinema distributor in the UK. Rather than simply pushing advertising messages out across select marketing channels, Graham decided it would be more strategic to develop a partner group that was in the same space with the same demographic clients and the same ambitions. This was easier said than done as it takes time to develop quality relationships to align objectives with other companies but fast forward to the present day and that small AV company is now the market leader in their field. Exclusively Connect has moved on and is now the UK’s leading provider of Collaborative Marketing services working across the luxury sector and from world class hotels to fashion, jewellery, private aviation, luxury homes and classic cars. Exclusively Connect has also built a portfolio of luxury lifestyle events of which The Elite London, the UK’s largest jet-set lifestyle event is one such event and that too is also the result of a very successful partnership. Let’s hear from Graham about his journey from budding photographer to entrepreneur!! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-davies-92369313/ Episodes released every Tuesday 6am GMT. How can you support the podcast? 1. Share it on your social media platforms. 2. Tell your friends and family 3. Please follow, subscribe and review. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theclearcoach/message


22 Jun 2021

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3 Speaking Experts (Specsperts) on the “Public Speaking Trauma Scale” | The Virtually Confident Podcast with Host Esther Stanhope

The Virtually Confident Podcast with Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru!

The Presenter Coach, Graham Davies is the UK's top public speaking consultant.  Senior executives, professionals, and politicians who need to communicate effectively under pressure in front of millions of television viewers turn to him for advice.  His book, The Presentation Coach, is one of the most popular books on the subject in the UK. This has made him a regular choice as a speech analyst on the BBC, CNN, ITV, and Sky News.Visit www.grahamdavies.co.uk to learn more about Graham. Public Speaking Anxiety Expert Olivia James helps people with performance anxiety and trauma issues.  In addition to being an excellent speaker, she offers transformational tips and insights into how the nervous system shapes our behaviours.Visit Olivia's website at https://harleystreetcoach.com/ to find out more. Host Esther Stanhope is the author of the award-winning book, Goodbye Glossophobia: Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking (add link - https://www.estherstanhope.com/book-store/goodbye-glossaphobia-by-esther-stanhope).She helps leaders from FTSE 100 firms become more confident in front of any audience.  A former BBC producer, Esther’s tips have been described by many as “transformational”.   She used to be glossophobic (like Prince Harry & 75% of the population)  she avoided public speaking ay all costs.  However, she’s faced her fear of standing up and communicating in front of large audiences, and now she shares her strategies & tips with clients all over the world.See how Esther can help transform your business by visiting https://estherstanhope.com/.


28 May 2021

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Review Of US Election From UK - Trump - FAR - FireUp, Attract, Revolt - Graham Davies

Negotiators Podcast

Derek Arden in Web Chat with Graham DaviesPolitical commentator and speech adviser Graham Davies shares with us the inside track on the USA election. With input from Tim Durkin in Texas. Graham is a master at what he does and at the top of his gameReviewing the US Election - FAR Fire-Up, Attract, RevoltGraham, Coaches politicians, polish speeches, and trains for media presentations.


10 Nov 2020

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In Conversation: Graham Davies

The Leaders Council Podcast

Graham Davies is the CEO of The Ivors Academy of Music Creators, the UK’s independent professional association for music creators. The Ivors Academy represents songwriters and composers across each and every genre.


1 Oct 2020

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How top CEOs and government politicians present - Graham Davies, one of the world's most successful presentation coaches, and his insights from the secret world of Top Leadership

The Leadership Podcast by Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

More information: www.NB-Networks.com Expert Letter: http://Expert-Letter.NB-Networks.com The world of Top CEOs and government politicians is a closed one. Hardly anyone knows how they manage to speak and present professionally. Graham Davies is their coach. His clients are globally acting CEOs as well as government front benches. In this interview, he shares his secrets with us. Your guest: Graham Davies / graham@grahamdavies.co.uk Your host: Niels Brabandt / NB@NB-Networks.com Niels Brabandt founded NB Networks in 1998.


2 Jul 2020

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Die Techniken der Top-CEO und Spitzen-Politik - Graham Davies, einer der weltweit erfolgreichsten Präsentations-Coaches, im Interview

Nachhaltige Führung - Der Leadership Podcast mit Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

Mehr Informationen: www.NB-Networks.com Expert Letter: http://Expert-Letter.NB-Networks.com Top-Führungskräfte aus Wirtschaft und Politik können sich keine Fehler beim Präsentieren erlauben. Graham Davies ist der Coach von jenen. Seine Kundenliste beinhaltet neben Konzern-CEOs auch Top-Politiker und -Politikerinnen. Für uns gibt er einen Einblick in seine Arbeit. Ihr Gast: Graham Davies / graham@grahamdavies.co.uk Ihr Gastgeber: Niels Brabandt / NB@NB-Networks.com Niels Brabandt gründete NB Networks im Jahr 1998.


2 Jul 2020

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Ep16 - UK Election special! Lee interviews political presentation coach Graham Davies but not about politics you'll be glad to know!

Get Good At Presenting Podcast with Lee Jackson

In this non-partisan, non-political (!) UK election special, Lee interviews Conservative MP presentation coach Graham Davies. Graham's clients are a who's who of the Conservative Party and he has worked with some of the most senior politicians in the land.  Beyond politics and policies though, this isn't a political podcast (!) - learn how a politician has to speak differently to other speakers and how some of the worst political speeches are also good to learn from too. A candid, fun and true learning experience with two people who are very different but come together to help you learn more about the art of science of speaking. They cover using lecterns, scripts. rehearsing, venue prep, using teleprompters and much more, enjoy. Graham Davies is here: https://grahamdavies.co.uk/ Lee is here: http://leejackson.biz 


6 Dec 2019

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Learn the Art of Public Speaking with the Accidental Orator, Graham Davies

The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

If you want (or need) to be a great public speaker, if you want to enthral your audience and be remembered, then don’t miss this episode of The Melting Pot. Because Graham Davies, the self-titled reformed barrister turned accidental orator, is not just a captivating public speaker. Graham is also a renowned public speaking coach whose list of blue-chip corporate and individual high-profile clients reads like an international Who’s Who and includes 8 FTSE 100 CEOs and 20 Cabinet Ministers across successive governments. Graham started life as a barrister, practising law for 12 years, but found a new calling in the late 80s and early 90s when he discovered that there was a budding marketplace for professional after dinner speakers and there was good money to be made doing it. Leveraging his identity as a barrister by day and public entertainer by night, he eventually found himself giving 100 after-dinner speeches a year, whilst maintaining his day job working as a barrister 9 days out of 10, and something had to give. It wasn’t a hard choice to make - he not only enjoyed public speaking more than law, but it paid better too. Ever the consummate professional, Graham began turning up to his speaking engagements earlier and earlier, listening to the speakers who preceded him, and he realised that public speaking was not, as is commonly thought, an innate skill that we all have. And so began his second and current career as The Presentation Coach. Listen to this fantastic high energy, high octane discussion with Graham. We’re sure you'll enjoy it. On today’s podcast: How he became The Presentation Coach What he looks for in clients who need his help His process for teaching the art of public speaking Why you want to make people feel, rather than listen The power of persuasive speech How TED talks have turned public speaking into rock and roll The benefit of ruthless preparation Developing your micro message Links: Graham’s book - The Presentation Coach


26 Nov 2019

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Dr Sharyn Graham Davies - Sex and Sexuality

Talking Indonesia

In January 2016 the Minister for Technology, Research and Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir stated that universities must uphold standards of ‘values and morals’ and should not support organisations that promote LGBT activities. What followed was a social and political furore that has since seen a surge of intolerance and attacks on LGBT. While persecution of sexual minorities is not new, homosexuality is not illegal and in large part within Indonesian society have been accorded tolerance, and at times acceptance.What does the strengthening of conservative voices in Indonesia mean for sexual expression more generally and the rights of minority groups in particular? Why do morality issues and debates have such social currency? What part is this debate likely to have in the forthcoming election campaigns? What does the future look like for the rights of sexual and gender minorities in Indonesia?


12 Sep 2018